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"Why don't you come along?" Chunping sat down on the chair beside the bed. I can't, and I don't have time. Wei Hua answered. He probably felt more ashamed of himself. The relationship between husband and wife is too unbalanced. Chunping looked at him in silence for a moment and then asked, "Are you going to go on like this?" "I don't know." Wei Hua was silent for a moment and answered. Chunping looked at him and was silent for two or three seconds. "Here you are. These are three tickets for Guanyuan.". You can take Xiaowei there tomorrow. She handed Wei Hua three tickets to the Guanyuan Children's Activity Center. Sister, the ticket is very difficult to get. Won't you lead Dahai and Xiaohai? "You go first." Qiu Ping sat on the bed, knitting a sweater, and looked up at her husband who was studying under the lamp from time to time. The room is quiet. Her daughter Lingling grinded her teeth gently in her sleep and stepped on the towel quilt. She gently covered her daughter and her eyes fell on her husband again. Liang Zhixiang, like her, went to the countryside of Shanxi to jump the queue after graduating from junior high school. They met in a small factory with hundreds of people in Linfen, Shanxi, and later got married. He was dull and had no grace or talent, but he was a good carpenter. But now she is determined not to let him work as a carpenter and urges him to teach himself correspondence college courses every day. He was struggling, and the line of his back (his shirt was soaked through) and the way he scratched his hair from time to time showed that he was in trouble again. Qiu Ping, don't let me suffer this. I have a big head to learn. Liang Zhixiang begged more than once. Learn it. Every time she comforted him calmly, "stay up late with me." "I really can't learn any more. I might as well make two sets of furniture to earn some extra money." Then she would get excited and say, "I will never let you do carpentry again.". I can't have people looking down on us all the time. She got rid of all his carpenter's tools. Liang Zhixiang didn't quarrel with her, and he wouldn't quarrel. He just felt sorry for her. Why don't you learn? I'll take care of the children and do the housework. He said to her several times, "Your foundation is stronger than mine.". Let's just learn one of them. "No, you should study hard." Her tone was incontrovertible. The aluminum needle in his hand made a slight sound from time to time, and the wool passed through the little finger of his right hand and went up, knitting little by little into one of her husband's sweaters. Silver-gray pure wool cardigan sweater, let Zhixiang wear it in autumn,large artificial blossom trees, it can show some bookishness. He's not an intellectual. She looked up at her husband's back again, and memories flashed across her eyes like thin smoke. She did not think of the scene in her memory, nor did she want to see it clearly emerge. However, she often likes to fall into a faint melancholy about the past like this, whenever she is free and quiet. Qiu Ping, you haven't replied to Wan Honghong's letter yet. "Liang Zhixiang suddenly remembered, turned around and pointed at it." Isn't that right? " Qiu Ping looked at the letter at the head of the bed and did not stop his work: "I don't want to go back." "Why?" "No reason, just leave it alone." Volume 1: Part 3 An uninvited guest in the living room Liang Zhixiang looked at her blankly: "Other people's letters are not returned. We should return Wan Honghong's letters. She has helped us." "I won't go back. I'll go back to you." Qiu Ping is a little angry. Liang Zhixiang hesitated to speak and turned his head. Silence returned to the hut. Only her husband's sweaty back and Lingling's slight and even breathing. A mediocre, narrow, trivial, closed and quiet world. She looked at the letter at the head of the bed, silk cherry blossom tree ,large ficus tree, and her eyes became absent-minded, and her body swayed slightly as if she were sitting on a boat. The crowded crowd in front of Tiananmen Square, the loud gongs and drums of Beijing Railway Station, the undulating fields and mountains.. The hut in front of us is overprinted by the illusion of disorder. She once had a "revolutionary", "vast" and "ideal" world before her eyes, but it was also a world of nihility and turmoil. Probably the first year she went to the countryside to jump the queue, she wrote letters to her classmates in the countryside almost every night under the kerosene lamp. Write vigorously, clatter one page, clatter another page, and feel a kind of excitement with all my heart and soul. It was probably a time to cultivate political consciousness, and even a fragile and sensitive junior high school student like her dreamed of being a female revolutionary. Read big classics, associate with thoughtful young people, and connect from one group of people to another. How do you know Wan Honghong? In the winter of 1971, a large number of educated youth who jumped the queue returned to the capital and engaged in various underground political activities. In one "salon" after another, they talked about the nature of the Lin Biao incident, the root of feudal fascist autocracy, China's system, future and other major issues. At a symposium, a remarkable high school boy (who is the soul of the symposium and the object of Qiu Ping's admiration) spoke in praise of Wan Honghong, a name known to all the participants. It gave her a thrill. The next day, I do not know what kind of psychology, she went to Wan Honghong's house specially to "talk about it". In her contacts, she secretly compared herself with Wan Honghong in all aspects, from appearance to depth of thought. Wan Honghong is tall and straight, taller than her, fair-skinned, with thin eyebrows and eyes, looks ordinary, speaks quickly, and gestures like a man. During the pause, he always gave the impression of pursing his lips discontentedly. I don't read a lot of books, and many ideas are sold from others. She's no better than herself. A knock at the door interrupted her dreamy memory. Aunt Qi came in. Aunt, what can I do for you? You sit down. Liang Zhixiang and Qiu Ping both stood up. I have nothing to do. If you have any clothes to wash, wash them for me. "Auntie, we should do the laundry ourselves." The couple quickly declined. I'll wash it for you now, or change the sheets and I'll wash it for you. "No,faux grass wall, no." "I've been here for two days. I can't sleep at night. I want to find more things to do." Aunt Qi hunched her back and explained hurriedly. The couple looked at each other. There was a trace of strangeness in Aunt Qi's speech and expression. What's wrong with her? Seeing Xia Ping come in, Huang Gongyu's temper was even worse: "What's the matter with you today?"? Walk away as soon as you turn around. Dad has something you don't want to help, do you? 。

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