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[Text Chapter 10 Are you free?] "Tonight is Christmas Eve." An Chengyou lay on his desk and looked out of the window at the snowflakes that were still floating. With a sigh, he turned his head and looked at some of his classmates in the classroom giving gifts to each other. An Chengyou's face collapsed. 'How can I live?' The vibration of the cell phone in his pants bag interrupted Ahn Seung-woo's self-pity. Taking out his cell phone and looking at the text message on the screen, An Chengyou's face collapsed even more. "Oppa, Sika and I have to practice, so we won't come to school today. You can have class alone." A smiley face with a symbol at the end. With a horse's face, An Chengyou's fingers quickly pressed on the keyboard of his mobile phone, and a reply was sent. If you don't come, what should I do! I want you to do what? Looking at the prompt indicating the success of sending, An Chengyou was a little proud, 'Hey, it seems that the speed of typing is good.' In the corridor of the S. M company, Huang Meiying was holding her cell phone with a straight smile. Zheng Xiuyan looked at her silly appearance and could not help rolling her eyes. She poked Huang Meiying with her finger: "What are you giggling about?" Huang Meiying quickly picked up her cell phone and put it in front of Zheng Xiuyan's eyes: "You see, Chengyou oppa said he missed us." A line of words was clearly displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, followed by a depressed expression. Zheng Xiuyan stretched out her hand to block the mobile phone: "What are you doing?" Huang Meiying stubbornly dangled her cell phone in front of Zheng Xiuyan's eyes: "Let me show you." Zheng Xiuyan said on the mouth does not look, but the corner of the eye still accidentally glanced at the screen,facial recognization camera, could not help but'spit 'after watching: "Who wants him to think." Although he said so, he could not hide a smile at the corners of his mouth. Huang Meiying took back her cell phone and bent her eyes even more: "Hey, I said I didn't want to see it, but I did.". Duplicity. Then he began to hold a mobile phone and kept muttering there. Looking at Huang Meiying's appearance, Zheng Xiuyan gave birth to the idea of being too lazy to haggle with her, just exhaled heavily,temperature check kiosk, really silly girl. They pushed open the door of a practice room, where some trainees were sitting in twos and threes. Go to Kim Tae-yeon in front of several people, put down the backpack, two people also sat on the floor. After saying hello to several people, Huang Meiying's curved eyes narrowed tightly, still smiling stupidly. As soon as Zheng Xiuyan sat down, she quickly entered her empty state. Several people to Zheng Xiuyan's empty state is obviously common, but Huang Meiying, several people's eyes are constantly drifting on Huang Meiying, what is this? Lin Yuner stretched out her arm and touched Quan Youli beside her. Quan Youli turned her head and looked at Lin Yuner doubtfully: "What for?" Lin Yuner tilted her head and curled her hair at the corners of her mouth. "Don't you think Sister Meiying is a little strange today?" Quan Youli glanced at Huang Meiying and said, "She's always in a daze. What's so strange about her? I think you're rare and strange." Lin Yuner shook her head firmly and said with great certainty, face recognition identification ,interactive kiosk price, "Today is obviously different from before.". Like, uh, like what? Cui Xiuying also put her body together and joined in the discussion: "It's like being seduced by something." "What ah, is obviously infected by Xiuyan, there is a trend to Xiuyan development." Jin Xiaoyuan took out his hands and compared them with Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying: "Don't you think they look like each other?"? It's all empty. Alas, poor Meiying, who can't learn from Xiuyan? Jin Xiaoyuan beat his chest to express his heartache. Could it be that if I have been with Sister Xiuyan for a long time, I will be infected by her? God, I don't want to be as nervous as Sister Xiuyan! Lin Yuner covered her mouth and said with an exaggerated expression. Several people cast a contemptuous look at Lin Yuner. Lin Yuner pretended to be wronged and flattened her mouth. Xu Zhuxian opened her big bright eyes and stared at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying. After thinking about it, she solemnly said: "Zheng Xiuyan and Meiying are very similar, but they are really different." Lin Yuner quickly moved to Xu Zhuxian's side and patted Xu Zhuxian on the back: "Didn't you say that? Don't call Xiuyan elder sister. How strange it is. Call Ernie.". Sister Xiuyan will criticize you if she hears it. "Xu Zhuxian felt the pressure from his back and curled his mouth with grievance:" But Zheng Xiuyan's predecessor is my predecessor. " Lin Yuner looked at this sister helplessly, 'I am not your senior, how can you call me sister Yuner?' Sighed secretly, she is very familiar with Xu Zhuxian, after all, since Xu Zhuxian became a trainee, because their homes are in the same direction, so they often take the subway to the company to practice together. After practice, they also go home together. In the early days of their acquaintance, Lin Yuner was defeated by Xu Zhuxian's respectful "predecessors", and it took her more than a year to change Xu Zhuxian's words. Lin Yuner knows very well that it is very difficult to expect Xu Zhuxian to change his name. Only by relying on the precipitation of time and the gradual increase of feelings can Xu Zhuxian change. Shaking off the thoughts in her mind, Lin Yuner pointed at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying and changed the topic: "What do you see?" Xu Zhuxian shook his head: "I don't know, but I'm sure it's different." The rest of the people had looked at Xu Zhuxian full of hope, thinking that the sister who usually did not speak easily would find something, but when they heard this, their eyes dimmed in an instant. Lin Yuner put her eyes on Kim Tae-yeon, who was sitting beside Xu Zhuxian. Kim Tae-yeon pouted her mouth and reached out to block Lin Yuner's waving palm. "If I had known you would do this, I wouldn't have been hit by you again," she said with a proud smile. In recent months, she and several companions around her have not entered the S. M company for the first time, after all, we are all teenage girls, getting along with each other day by day, it is difficult not to have feelings. Lin Yuner withdrew her palm, wrinkled her lovely nose, and glared at Kim Tae-yeon: "Hum,interactive whiteboard prices, you wait." After a while, I remembered what I wanted to ask. Leaning to Kim Tae-yeon, holding Kim Tae-yeon's arm: "Tae-yeon." Kim Tae-yeon crossed her hands and guarded against Yoon. "What am I doing?" Lin Yuner pouted at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying: "What do you see?" 。

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