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"Can we at least watch the living?" Harry asked. You've already done that. Said Fanny. "I think Harry meant to see how mortals live their lives," I said. "From birth to death, to see how people live their lives. We want to know their secrets so we can pretend to feel better. "You still can't experience it." Fanny said clearly. Thank you, wise man. I said, our paradise is still getting more and more lively. The buildings in Paradise High School are the same as those in Fairfax High School, but there are more roads leading to all sides. "Take a walk," said Fern. "You'll see what you're looking for." So Harry and I set out to find out. We found out there's an ice cream shop in heaven, and when you order mint ice cream, no one tells you, "Sorry, it's not mint ice cream season." There is a newspaper in heaven that often publishes our pictures and makes us feel that we are important people. Because Halle and I both like fashion magazines, there are also fashion celebrities, beautiful women and other real people in the newspaper. Sometimes Halle seemed absent-minded, and sometimes when I went to find her and found that she didn't know where to go, I knew that Halle had gone to her little world,Planetary Gear Motor, where I didn't have a share. Every time I miss her, I know we will always be together, but she left for a while, I still miss her, this feeling of missing is a little strange. I hoped that Mr. Harvey would die to atone for his sins, and that I would still be alive,24v Gear Motor, which was my greatest dream, but it could not be realized. After all, heaven is not perfect, but I believe that as long as I watch carefully and hope carefully, I may be able to change the lives of my loved ones on earth. It was Dad who answered the phone on December 9, which opened the prelude to the tragedy. He told the police my blood type and described my clear skin to the police. The police asked him what else he saw in me, and he described my face so carefully that he could hardly go on. Detective Fenaimon did not interrupt his father. He had a very sad news to tell him, but he did not know how to say it. Then he finally said, "Mr. Salmon, we only found one body." My father stood in the kitchen, trembling with grief. How could he tell my mother the news? "So you can't be sure that Susie is dead?" He asked. Nothing is 100% certain. Detective Fenaimon said. My father told my mother, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,brushless gear motor, "Nothing is 100% certain." For three nights in a row, Dad didn't know what to say to Mom or how to comfort her. Before that, the two of them had never broken down at the same time, usually one comforted the other, and never needed each other's comfort at the same time. In the past, there was always one party who was stronger. When they met with sad things, they hugged each other. The weaker party could feel the strength of the other party and feel better. They never knew what "fear" was, and now they have their first taste of "panic." Nothing is 100% certain. Her mother muttered to herself, and her father wanted her to listen to it, and she clung to it. Mom knows what all the trinkets on my silver bracelet represent. She remembers where we bought it and why I like it so much. She made a list and wrote down my clothes without omission. If someone found my things in the distance or in a remote place on the main road, the police might be able to use these clues to find my murderer. Cute Bones 7 Big. Learn . Sheng 。 Small. Say . Net The police found a body. I watched my mother carefully list my clothes and favorite things, and my heart was filled with warmth, but also with pain. She knew that the chances were very slim, but she still had a glimmer of hope. She still hopes that strangers who pick up cartoon erasers or rock star badges will hand them over to the police. After talking to Detective Fenaimon on the phone, Dad reached for Mom's hand and they sat on the bed, staring blankly ahead without saying a word. Mom held the list in her hand numbly, and Dad felt like he was in a dark tunnel. After a while, the sky began to drizzle, and although neither of them spoke, I could feel them thinking the same thing: it was raining, but Susie was alone in the rain; they both hoped that I was all right and safe in a warm, dry place. They did not know who would fall asleep first, and both of them were exhausted and fell asleep before they knew it. The rain went up and down, the temperature kept dropping, and then there was hail, and the little ice hockey hit the roof and made a lot of noise. They were awakened by the sound of hail, and both woke up at the same time, filled with guilt. They were silent. The light at the other end of the room was still on. They looked at each other in the dim light. Mom cried. Dad held her in his arms, wiped her tears with his thumb, stroked her cheek, and gently covered her eyes with his lips. They touched each other, and I stopped looking at them and moved my eyes to the cornfield to see if the police could find anything in the field the next morning. The hail bent the corn stalks and drove all the small animals into the cave. In a cave not far from the ground, there lived a group of hares that I liked. The hares often went to the garden of a nearby family to steal vegetables. People put poison in the garden. Sometimes an unwitting rabbit brought the poison home. As a result, in this cave far from the garden, the whole hare family crouched together and died quietly. On the morning of the tenth, Dad emptied the whole bottle of whiskey into the kitchen sink. Lindsey asked him why he had poured it out. I'm afraid I'll drink all the wine. He said What was that phone call about last night? Asked my sister. Which phone? "I heard you say the light of the stars burst. You always say that when it comes to Susie's smile." "Is it?" "Yes,Brushless Gear Motor, it sounds strange. It's the police, isn't it?" "You want to hear the truth?" "I want the truth." Lindsey said with certainty. The police found a body, and they said it might be Susie's. 。

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