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Without nourishment, our lives would fall short. It provides us with the fuel and vigor we need to carry out our everyday responsibilities. Also, our requirement for food grows while we travel, especially over long distances. As rail travel grows more and more popular, ordering food while traveling has become a common practice. We'll go over how to order meals on trains in this article, along with some suggestions for making the most of your journey. Go to RailRecipe or an app if you want to place food order in train online. Followin... more
From time to time, Indian railways introduce new facilities in trains in order to provide better experiences for passengers. Nowadays, they also started serving food on train through their pantry services. If you want to eat food while traveling via train then you have to pay in advance for your meal. And select the menu or items you want to eat and pay the amount to them. But they have limited food items available and if you are  a choosy guy then I must tell you that you may end up being hungry on the train while traveling. ... more
Due to the distances involved, we occasionally couldn't bring home-cooked food with us while traveling by train. In that case, RailRecipe is one of the best options to choose if you're looking for food in train. When you order food using their site, you will receive good discounts here.
Seema Pandey
Food delivery in train has become quite common nowadays, as people are more and more conscious about their health. In fact, if you search for food on the train, you will find that Rail Recipe offers services all over the country and it's growing day by day. The best thing about ordering food on the train is that you don't have to go out to get something to eat. Thereby keeping you at your seat and making it easy to handle your work while having something to eat at the same time.If you're thinking of ordering food on train, ... more