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Cao Shao looked around, one by one looked very ordinary, but at this moment he was really afraid, "the new chairman, we are all partners, you have to save me!" At this time, Cao Shao did not think about why he was drinking in the bar, and when he blinked, he saw himself coming to this place. Especially when he only saw his head, he was afraid that he would die like this, but everything he saw in front of him had been hitting his heart, which he thought was super strong. Originally, he thought he had done too many things, too bad, so he was punished, but when he saw Cheng Shilan, he didn't think about why she was here, and the only thing he had to do was to pray. Because from just now to now, his head has been kicked around by two ghosts, but he still saw these ghosts around, or Cheng Shilan has a special respect. It was an acquaintance that made him think he might have a chance. Cheng Shilan did not know how Cao Shao could accept the chaotic situation so quickly, but had to admit that this person's adaptability was very strong, and he was shameless, doing things in his eyes only had results. However, Cheng Shilan has done an investigation on Cao Shao. Outside, although Cao Shao has many bad rumors, but this person is indeed a role. He looked at the whole day is constantly brushing the lower limit, all day without face and skin, but this person is not a bad person. He is bad in a mouth, what is said directly,Interactive digital signage, even if it is to attack the other side, he also disdains to do those small actions behind the back. For such a person, many people feel that it is not worth making friends with, but in Cheng Shilan's view, it is because of his character that he will be so popular in such a short time. Because, in the treacherous market, who has not suffered losses, who do things before, do not do a survey, perhaps Cao Shao to others good impression is too low, when he found a little bit of advantage,facial recognition thermometer, really will be infinitely magnified, and cooperation with such a person, even if the deadlock, they do not have to worry about revenge behind. Cooperation with such a person, without any psychological burden, can only say that Cao Shao is an alien, but it is this alien that makes everyone feel at ease. Ear is Cao Shao's begging for Rao Sheng, but Cheng Shilan looked directly at the black cat walking on the table, knowing that now these things are listening to it, knowing that, for the sake of Yan ghost, as long as she opens her mouth, everything will stop, but she just doesn't want to get into this trap so easily. In her opinion, from the time she should have come to her bedroom, but unexpectedly came to this place, that shows that everything happened for a reason. Do not want to promise, do not want to be involved in it, there is a ghost around it, she does not want too much contact with these things. He took a look at Cao Shao's head, which was kicked around again by the ghost as a ball, touch screen digital signage ,outdoor digital signage displays, and turned around and walked to the door as if he had ignored everything around him. Tut-tut, are you really cruel? "If the master doesn't open his mouth, we'll really kill this bastard." In a few words, Cao Shao has become the'chop suey 'in the mouth of the black cat. Purr The new chairman, you must save me! "I don't know if I'm still alive to save you." "Yes, the master is very capable. Even a cat like me, who walks sideways in the underworld, has to make a detour when he sees his master." "You shut up!" Cheng Shilan shouted directly at the black cat that was making trouble. Master, do you really not want me? "Master, do you really not want me?" Lu Yu and Shi Di, who had just used their heads as balls, were now crying like abandoned children. You You are their master, and you brought me here? Cao Shao suddenly cried out sharply, looking at Cheng Shilan, no longer asking for help, but anger. When Cao Shao said this, the lights around him suddenly became dark and dark. Flashing, as if surprised, and at the same time as a reminder. Even so, Cheng Shilan is still opposite to the black cat's line of sight, and then look at Cao Shao's head flying around in the hands of the black cat, and his original better face, at the moment by a cat's claws to make a trace, she still can not bear. Whether it's someone who can't bear Cao Shao, or the clue behind him is so broken, anyway, she compromised at this moment. Tomorrow I will talk about cooperation with this thing, but don't kill people for me. In the face of the black cat's threat to her, Cheng Shilan knew that Cao Shao was not dead, but also soon. Yes, master. The agreement of one man and one cat was reached, and as the sound of the black cat fell, the lights on and off returned to normal. Cheng Shilan did not care about the cheers behind her, but she just walked barefoot outside the door, there was a kind of biting cold on the ground into the soles of her feet, constantly reminding her of the scene of being threatened by a black cat just now. Has been out of the Honglan courtyard, Cheng Shilan has never looked back. Came to his own IELTS courtyard, came to his bedroom, fell directly on the bed, just now, she seemed to experience a battle between people and ghosts, unfortunately, she lost in the end! Lying down, Cheng Shilan soon fell asleep, and at the moment she closed her eyes, she was still thinking that when she woke up tomorrow, she would find that it was just a dream, an unreal dream. In her sleep, Cheng Shilan seemed to be restless at all, as if she was always having a nightmare, frowning, moving around from time to time, and later she was so excited that she even grabbed her hands at random, as if she was going to catch something. At this time, Yan ghost suddenly appeared, pulling Cheng Shilan's hand, the other hand on her forehead, mouth moved a few times, to see Cheng Shilan sleeping peacefully, this just took a look at the black cat kneeling on the ground at the moment. A look in his eyes directly scared the black cat out of its wits who was still showing off just now. It is really that it did not think of the adult woman, unexpectedly so timid. It's just to play with a human head, but I'm scared to have nightmares. Feel that such a woman is not worthy of their adults, but this, it dare not say, can only be in the bottom of my heart ventriloquism. Even if the heart is unwilling,interactive kiosk price, but at this time, he still has to be honest, lest he will suffer in the end.

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