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"Actually, you can understand it from another angle," said Pangdun. "As I said, everything has its own breath, and when the breath reaches a certain level, it can be called a God. But you humans, especially the earthlings, like to call it a soul!" Fang Lin now understands some, indeed, everything has its own breath, this is normal, but, the breath of the sword, how do you know what is the breath of the sword, what is the God of the sword? Fang Lin continued to look at Zhan Lu, he has always felt that Zhan Lu is a dead thing, a sword, no life, how can it be called God? Fang Lin inserted Zhan Lu into the scabbard and stood on the ground, while he sat cross-legged and looked at Zhan Lu all the time. He was recalling the legend of Zhan Lu, the lifelong work of the craftsman Ou Yezi, and the legendary sword completed with the help of the gods. However, looking at the appearance, it was nothing special. Although Zhanlu was powerful, Fang Lin always felt that it was just a mortal thing. Zhan Lu, do you really have a God? Fang Lin, like a child, spoke to it. Guangming said that Fanglin's swordsmanship was already very good, but he did not understand the sword, so his swordsmanship was also not good enough. Fang Lin stared at Zhan Lu for a whole afternoon. As night fell, Fang Lin did not go to dinner. Fang Lin has been staring at Zhan Lu, to tell the truth, he regarded Zhan Lu as a guarantee to protect his life, he is not a real swordsman, he just drew the swordsmanship, and reached Dacheng,heavy duty metal racking, Fang Lin has always thought that this is the highest level, but the light said that the sword has God! Don't you think it's too early? He is only seventeen years old, and it is amazing that he can practice his swordsmanship to such an extent at the moment. Guangming Road. He is my present light. He must be strong. At the beginning, your disciple, my past light, didn't he also understand the God of the sword at the age of seventeen? "He is a truly unique talent!" "So is he!" Fang Lin took out Zhan Lu directly, recalling the scenes of holding Zhan Lu, only to feel that Zhan Lu held in his hand, that feeling has been very used to, very handy, as if it is a part of the body. Fang Lin began to use the pure Yang swordsmanship, the move is fierce, powerful,push back racking system, and integrated, without any unfamiliar, the sword move Dacheng, is this kind of realm of flowing clouds and flowing water! Fang Lin danced more and more crazily, the whole person did not stop, he always felt that when he picked up Zhan Lu in his hand, he had a little feeling, as if he had caught something, and as if he had not caught anything. Fang Lin has been in the sword dance, first Chunyang swordsmanship, then the soft sword around the finger, then the imperial swordsmanship, and then Dugu Nine Swords, he always felt that he had seen a little, at the moment told him to give up, he was absolutely unwilling, how could he not understand Zhan Lu, how could he! Dark clouds began to gather, has not rained for more than ten days, at the moment, as if it is thick accumulation of thin hair, downpour from the sky, Fang Lin also ignored, he is in the sword dance, he is feeling all of Zhan Lu. Zhan Lu flying, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,asrs warehouse, internal force wrapped in Zhan Lu, rolled up countless raindrops, a huge water balloon was produced, Fang Lin waved his hand, the water balloon burst instantly, like water fireworks. Fang Lin looked at Zhan Lu, Zhan Lu's sharpness was unimaginable, and the water flowed down without a trace of hindrance. Fang Lin shouted and then danced! At this time, the other saints also came. As swordsmen, they all knew that Fanglin was on the verge of breaking through at the moment. Kong Ya looked at the sky, as usual, as long as it was late at night, he would leave. Kong Ya looked at Fang Lin's sword dance, the sword in his hand clenched, suddenly, he pulled out his sword, flew down! "Well done!" Fang Lin shouted. Chunyang Swordsmanship immediately urged him to confront him head-on. Kong Ya is stronger than Fang Lin, and the two are equally matched! Kong Ya's long sword is very sharp, just like himself. Kong Ya did not speak too much, and his swordsmanship was also great, but his swordsmanship was not as great as Fang Lin's. Fang Lin's long sword, sometimes strong and fierce, uses the pure Yang sword, sometimes ingenious, uses the soft sword around the finger, one strong and one soft, but has infinite power! Kong Ya relies on the advantage of strength, in order to confront Fang Lin head-on, Kong Ya's face is positive, he wants to use his best, to tell the truth, at the moment of Kong Ya, after the inheritance, the strength has increased greatly, has been above Fang Lin! Fang Lin felt the pressure, but he was still a little crazy at the moment. He felt that the pressure was not enough, not enough for him to understand everything. The pressure is not enough, you, come together! Fang Lin roared. Ji Yueyao and others looked at each other, also pulled out the sword and flew down, Fang Lin only felt that the pressure suddenly increased countless, Fang Lin only felt a little carefree, unconsciously, felt that the pure Yang sword and the soft sword around the fingers were more and more skilled. Fang Lin felt that he was getting closer and closer, very close! Chapter 89 soul! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-8-29 20:39:33 Words in this chapter: 3671 The 3rd more, beg collect, recommend! Members click! Zhan Lu, accompanied himself for a long time, from the beginning to defeat the bandits of Tianlin Stronghold, relying on Zhan Lu, in any case, many times, in fact, Zhan Lu saved his life, without Zhanlu, his strength will be greatly reduced. Four saints together against Fang Lin, Fang Lin only feel laborious, but they know that Fang Lin needs only pressure, so they also have to stop. Fang Lin carefully felt the hands of Zhan Lu, he still did not feel the so-called God, he did not feel that Fang Lin is alive. There is a God inside the sword, there is a soul, can be called the sword, but why can't I dig out the God inside, the soul inside? "Because your sword has not accompanied you to grow up." Said the fat man. Your sword moves, everything is given by the system, Zhan Lu did not accompany you to grow up. Fang Lin has some enlightenment, indeed, Zhan Lu did not accompany his progress, then, his feelings for Zhan Lu, not as deep as others! Fang Lin at the moment, the whole body is wet, the water on the robe is more and more, the body also feels more and more heavy, he only then realized now, Zhan Lu to oneself,warehouse storage racks, really is also very strange, oneself also does not understand Zhan Lu, also does not understand Zhan Lu. kingmoreracking.com

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