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Yunhua turned to look at him and said eagerly, "I'm going to let him out!" "Wait a minute," said Duan Ling with a stern look! Do you know what your grandfather is doing here? Yun Hua shook her head, and Duan Ling said in a calm voice, word by word, "He came to look for grandma's bad luck." Yun Hua exclaimed, "Ah," and took a step back. "He will.." she said. Duan Ling nodded, but she believed his words very much. As soon as she lowered her head, she shed two lines of tears. "What should I do?" She said in a plaintive voice. Duan Ling sighed lightly and said, "Did your grandmother tell you about your life experience?" Yun Hua nodded, then shook her head and said, "I don't know." Duan Ling sighed a long sigh and said, "No wonder!" Then he said seriously, "I don't have time to tell you in detail. Tell me the way to enter the battle. Let me see your grandfather first and relieve your grandmother's danger, and then tell you in detail." Yunhua is a very intelligent person. She has been with her mother-in-law for more than ten years. Knowing that this matter is not light, she trusts Duan Ling's words very much. She said, "When I meet a tree, I turn to a and B. When I see a gap, I step on C and D." Duan Ling is what character, the girl is a little bit, he has been clear in the heart, carefully told the voice: "Do not run around!" " People, like swallows,Gear Reduction Motor, shoot into the pine forest. He followed Yun Hua's words, very easily into the pine wind array, flatly a loud drink, the two people who rushed into each other were like clairvoyant, stunned, seemed to be a clear mind, looking at Duan Ling. Duan Ling bowed with his sword in his arms and saluted the old man with a white beard. He asked respectfully, "Is the old man elder Fang,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, who is known as the cold iron old man?" The man on one side, who had a horse's face, a green complexion, and a needle-like beard under his chin, who was less than fifty years old, gave a cold hum and rolled his eyes. He looked at him disdainfully and said, "You're asking me knowingly. You don't even know my teacher?" Duan Ling was also a very proud man by nature. He couldn't bear his cold voice. He suddenly thought that this man was wrong again. He had a deep relationship with his mother-in-law. He only looked sideways and looked at the angry Fang Qiong in a twinkling of an eye and said, "At the end of the study, Duan Ling gave the elder Fang a gift." Fang Qiong snorted coldly and waved her hand to the middle-aged man standing on his head to stop him from speaking. "Who are you?" She said with a mournful sneer. Duan Lingxin was so angry that he told him his name, but he still wanted to track down Yi Shi. He couldn't help bumping into him, but he still glanced out of the pine forest. Suddenly, he suppressed his anger and said, "Duan Ling is a guest here." Fang Qiong stared and shouted, "Do you dare to stop me?" Duan Lingxin was on fire and answered in a cold voice, "The younger generation has come to bring the older generation out of the pine wind array." Fang Qiong snorted angrily and said, "Pine Wind Array!" "What do you have to do with that bitch?" He snapped in a deep voice. "You dare to be so bold and take care of my housework!"! Whose disciple are you? Duan Ling took a step back, leaned over and said, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, "The elder is very observant. What happened in those years.." "Shut up!" Fang Qiong shouted flatly. Slowly, he took off his mourning sword, shook his hand and threw it at the green-faced man standing on his side, saying, "Ancient cypress!"! And I will take him down! As soon as he heard this, Duan Ling's eyes lit up and he said to himself, "He is the ancient cypress of the Iron Back Dragon, one of the four dragons in the Sword Forest!" Unconsciously, Lang glanced at the ancient cypress, who was holding the sword of the funeral gate and sneering sadly. The sixteenth chapter is a word of explanation. The ancient cypress's face was covered with cold heat, and with a flash of blue light, the light of the sword pierced the skin, and the mourning sword came out of its scabbard. Shake your wrist and cut out a few sword waves. As soon as Duan Ling saw that both the master and the disciples were unreasonable, his pride rose in his heart. He raised his eyebrows and snorted angrily. He pointed to the ancient cypress and said, "Wait a minute!"! How can Bai Yan Gu allow you to run wild? In his early years, he was one of the four dragons in the Sword Forest. Not only did he dominate Kanto, but even the masters of the five northern provinces did not dare to look him in the eye. In front of him, this unknown young boy dared to speak so rudely that he could not help being so excited that his nameless fire was three thousand feet high. With a cold hum, he went away with a fierce sword. When Duan Ling saw that he was so reckless, he refused to listen to him. He held his sword in both hands and split it fiercely. He was so angry that with a loud shout, he turned his wrist and shook his sword. With the sound of "Tian Huan Zhi Feng" and "Choke Clang", he took the ancient cypress's funeral sword far away. What kind of person is the ancient cypress? As soon as he discovers that he has fallen into the air, the right heel clan turns in a circle, swings the sword twice, and with a "whoosh", he sweeps obliquely again. Duan Ling was so angry that he didn't know what was good or bad. He raised his sword for the second time. The rainbow was all over the sky, and his eyes were full of flowers. With a "hum" sound, the light of the sword suddenly hit the guard of the ancient cypress's funeral sword. Then with a "hum", the ancient cypress fell to the ground with a sharp "clanging" sound. Fang Qiong blurted out, "Earth Ring Flying Rainbow!" He jumped over, reached out and quickly picked up the sword that had fallen to the ground. He swept it with his backhand and screamed, "Doll!"! There is also a'human ring knot lotus'. His style is really wonderful. Halfway out, he turns horizontally, shakes his hand and shakes his sword. The sword turns into more than ten flying rainbows. He refers to the main points and meridians of the head and chest of Duan Ling. Duan Ling was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. With a mistake on his feet, he shook his body and retreated suddenly. With a horizontal sword, he shook his hands and shivered. There was no time for the silver lotus, which just melted the cold iron old man's hot move. He stood back and stared in astonishment at Master Fang Qiong and his disciples, feeling a chill in his heart. With a dispirited look on her face, Fang Qiong turned up her grey beard twice and returned her sword to the scabbard with her backhand. "That's all," she shouted! That's all! The East China Sea has been quiet for decades. I stepped into the Middle Earth with one foot. I only hoped to beat the martial arts world. Unexpectedly, my master and disciples were convinced to lose your three sword moves. Iron-backed Canglong Guhui's loss is excusable, but it is nonsense to say that Fang Qiong lost. But this is Fang Qiong himself, that can teach people not to believe. Duan Ling was puzzled and stared at Fang Qiong, wanting to examine him carefully and find some clues on him. After searching for a long time, Fang Qiong was undamaged, which made him very suspicious and confused. He spoke several times and wanted to know the whole story of his defeat, but he was a senior in the martial arts world and a great master in the East China Sea. He really couldn't ask such a question, so he had to stand aside and keep silent. The two sides stood still for a moment. Fang Qiong turned to one side, her face ashen, panting like an ox, and said, "Let's go!"! What are you standing there for? Gu Hui turned his face and glared at Duan Ling. His eyes were full of resentment. Dejected to identify the next direction,micro gear motor, foot C Ding, due south, to the gap between the two trees.

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