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Back in the cabin, Wenyi sent the others away, sat alone on the edge of the bed, took out the paper ball again, looked at it several times, and then stuffed it back into her pocket. With or without Liu Dongxing's reminder, the Gu family should no longer be entangled with Dongping Wangfu. Although the two families are related by marriage, they are always separated by a layer, and they don't have much contact with each other. Gu's female dependents pass through the residence of Dongping Wangfu. If it's a peaceful season, it's no big deal to come and say hello, but this is an eventful autumn, so why bother? The people of Wangfu must know that Gu's family is going to cross the border from Dongping! There is a distance between the palace and the dock. If the family members don't rush to curry favor with each other, will they still come to the boat to make trouble?! If there is a gap between the two families, maybe it will be good for my uncle! Wenyi's heart was in a mess for a moment, and she couldn't help but take out the note and read it again. She took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down. Liu Dongxing and Luo Mingmin just passed by the nearby land route a few days ago and headed for Beihua Mountain. Since Liu Dongxing had sent this note in advance, it showed that he knew something about Dongping Mansion and knew what was not peaceful there. In the end is what degree of "not peaceful", will let Liu Dongxing specifically remind her not to approach Dongping Wangfu? Could it be that it has something to do with the palace? But how did Liu Dongxing know? Before,smartboards for business, he was in Guihai City, just a small military examination, how could he know what Dongping Wangfu had done in the vassal land? If it's hearsay, why didn't anyone mention it? Wen Yi always has a feeling that Liu Dongxing.. Maybe add Luo Mingmin, who must be doing something secret. Otherwise, how to explain their strange whereabouts? Liu Dongxing should have been in Beijing to prepare for next year's martial arts examination, even Jiang thought so,interactive panels for education, but he appeared in Guihai City, thousands of miles away from the capital. Luo Mingmin was not a playboy, but also a direct descendant of the Luo family, but suddenly went to Qingzhou to visit his uncles, and was pushed into the water because he was looking for pleasure on a flower boat. The most important thing was that she clearly remembered that he could swim! How far are those flower boats from Gu's boat? Is he so weak that his face is pale and faint after swimming?! With his ability, he should swim to the shore and laugh loudly at the person who did it to him! Wen Yi thought about it and couldn't figure out what they were doing, but one thing she was sure of was that they must have learned through some channel that something had happened in Dongping Mansion, so they would remind her to avoid it. The matter of Dongping House.. To what extent is it "not peaceful"? Will it affect the plan of the female dependents of the long house to visit Dongping Wangfu? Maybe.. She can go ashore with the ship. Try to find out, and then try to persuade the old lady and Chiang to change their minds? As for Wen Hui. After all, you have to follow the instructions of your elders. Not worth worrying about! But There are not many people under her who can be used, and it is not easy to send a girl and a wife out to inquire about things. She didn't want Mammy Zhao to be tired. Dongping House is a strange place. Wen Yi hesitated and finally decided to ask Mrs. Luo Si for help. She is Luo Mingmin's aunt, and has always been close, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, must be credible. Sure enough, Mrs. Luo Si knew about this. She smiled at Wen Yi and said, "That's all right. Before we set out, we sent a message to the shopkeeper of the Luo family's firm in Dongping Mansion." They were ordered to arrange the change of ship and accommodation. Myung-min also warned me.. It was said that Dongping Wangfu had raised taxes in the vassal territory in the past two years, and the people had a lot of grievances. They had made trouble several times, and even some people had sued the capital. It was only because of the different status of Dongping Wangfu that it was suppressed, but the Wangfu was also taught a lesson by the emperor. Our Luo family is used to making a living in the port, so naturally we know. In a place like the wharf, there are the most poor people, and they are all strong, so they are the easiest to make trouble. What Wang Fu has done is really a bit inappropriate. Now your family is going to hire a boat there. Can it be done smoothly? Or two say it. Our Luo family has plenty of people, and they are all reliable, but they are more than those hired outside. When the elders of your family know the truth, they will surely make a decision. If we were still with me, we wouldn't have to spend the night there. It wouldn't take much time to change boats and leave. Pause.. Wang Fu.. Is the blood of heaven, unattainable, I am just the wife of a five-grade military officer, how dare you think you can look at the jade face? If Mrs. Gu and Mrs. Gu really want to come to pay their respects, I dare not accompany them. When the time comes, I wonder if you would like to stay with me? Wen Yi was so pleased that she nodded her head and said, "I don't dare to ask for my ears." Mrs. Luo also smiled. The two of them reached a consensus, but they did not know that in another part of the cabin, Chiang was also begging the old lady to change her mind: "The marriage of the Luo family, you'd better think about it again."? Since Mrs. Luo Si wants to accept the nine maids as her adopted daughter, if Luo Mingmin becomes her heir in the future, the six maids will marry her. In the end is the sister-in-law or sister, is not said not to invite it? It's also a joke to let people know! Old Lady Yu secretly regretted that she should not have told her eldest daughter-in-law about her plans so early, but if she did not tell her, she was afraid that she would not know how to restrain her daughter, so that Wen Hui inadvertently offended Mrs. Luo Si, which would be detrimental to future marriage. "What nonsense are you talking about?" She asked Chiang! What's wrong with the Luo family? Rich days, but also imperial merchants, although not a powerful family, but has never been in decline! Luo Mingmin's conduct is good, his temperament is open-minded, and his age matches that of the six girls! You always plan to marry someone from another house, but you don't think about your own daughter. Such a good son-in-law is going to take advantage of others! ,, Chiang's eyes turned red and she said with tears in her eyes, "We Huier.." Such a face, such a talent, such an identity.. I've never been wronged since I was a child! She had been left in the nunnery for several months before,interactive digital whiteboard, and her wife was already distressed. No matter how good the younger generation of the Luo family is, it is a white body after all. There is no final conclusion about the adoption. Even if it is true, it is just the son of a low-grade military officer. How can it reach the children of those famous families in Beijing? My wife can't bear to.. 。

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