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The next year, there were two new strange roommates in Ye Sui's dormitory. But this year, Ye Sui and Jiang Wenwen were busy with graduation, and their relationship with their new roommates was lukewarm. This year, when Ye Sui was busy with her graduation, she gradually made some achievements in her live broadcasting career. Xu Rongyu returned to Dongda. In his third year of college, he finished all his credits. With the consent of the school, he graduated directly and went to the Department of Architecture of Tsinghua University. Ye Sui, who graduated in the same year as him, was struck by Xu Rong and could not speak. This year, Xu Rong and Ye Sui studied together in Dongda. Sometimes we quarrel, and sometimes we have a cold war. Sometimes when they were walking in the school, they would see Chen Tingfei, who had been an assistant teacher of Ye Sui, with a beautiful woman beside him. It is said that the beauty has been chasing teacher Chen for ten years, and recently she has the tendency to win Chen's heart. The beauty who followed Chen Tingfei saw Ye Sui, and then saw Xu Rong beside Ye Sui. After being stunned, she understood that the girl had a boyfriend, and her attitude towards Ye Sui eased a little. After graduation, Ye Sui and Jiang Wenwen separated from each other. Jiang Wenwen found a job in a local design Institute,touch screen whiteboard, and Ye Sui thought about it and went to a small town in the south. She is doing her own live broadcasting business while visiting the north and south of the motherland. She has always been sympathetic. When she saw the dangerous buildings in small towns, she found the local government and offered to cooperate. She offered to help the local people design simple houses, and used the live broadcasting platform to let more people pay attention to these things. More and more, she no longer rely on Xu Rong and have their own want to do. Ye Sui has not signed a job, has been doing their own live broadcaster, while trapped with the poor, to build houses for people. Xu Ronghe is a graduate student. Graduated two years later, he could have continued to send his doctor,electronic board for classroom, but after thinking about it, Xu Rong temporarily refused the opportunity and chose to sign a job at the East China Institute in Shanghai. Because Ye Sui works in the south all the year round, in order to be closer to Ye Sui, Xu Rong left Beijing and chose Shanghai. Time goes by little by little. Two people always spend less time together and more time apart, but they are more and more able to understand each other's different pursuits, and at the same time, they are trying to get closer to each other. And Ni Wei also saw Ye Sui beside her youngest son more than once. This girl is really thick-skinned, against her dislike, has been secretly meeting with Xu Rong, once, Ye Sui was also caught by Ni Wei climbing the wall of their house, in order to date with her youngest son. Ni Wei was amazed. Never liked her. But Ni Wei and Xu Zhiguo are too busy, the children grow up, not only Xu Rong and here have problems, smartboard for business ,smart board touch screen, Xu Yi there love situation, the same is earth-shaking. Because Xu Yi's girlfriend Yin Hezi is an only daughter, the Yin family does not want their daughter to marry and wants to recruit a wife for her daughter. For this reason, the Xu family did not die of anger and severely stopped Xu Yi from associating with Yin Hezi. Where is Xu Yi's temper good? Naturally, he made a scene. When Xu Rongyu was 25 years old, he was already a first-class architect. His job was transferred from Shanghai to Beijing. Together with Ye Sui, he bought a house in Beijing and paid the down payment. Ni Wei at a banquet, listening to a real estate friend, just know Xu Rong and Ye Sui bought a house together. But over the years, Ni Wei has been too lazy to comment on this. This year, after many years of fighting, Xu Yi had married Yin Hezi, and the Yin family had not mentioned anything about marriage, but after Yin Hezi became pregnant, the Yin family proposed that the surname of their first child must be Yin. Xu family naturally does not agree, recently, Ni Wei for the matter of the eldest son's wife, and gave birth to a belly sulk. At this charity party, Ni Wei unexpectedly saw Xu Rong, who had not met for a long time. The young man of twenty-five, with his chiseled face and elegant and clean movements, was as perfect as a gentleman in the meeting hall, even if he did nothing. Xu Rong sat quietly at the banquet, and when he saw her, he paused and took the initiative to greet her. He has been working in Shanghai and recently returned to Beijing. He really hasn't seen his mother for a long time. When Ni Wei saw him, he was surrounded by beautiful women, and he sat quietly, as quiet as a landscape splash-ink painting. Xu Rong sat beside Ni Wei and saw that her face was not good. He whispered, "Mom, long time no see.". Are you still angry about your sister-in-law? Ni Wei gave him a cold look. Suddenly he asked, "Where is Ye Sui?" Xu Rong was stunned for a moment. Ni Wei: "Next month is your 25th birthday, she did not intend to steal our courtyard gate, to give you back to celebrate your birthday?" Xu Rong said in a faint voice, "Maybe it's because my mother has a dog at home. The dog barks too fiercely. It's not convenient for her to climb the wall." Ni Wei sneered and shook the red wine in her hand. She stared at the goblet for a long time and said, "I heard that you refused the blind date your father introduced to you again." Xu Rongyu: "Yes." Ni Wei said, "I heard that Ye Sui is going back to Beijing." Xu Rongyu: Yes. She's going to adjust her focus and come back to open a studio with me. Ni Wei taunts: "I really admire your courage to mention that she will never be afraid of my falling out." After a long silence, however, Ni Wei asked wearily, "When are you and Ye Sui going to get married?" Allow and slowly, look at her. Ni Wei's side face is indifferent and her temperament is elegant. Years did not stay on her body many traces, but that cold, obviously under the urging of time, slowly decomposed-Ni Wei began to accept fate. Chapter 72 Chapter 72 Jewelled with jewels, with fragrant sideburns. The young man of twenty-five turned his face sideways and looked quietly at his adoptive mother, Ni Wei. Ni Wei has not been satisfied with Xu Rong and Ye Sui together,touch screen interactive whiteboard, these years have been cold treatment, Xu Rong and has been trying to change Ni Wei's ideas. But Xu Rong and himself did not expect that Ni Wei would take the initiative to ask him when he and Ye Sui would get married. Xu Rong and Ni Wei answered, "We didn't discuss getting married.". We still hope to get mom and dad's consent first. Ni Wei sarcastically hooked her lower lip. Ask: "What is her mother's attitude?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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The Wall

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