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"It was probably taught by my great-aunt." Although Mammy Wu was reluctant, she had to admit, "My great-aunt is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. In fact, she is far inferior to my great-aunt in those days." In the end, I couldn't help speaking ill of Qi Nian. Qiao Lianbo smiled faintly: "I am not as good as my cousin.". What about my mother? Doesn't she know all this? Why didn't you teach me? Mammy Wu's eyes turned red. "Girl, our wife has a hard life.." After getting married, everything failed. She was busy dealing with her husband's family all day. When she returned to her room, she had to deal with her concubines. How could she have the mood and time to teach her daughter. Qiao Lianbo looked into the distance and said faintly, "I know my mother doesn't like me. She thinks I'm not a man, so she only teaches me embroidery." She ignored Mammy Wu's eyes and continued lightly, "It's just that I can't always be inferior to others. From tomorrow on, I won't embroider all day except when I go to Chunshan Pavilion.". I want to read and write, one day, I can also write poems, draw pictures, I can also say who Cui Bai is casually! , 42 Daming Temple was kidnapped again Qi Nian followed Li Shi to Daming Temple. The first reason was to burn incense and fulfill a vow. The second reason was that Wu Shi's death anniversary was coming, and he wanted to do a water and land Daochang here. After all, he lived in the Wu family, and Yan Shi was still alive, so it was not good to mention the death anniversary in the Wu family. The third reason was to meet Leng Yuru. During this period of time, Leng Yuru was detained in Hengshan Bo Fu to live again. This time, the women of Hengshan Bo Fu also came to Daming Temple to burn incense. So Leng Yuru sent a letter to the servant girl, and Qi Nian went to ask Li Shi to set the day of burning incense on this day. Lee readily agreed. She is a vow,water bottle packaging machine, the date was a few days earlier or a few days later is not important, and Qi Nian told her about Leng Yuru, Li also felt some pity-Zheng Jinniang spoiled, no one knows, Leng girl said to go to a short stay, in fact, is to suffer, blame the poor people. Since two close friends in the boudoir want to see each other, why not do it? Is my aunt cold? Qi Nian stuffed the foot stove at Li's feet again. It was already the end of August, and it was getting cold here in the capital. Li was not in good health, and he was a little cold, so he was particularly afraid of the cold. Li's feet were hot and his heart was warm. "Aunt isn't cold, but you are, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine," she said with a smile. "Do you feel cold?" She had only one son, and she would probably never learn to say such intimate words in her life. There are two concubines, but one is not very close, and the other is too small. Now Li feels more and more, if Qi Nian is her own daughter, how good it is. I'm not cold. It's sunny today. I'll be warm when I climb the mountain later. Qi Nian said this well, and when a line of people entered the Daming Temple, Li's forehead was already slightly sweating. After burning incense in each temple, Li Shi donated money for incense oil, which was caused by the little novice monk to rest in a courtyard. After sitting down for a while, I heard a noise outside. After a while, the little novice monk came in. With a smile on his face, he whispered to Qi Nian, "The lady from Hengshan Bo Mansion has come to offer incense. She is resting in the courtyard next door." Qi Nian knew that it must be Leng Yu Tathagata who delivered the letter, so he asked Ruyan to take the broken silver as a reward, and then said to Li Shi, and took Ruyan out of the yard. Leng Yuru was already waiting with the incense. As soon as they met, he took out a letter: "Han Yan is here. Brother Han won the eighth place in the Juren." Qi Nian is overjoyed: "Show me quickly." Because she was living in the Wu family, Han Yan's letters were sent to Leng Yuru. Han Yan wrote a lot of greetings on the letter, and finally said with some pride that Han Zhao had won the eighth place and would go to Beijing in a few days to prepare for next spring. Brother Han is not at home for the Spring Festival? The corners of Leng Yuru's mouth turned up slightly: "If someone can introduce me, wouldn't it be better to see the examiner first?" Qi Nian was suddenly enlightened. The difficulty of passing the Jinshi examination is completely different from that of passing the examination. A little personal preference of the house teacher may determine the success or failure of the students. By this time, Lord Han had to find a way to make some connections in the past and pave the way for his son as much as possible. Leng Yuru sighed: "It's a pity that there is no one in my house, and you.." Wu Shilang is a good candidate, but he is only Qi Nian's uncle. Qi Nian lowered his head to think and changed the subject: "Do you still live in Heng Shan Bo Fu?" When Han Zhao came to Beijing, she could find a chance to talk to Li Shi, but Wu Ruozhao was not necessarily willing to take care of him, after all, he was a stranger. I only hope that Han Tongzhi has relatives and old friends in Beijing who can contribute. Yes, it is. Leng Yuru naturally knew the difficulties of Qi Nian, and no longer mentioned the matter, but turned to Zheng Jin, "Do you know why Hengshan Bofu is coming to burn incense today?" Qi Nian only looked at the jewelry on Leng Yuru's head: "Isn't this Miss Zheng's jewelry?"? Why do I lend you incense to wear? Isn't that Chijin Begonia Buyao that Zheng Jin lent to Leng Yuru on the last Shangsi Festival? Only this time probably even the earrings were lent, and Leng Yuru's ears were shaking a pair of small garnet crabapple flower-shaped pendants, which were Zheng Jin's favorite flowers. Leng Yuru sneered, "Yes, we all have to speak faster today. I'll go back to play Miss Zheng later." "What does that mean?" Qi Nian was very confused. "What are you doing pretending to be her?" This row of temples at the back of the Daming Temple is reserved for women's families to rest, so the place is quiet and there are not many people coming and going. Leng Yuru leaned over Qi Nian's ear and whispered, "General Zhang Shao from the northwest will also come to burn incense and worship Buddha for his grandmother today." "To look at each other!" Qi Nian understood as soon as he heard it. "It still depends on whether he is disfigured." Leng Yuru nodded, "Mrs. Heng Shanbo has already promised. If General Zhang Shao is really disfigured, the marriage will be done." "Heng Shanbo agreed?" Leng Yuru bent her lips disdainfully and said, "If Miss Cheng doesn't want to, isn't there a Shan Niang in Cheng Enbo's mansion?" "Sisters are easy to marry!"! It was a good idea for Heng Shan Bo Fu to fight, but he refused to let go of such an in-laws and did not want his daughter to be wronged. But is Zheng Shan willing? "Naturally not.". Otherwise,Beverage packing machine, why did you ask me to come today? Everyone knows that the two sisters of the Zheng family go in and out together. Zheng Shan is ill. Naturally, only I accompany him. Even if General Zhang Shao can see people, he doesn't know which one is Miss Zheng. Leng Yuru is not without irony. Zheng Shan's illness is naturally faked.

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