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The man's eyes flashed and he said in a deep voice, "Red Butterfly?"? But the favored daughter of the snowy land. When talking about the favored daughter of heaven, the man added his lips and a trace of sarcasm flashed in his eyes. It is this woman who has made a breakthrough in the first battle with Zeng Niu and is about to reach the first consummation, but she herself has not yet fully realized that after you devour her, there will be more unfeeling in her artistic conception! In this way, the final victory of a disaster, can be more than a point of grasp, this female old man looking for many years to find, raised to the present. The old man said slowly. The man stood up, and immediately the white breath came out of his body. He walked out of Yantan, his eyes showing the evil awn, and said to himself, "Zeng Niu.." I don't know if he can take a blow from me with his present cultivation! "Red Butterfly, this woman, some pity." Old people, some things, but some can not bear. Just, you go. The old man sighed lightly. The man smiled and said, "Lao Zu, it's a pity for you every time. The title of rosefinch won't come from these monks. There won't be anyone else except me and Younger Martial Sister!" As he spoke, his body slowly dissipated and disappeared. Inside the Chamber of Secrets, the Red Butterfly sat cross-legged in meditation and resumed her cultivation. After a long time, she opened her eyes and whispered, "Zeng Niu, next time,jacuzzi swim spa, I will kill you!" "I will fulfill this wish for you!" A gentle voice suddenly appeared in the secret room. Who The red butterfly's eyes froze. The evil man walked out of nothingness. He took one look at the red butterfly and said with a smile, "I'm in the dry wind!" With these words, his right hand moved forward at will. As soon as the red butterfly's complexion changed, his left hand pinched the formula, and suddenly a red awn spread out of his body. The man shook his head with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. His right finger did not stop. At one point, Red Mang immediately collapsed. His finger was pressed between the eyebrows of the Red Butterfly. Red Butterfly's body trembled and was about to struggle, but the man's fingers, like mountains, pressed down,massage bathtub manufacturers, she was unable to resist at all. What are you doing! Strong self-calmness in the eyes of the red butterfly. Gan Feng's eyes were full of evil. He bent down and whispered in Red Butterfly's ear, "I want your artistic conception and innate four spirits.." The master of the Red Butterfly calculated the disaster of the Red Butterfly, but unfortunately, he miscalculated the person. The real disaster brought to the Red Butterfly was not Wang Lin, but the dry wind! In the forbidden cave, the old man in the red awn sighed again. It is a pity Suzaku, only one. As soon as the old man's eyes swept, they fell on the woman in the cold pool. "Liu Mei!" He said in a deep voice. The woman in the cold pool opened her eyes and looked at the old man calmly. This woman, impressively is the willow eyebrow of Tiandaozong in those days! "You have experienced the practice of many countries and realized the way of heaven. One of them is a Fen Shen, who worships Zhao Guoxuan Daozong. Do you still remember a man named Wang Lin?"? This Wang Lin is a disciple of the Heng Yue Sect of the State of Zhao! The old man said in a deep voice. Liu Mei's eyes showed the color of meditation. After a long time, she nodded and said softly, "I have some impressions, but not deep." "That Zeng Niu is Wang Lin!" Liu Mei did not have any surprised look in her eyes, but nodded quietly and did not speak. Originally, what I prepared for you was Zhou Yi of the Five Elements Sect. This son's infatuation is rare in the world. If you can leave a figure in his heart and turn his infatuation into you.. It is a pity This man is missing in the fairy world. Liu Mei was silent. If you leave the pass on the same day, Zeng Niu should arrive soon. If you get in touch with him, no matter what method you use, you will leave your figure in his heart. This person will be the tripod of the furnace and achieve your artistic conception. When the furnace is broken, Whirlpool bathtub ,endless swimming pool, his artistic conception of life and death will also be mastered by you. In this way, you will have a better chance to take over the title of rosefinch than the wind! The old man glanced at Liu Mei and said. Liu Mei sighed, bit her lower lip, and became silent. Uh? You won't? "The old man's eyes flashed red, and he was not angry." Disciple obeys! Liu Mei whispered. The old man looked up into the distance, his eyes, as if they could penetrate the cave house, penetrate the distance, and fall on an old man who was eating chicken legs in a certain level of Xiuzhen country. Younger Martial Brother, of the four people you chose, Zeng Niu is the weakest one. I'm sure you won't mind my arrangement! The old man is going to retreat again, and I hope you will succeed when you leave the customs next time. "After a long time, the old man withdrew his eyes and disappeared into the cave with a flash of red light.". Liu Mei stood up, thin clothes close to the body, revealing a pair of concave and convex wonderful posture, she sighed lightly, out of the cold pool, the right hand waved, the body rose a white fog, after the fog dissipated, revealing its peerless beauty. Wrapped in pale pink and covered in white gauze, the skirt reveals a graceful neck and a clearly visible collarbone, and the pleats of the skirt flow gently to the ground like a snowy moon, stretching more than three feet. Three thousand hair tied up with a headband, a wisp hanging in front of the chest, the skin is like snow, the red title on the cheeks creates a kind of charming and moving delicate, the whole person is like a butterfly flying with the wind, and like a clear and thorough ice and snow.. She, Liu Mei, is more moving and more beautiful than that year. Wang Lin. Is that the young man carrying a big sword in the Heng Yue Sect. Yes, he was the first person with Pure Brightness eyes, did not expect, five hundred years, he has entered the eyes of Lao Zu, this person, not simple.. Liu Mei sighed and walked out of the cave. Let his Tao heart, have my figure, this matter, not difficult. It's just, do it, right. Liu Mei's eyes showed a trace of confusion. At this time, the name of the dry wind of the evil man, floating from a distance, behind him, but also followed by a person, it is the red butterfly. However, the eyes of the red butterfly, showing the color of emptiness, there is no vitality on the body, like a puppet. Liu Mei's eyes were flat, glanced at the red butterfly, and did not speak. Gan Feng fell three feet in front of Liu Mei. He smiled and showed his white teeth. He said gently, "Younger martial sister, but are you going to leave the pass?" Liu Mei nodded and said softly,outdoor endless pool, "Elder Martial Brother Gan Feng, is the man behind you the Red Butterfly?" "The Red Butterfly is dead," said Gan Feng with a smile. "She is my concubine. Her name is unfeeling." 。

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