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Huang Dan said, "Color." Zhang Yiming understood the meaning of the word, but he didn't understand it very well. He tried to recall the paintings on the wall. "But I think they are all the same." Huang Dan said, "Chen Li's daughter's paintings are taught by Xiaojie, so in the eyes of laymen, there is no difference between their painting and the use of color. If you look carefully, you will find that Xiaojie's paintings are more mature, which can not be concealed." The layman Zhang not only did not mind, but also was shocked. He looked deeply at the young man in the back seat. "Xiaoji, you can give me a surprise every time." I didn't say a word after that. I wish I could work with him. This is absolutely not to say, once said, the roof of the car will be lifted by the land bandits. Zhang Yi smacked his lips. "Speaking of it, I didn't ask Chen Li's daughter, but Chen Li must have explained that there might be no result if she asked." Huang Dan said, "There is a reason behind every lie, a story, Zhang Ge, you send someone along this line to check it." I really don't have much time, he thought. Zhang could not hear Huang Dan's voice and did not know what he was thinking. "If a person lied, all the things she revealed would be overturned. It's interesting to have a new conclusion." Huang Dan said, "I suspect that Lao Zhang's death is related to Chen Li." As soon as Zhang was about to ask more questions, he was disturbed by a phone call from the team. He said that a village name in the countryside had reported the case. He said that a stranger had come and had a fight with the villagers. Judging from the description of his body shape and age, that person was probably the missing Sun Siqing. Sun Siqing is not dead, so his line is still useful. Three people separated at the next intersection, Zhang rushed to find Sun Siqing, Huang Dan and Lu bandits took a taxi to see the sea. The car was air-conditioned, the windows were closed tightly, and the driver's tone was so heavy that it was all floating inside, which made me sick to my stomach. Huang Dan was not carsick, but he kept breathing the smell, and his stomach was very uncomfortable. He closed his eyes all the way. When he arrived at his destination,Surveyors tape measure, he immediately opened the car door and went out, standing far away. Lu bandit paid the money to call, let the subordinate drive a car to come over, he walked up to the young man, "still uncomfortable?" Huang Dan said it was better. He pursed his lips. "It's very sunny now. Let's find a place to live at night first, and then go to the seaside when the sun goes down." The bandit listened to him. "Your father-in-law should have arrived home by now. With his temper, he would complain to your mother-in-law as soon as he entered the house, saying that your daughter-in-law was wrong." Huang Dan stopped. "What should I do?" The bandit put his arm on the young man's shoulder, holding him like a brother and brother, rubbing his fingers through a thin cotton T-shirt, "What are you afraid of? You have a backer and can walk sideways." Huang Dan looked back to the left. "Where is it?" The bandit clasped the man in his arms and pressed his hot palm tightly. "Here." After opening the room, Huang Dan was hugged and kissed by Lu bandits. He sweated a lot, his body was sticky, and his T-shirt was not sure when it was stripped. Go to the bathroom and do it while you wash. "Good idea." The bandit carried the man to the bathroom, kicked the door with his foot, and sucked his lips and tongue while releasing water. One of the hottest games in summer is the water war, fish measuring tape ,Fiberglass tape measure, which is suitable for all ages. When he came out, Lu bandit's eyes were red and his nose was red. He picked up his trousers on the ground, took out half a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, threw one in his mouth, and said in a hoarse voice, "Are you growing mushrooms in the bathroom?" Huang Dan turned off the tap and put the shower back. "The ground is slippery and can't be washed clean." Lu bandit lit the cigarette, "let the hotel cleaning staff to clean it, you do not care, clean up, we go to eat." Huang Dan lowered his head and found a pool. "You'll think it's snot." Land bandit, "." The smoke around his mouth trembled, and so did the corners of his eyes. "Come out and change clothes, put on socks and shoes, and go downstairs to eat, immediately, immediately!" Huang Dan ignored it and continued to compete with the floor tiles. Lu bandit's temple suddenly jumped, "Ji Shiyu, do you turn a deaf ear to my words again?"? "I think you're going to ride on my neck by stepping on your nose." Huang Dan said, "I don't ride your neck. I don't like that. It's dangerous. I'll just ride on your waist." The bandit was so angry that he could not speak for a long time. Huang Dan said, "You go down first, and I'll go to find you when I wash the ground clean." The bandit stared at him, "I don't care about you!" The door closed, and there was the sound of the door lock turning. The bandit strode into the bathroom, took away the shower in Huang Dan's hand, and shouted with a cigarette in his mouth, "Get out of the way!" Huang Dan obediently vacates his seat. The bandit rushed to the dirt on the ground and scolded angrily, "How did I meet such a single-minded little thing as you in my life?" Huang Dan did not go out, he watched from the side, did not forget to remind the swearing man, "you worry, do not hit the glass door, do not fall, otherwise it will be very painful." The bandit snorted from his nose, "What's the matter?"? Love me dearly? Huang Dan said, "Well, I love you dearly." The bandit had no voice. He did not scold, nor did he look up. He did not talk to the young man. He just rushed to the ground in silence and dragged the water. When Huang Dan saw that the man's ears were red, he knew that he was shy, so he didn't say anything. After finishing a series of movements, Lu bandit was sweating all over and washed in vain. He grabbed his sweaty hair and stroked it back. "This thing can be handed over to the cleaning staff, but you have to do it yourself. The problem of making trouble is that you can't change it. What do you want me to say about you?" Huang Dan touched the man's fine chest muscles. "I didn't." He went to touch the man's abdominal muscles, mermaid lines, and waist muscles. "I don't have any of these." The bandit was burning like a fire. "That's pitiful." Huang Dan said, "You have a good figure." Lu bandit was already hard, so said by the youth, directly hard to heaven, intentionally, must be intentional, he knew that this boy is not a good thing, all day long in seducing him, to his life. The yellow sheet was pressed against the glass door,horse weight tape, his upper body was bare, and the cold touch of the glass ran all over his back in an instant, passing over every trace left by the man on his back. tapemeasure.net

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The Wall

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