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Jiang Yan thought he was angry: "You have no patience with girls since you were a child.". Our ten elder brothers always do what they say. Now they have already gone out. Let people turn back? You're so embarrassed. Originally, Liang Mengdong really couldn't bear it, but Jiang Yan said that his chest was stuffy and he did what he said? Her? I guess I'll be there soon. Don't ask about the case for a while. If I say more about the violation of discipline, I will be scolded by her. The man who claimed to do what he said happened to arrive at this moment, and through the shadowy flickering candles in the corridor, Jiang Yan saw ten tones waving their hands. Separated by the floor glass window, Shiyin saw the person opposite Jiangyan, stagnated for half a moment, or went straight inside. Jiang Yan offered her seat to Shi Yin. Before she could sit down, she saw the iron-black face of the man next to her. After thinking about it, she said, "Jiang Yan, I'm sitting opposite you. It's convenient to talk." Half a meal is thrilling. Fortunately, Jiang Yan is more attentive to food, and is used to eating with ten tones, so there are many topics to talk about. Otherwise, I should have realized that this meal was unusual. Jiang Yan is complaining that Yun Qi is not sensible, others want to ask Liang teacher to eat, but they can not come, she is hiding. "You know I won't let her go out at night.". Even if you invite her to dinner alone, she will be nervous, not to mention strange men. You should have asked me to join you. "How can I call you a man who is so busy that he doesn't touch the house?" Shiyin looked at Liang Mengdong apologetically and said, "Yunqi won't be like this in class. She will be afraid to come so far to eat.". Besides, she's not in good health. I don't let her sleep late at night. I'm very sorry. Liang Mengdong sneers: "I don't mind." Things in the Bureau, Jiangyan Zhuangzhuanmenqing, talking about the phone Li Feng monitoring, he still can not believe: "Are you sure?"? Is it really Li Feng? Ten tones did not explain much, knowing that he and Li Feng had been close since childhood, believe it or not. Jiang Yan is indissoluble: "He listens to you to make a phone call,lamella tube, suspect that is sea of clouds next?"? With what? Did you say something disgusting? Shiyin glanced at Liang Mengdong and said no. He called Mr. Liang that night. He said he would practice the piano together. He broke his promise and then called to apologize. Jiang Yan burst out laughing: "Yes, yes, Li Feng is a little lenient. He and I have complained that you have been close to Meng Dong recently.". I said they have similar hobbies. Can you play a musical instrument? You sing out of tune. Shiyin complained: "Captain Li is quite cute in your eyes." Jiang Yan finally did not hold back: "No wonder you offered your resignation to Director Wei." "That's not it." Ten sound frown, she really does not want to discuss this in front of Meng Dong, "he makes a little trick, I resign?"? Then you really flatter Li Feng. Jiang Yan asked: "Why is that?" Ten-tone wry smile, how to say? The leader will be a person, there pressed her resignation, here revealed to Jiang Yan, probably let him appease and enlighten the meaning. But they clearly know that even if Meng Dong is not there, she is alone in the face of Jiang Yan, what authority does she have to talk about the task? No reason, it's all right. Shiyin said, "The mobile phone has also been processed.". You don't have to fight against injustice to question. I can't find fault with Li Feng on official business. On the surface, Rotating sludge scraper ,Wall Penstocks, we still have to cooperate. Mentioned Liang Mengdong a moment ago, this Zun just said lightly: "Make a phone call, so soul-stirring." Shiyin didn't dare to look at him at all. He only nodded slightly. "Yes, Captain Li, his hand is too long." Why is the attitude of answering the phone cold these two days? Is this an explanation? It turns out that he is so invisible. He was like a joke, as if what she had said and done two days ago were all his own illusions. Jiang Yan served the steak ordered by Shiyin, and she concentrated on cutting the meat. Li Feng is half for ten tones, "Jiang Yan is helping to explain," he pursued ten tones was rejected, unwilling, all day long said that the sea of clouds to ten tones is not sincere. Ten tones, I remember the first half of the year, the sea of clouds is often not in the city on weekends, will not really do anything sorry for you, Li Feng how to speak with certainty. Ten sound is irritable interrupt: "What do you say this does?" As she spoke, the napkin slipped from her lap, and when she went to pick it up, she was grabbed by someone under the table. The author has something to say: Meng Dong: The mattress has not been chosen, people have changed their minds. Pushing Friends Hua Ming's Brain Hole New Article: "Wake Up Sixty Years Old" Chi Jia has two faces of day and night, a kind old woman, playing with grandchildren, tutoring homework, and a soft beauty, which makes the cold-faced male God break his waist. Search apps for "wake up 60 years old" Sleepless Nights 27 Ten tones earned, but Liang Mengdong didn't let go. She was afraid that Jiang Yan would see through it, so she had to keep quiet and hold the fork in her left hand instead. Fortunately, the lights of the Western restaurant were silent, and only a small round red candle was burning on the table, so dark that only the plate in front of him could be seen. Liang Mengdong also deliberately teased and asked: "Is Captain Yu left-handed?" It was not difficult to hold the fork with her left hand. She also used chopsticks with her left hand to eat rice noodles in the early morning that day. She was very skilled. She's not left-handed. Ten tones is really lucky, fortunately is not the other person who sits opposite. She knew that Jiang Yan had always been so slow on the issue of men and women that she even helped Shiyin explain: "I've heard that Shiyin used to have special training for them. They had to be able to open the bow, eat, write, shoot, and go undercover.." He realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly remedied it: "It's convenient to get hurt." Then he found that he had the meaning of a curse and punished himself with a cup. There was a chill behind the ten tones, and under the table, the man forcibly clasped her fingers and refused to pull them away. I want to get drunk. Anyway, there are ten tones. After drinking a few cups, Jiang Yan complained about Liang Mengdong, "You obviously dislike the wine here, just drink a few mouthfuls, next time you can bring your own." Liang Mengdong replied, "Some people are not allowed to drink." "Your little fat man?" Jiang Yan giggled, "unexpectedly came to take care of you?"? I really have you in my heart. Ten tones are inexplicable, little fat man. What did he say to Jiang Yan? "It's good to have it." Liang Mengdong laughed at himself and put his hand in the palm of her hand, gently scratching, "I'm afraid I feel forced." "You have to change your temper." Jiang Yan said, "Ten tones,multi disc screw press, my father heard Meng Dong's father say that he saw Meng Dong cry several times." Ten tones did not answer, remembering that Meng Dong used to accompany her to practice before the exam, and she was also scolded to cry. khnwatertreatment.com

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