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On the river, there was a desperate lament that the teenager was going to lose his beloved. He did not notice that there was another sound floating on the river. Is a song, is a nursery rhyme: a walk and a walk, walk to the silver sea ice plum forest, there is a fairy bird in the forest, birdsong transmission thousands of miles … … —————————————————————— Without sunshine, the resplendent hall was covered with a layer of darkness. The young man knelt on the cold marble and waited quietly for the noble voice. On the big bed separated by layers of golden gauze curtains, the brocade embroidered with Jiulong Xizhu symbolizes the identity of the person lying on it. But the hand on the brocade quilt is withered and old. The voice was faint, but the young man heard it without missing a word. His subordinates will live up to their holy orders. The young man knelt and saluted, stood up, and turned to leave. On one side of the room was a large moon-shaped window with a peach blossom tree in full bloom. The pink petals are floating in the rain. It is already the rainy season in May. Where are the peach blossoms? The young man could not help wondering. Isn't it beautiful? It's the peach blossom of her family. The voice sounded, still weak, but with special feelings when she was mentioned. Just like her, beautiful but short. The young man said softly again, "My subordinates will live up to the holy orders." Quickly turn around and leave. The young man walked out of the palace, heard someone calling him, and turned to see a little maid of honor hurrying up with a black box in her arms. But unexpectedly knocked down another palace man. The little maid picked up the box on the ground in a hurry and handed it to the young man. Said that the minister asked her to give it to the young man. Open it when you find the person, and there is a handwritten letter written by the emperor. The young man knew what was inside and put the box into his arms, feeling particularly heavy. This trip concerns the whole Southern Dynasty. No,Agate Slabs Countertops, it should concern the fate of the whole world. Taoyuan Dream 1, 2 The willow silk is long, the spring rain is thin, gathers in the colored glaze eaves tile to fall, a sound drops drips, outside the building leaks the sound to pass, inside the building fragrant mist penetrates the curtain,white marble mosaic, inside the curtain on the colored glaze pillow, the spring silk winds around. The young man with blond hair lies on his side, playing with the shiny hair of the man in his arms, and his dark eyes are full of spoiling and infatuation. He gently stroked the warm jade, which was covered with a little red, just like plum blossoms. Grandson kissed those red marks, thinking of last night's lingering like a spring dream. The young man, who was too beautiful to be human, crooned for pleasure in his arms. (Narrator: To put it bluntly, my grandson was in YY early in the morning.) "Well.." Liu Mei trembled lightly, and the man in her arms was about to wake up. Are you awake? "Is it raining?" Teenagers did not open their eyes, with a lazy tone, do not answer rhetorical questions. It is as crisp as the sound of jade clasps, Marble Projects ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, and the Nong sound of Jiangnan. Uh Grandson continued to kiss the young man's skin and slid his hand down his waist. At the age of thirteen or fourteen, the body is still male and female, but it is still a child, but it is more attractive. Hate the rain. "Why?" "In Guanghan Mansion, when it rains, we have to practice martial arts, especially in the season of plum rain. It's wet and slippery, and we fall into the water at once." The training of the Han family is very strict, and the grandsons and grandsons formally visited each other in the New Year. From the 29th to the first day of the New Year, there were three days of training without eating, drinking or sleeping. From the head of the household to the servants, they all participated, and even the children who were away from home had to come back. The method is a one-on-one fight. If you win, you can rest for half an hour. If you lose, you can continue to draw lots to fight. Grandson was dragged to attend because he accompanied Junqi to go home for the Spring Festival. He only stayed up for one day and then found a way to slip away. Junqi persisted until the last day, saying that Grandpa Taizu would come out to speak on the last day. Of course, Grandson didn't want to see that man, which was one of the reasons why he slipped away early. Probably when it rains, the special training is also very hard. Oh ~ ~ like this? Grandson said gently, his fingers sliding to the place where he had been last night, not completely closed, and the moist liquid slowly oozed out. Fingers can easily sink in. Yikes. You The bright cherry mouth had been kissed, and the grandson put his tongue into the lilac tongue. The lower part of the body is also pushed into the half-open and half-closed. He let go of the hand fixing the back of Junqi's head and touched his lovely front end. Yikes. Stop The boy gasped and groaned in a low voice. It makes people feel like a kitten. It's so cute that no man can stand it. The other hand stroked the thin chest, and under the silky skin, you could see the blue blood vessels and the fragrance of osmanthus on your body. Good comfortable body, can not help but speed up the twitch. Uh Stop. After endless touching, the teenager began to be impatient. Enough Angrily, he opened his eyes, and the beautiful eyes reflected the anger inside, and his grandson could not help but sink into it and could not'pull it out '. Touch! There was a loud bang. Sitting on the railing outside the building, Ji Zhi, who was drinking with Li Mu, spurted out a mouthful of wine. "My good wine!" Cried Li Mu! Just listen to the man's wail in the room, "Kirin, how can you kick your husband out of bed?" "Go away!"! Are you finished? The two drinkers laughed and smoked. Li Mu's conclusion: Little Qi is getting more and more shrewish. Ji Zhi's conclusion: The Lord is really getting less and less alike. Summary of summary: The Lord will soon get'tracheitis' (aside: hen-pecked husband!) The two people in the room were still making trouble, and the final result was, of course, only one-Qi'er was pressed on the bed and obediently submitted. Uh Let go of me! Jun Qi's cheeks were red, and he was pushed to the most vulnerable place, and his lower body was soft. "Let go." I can't help it. "Then shoot it out." The young man did not stop at all and continued to move. "I'm going to the toilet!" He shouted, patting his grandson on his firm back. The unbearable urine tortured his will. Suddenly, the wooden lattice window was broken by something and made a loud noise,Grey Marble Slab, which made Qi almost incontinent. The thing rushed straight to the two men on the bed. Grandson was not flustered. As soon as he raised his hand, the thing fell on his arm. A white long-tailed bird with a small peach blossom on its head is very lovely. Jun Qi has never seen this kind of bird. The bird called out to his grandson, who frowned and crushed the bird. Yah! What are you doing? Jun Qi exclaimed.

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