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The little hand tugged at Aunt Qiu's purple gold-plated round-necked skirt, but Aunt Qiu was so stiff that she did not respond. She knew that the man had made a move, and at this moment, she finally understood that in the face of absolute strength, all the tricks would lose their effectiveness. Coincidentally, Ye Muling came to visit Aunt Qiu at this time, and Aunt Qiu's eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness. Ye Muling lifted the curtain and came in, dressed in a sky-blue tulle group, very smart, Aunt Qiu quietly watching, no words. Ye Muling smiled, "a few days ago, Muling was not feeling well, but my aunt was always worried about Muling. When Muling was in good health, she came to visit my aunt." "Well, I'm sorry to bother the young lady." Aunt Qiu replied coldly, unable to forget that she had become a bare rod commander. There were only a few people left in her hands, which made her feel that the blood all over her body was coagulated and could not flow. Ye Muling smiled, but in Aunt Qiu's eyes, it was extremely dazzling. "Aunt Qiu is afraid that she can only be an aunt now." Aunt Qiu's eyes looked sharply at Ye Muling in an instant, but it didn't work at all. "Aunt can also do a lot of things." Like, kill you! "Why, my aunt still won't stop. You know this is Hou Fu." Ye Muling's implication is that if you are just an aunt, you can't escape the fate of Hou Fu. If you have other forces, it's okay. But now, you are a princess of a country. Even if you don't want to, you can only be an aunt, no, or a more powerful aunt. Now the identity has changed, the purpose is also different, although the aunt wants to be promoted to the mother is very difficult, but some things are not difficult. Like, destroy you first, young lady! I believe that even if I am just an aunt,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but also will defeat you, this is my mission as a princess of Uzi, but also the honor and disgrace of my country! "Then I'll wait and see!" Ye Muling did not ignore Ye Xiaorong's resentful eyes, presumably the heart must hate her very much! As a reward for the plague event, Ye Muling put the heads of Aunt Qiu's trusted leaders in various regions in a huge mahogany box, neatly placed on the upper and lower layers, and carried them to Aunt Qiu. Qiu Auntie Niang is cautious, but gradually see the bottom of the box actually oozed blood, can not help but some fear in the heart, of course, she is not only afraid of the dead, but also not the corpse. Opening the red box, Ye Xiaorong immediately screamed and fell to the ground in horror, pretending to be a girl all the year round, which had made him a little strange. Aunt Qiu's face turned pale immediately, and nothing made her heartache more than seeing these people die in front of her, as if she had experienced the pain of national subjugation, which was a great humiliation to her! Ye Muling, ultrasonic metal welding ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, I won't let you go! I must kill you! -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Oh, I can't afford it. Chapter 122 Scorpion. Updated: November 16, 2012 10:32:45 Words in this Chapter: 7734 Aunt Qiu, who was clamoring to kill Ye Muling, was silent, and as the man surfaced, all her forces were cut off, and the fierce momentum would make her tremble involuntarily every time. Ma Ba Xiao. Please remember this site Now, there are only a few people left around her, so she has to tuck her tail between her legs. However, this does not mean that she has forgotten her hatred for Ye Muling. If it were not for her, the man would not retaliate so fiercely against her! Qiu Auntie Niang was somewhat crazy and killed the person who had suggested using the plague at the beginning, which was quite like breaking the net. In the evening of that day, Ye Muling was leaning on the soft couch and looking through the medical books. The things contained in the medical books were far beyond her expectation. She had never thought that a small medical book was the courage and perseverance to travel through the world. Gradually, she began to specialize in research, she thought, there is always a day to use, plus, now Gu Nancheng's poison is still no progress, how can not let her worry? Suddenly, Jinzhu lifted the curtain and walked in, looking at the master dressed in a yellow crabapple flower dress, nodding respectfully, sweet and cowardly voice was very comfortable, "Miss, just had a servant girl to report that the eldest young master wanted to see Miss, but also said that Miss immediately went there." "Did you say anything?" Ye Muling turned over a page of the medical book, not knowing whether he had read it or not, but the flickering candlelight reflected on the wall, which was very warm. Jinzhu lowered her eyebrows and hung her head. "Miss Hui, the eldest young master never said what was going on, but the maidservant asked a few questions. I heard that Juqin had received the news, but she couldn't leave for a while, so she let the little girl come to report it." Ye Muling's face was expressionless. There was a sound, but there was no movement. Hiding in the distance secretly looking at the room of the orange piano can not help but give birth to a trace of anxiety, is Ye Muling found something? Why don't you start. Half ring, Ye Muling finally put down the medical book, turn over the buckle on the table, "clean up, go and have a look." Several servant girls were ordered to pick up things, because it was getting late, so there was no need to prepare anything, just try to make the makeup neat, so as not to lose the courtesy. Before leaving, Ye Muling visited a pot of tea and several cups on the table, but there was still some tea left in one cup, which was obviously just used by Ye Muling, while the others were neatly placed together and polished. Ye Muling took the lead in walking out of the door, and several servant girls followed him. When he left, the red dress left two small lights in the room. The whole room was a little dark, and only faint light and shadow could be seen. Juqin watched Ye Muling walk out of the gate of the courtyard with her own eyes. The stone in her heart fell down. She quickly took out a bag of things from the water tank in the kitchen. Because it was a little dark, she could not see what it was. Tangerine, with some caution, tried to keep the sack away from herself, which seemed not a good thing. Juqin looked around and saw that no one was there,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, so she picked up a shovel and quickly shoveled up the soil. Unfortunately, the location was opposite the window of the Liuli Pavilion. Because there were a lot of flowers and plants planted, it was easy to dig.

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