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They walked to the tennis court. The activities of the tennis club have just begun. Ruo Shengyong lay on a bench beside the court, with a towel on his face, as if he were sleeping. Kaga called him up and asked, "Where is Hua Jiang?" She went first. Isn't the rendezvous point at the Bobble Head Clown? "Then let's go quickly so as not to keep them waiting." "I have something to do and I can't go until later." "Is it?"? Don't keep us waiting too long! "I'm sorry." Kaga and Fujido leave the tennis court. Kaga thought to himself that it was rare for Ruosheng and Huajiang, who were usually in pairs, to act separately today. When they got to the school gate, a red car came from the right and stopped in front of them. A girl in sunglasses showed her face. Kaga, come on up! Said the girl in a coquettish voice. It's you! I'm sorry, I can't today. I have something urgent. "How can that be? You made an appointment with me!" "I'll go and apologize to the coach." "No!" The girl said, her face sinking, closing the window and looking ahead. Kaga shrugged and sighed. Who is she? Fujido asked, frowning. Don't you know? She is Ryoko Mishima. Kaga whispered. Fujido seemed to want to ask again. Kaga stretched out his hand to stop him and said, "Please go and tell Shaduzi that I can't go because I have something to do.". And please don't mention this girl to her. "Where are you going?" "Let's talk about it next time." Kaga said, went around to the right side of the car,temperature scanning kiosks, opened the door and sat in. In the rearview mirror, Fujido could be seen walking away slowly. Ryoko Mishima started the engine and asked, "Is it your friend?" "Yes.". His name is Fujido. He joined the Kendo Club with me in high school and once served as the chief general. "I seem to have seen him." Three days before Xiangzi's death, Ryoko Mishima made an appointment with Kaga to go to the police dojo to practice swordsmanship today. Both of them often participate in various kendo competitions, so they have known each other for a long time and have been dating. Kaga learns swordsmanship from a police officer in the dojo of the police station. Officer Yoshitaka Akikawa,temperature screening kiosk, who belongs to the prefectural police traffic division, is a fourth Dan of Kendo, but he is not tall. Kaga is 180 centimeters tall, and his arms alone have grown five centimeters. But when the two men fought, Kaga not only could not cut him, but also lost ground. Although Kaga's offensive was fierce, it failed. Akikawa rarely makes a move, but a move is bound to win. After practicing, Akikawa taught some secrets to Kaga. Kaga was convinced and bowed to him. Next, Ryoko Mishima and a female police officer came on stage to practice their swords. Akikawa told Kaga that the female police officer was the champion of the kendo competition in the whole county two years ago. Do you know Ryoko? Kaga asked. Akikawa shook his head and said, thermal imaging camera ,smart whiteboard price, "Her father is an important figure in the Mishima consortium. He has a lot of money. The police chief also wants to sell his face. That's why he sent us." The Mishima consortium makes all kinds of machines, from cars to home appliances. Kaga had heard before that Ryoko's father was a director of the Mishima Company. Miss Mishima's swordsmanship is very good, but. Qiu Chuan looked at the movement of Liangzi's sword and whispered, "There's probably no way to make any more progress." "She is the kendo champion of the whole county's female students this year!" I prefer the swordsmanship of Kanai Boka in your school. She has great potential, but she hasn't fully developed it yet. "She will be very happy to hear that." "I'm not being polite.". I thought Miss Kanai would win this year's kendo contest! "But it's a pity to lose." "It's a pity." "Why do you think she lost?" ※ Feel like old friends at first sight Reasoning Edition Boutique Recommendation ※ Akikawa thought for a moment and said, "First, she was defeated by tactics.". Miss Mishima outplayed her. Second, she will lose, in fact, it is only an accident. At this time, Ryoko Mishima used her unique skill to attack the opponent's face. The other side brandished a sword to block, in the hand bamboo sword unexpectedly should crack! 2 Ryoko drove Kaga back to the gate of T University. After Kaga got out of the car, he went to Ruoshengyong's residence. Near the school, there are several rows of simple bungalows of the same format, and Ruosheng lives in the leftmost room in one of the rows. On the upper right of the door, the three words "Ruo Sheng Yong" were written with a strange pen. When Kaga knocked on the door, Ruosheng immediately opened the door and said, "Kaga, you didn't go. Shaduzi was so angry!" "I want to know.". Let me in! Ruosheng's room was very tidy, and there was not a crumb on the dark green carpet. Sitting cross-legged on the carpet, Kaga looked around and said, "Does Hua Jiang often come here?" He knew that Ruosheng himself was not a neat person, and that a man could not be so clean. Ruosheng sat down in his chair and stammered, "Well … …" Uh "You must cherish her!"! She must be a good wife in the future. "Speaking of which.." Her parents came to see us the other day. When it comes to marriage, they say we'll talk about it in two or three years, because we're too young. However, I think they have a good impression of me, mainly to see whether the job I will find in the future is ideal. Ruosheng seemed a little shy as he touched his chin as he spoke. It's not that snobbish, is it? "Her father works in a bank, and he knows very well which company is good and which company is bad.". If the company I enter in the future is not very good, he will probably not agree to the marriage. "So you're under a lot of mental pressure?" It's not that serious. By the way, I want to tell you what Sha Duzi said. This is more important. Ruosheng said,outdoor digital signage displays, opening a notebook and showing it to Kaga. There is a sketch of a square room on it. Ruosheng asked, "Do you know what this is?" Kaga took one look and replied, "I guess it's a sketch of Egret Village." 。

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