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See Lin Yu suddenly appear, Ouyang Zhengde and Wang Yan are one Leng, their reaction, is also different. When Ouyang Zhengde saw Lin Yu, he was obviously a little shocked, because he suspected that the other side was the strength of the transformation. He himself is mainly responsible for finance and co-ordination, although he is also the strength of the environment, but he has not fought with others for five or six years, so he has some stage fright. Others are very strong, also not afraid of life and death, this Ouyang Zhengde, because of a look of fear of death? And Wang Yan, wasn't killed by me personally. Why did it appear again. This It's a mess. Lin Yu, who covered his chest and stood up, looked at Ouyang Zhengde, who put the dagger on Wang Yan's neck, and kept thinking in his heart. Are you brother Yan? Tell us something secret that happened before! Stunned, Lin Yu decided to test the authenticity of this Wang Yan. In fact, Wang Yan, who was killed just now, saw the birthmark that was not obvious. If it's a fake, the birthmark has been made,touch screen whiteboard, which is too exaggerated. However, the next second, Lin Yu was sure that it was Wang Yan who was kidnapped by Ouyang Zhengde. Because he did not answer, but eyes moist up, shouted: "a pack of cigarettes five people money!"! What happened when the three of us went to the bar. To light a cigarette is to agree to get a room. Also His tone and expression are definitely not what ordinary people can simulate. And only Zhang Zhilong and Wang Yan knew what had happened. And in terms of the fit of the voice, Lin Yu also felt that the voice just now was indeed a little thicker than this. When he figured it out, his heart relaxed. This feeling of recovery, let him feel very refreshing, the heart seems to be brilliant for a moment,interactive touch screens education, excited to the extreme. Seeing that Lin Yu was not dead, Wang Yan was also excited and shouted: "I knew that if someone came to save me, the first one must be you!" "Oh, your business is naturally my business!" Lin Yu showed an indifferent smile. In fact, although his purpose is to save Wang Yan, but found that he and Ouyang Zhengde, is really just a coincidence. But in any case, the other side is not dead, Lin Yu is very happy, very glad. I said, it should be about time for you to catch up. At this time, Ouyang Zhengde, who had been silent all the time, put in a cold look. Let him go. I'll keep you safe. Otherwise, you will die today. Lin Yu, interactive panel board ,digital touch screen board, who could feel Ouyang Zhengde's fear of death, said coldly. When he said this, even Wang Yan could feel the strong coldness. Immediately, he was quite moved. I think this is the real brother. I think you're looking at the wrong situation. I'm in control of the situation. I can see the feelings of your brothers. I take it you don't want him to die? If you don't want him to die. Now, right now, jump off the roof. Standing in the cold wind, Ouyang Zhengde threatened coldly. The dagger in his hand, on Wang Yan's neck, pressed out a faint blood stain. Lin Yu, who was threatened by him, continued to say coldly: "Let him go, I guarantee your safety.". Otherwise, you will die today. I repeat, if you don't want him to die, jump at once. Otherwise Ouyang Zhengde also threatened again. I say you let him go, or you will surely die! I know that most of the people in this organization are not related to you, so you don't care about their lives. And I don't care if you live or die, so it's nothing to let you go! At this moment, Lin Yu showed a chilling stubbornness. Votes: Chapter 545 Small Treasury. Standing on the roof of the 21st floor, the sea breeze blowing not far away was unusually cold, and the hair of Lin Yu, Wang Yan, and Ouyang Zhengde was blown very disheveled. Lin Yu, who accidentally saw Wang Yan still alive, naturally did not want his brother to die. But Ouyang Zhengde's attitude is also very firm, has been clamoring for Lin Yu to jump down, so the scene fell into a brief deadlock. After the stalemate between the two, Wang Yan looked at Lin Yu's eyes gradually changed, and his pupils seemed to be brighter, as if he had made some kind of decision. Lin Yu, who realized that it was not good, hurriedly shouted: "Don't move, and don't move anyone!" 'What's The matter? Are you determined to jump? Hearing this, Ouyang Zhengde, who had a cold face, said in a measured way. Wang Yan, who originally wanted to do something extreme, also temporarily quieted down and locked his eyes on Lin Yu. I'll jump your sister! Lin Yu first said a uncomfortable sentence and then continued: "Everyone has a price to say your current price, I am ready to buy Wang Yan or the power!" " "Oh, price?"? What's the use of giving me more money in this situation? Ouyang Zhengde snorted coldly that his messy hair made him look a little scary. When I say price, I don't just mean real money. What do you want? Make an offer. Lin Yu has never lowered his posture. He knows that he must not be weak now. Hearing this, Ouyang Zhengde sneered and asked, "What do you think I want?" No nonsense. Give you ten seconds to think about it. To put it bluntly, my ten seconds are for my brother Wang Yan's face. Any more words are your delusions! Lin Yu said with a bad complexion that the dull pain in his chest made his lips a little white. I want your life. Will you give it to me? Ouyang Zhengde smiled coldly, and the dagger in his hand pressed against Wang Yan's throat. The faint tingling sensation made Wang Yan tilt his head back. Don't ***ing talk nonsense. There's a limit to my patience! Lin Yu, who did not want to be a little timid, pulled out his soft sword from his waist and pointed it at his opponent's position. Lin Yu this kind of not steady performance in Wang Yan seems to be very unusual, he kept thinking about the other side in the end is how to think. And Ouyang Zhengde smiled at this time and said, "Ten million dollars and a helicopter will pick me up directly. It's as simple as that." "No money.". Not to mention helicopters! Lin Yu shook his head indifferently when the other side seemed to compromise. Looks like your brother wants you dead! Guy Hearing Lin Yu's words, Ouyang Zhengde sneered and then brandished a dagger,interactive flat panel display, leaving a long blood stain on Wang Yan's shoulder. He didn't penetrate deeply, but he was still bleeding, but Wang Yan was very tough and didn't hum at all. hsdsmartboard.com

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