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Chen Yu did not speak, but quietly hit the bottle, even the eyes did not contact with a leaf, for a time the room fell into a long silence. And the one who broke the silence was Xiong Yiyao, who had just got the news and rushed here after a while. General Manager Yu? This sound broke the whole awkward atmosphere very well. Yu Yiye could only get up and prepare to leave when he didn't get a response. Leaf Suddenly, the voice behind her stopped her, and the step forward suddenly stopped. But Yu Yiye did not look back, because she did not know, if turned back, Chen Yu this next words will not say out. …… Thank you, I'll try. Chen Yu's words are still full of struggle, there is no way, she can not idle down, a idle down to think of Chen Yu, has been thinking. In a leaf also know her difficulties, can only be nodded to know and then left the room. Outside the room, Xiong Yiyao had already chatted with Tong Zhou, while Cao Sixing was listening carefully. For him, these were good learning opportunities and could not be missed. And Yu Yiye went over and sat aside with a stool. Tong Lao, nutrient solution, mainly nutrition, can replace meals, but also can supplement a variety of nutrients people need, so I think we can start from the most basic. "Indeed,x70 line pipe, this will be relatively simple, Yu Yatou also said these, but if you want to transform the human body, it is estimated that some new considerations are needed." "It should be the best to adapt to human genes, so we have to start from here, which can be absorbed by human beings from the outside, even without affecting human breathing, and can fit with the human body." Yu Yiye's sudden insertion did not arouse their disgust. After all,uns c70600, it is also a discussion now, and everyone can express their own views. Indeed, if we really need to achieve that effect, we must consider many aspects. Yu Yiye's main attack direction is not here, so the implementation still depends on the two people in front, so after saying this, she entered the state of onlookers again. Chapter 461 new. Only a preliminary discussion, and can not fully understand the details, this still needs more planning, but that is Xiong Yiyao to fix his things after the matter. After sending Tong Zhou and Cao Sixing away, Yu Yiye and Xiong Yiyao sat silently opposite each other in the hall of the hospital. Such a relative and sit down is not embarrassing, Xiong Yiyao has been seizing all the time to study, and Yu Yiye is observing him, from the direction of Tong Zhou said to observe. Sure enough, as Tong Lao said, although he always felt that the three-piece suit, white coat, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x52 line pipe, shirt, suit pants, but always meticulous, presumably are often changed, perhaps because of the experience in the military camp, coupled with his own differences, sitting there the whole person's temperament is also outstanding. It is no wonder that Wu Xin is always called Xiong Dashao Xiong Dashao, sitting here is really a big young master's appearance, but because he also has to deal with patients, this big young master's temperament even has some softness. On the whole, it gives people a sense of trustworthiness and competence. This corresponds to the high character value given by the eye of Bole. How else to say that sometimes temperament can show what a person is like? It's as simple as that. After the observation, Yu Yiye did not stay any longer and got up and walked directly outside the hospital. When Yu Yiye left, Xiong Yiyao took his eyes out of the document. But it was only for a moment, and his eyes returned to the original place. He knew what Yu Yiye expected of him, and he also knew that this was his only chance to clear his name, and if he could not grasp it, it would be too difficult to find another chance. Yu Wen, they must be waiting to see his jokes, so they can't stop. What's more, time will never stop its footsteps, the past is the past. "We don't need too many specific tests for computer systems, so we need to find new things to do." This is the first time in so many days that the whole software development department has not held a meeting because of the computer system, so a group of people are quite serious at this time. Even Wang Qingyu suddenly felt full of fighting spirit. No way, a computer operating system has exhausted all their patience and motivation, it is not easy to have something new, of course, full of fighting spirit. However, it has always given us a new idea, that is, to integrate all APPs, a super APP, through personalized customization to complete all the functions of the APP. "When everything starts to integrate, a highly centralized product will emerge.". Just like the micro-letter we often use, we are trying to build a collection. "I think everyone has seen the picture that went viral on the Internet, right?"? What are the small sections trying to replace? Looking at a group of researchers nodding, Wang Qingyu said that he was very gratified. Although he knew that this picture had a wide range of dissemination, this group of guys who stay at home every day, who knows whether they know or not, now it seems that they still think a lot. After all, young people still have a strong ability to explore the world. In this case, we have our own advantages in this respect, and the next goal is to develop in this direction, by the way, use our barrier-free speech recognition system, strive to improve intelligence, and try to liberate people's hands. The task has been set and the goal has been set, that is, it is time to work hard. I hope you can give me a plan as soon as possible. Come on. After saying this, he handed over these things to other people, while Wang Qingyu controlled the wheelchair and came to the side of Yu Yiye, who had been staying outside the door. General Manager Yu has been waiting for a long time. This is a new task for them. After all, they can't be idle all the time. Yu Yiye certainly expressed her understanding,x52 line pipe, and this super APP thing is what she has been looking forward to. But I came a little suddenly, mainly because I have always had a question about the computer system you made. "General Manager Yu, please go ahead." 。

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