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[World] Tanbi Wolf 123: The United States Attacks the Strong, the Underbelly Attacks the Black, the Integrity Is the Great Cute.. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: How cute and tacit you were when you sang with the vice president in the meeting. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: Although he can commit suicide now, now he has become a smiling beauty! Applause! [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: There is no secular constraint between you two, hurry up fake BG real BL ~ ~ ~ crazy flower support! [World] Wen can't:.. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: Wen Hui, I tell you, although he is now dressed as a woman.. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123:.. That is also the attack attribute shemale super cute ah ~! [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: You have to keep an eye on him, or you will definitely be taken away by other evil spirits! [World] Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste: There's a novelist in the game. How imaginative. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: No, I'm not right. I'm sorry. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: Why don't the women in the fan guild speak? [World] First Tear:.. [World] Sugar Triangle: Haha, onlookers. [World] Sugar Pile: It turns out that the famous President Wen is suffering from … … [World] Bear Breaking Stick: Dull.. >。 < [World] Wen can't: o. 0 I'm not … It's not.. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: Shou all say they are not Shou ~ There is no silver here ~! [World] Wen can't: o. 0 Then I am … I'm not done yet. [World] Wandering around: Poof. I finally saw the highest level of forced confession. [World] Trivia: = = | | | I am playing soy sauce, I don't know anything ~ [World] Tanbi Wolf 123:555, I finally heard Wen Hui's confession. [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: Call for Gentle Attack, Come to Win the Awkward Wenhui … … [World] Tanbi Wolf 123: The Vice Meeting of Sound and Color, Return of Soul! [World] Wandering around: Wolf, you wait, I go to find you a necromancy banner,smart board touch screen, you continue. [World] Wen Bu Bu: yuanmu o. 0 I was forced to get on the bridal sedan chair like this? Gu Qianyan finally could not help, lying on the table sullen. Yes, although sometimes rotten women make people feel a little confused, we have to admit that rotten women can play a great role in enlivening the atmosphere and discovering adultery in many cases. Suddenly, Gu Qianyan's private chat page jumped out of a message. The president of the guardian guild, the Black Wing Demon,touch screen interactive whiteboard, sent her a message again. [Private Chat] Black Wing Demon: Smile, are you free now? There are some things I want to trouble you. [Private Chat] Smiling: ^-^ What's the matter? [Private Chat] Black Wing Demon: Go to Q, say on Q. The author has something to say: Cover your face, almost thirty thousand words, but I haven't finished writing what happened on this day. Ahem, the progress of the following story will begin to accelerate. Besides, guess, what could it be? But there's no prize for guessing right. About the dark line. Some people say that there are many foreshadowing. I reviewed the article myself and felt that the children's shoes who said this made the story complicated. In fact, it is clearly a very simple story. Smile wickedly.. Anyway, that's what I said, believe it or not ~ In addition, digital interactive whiteboard ,65 inch touch screen, a prior reminder that although this article is an online game, it will never pay tribute to WW, so.. Not a perfect man, stunning woman, sweet, warm and romantic. Cough, you can fork it. Shallow smile is the screen name of the game I played three years ago. It has nothing to do with "smile", absolutely nothing to do with it. PS: By the way, I don't have enough screen names in my hands. Do you want to be a guest star? Welcome to sign up. PS and PS: Thank you lnhldwjy and Dian Dian for catching worms ^-^ An immovable betrayal [Private Chat] Black Wing Demon: Smile, go to Q, it's important. [Private Chat] Sugar Triangle: Dear Xiaoxiao, can you still come to mine with me? Gu Qianyan did not reply to the message of the Black Wing Demon, and she went to mine with the Sugar Triangle. When mining, the two characters wield the mining hoe there, and the two characters naturally begin to chat. Sugar Triangle: You're not angry this afternoon, are you? [Private Chat] Smiling: Nothing ^-^ [Private Chat] Sugar Triangle: Rub. In fact, I like him, but he said he liked you like this, I just. Gu Qianyan is helpless, she does not know which one of him the sugar triangle is talking about at all, but about the answer to a certain question, she is clear at the moment. [Private Chat] Smiling: I don't like this kind of temptation, and I don't like anyone. You can rest assured. [Private Chat] Sugar Triangle: Mody, you are so kind (^ _ _ ^).. Giggle …… [Private Chat] Sugar Triangle: Smile, the world is talking about you … Gu Qianyan was stunned and lifted the shield of the world channel news. Just for a moment, the guardian president spoke again, this time in the world. [World] Blackwing Demon: Call for Shallow Smile Call for Shallow Smile Call for Shallows Smile … … [World] Dian Dian Fairy Control: Help Call Shallow Smile Call Shallow Smile … … [The world] is all about money:.. Call for a shallow smile together, call for a shallow smile.. I also want to make a fuss. Dian Dian Shenxiankong is another vice member of the Guardian Guild, and it is reasonable to follow his own president to heckle. Everything to the money is the president of the Nan'an Association, Gu Qianyan's trumpet water elves, in his association, although also served as a deputy for a period of time, but there was no dispute after the incident. After all, Nan'an Association is mainly composed of game merchants, many of whom have countless trumpets, and we have long been accustomed to it. As a result, his words were somewhat inexplicable. The World Channel is once again buzzing. New faces and old faces have come out one after another,interactive boards for classrooms, and everyone has to comment on a few words before they seem to be willing. [World] Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste: Hey, are you openly going to dig the corner of our Forbidden City? [World] Moon Cat: Onlookers. [World] The Fox Wagging His Tail: Is It the Guardian President Who Wants to Confess to the Gossip Woman with a Shallow Smile? [World] Water Ghost Fan: Shoot the Fox, you are not CJ again. hsdsmartboard.com

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By Channell
Added Oct 20 '22


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