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In the next three months, Chu Tianming basically accompanied Fang Qing to chat and stroll, except for entering the time cabin several times and studying the beautiful pictures of thousands of rivers and mountains at ordinary times. The thousand-eyed demon king saw that the two of them had such a good relationship, and as the days went by, there was no appearance of a straight face before, and when he saw Chu Tianming, he would smile, as if he didn't mind that Chu Tianming had ruined her plan. In fact, the thousand-eyed demon king has thought of another way to continue her plan. Three months later, Chu Tianming and Fang Qing got married. As the daughter and son-in-law of the thousand-eyed demon king, their wedding was naturally as grand as it could be. The top ten demon kings in the small demon world were all present. Although Chu Tianming killed their proud disciples and made these demon kings look very ugly when they saw Chu Tianming, they did not launch an attack. The wedding ended with laughter and laughter. Chu Tianming and Fang Qing were supported by a group of people and entered the bridal chamber. When they were sure that no one was outside, Chu Tianming directly set up a six-level magic array, and then took off the groom's dress and changed into his usual clothes. They can really make trouble! Chu Tianming drank a pot of wine in one gulp, and then he felt much more comfortable in his throat. Fang Qing also changed her clothes at this time and came out. When she saw Chu Tianming's discomfited appearance, she immediately covered her mouth with a smile and patted him on the back. He poured him a cup of tea. Stop drinking and drink tea! Chu Tianming glanced at Fang Qing, reached for the teacup in her hand, and drank it dry. After a few days, I guess they have to take action, before that I will take you away from the goblin world,ultrasonic dispersing machine, so I have no worries! Chu Tianming sat down and said. Fang Qing sat down beside him and said, "Is there any danger?" "Maybe!"! But I'm sure I won't put myself in danger. [] At least I want to go. They can't be stopped! Fang Qing nodded, and the worry in her heart was relieved. You go to rest first, and I'll practice here. Chu Tianming said. You go to bed early, too. As soon as Fang Qing left, Chu Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. I almost couldn't hold it! Chu Tianming patted his chest with a lingering fear, and just now he almost took Fang Qing as Fang Wen. If something really happened, how could he explain to Fang Wen! He poured himself some wine and gulped it down. The feeling of burning was gradually suppressed. This is no good. It seems that we have to do something when we go back. You can't always suppress it! Chu Tianming said in distress. As a normal man,ultrasonic dispersion machine, such depression is obviously not good, before has been busy practicing, but also did not think about these things, but these days. In the face of the thousand-eyed demon king this little goblin, she was tempted a few times from time to time, although there was no accident, but Chu Tianming in the bottom of his heart that a trace to hook out. Bad luck! Sighing, Chu Tianming got up and went to one side, took out the futon he used to practice, sat on it directly, and practiced. Only when you practice, can you suppress this desire, otherwise when you think of Fang Qing, who is only a few meters away, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Chu Tianming has the impulse to become a wolf, which is not good! This is not good! …… A night passed, Chu Tianming finally failed to practice at ease, a night of time, Chu Tianming is spent in the ideological struggle. When the night passed and the light spread all over the earth, Chu Tianming got up and pushed open the room and exercised his muscles and bones in the yard. After a while, Fang Qing also came out. She glanced at Chu Tianming, who was dodging and moving in the yard. A trace of disappointment flashed through her beautiful eyes. Not only did Chu Tianming not have a good rest last night, but even Fang Qing in the inner room did not have a good rest. She kept her eyes open all night, and it was not until she heard the sound of the door opening outside that she sat up in bed. For last night Chu Tianming did not come in, she was a little disappointed, although the heart knows that such an idea can not be used, but that is his brother-in-law, but Fang Qing still can not help but think so. People say that women in the most vulnerable time, but also the easiest time to break through the psychological defense line, for Fang Qing, Chu Tianming is such a person, in her most helpless, most desperate time, he appeared. Through three months of getting along, Fang Qing and the distressed discovery, he saved his brother-in-law, unexpectedly produced some feelings, knowing that he should not be so, but Fang Qing is unable to control himself. Plus yesterday's wedding, although both of them knew it was fake, but Fang Qing still couldn't help taking it seriously! If Chu Tianming knew that things would be like this, maybe he would rather be a little tired and dangerous, and would send Fang Qing out first! Unfortunately, it's too late to say anything now. Looking at Chu Tianming in the courtyard, Fang Qing walked slowly to the side of the stone table and sat down, holding his cheeks in his hands and looking at him seriously. After half a ring, Chu Tianming was so overwhelmed by her that he stopped moving. Fang Qing, I'm going to talk to the demon king later, and then take you out of here! Chu Tianming said. Fang Qing nodded gently and said nothing, but did not seem to be very happy. Chu Tianming didn't think much about it either. After preparing for a while, he walked alone toward the demon king's bedroom. Stupid brother-in-law! Fang Qing pouted and scolded, and then went back to the house resentfully, sulking alone. When Chu Tianming came to the demon king's bedroom, he was stopped by the maid outside the bedroom. Fortunately, Chu Tianming has a special status, and the maids are very polite to tell Chu Tianming that the demon king is still resting, and it is not convenient to meet guests. However, Chu Tianming still asked them to go in and inform him to see if the demon king would like to see him. The maids had no choice but to send a man to inform them. Chu Tianming is now the son-in-law of the demon king, and they dare not offend him. Not for a while. The maid who went to inform him would come and tell the demon king of Chu Tianming to let him in. Demon King! Chu Tianming stood still,ultrasonic extraction cbd, at this time he had come to the door of the inner courtyard of the Thousand Eyes Demon King's bedroom, in front of this looks very delicate palace, is the place where the Demon King usually rests.

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