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perforated metal mesh for maintenance

1、 Product maintenance: when performing metal mesh punching, it is necessary to maintain the appearance from processing hazards. Generally, plastic film is used for maintenance on the surface of perforated metal mesh. Manufacturers can also be used for cooperation when transporting products out of the country, and add appearance maintenance film. These films are very simple and can be torn off, and the appearance of products must not leave paste traces. When making products to be bundled, the maintenance film should not be torn as far as possible. As for the products to be maintained, it is better to process them on soft platforms such as wooden stands.To get more news about Metal mesh curtains, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

2、 On site maintenance: when the processed products are transported to the site, they must be packed first. Baling is usually carried out in workshops. Depending on the size, shape and transportation method of the products, maintenance measures such as thick board and plastic board are implemented, and wooden frame is also used.

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pamela moss
Feb 19 '21
Thank you very much for all the content. Right now, I'm currently working on my basement with my contractor (
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