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Only such a strong family as the Nangong family can accommodate and shield them and protect them. Women like them are supposed to die. There are many female heroes who have become famous in Jianghu, but they are all very unfortunate after they get married. Either they are chased by their enemies and can't live in peace, and both of them die a violent death, or they can't stand the dull life and divorce. Only a husband like Nangong Shaoqiu can give her all the conditions to meet, the only regret is that a person can not monopolize his feelings. But such a man, this does not belong to a woman, even if there is no other woman, he still has to be a lot of things, many people share his time, because he is an extraordinary man, there is an extraordinary enjoyment, can not be measured by ordinary eyes. The words were all spoken, and the attitudes of several girls were also expressed. Nangong Shaoqiu, however, took away a layer of burden in his heart, and got along very happily with several girls in the adverse journey, hugging this one and kissing that one. He is a very understanding of the gentle man, a few women to coax as intoxicated as crazy, although he himself enjoyed the Yan Fu, but his heart, but still very grateful to his aunt. He knew that if Nangong Suqiu hadn't been good at explaining these girls in detail, it would have been very difficult to eliminate the knot in their hearts. But Nangong Suqiu was equally grateful to his nephew. They were now on the bridge railing by the canal in Beitongzhou. I don't know who tied a broken boat. There was a canopy on the boat,x60 line pipe, but the people in the boat had already gone home. The boat became a boat of love for her and Murong Gang to live in temporarily. She nestled in Murong Gang's strong and powerful embrace, feeling infinitely satisfied, and her body and mind would soften. They have gone through a time of touching, Murong's hand is still gently stroking her body, for Nangong Suqiu, this is a novel stimulus. All her life, she seemed to have been lonely and aloof, no one dared to approach her,321 stainless steel sheet, even her mother, after she was fourteen years old, dared not give her a kind hug. She was born with a dignified temperament that made people afraid to approach her, but she was a person after all, and she also had physical needs, so she was always a lonely person. Murong is a very lovely man with good martial arts and knowledge. Kind and funny, handsome and handsome, but somehow, in front of her, just can't let go! She could not really devote herself to each other like the women in the brothel, so the two passive people maintained a clever relationship for many years. This time, Nangong Shaoqiu invited Murong Gang out, which not only inspired his ambition, but also aroused his courage to love. Therefore, when Nangong Suqiu received a trace of frustrated melancholy from the cold-faced harp God and became very weak, he duly showed his male strength and filled her emptiness for many years. Looking at the twinkling stars in the sky, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, she said faintly, "Brother Gang!"! Am I very unlike a woman? "Mmm!"! It's not like that. Everything about you is too good and too special. You are better than men everywhere, so you have to be gentle in the future. "It's a pity that I don't know how to show tenderness." Murong just thought for a moment and said, "It's very simple. I want to marry you as soon as possible. When you are no longer the aunt of the Nangong family, you will be gentle." "What does it matter?" Asked Nangong Suqiu. "Of course, the Nangong family is a very big family, and your aunt is in charge of too many things, so you have forgotten the woman's duty, should be to have children, husband and children, but you go to rob some men to do things, how can you be gentle?" Nangong Suqiu paused and said, "Brother Gang, I'm really sorry, but I can't get rid of things at home. I have to take care of some things." "Yes!"! In the past, I believed that your brother was too upright and upright. He handled things too well, paid too much attention to details, did not say everything himself, but also checked and examined in detail, so there were too many things to be separated.. "Brother Gang!"! That's the right thing to do. Our family can't make any mistakes. It's not easy to carry the burden of the Nangong family! "I didn't say he wasn't good. He was such a man that he couldn't turn the corner.". In fact, one thing does not have to be done in that way, there are more labor-saving and simpler ways, as long as the judgment is accurate, with very little manpower, can do more things, this little autumn is much better than his father! "That's what I thought, so I tried to help him, to familiarize him with all kinds of things, and when he took over, I could relax a little." "Yes, I think so, too, but the young master doesn't need much help from us. He has his own opinions and methods.". We can't help you, so you can give me more time in the future! Nanguan Suqiu leaned gently against him and whispered, "I'm sorry, Brother Gang. I think I've wronged you a lot." "I'm fine. I've had a good time these years." "You are very happy. What kind of days do you live happily?" "Yes!"! It doesn't matter how I live. The most important thing is to see you happy. When you are happy, I am very happy. "But, brother Gang, I am not happy. I have been waiting for you to tell me how much you love me and how much you need me." "Can't you see it all these years?" "Of course I can see it, not only me, but everyone can see it. But it's one thing to see it, and another to say it. I want you to tell me like a big man, or I'd rather wait for you all my life!" Murong Gang said timidly, "I didn't dare to say it before. I don't know how much I have in your heart. I'm afraid that if you say it out, if you don't mean anything to me, it will be too embarrassing." Nangong Suqiu sighed and said, "It's not a shame to love someone. What's a big man afraid of being embarrassed about?"! When you like a person, no matter whether the other person likes you or not, at least let her know your feelings,316ti stainless steel, you see Shaoqiu, fell in love with seven girls in one breath, he is not embarrassed. 。

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