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Vicarb Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM offer all-brand plate heat exchanger service and replacement parts supply to global clients. The plates are made of high-quality metals and pressed in high accuracy to achieve the best thermal transfer efficiency. The gaskets are composed of the best rubber raw materials to make the best sealing effect and long lifetime.Get more news about Vicarb Phe Gaskets,you can vist our website!
Benns Industrial Solutions, Inc. sells Vicarb V28 Gaskets and Vicarb V28 Plates for Plate Heat Exchangers. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the replacement of any Vicarb Gaskets and Vicarb Plates for your heat exchanger.

VHX supply high quality of replacement vicarb heat exchanger plate(Vicarb plates) for more than 100 models. We manufacture heat exchanger plates with standard material Stainless steel AISI304, AISI316, Titanium, Nickel, Alloy C-276 and 254 SMO. For special application demands, we produce according to customers’ requirement.
Exheat stocks thousands types of gaskets,such as the API APV Sondex GEA Thermowave Vicarb Tranter Hisaka Funke Accessen ITT DHP LHE Donghwa Muller plate heat exchanger gasket replacement, all of phe gaskets are equal to OEM wtih fast delivery time and better price. Our gaskets are customized with OEM samples and drawings.

There is more than 40 sets of various main production equipment for phe gasket factory, including 3 open mixers, 1 internal mixer, 6 large-size flat vulcanizers above 1000MM*2000MM, and 18 small flat vulcanizers.

The company’s existing testing equipment such as advanced tensile testing machine, vulcanization tester, aging test box, Mooney viscometer, hardness tester, thickness meter, projector, analytical balance, oil resistance test tank, etc., which can test the conventional mechanical and physical properties of rubber gasket, and vulcanization. Performance, aging performance, media resistance performance, product size, etc. are tested.

The raw materials come from foreign chemical giants such as Exxon, Dow, Dow Corning, 3M, DuPont, Bayer of Germany, Zeon of Japan and Nandi of Taiwan.
There are more than 1000 sets of molds from imported brands such as Alfa Laval, APV, Funke, GEA, Tranter,API (Schimit),Thermowave,Sondex,LHE,Hisaka.DHP.ITT.Accessen.

Product quality assurance
1. Material guarantee: imported materials
2. Equipment guarantee: the most advanced equipment in the industry
3. Process guarantee: high temperature (188 degrees), high pressure vulcanization
4. Management guarantee: CNC curing time

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