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Seeing that they nodded in agreement, I slightly sorted out the cause and effect of the matter and opened my mouth to tell them about Orochimaru's Konoha collapse plan. Just as I said that one of Orochimaru's targets was the third generation of Hokage, a little fox shouted excitedly. Orochimaru wants to kill three generations of grandpa? Why? Although three generations of grandpa are very wordy and lustful, he is definitely a good man. Why did Orochimaru kill him? It could be seen that Naruto was trying very hard to endure just now, but when he heard that Orochimaru was coming to take the old man's life, he couldn't help shouting. And the anger, puzzlement, and perhaps a hint of fear in his voice evoked a similar reaction from several others, but Sasuke frowned and endured it, and his eyes flashed two rounds of hook jade; Ningji stared at me with a face that was already like an iceberg; The tooth clenched his fist and looked like he was going to bite, while Akamaru lay in the tooth's arms and sobbed twice. Can you ask me when I'm done? When I talked about Orochimaru's identity and ability, I was surprised that Naruto didn't interrupt. I thought he had become a little calmer. It seems that I overestimated his growth rate. Everything else is fine, but why did Orochimaru kill Grandpa III?! Say it quickly! It seems that Naruto is unbearable and no longer deliberately patient. Ah What a trouble! Didn't I ask you to wait for me to finish my words? Forget it. I may have explained the matter to him when I tried to persuade him not to ask. I'd better answer him directly. I don't know exactly why,automated warehouse systems, but the only thing I know for sure is that Orochimaru hates Konoha. On the one hand, he may have lost the chance to become the fourth generation of Hokage because of the obstruction of the third generation, which also shattered his ambition to control Konoha and change Konoha; on the other hand, Orochimaru probably wanted to get something from the third generation, such as some forbidden arts and so on. Finally,pallet rack shelving, Orochimaru has never been used to Konoha's style and thinks it is a kind of hypocrisy! Destroying things he doesn't like is one of his hobbies. After one breath, I realized that my mouth was a little dry, so I glanced at the audience who were paying attention, and unfortunately found that they didn't seem to have any water on them. "Take your time." There is water in it. "I didn't see any water in Xiao Ai's hand just now, but how could he turn out a bottle of water after a while?"? Curious, I took the water and drank more than half of it in one breath before I smiled gratefully at Xiao Ai. Asked him where the water came from, but he just pointed to Hinata in silence, meaning that he took it from Hinata. When Hinata noticed that I was looking at her, she smiled a little shyly. Sure enough, medium duty racking ,push back racking system, a good wife candidate! I muttered, and then I heard some questioning voice from Ningji. These should be very secret things, how can you know so clearly? And you're not from Konoha, so why do you know so much about Konoha? How much of what you say is true? Just as I was about to tell these people the results of my analysis, Ningji asked with a deep face, apparently doubting the truth of my words. Credibility You can draw your own conclusions from what happens later.. Even if what I say now is 100% true, you may not believe it 100%. Think about it and then draw a conclusion. I have synthesized the events of these two days, and I will talk about the results of my analysis. Obviously, Ningji was not satisfied with such an answer, but I really could not produce more convincing evidence for them. I can't say I came through another world, can I?! He'll believe it if he hears it! There are two main purposes for Orochimaru to come to Konoha. One is to destroy Konoha with a ninja village, which should be his main purpose. As for which ninja village he contacted, I don't know. The second purpose should be to kidnap the three of you. "I pointed to Ningji, Hinata and Sasuke.". When I said this, Hinata stared at me in surprise, no longer just wringing his fingers shyly, it was obvious that the blow was a little big. Sasuke and Yasuji, on the other hand, did not have much reaction. "Why did you take them?" Why is Sasuke always in the limelight? Naruto, who was shouting, probably had this idea. When I think about it, I don't feel black lines all over my head. Orochimaru is a guy who is very fanatical about Ninjutsu, and they all have blood boundaries and have very special Ninjutsu! I didn't quite understand. Didn't Orochimaru just want Sasuke? Why attack Hinata and Yasuji? But from his series of actions, the targets he aimed at were all people with blood boundaries, and this was the only conclusion I could draw. But with so many people, who does he want to be his vessel? If it's like you say. So you also have a blood limit? Sasuke asked in a declarative sentence. But this kid is really sharp! "Sort of!"! Not sure how he found out though?! I'm the only one left of the Baihua clan now, and I don't go out of the village very much. Where did Orochimaru know? Could it be that Xiao Ai's father accidentally said it when he was chatting with Orochimaru? It's not possible! "Do you have a blood limit?" Except that Xiao Ai didn't speak because she knew, Hinata looked up at me anxiously with her mouth open and didn't make a sound, and Sasuke pulled out a cold smile at the corners of her mouth as if she had expected and didn't shout, all the others cried out as if they had been bewitched. It turned out that the blood boundary was so common that anyone could find it. "Zhi Nai muttered in a low voice and hid his face deeply under his high collar." But You're not a ninja? Teeth asked as if he had been hit by something, not knowing what he had been hit by. Our people have never been ninjas! I answered truthfully. Why do you know Orochimaru so well? What is your relationship with him? I can tell by the look in Sasuke's dangerous eyes that this guy must still be upset about the fact that I bit him! But little love,heavy duty cantilever racks, Sasuke, if he wants to stare at me, let him stare at me. I won't lose two pieces of meat on my body. Why do you compete with him! I know you both have big eyes. kingmoreracking.com

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