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I said I would sponsor your house before, although the project is gone, I don't want to owe you anything. Do you really think I have to keep you because I'm short of women? He raised his hand and said, "I swear, I'm going to spend the night here and let the thunder kill me." OK! First read a roar in the heart. But on the face or euphemistically refused: "not good." "Come here and I'll put a fingerprint lock on you." Xi Wei didn't pick up her words at all, and this time he didn't pull the first thought, so he walked forward. Seeing that she didn't follow, he turned around and said, "So neither of us owes anyone. How nice." Chu Nian followed silently. Xi Kui turned his head and raised his eyebrows. For the first time, I always felt something was wrong, but I couldn't say it. In order to change jobs these days, she is in trouble. She is running with one breath. She is going to work in a new company soon, and she can't think much about it. Anyway, he said that no one would owe anyone in the future. At this time, if she was hypocritical again, it seemed that she wanted to hold on to something. When she packed up her things and went out, she turned around and found that she had followed her into the elevator: "You.." "Do you want me to wait for you at home?" He pressed the button and stood beside her, saying, "I have a job, too." For the first time, he smiled shyly,temperature check kiosk, thinking that he might have been too sensitive by Xi's proposal of "keeping" in the morning. I thought he just wanted to disgust her by saying that. Xi was splashed with milk by her, although the clothes were changed, but the hair was just wiped casually with a tissue. "I looked at him several times and wondered if I should remind him." Come on, I'll see you off on the way. Xi Wei shook his head, looking quite casual, did not give the first read to leave a chance to refuse. On the bus, Xi Kui was also well-behaved, and basically did not even say anything. Arriving at the gate of "Dongyao",facial recognization camera, Chu Nian wanted to get off the bus. "Wait a minute." Chu Nian smiled politely. "Thank you for bringing me here. Oh, and I'll find the house and move out as soon as possible." Xi Kui unfastened his seat belt and said, "Is it a stubborn disease that you kick after using it?" "You said no one would owe anyone in the future." First read this soft collapse is obviously acting like a spoiled child, "and yesterday you did not suffer losses." Xi Kui was stunned for a moment, he found that in the past few years, the woman grew up more and more soft and hard, did not eat, oil and salt did not enter, the diamond house could not hold her. He squinted and curled his index finger to his mouth, thinking. I'm really leaving. It's not good to go late. I have to make a good impression on the new boss. First read the way "Want to make a good impression on the new boss?" Xi said with a chuckle. "Yes, I hear he's very nice." In fact, the first read has not seen the boss, she is a new employee can not get the boss's interview, only heard to put surnamed Wu, information kiosk price ,smart whiteboard price, all aspects of the conditions are very good. "Then you have to behave well," Xi said with a half-smile. For the first time, it was hard to agree with her and nod her head. She was in deep trouble and suddenly had a turning point. She was really grateful to "Dongyao" for throwing an olive branch to her. Xi Kui looked at her like she was going to be angry and laughed. She waved her hand and said, "Go." First read the face did not respond, but the body can not suppress the joy, happily opened the car door, feet have not stepped down, was called again. She looked back. "What else do you want?" "Inside." Xi pointed to her neck, "would you like to deal with it?" First read doubtfully pulled open the mirror in front of the car, and saw the red mark on his neck that Xi was going to make last night, and he was speechless. She didn't bring any liquid foundation, and she was wearing an elite shirt, which could not be covered at all. Wait Looking at her tearless appearance, he took a band-aid out of the trunk of the car and went around to her side, "Come out, I'll put it on you." The first read looked around, no one, stand straight: "You hurry up." With a hum of breath, she lifted the band-aid and gently pushed aside the broken hair falling from her ball head with her fingers. At the beginning, he shrank his neck and looked up at Xi, who was also looking at her. She looked away quickly, touched the band-aid on her neck and said, "Thank you." "No." "I bit it anyway," Xi said with a smile. Before the smile had dissipated, he saw Wang Qianqian not far away. Wang Qianqian followed a man out of the door of "Dongyao", and the man was a gentleman to help her open the door waiting at the door. Wang Qianqian did not go in and looked at them in disbelief. Xi Wei has never been afraid to meet Wang Qianqian in the past few years, but today I don't know what happened, and it's annoying in my heart. I'm leaving. Chu Nian doesn't want to discuss last night's bed with Xi in public again. Things She agreed not to owe each other any more, and she was going to turn the page. Just as she was about to turn around, he pressed her shoulder and said, "There is something dirty in the corner of your eye. I'll blow it for you." "I don't want to let the first read see Wang Qianqian, because every time I see him, the first read has to mention the past." I'll wipe it myself. For the first time, she lowered her head and rubbed her eyes. In fact, she had already seen it. Xi's action was obviously not to let her find out that she got this step and went down. The back of the hand is dirty. "Come on, look at me, don't look away, and don't blink." Wang Qianqian looked at it in the distance and felt that her eyes were a little sour. Wu Hua followed her line of sight: "That's not General Manager Xi, and next to him is..?" Knocking on the appearance of the two people is somewhat intimate, but Wu Hua dare not speculate. After all, his company will soon be Xi's. Although the acquisition of "Dongyao" is the behavior of "Xingfei" group, Wu Hua knows in his heart that Xi is the leader behind the scenes, without him, it can not be done. Go and say hello. Wu Hua said that he knew Wang Qianqian and Xi Yan knew each other. Next time, I have to go in advance. Wang Qianqian got into the car and told the driver to drive quickly. She didn't want to stay for a moment, for fear of seeing the look in Xi's eyes that she had just looked at for the first time. Wang Qianqian often saw in high school the kind of eyes that wanted to protect people behind them and not allow others to touch them. From the first read and Xi Kui has not been together, Xi Kui early has been looking at the first read. It's just that the woman is not satisfied. Wang Qianqian still thinks so now,thermal imaging camera, the first read is not worthy of Xi Yan's kindness to her. She also hated the first thought, if there was no her at that time, Xi would certainly be different to herself.

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