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1. Short circuit: the phenomenon that the live wire and the live wire, and the live wire and the neutral wire are short-circuited on the electrical circuit. A short circuit can easily make the metal conductor instantaneously high temperature and cause the cable insulation material to catch fire.
2. Overload operation: Due to long-term overload operation, the operating temperature of the cable far exceeds the maximum allowable temperature during normal heating, which makes the insulation material of the cable aging and dry, so it is easy to break down and cause the wire to catch fire.
3. Excessive contact resistance: The contact resistance is too large due to poor contact at the junction of line and line, line and switch, and line and other electrical equipment. When strong current passes, it will also cause local heating and high temperature and cause line fire.
4. Leakage: The quality problems of the wire, such as poor insulation performance or friction or scratches in the laying of the wire, will cause the wire to leak. The electric spark and high temperature caused by the leakage will cause the wire to catch fire.

Prevention of wire fire:

1. Short-circuit prevention: Use safe fuse electrical switches and select flame-retardant cables with high safety factors. When a short-circuit fault occurs on the electrical circuit, the fuse will blow and cut off the current, and the flame-retardant cable has its own self-extinguishing performance, which greatly reduces the spread of fire.
2. Overload prevention: Do not pull wires randomly. When using high-power electrical appliances, consider the acceptable range of wires and cables. for
To prevent aging and breakdown of insulating materials during overload operation, it is recommended to use wires and cables with better aging resistance and lower eccentricity.
3. Prevention of excessive contact resistance: The electrical wiring must be installed in strict accordance with the electrical installation regulations. If necessary, please ask a professional electrician.
Set up the line.
4. Leakage prevention: choose wires and cables with good insulation material quality and strong bending resistance. In addition, regular
Check electrical wiring and equipment,

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