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Wei Ziyi casually turned over a few books, but unexpectedly found a brocade box behind a pillar. When he opened it, he was impressively moved: "Is there really such a book?" The baby took a closer look: "Xuanyuan Secret Book?"? Is it a great martial art? ?” Wei Ziyi turned over a few pages and replied, "I heard that it was written by a Wulin wonder hundreds of years ago. The mystery of martial arts in it is no less than that in the Yi Jin Jing of Shaolin." Yi Jin Jing Baobao had heard of it, and then he said happily, "Big brother, practice quickly. If you practice, you will be invincible in the world." Wei Ziyi laughed and said, "There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are people outside the people. Who dares to say that he is invincible in the world?" But it's better to be careful when you put the book in your arms. After all, such a wonderful book. Anyone who learns martial arts is hard to resist. With this wonderful book, other secret books can not be seen by Wei Ziyi. Then to the armory, Wei Ziyi slightly looked, not very interested to come out, no matter how good the sword is not as good as his silver sword. The baby wanted to take him into the medical storehouse again. "No," said Wei Ziyi. "Anyway, with you, the little miraculous doctor, the eldest brother won't bother to read those medical books." "I'm flattered, I'm flattered," the baby said proudly. Wei Ziyi teased, "But if you don't work hard at ordinary times, the miraculous doctor will become a quack." The baby sticks out his tongue. Wei Ziyi looked around and then said, "Baby,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, you see what you want to take away. Pack it up." The baby asked doubtfully, "Aren't we going to rest here tonight?" Wei Ziyi is pointing to that piece of jade bed: "Is it difficult for us to squeeze a piece of bed?" Finish saying self-conscious to say a wrong word, the face is not red, steal an eye to see a baby again, also be jade cheek unripe dizzy. Lele, who was tapping sugar on one side, sensed that the atmosphere was a little different. He squeaked and threw himself into the baby's arms, holding her neck with one hand and handing her the bell with the other. The baby took a look, inside empty,Magnesium Sulphate producer, knocked its skull: "glutton, eat so quickly." From the waist pocket and then take out a few candy into the bell, Lele grabbed the bell, jumped to one side. The baby went to the medicine storehouse to pick up some holy medicine, and then took away a medical book that she didn't understand very well before, and planned to consult Dongfang Tai. When he came out, he saw Wei Ziyi taking away the jade pendant from the stone seat. . As soon as the jade pendant leaves The wall thundered shut again. The baby asked, "Brother, don't we take some gold?" "No, we have enough money on us.". These will be arranged later to see how to transport them back to Pok Fu Lam. After leaving the cave, they went to their former residence. It had not been inhabited for a long time, and the dust was thick for several inches. The baby began to clean, while Wei Ziyi was responsible for chopping firewood and boiling water. Lele, however, had a lot of fun, happily leaving footprints on the dusty floor. The baby had a headache because of its mischief, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, so he dismissed it: "Lele, go and pick some fruit." Finally, the baby sat on a stone bench under the osmanthus tree and beat his shoulders and arms: "I'm so tired." Wei Ziyi looked at her with pity and handed her a fruit. "Quench your thirst first." The baby took a bite and said, "Well, it's delicious. The fruit picked by Lele is different." Lele proudly shakes his white head, happily jumps to the baby's shoulder and sits down, and then leisurely crosses his legs and knocks the sugar. Wei Ziyi looked at it with a smile and said leisurely, "If you follow its way of eating, your teeth will be knocked out in a few days." Lele didn't quite understand the meaning of the word "knock", but he heard the word "light" and looked at the baby alertly. The baby patted him on the head in a funny way and said, "I'm scared of you, but I don't have so much sugar. Save some. I'll ask Mrs. Liu to do more when I get back to Pok Fu Lam." Lele was relieved to continue to cluck. Wei Ziyi took a piece of dried meat from the stone table and chewed it slowly. Then she handed another piece to the baby and said with a smile, "Baby, do you still remember that one Mid-Autumn Festival, Mrs. Liu made a lot of osmanthus cakes. You went to steal them in the middle of the night, but instead of stealing them, you fell into the pickle jar." Remembering this matter, the baby himself felt embarrassed and said angrily, "Big brother always remembers the embarrassing things of others." Wei Ziyi laughed, and Lele was happy with the squeak. The baby pouted and ignored them, picked up the cup and took a sip of water, and suddenly the bottom of his tongue was fragrant. "Big Brother, did you put sweet-scented osmanthus in this water?" It smells good, doesn't it? The baby tuts again and praises: "No wonder people say'people and flower hearts have their own fragrance '. It's really fragrant." Wei Ziyi laughed again: "Is this sentence used in this way?" The baby knew that his knowledge of ancient poetry was limited, so he didn't take it seriously: "Anyway, the flowers are fragrant, and I drink them, so I'll make do with them." Drink a few more mouthfuls, "add some sweet-scented osmanthus to be more fragrant." Then he stood up and jumped on the tree and picked a few clusters of osmanthus. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree was disturbed by her, and many thin sweet-scented osmanthus petals floated down and raised all over Wei Ziyi. The baby put a few petals of sweet-scented osmanthus into his cup, and then around the back of Wei Ziyi, put a few petals into his cup. A strand of hair hung down from the side of the baby's ear to the nose of Wei Ziyi. He reached out his hand and smelled it. He intoned, "The fragrant wind is blowing constantly, and the cold dew is silent.". When the face and heart are drunk first, the first moon is brighter. The baby was holding the hair by him, so he had to squat down and sit side by side with him, head against head. Wei Ziyi turned his face: "Baby..." The voice was slightly sandy, and the hot breath sprayed into the baby's ears, crisp and numbing. The baby did not dare to turn his head. He closed his eyes and answered in a low voice: "Eh?" The next moment, the earlobe was already contained. He licked and bit it gently. The baby's body trembled for a while, and a stream of heat spread all over his body from the earlobe, itching and warming. The next moment, the lips had been grabbed, and the mellow fragrance of osmanthus was flowing between the lips again, but this time the fragrance was so strong that it was like dozens of degrees of old wine, which made them dizzy and unable to help themselves. Lele crouched on the stone table, scratching his head and scratching his ears, staring at the two heads together, as if he did not understand what kind of game they were playing. After staring for a long time, he saw that they were still not separated, so he jumped discontentedly on the osmanthus tree overhead, climbing left and right, and sprinkling osmanthus all over the sky. The two people who kissed at the bottom were sprinkled with sweet-scented osmanthus. Wei Ziyi began to let go of the baby,calcium nitrate sol, held her on her knees, let her sit next to her chest, and then put her hands around her waist. Lele jumped down the tree with satisfaction and jumped on Wei Ziyi's shoulder.

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