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Staring silently and disconsolately at the child lying on his lap for a long time, he finally resigned and rolled up his sleeves, revealing some scars on his arm that had just begun to scab. With a little effort, he cracked them again and shed fresh blood. He aimed the place where the blood dripped at the lips of the child on his lap, and pinched his cheek with his other hand to open his mouth naturally, and the blood entered his throat. And then the swallowing is instinctive. Lin's state of mind is very relaxed, although the arm is very painful, but there is no burden on consciousness, comfortably watching his blood flow into each other's mouth, even less than two seconds began to start a daze. He looked at the boy's eyebrows and eyes, and the more he looked at them, the more he felt that they were so beautiful that if he could grow up safely, he would surely win the favor and favor of many girls. Just as he was in a trance, he was caught off guard when the man on his lap suddenly opened his eyes and stared straight at Lin with his eyes like torches. Lin was so frightened that his whole body shook, and his eyes moved away in a panic, as if all his confused thoughts had nowhere to hide. The air was silent for a long time before he steadied his mind and laughed twice to hide his embarrassment. Are you awake? How are you feeling? I just saw that you were hurt. Do you still feel pain now? He used a series of questions to stabilize his mood, hoping to gradually seize the initiative and start a question-and-answer session with the strange boy. But the other side as if do not understand the words in general, do not open their mouths to pay attention to him,Horse weight lbs, just with a kind of concentration of terrible eyes staring at his body. Those eyes are like two bottomless black holes, even the light can not penetrate half a minute, dotted on the white eyes, the contrast is so strong that it is eye-catching. Lin's heart was pounding for no reason, as if it were about to jump out of his chest. He thought about opening his mouth again and finding something to talk about to change the situation, but his mind was blank and he couldn't say anything. And when he watched the boy raise his head slightly, put his lips on his arm,Walking measuring wheel, and suck two mouthfuls, his whole body was completely out of order, and his mind suddenly roared. The flesh there was painful, but now it was touched by strangers with soft lips, wet and itchy, and a strange electric current went all the way up his lumbar spine, making him feel weak all over. It was not until the boy let go and the cold air blew his saliva and brought him a little sobering temperature that Lin suddenly came back to life, blushed and shook his head forcefully. A cold and calm voice came to my ears at that moment. Are you a medicine body? Lin followed the voice and lowered his head, confirming that the words did come from the boy he had just saved. He felt a touch of shock. Not only because the identity of his body was so easily identified, but also because the boy's voice was different from what he had imagined. It is not the clear voice of a child at this age, but with a hoarse feeling, stuffy, like a knife with a very blunt blade. You, Diameter tape measure ,tape measure clip, heal me. Getting up from Lin's lap, the boy reached out and pointed to him, then to himself. I'll get you out of here. He looked straight at Lin. His eyes were so deep that they seemed to hide a lot of things, but it was impossible to dig them out. Lin began to doubt his original judgment for a moment. How old are you this year? He asked tentatively. As soon as he asked, he realized his stupidity. If the child wants to hide it, how can he get the real answer? The two of them were silent for a long time. The boy's eyes were undisguised and never left Lin's face for a moment. For a long time, he opened his mouth, his tone was difficult to distinguish between joy and anger, and there seemed to be no emotion. Fourteen. For a moment, Lin began to suspect his ears again. Is the child twice as old as his subjective judgment? He didn't believe it, didn't believe it, looked at the boy with a complicated face for a long time, until he looked at the other side standing up, still staring at him coldly, and realized that he had not responded to the other side's proposal just now. Chapter 3 003 Within a few seconds of looking at the dark eyes, Lin beat a drum in his heart and quietly moved his eyes away uncontrollably. The child's body is full of a kind of strange. Lin slanted his head, hid his expression, and secretly said in his heart. If he had any other choice, he would never have anything to do with this child. But now he was in the desolate mountains, and there was no way out. After all, he would never get out of here alone. This is not only because he has a poor sense of direction, but also because there is a vast area of land here, which belongs to Yuxu Gate. And if he wants to leave the Imperial Gate, he must be careful to avoid everyone's attention, which he can't do at all. But to tell the truth, he was not sure whether he could trust the boy, but now there was no second person for him to turn to, and he had to believe if he didn't. Lin hesitated and hesitated. The boy was not in a hurry, staring lightly at Lin's back, and finally his eyes stopped on Lin's arm. The wound there, which had just been ferocious and bleeding, was now gradually healing, but Lin himself was indulging in thinking and did not pay attention to this astonishing anomaly. Time seems to have passed for a long time. After peeking at the strange boy several times, Lin finally made up his mind and turned to approach him with a standard and friendly smile. Then let's go. Get out of this godforsaken mountain as soon as possible. The boy did not seem to be surprised by his choice, did not make a sound, just took a deep look at him, and then turned his head and walked directly in front of him, so cold that he did not say a word, but it was obvious that he was going to lead the way for Lin. He was obviously very small, and his steps were not big, but his speed was surprisingly fast. Has been watching the other side out of a long way,Pi tape measure, Lin suddenly came to his senses, quickened the pace to follow up, and the boy kept a distance not far not near.

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