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Disorders are varied. Disorders are not always directly related to health like eye disease or skin disease or kidney failure or lung disorder etc. Disorders can be related to eating as well. Eating disorders are of two types. Eating too much or too less is a sign of an eating disorder. In short, any extreme behavior in eating characterizes an eating disorder.

This type of disorder is followed by other mental illnesses too like stress, tension, depression, anxiety and so on. Children and youngsters are common sufferers of an eating disorders. More specifically, this disorder is common among girls and women. Men suffer comparatively less from it.

An eating disorder has various causes. Biological, mental, and social factors can cause it. Other than these, conflicts in personal relationships, family issues, monetary issues, cultural issues, personality and emotional disorders are also responsible for developing an eating disorder in a person. A list of eating disorders is given below. Do read them and try to stay away from them.

People who have suffered any type of either physical or sexual abuse in life go through eating disorders. Other traumas suffered in any form can also cause a disorder in the normal eating routine. Always keep yourself fit and get over any emotional or physical injury as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences can be severe.

The body of some has a natural tendency of suffering from eating disorders. They are highly prone to it. Serotonin is a chemical developed by the brain often. This chemical has a great influence on overeating habits. It disturbs the normal eating process in a body, hence resulting in the eating disorder. This biological fault can be treated under proper medical guidance only.

The disorder of eating depends a lot on how is person’s emotional and psychological health is. If emotionally and psychologically health is not perfect, chances of eating disorders arise a million times. It is important to be healthy both ways. Symptoms of suffering from these health imbalances are problems in relationships, diffidence, impulsiveness, and so on.

Life is a going on process. Many changes come in it in every stage. Some people are unable to cope with the situations. It affects them mentally and they go into a depressive state. Major changes in life are the death of a loved one, suffering from chronic illness, etc. Many people find solace in overeating; however, in the end, it affects them badly. This is a type of eating disorder. Controlling on diet is very important.

Treating an eating disorder is easy and very much possible. However, prior to the treatment, it should be accepted by sufferers that they are suffering from this disorder. For the most part, people deny it. They are not ready to accept it. Make them understand this is important. Patience is largely required in this task. Taking the help of a psychiatrist is important in determining the actual cause of the problem. After discovering the root problem, he may recommend the right treatment. Not just medical treatment, but family support is pivotal as well.

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