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But now there's a sniper! Remember! It's a sniper gun, and it's a supreme series of weapons. What is this concept? Ye Su now knows that the weapon level is ordinary, that is, the weapon that can be forged everywhere on the earth, followed by the supreme, this weapon just killed in the dark night is one, and Ye Su's original sword is also one, but Ye Su gave all the swords to Hu Nan when he left. Then the weapon below is Kuangshi! What is the world, is good to the extreme! Rare in the world! A weapon that leaves its name in the whole world! So the unprecedented weapons are very rare, at least Ye Su has only seen such one until now. The l10 sniper gun has a caliber of 20.7 millimeters, an initial speed of 5,000 meters per second, and an extreme speed of 13,000 meters per second. Its powerful caliber can bombard everything to the point of explosion, and can shoot down small airships. The rating of the system appeared in Ye Su's mind, picked up the sniper gun in his hand, Ye Su slowly looked up, the l10 sniper gun is a product of high-end technology, both shape and feel make Ye Su very comfortable. The sniper cannon is 70 centimeters long and 40 centimeters wide. Its aspect ratio is very different from that of traditional weapons. Its thick caliber is like the mouth of a giant beast, which makes people feel a chill in the depths. Another prominent feature is that the tail of the sniper gun has a sharp blade-like structure. Looking at the blade full of cold air, Ye Su sounded a skill-gun fighting. The joy of getting the weapon did not make Ye Su forget himself. After touching it back and forth a few times, Ye Su sank his spirit into the system again. The big gift bag was only part of the system based on his own things, and the important things were still in the item icon. Successfully open the item icon, Ye Su in order to enter, the first is the list of potions, the moment of opening,jacuzzi suppliers, several potions name alone in the list below. Primary Trauma Potion, doubles the speed of repairing trauma, requires 500 energy points, lasts for one hour. Accumulable "Primary internal injury potion, double the speed of repairing internal injury, requires 1000 energy points, lasts for one hour, and can be accumulated." "Primary evolution potion, to promote the evolution of the body, requires five thousand energy points,endless swimming pool, applicable to the body soldiers, can be accumulated." "Primary antidote, can solve most of the toxin attack, need one thousand energy points, can be accumulated." There are only four potions in the list of potions. After looking at them once, Yesu became interested in evolutionary potions, but when he saw that they were suitable for body soldiers, Yesu lost interest. Out of the potion interface, Ye Su entered the motor vehicle category, which is rarer than the list of potions, there is only one other table, that is, small locomotives, after a look, Ye Su's face showed a trace of helplessness, open the third list again. There are many things in the tool list, such as wrenches, pliers, indoor endless pool ,jacuzzi bath spa, welding and so on, while the energy harvester is a little novel to Yesu. The energy harvester adopts the mine energy, integrates the energy mine, supplies various power systems for use, and consumes 5000 energy points. Taking a deep look at the energy harvester, Yesu knew that it was essential to get out of here. Weapon series is expanded a little, before those ordinary weapons Ye Su did not go to see, to this realm, ordinary weapons can not adapt to Ye Su's attack, if it is an ordinary dagger, Ye Su is not as good as direct hand. Supreme series of weapons also have two, but are heavy machine gun category, Ye Su did not consider, as for the unprecedented level of weapons, here is not, Ye Su face can not help depression. Inside the protective equipment is also very simple, there are intermediate combat suits, primary combat suits, and shields, helmets and other things, and are surprisingly expensive, the cheapest need five thousand energy points, after reading, Ye Su shook his head helplessly. I can't afford it. Now on the earth to kill zombies, mutant beasts and other things, Ye Su saved a total of more than four thousand energy points, just the system rewarded ten thousand, and then opened the gift pack cost five thousand. Ye Su has only nine thousand now. To get out of here, Yesu felt that he had to be careful. System changes and cosmic web icons, but Ye Su is not going to go in to see, now the energy point is scarce, waste a little Ye Su are distressed. Pulling the mental power out of the system, Yesu began to think about how to get the ship out, yes. Close to 30 tons of things, Ye Su actually has a plan, in the evolution into a power division, Ye Su's power has broken through a ton, but this for nearly 30 tons of the Rock is not the slightest effect. All Yesu has to do is disassemble and dismember the Rock and move it out of the pit! This is a huge challenge, if Yesu can not completely disassemble and assemble the spacecraft, then Yesu can only wait for a miracle here-someone to save. Yesu believes that the probability of this miracle is zero. In order to ensure that he can completely disassemble and assemble the spacecraft, Yesu began the first step to understand the structure of the spacecraft. The mechanic's ability is used again here. …… Volume II Doomsday Counterattack Chapter 252 Hunting Chapter 252 hunting. Chapter 252 hunting. Wrenches, screwdrivers, and mechanic's tools were exchanged by Yesu one by one from the list of tools, and on the day he decided to dismantle the ship, Yesu began to get familiar with the structure of the ship. The weight of the spacecraft 30 tons, Ye Su's strength of one ton, if the limit of the outbreak may reach two tons or even three tons, but this is only the theoretical limit of the outbreak, Ye Su's body is still in a weak period, so not to mention the limit of outbreak, even if it is a ton of strength is barely. Carefully calculating the structure of the spacecraft, Yesu had a general impression of the Locke. After intensive estimation and measurement, Yesu knew that the spacecraft could be disassembled into nearly 100 small parts, including thrusters, engines, energy devices, protective devices,hot tub wholesale, control rooms, lounges and so on. After the disassembly of these parts, the heaviest target is only one and a half tons. So Yesu's demolition plan is still feasible. monalisa.com

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