Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I want to waste your text + extra chapter from Hairston's blog

Silver immediately came forward as a gentleman, handed over the red flowers in his hand, and gracefully stretched out his front paws to pick up the little red on Jin Luanfeng's body. But see the silver red small red, at this time wearing a white gauze thick dress, the veil is half covered, still holding the lute half-covered appearance. As the wedding March continued, the beasts and countless guests watched Silver and Red gracefully step on the red carpet, swaying towards the high platform in silence. No one has ever seen such a big wedding. He doesn't exist among humans. Of course, the Warcraft people have not seen, they Warcraft have not been married, today is the first time the King of Beasts. Xiao Yin walked up to the high stone platform facing Xiao Hong and stood still. "" Suddenly the beasts roared, the earth-shaking voice broke through the clouds, and the curtain rolled up to the vast blue sky. Next to the high stone, the animals crawled on the ground, lowering their heads high. Their king of beasts is married. Their king of beasts is married to the queen. Standing on the high stone platform, Luoyu had a serious face. Silver, I ask you, regardless of poverty or wealth, regardless of the danger of life and death, can you hold Xiaohong's hand tightly, never abandon her, promise her life and death, and care for it and love it all your life? "Yes." Silver is forceful. Xiaohong, no matter rich or poor, no matter life or death, can you hold Xiaoyin's hand tightly, never abandon it,faux ficus tree, promise it life and death, and care for it and love it all your life? "Yes." Xiao Hong looked sideways at Xiao Yin and raised her eyebrows with a smile. Two little paws clenched. Strange. Luoli rubbed his head. That sounds good. Huang Yu twitched the corners of his mouth. On the high platform, a smile flashed across Luoyu's face. "So, excuse me, Mr. Xiaoyin, would you like to marry Ms. Xiaohong?" "Yes." Cried Silver. What is it, sir? I don't understand, but it's certain to marry Xiaohong. "So, Miss Hong, will you marry Mr. Silver?" "Yes." Xiao Hong raised her eyebrows. *** it,artificial banyan trees, it's not a woman, it's a female, and it has no common sense. But today it is in a good mood and does not haggle with the falling feather. Seeing this, Luoyu closed the wordless book in his hand with a smile: "Now, I declare that you two are married, and you can kiss your bride." Such a wedding used to be her beautiful yearning. However, now it is clear that she can not have such a wedding, then her wish can only fall on Xiaoyin and Xiaohong. Look, how beautiful, how beautiful. Whoa. The sound of falling feathers came out, and the crowd below immediately made a big noise. I have never seen such a wedding, but they can accept the special wedding of the King of Beasts. But, this kissing in front of so many people, this. This The beasts, on the other hand, cheered loudly, and the crowd became excited. Warcraft is straightforward, like is like, love is love, artificial grass panels ,decorative palm trees, hate is hate. Kiss, as long as you want, no matter how many people around it. In the whistling sound of the layer, Xiaoyin rushed up to Xiaohong fiercely, kiss, kiss. Haha, Xiaohong is finally his wife. Overwhelming, crazy kiss. Just listen to a bang, Xiao Yin really pushed Xiao Hong to the ground, and her mouth stretched out, and she kissed her fanatically. Xiao Hong was also happy at this time. She hugged Xiao Yin tightly and stretched out her mouth. She touched Xiao Yin firmly and kissed him with a burning kiss. The two guys immediately rolled several times on the high platform. Bridal chamber, bridal chamber.. "Whoo, whoo." In the hot kiss, the talking beasts and the silent beasts roared. Directly press down the bridal chamber, ha ha, bridal chamber. They beastlike take a fancy to the bridal chamber, directly overwhelm, quickly, overwhelm. The bridal chamber? Directly to the bridal chamber? The cloud dome was shocked. Uh The silver mane covered his head and was speechless. His father didn't go up to accept three kowtows, but now his son and daughter-in-law want to go to the bridal chamber in public. What kind of justice is this? Hey, I haven't seen the bridal chamber yet. Dark night began to squeeze forward, the bridal chamber, ah, he likes, such an open and aboveboard bridal chamber, he likes more. I've always wondered how they get married. The sea ink wind is all over the face indifferent, but also follow the dark dust night to squeeze forward. Xiao Hong is the incarnation of a stone. He wants to know how this guy gets married. Bridal chamber, ha ha, bridal chamber. Luo Li, on the other hand, gloated and fanned the flames. The guests in the back and the beasts in the neat list listened to such a shocking topic and watched the people and beasts in front of them begin to squeeze on the high platform. He could not help shouting loudly and then pushed forward. Watch the scene of bustle, watch the bridal chamber. Standing on the high platform, Luoyu, with a bright smile on his face, was shocked to see such a passionate situation and opened his mouth wide. She really underestimated the enthusiasm of the beast, directly to the bridal chamber, this. "Hey, find a place to go, your wife can only see for herself, quickly find another place." Luoyu threw away the wordless book in his hand and grabbed Xiaoyin and Xiaohong, who were still kissing passionately on the high platform. Under the high platform, Warcraft and people in all directions swarmed and rushed up. Luoyu is in a big hurry. This little silver and little red, she can't let her Warcraft be seen. Suddenly, his body flashed and he grabbed Silver in the passion like lightning. Who told you to do it? The cloud below was furious and jumped onto the stage in an instant. Fallen feather sees this immediately dark cry bad, hurriedly pretends to be false: "Ouch, stomachache, Ouch..." "How's it going?" The cloud killed the sky and immediately swept away the anger on his face and rushed over in a panic. Stomachache, ouch, ah. Ah My stomach hurts. "Ben pretended to be a fake feather in a few loud cries, suddenly the voice paused, followed by a change in complexion, damn, the stomach really hurt up." She's having the baby. Get ready. "Feiyan is an experienced person, and when he saw this, he immediately shouted out." Ah, it's going to be born. "God, make way." "Boom." And at the moment when Luoyu was in a mess, Xiao Yin and Xiao Hong, who were hugging each other on the high platform,silk olive tree, suddenly exploded with the light of their primary colors. Ah, they're going to be adults. The silver mane jumped up. These two guys are going to evolve into adults at this moment. The sky is enchanting, and the place is in chaos.

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