A man who decided to dedicate his life to acting and the stage, without exaggeration - a brave soul and adventurer! This path is one of the most interesting and fascinating, but it is not easy. It begins with the creation of one's own environment, which will not let fall in the spirit of a difficult moment. You can start by collecting practical tips for novice actors from celebrities. Hollywood stars have already gone their way to fame and willingly share effective recommendations on how to become a successful performer.

Ben Stiller
He says that the character needs to be felt. Understand its reality as its own, take into account the origin, past, and present. Learn the emotions and motivation to play the role believably.

Tom Hanks
The legendary actor assumes that for a professional game you need a complete immersion in the emotional background that your character is experiencing. It often happens that the real state of the artist is far from necessary.

Natalie Portman
But Natalie, on the contrary, advises transferring everything that happens in real life, into the game. She believes that this helps the stage image.

Leonardo DiCaprio
The Oscar-winning actor tells that from adolescence he watched classic films with great actors from the past. It inspires to love and continue their business, gives a powerful inspiration and fresh ideas for the game.

Andrew Garfield
He suggests that you treat the character as if it were real. It is necessary to feel it, make it alive and complex, feel responsible for its existence.

Olga Kurylenko
The actress believes that it is useful to study books about "body language" and facial expressions if you are an actor. Online cheap dissertation writing services also advice to read more books about actor craft. This allows you to diversify the actor's game because not all emotions need to be conveyed in words.

Jesse Eisenberg
The master of incarnations shared that he always pays attention to two things in the script:

Can the character exist outside of the script or is it only needed for the story?
Can you contribute something new and interesting in the game?
Tom Cruise
The actor with great experience recommends learning different things, it gives a new idea of the world and people. You can not not develop new human qualities in yourself, playing on stage.

Robert DeNiro
Robert teaches us not to complicate emotions. If the hero has a tragedy, it is not necessary to explain the pain in words, to embellish. The viewer himself will read your emotions.

Improve not only professional skills, but also human qualities. Analyze advice for novice film actors, learn from classics and contemporaries, learn about the matter with love. Create around yourself an atmosphere of creativity and fighting spirit, join the successful environment and perfect the acting skills on the general public. If you are on fire with this profession and are ready to work tirelessly, do not hesitate - you will succeed!