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Three days later, on the edge of the second-class monster area of Qingfengling, a ragged young man with a broken sword in his hand, disheveled hair, covered with mud, and slightly staggering, was not much different from a beggar. This young man is Lin Tian. It's finally come out! Lin Tian is swearing. In three days, the last scroll of the Jingfeng Sword Jue was also consumed. After that, in order to avoid the terrible monsters in the four-level monster area, he buried himself in the rubble, hid in the thorns full of sharp thorns, and hid among the dense branches. It was as miserable as it could be. The most important thing is that in these three days, in order to fill his stomach, he even ate a lot of grass. Chapter 49 Zhongpin Lingqi. Passing through the second-level monster area and the first-level monster area, when Lin Tian came to the stone gate leading to Jiuyang Wufu in Qingfengling, the two Wufu deacons guarding the gate were surprised by their discomfited appearance, thinking that savages had come out from somewhere. To this, Lin Tian is very speechless. After passing through the stone gate, Lin Tian quickened his speed a little. He didn't want to be seen by other people in Wufu at the moment. That was really not a good thing. About a quarter of an hour later, he returned to his residence, pushed open the door with a squeak, and saw Su Shu accompanying Lin Xi. Brother, you're back! Lin Xi greeted her happily,x60 line pipe, raised her little face and said curiously, "Didn't Sister Su say that you had something to do and went far away, and that it would take a long time?" "Hm?"? Go far away? Lin Tian is curious. He looked at Su Shu on one side and saw that Su Shu's face was slightly pale, but his eyes were wide open at the moment. You, you, you, you.. Su Shu pointed at Lin Tian and looked like he had seen a ghost. I'm all right. Lin Tian laughed. Su Shu walked quickly forward and carefully poked Lin Tian a few times, his face suddenly showing a happy look. Are you all right? Su Shu had a look on his face. Lin Tian's heart moved,uns c68700, did Su Shu think he was dead? Think about it, when he came back, Su Shu just accompanied Lin Xi, his mental state was also somewhat poor, a look of being out of his mind, and Lin Xi said that he was going to go far away for a long time, Lin Tian immediately knew. Looking at Su Shu again, he was somewhat moved. It's all right. "Well, it's a little polite, but thank you." Lin Tianzhen said sincerely. The girl, who had known each other for a short time, was really good to him and to Lin Xi. Who wants you to thank? Su Shu kicked Lin Tian, happy and angry. Lin Tian smiled, knowing that the other party was actually worried about himself, and naturally would not care. When Lin Xi saw that Lin Tian's clothes were broken and full of mud, he immediately went to another room to prepare hot water. That's very clever. Su Shu laughed and said that she often came to accompany Lin Xi, x60 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, although it was related to Lin Tian, but more importantly, Lin Xi was really very likable. My sister Lin Tian, of course, is clever. Lin Tian laughed. Su Shu rolled his eyes. "What are you proud of?" Looking up and down at Lin Tian, Su Shu quickly frowned and said, "What happened after you were dragged away by the hundred-footed beast?"? Master and Elder Shidong also went to look for you, but unfortunately they didn't find you. "Elder Muqing and Elder Shidong went to see me?" Lin Tian was a little surprised. Su Shu nodded. After returning to Wu Fu a few days ago, she found Mu Qing for the first time and told Mu Qing that Lin Tian was in danger. It happened that Shi Dong was also there. They immediately went to Qingfengling. Unfortunately, Qingfengling was too big. It was too difficult to find a person in it. They searched for a whole day without any result. This Lin Tian was moved and more grateful to Mu Qing and Shi Dong. After patting Lin Tian, Su Shu asked, "What happened after that?" Su Shu is actually a little surprised, the hundred-foot beast is comparable to the existence of a strong person in the divine realm, after being dragged away by the hundred-foot beast, Lin Tian actually came back alive! "The monster dragged me to the nest, seemed to have eaten enough, temporarily ignored me, and then I took advantage of its inattention, carefully escaped.". And then.. Lin Tian spoke eloquently. Except for the part of killing the hundred-footed beast and refining the core of the beast, everything else is true. Of course, it is impossible to say anything about the scroll of melting martial arts. I'm full? Ignore you? You took the opportunity to escape? Su Shu stared. Is that all right? "That's it." Lin Tian's face is not red and his heart is not beating. Su Shu is a little suspicious, but also did not struggle on this issue: "Forget it, survive is the best, but speaking of it, you this guy is enough against the sky, actually intact across the four-level monster area!" The four-level monster area, which is full of terrible monsters comparable to the divine realm, Lin Tian actually came back from the four-level monster area safe and sound, which really surprised Su Shu. Lin Tian was speechless: "Which eye did you see me intact?"? There are a lot of injuries on the body. "Humph!" Su Shu snorted. After a pause, he seemed to think of something. "Yes, I have something for you," said Su Shu. She turned to one side, and soon after, she took out a long sword, which was more gorgeous than Lin Tian's previous sword and looked stronger. This is Lin Tian's pupils shrank slightly, and with his keen perception, he felt that the sword was very unusual. Zhongpin Lingqi, Gui yuan Jian. Su Shudao. Middle grade spirit ware?! Lin Tian was startled. The world of the warrior is mysterious and fantastic, with elixirs, formations, and naturally powerful weapons. For the blade, the martial arts world also has a hierarchical division, not to mention the ordinary weapons, the weapons on the level are temporarily divided into three classes, namely, Lingqi, Baoqi, Zhibao, Xianbing, and each class is divided into three grades. Lin Tian was a little surprised. "Gui yuan Jian,uns s32760 plate, where did this come from?" "Wu Fu rewards." Su Shudao. Wu Fu reward? Lin Tian's eyes moved and he seemed to think of something. Su Shu nodded his head and said, "Weren't we in the Waifu Ranking Test a few days ago? We collected more than six hundred animal cores altogether. I thought you were dead, so I thought at least you would die more gloriously. So I attributed all the animal cores to your name. The final result was the second in Waifu. This is the reward for the yuan Sword." "A more glorious death?" 。 lksteelpipe.com

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