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It turned out that the divine world was afraid that the marriage between the human world and the demon world would affect the harmonious relationship between the three worlds, so it sent a magic beaver. This magic beaver was not simple. It was said that it was the youngest daughter of the fire emperor of the Protoss. The body of the Protoss was an element, with five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The five kings who controlled the divine world were the gold emperor, the wood emperor, the water emperor, the fire emperor and the earth emperor. They were different The divine world is ruled by five emperors in turn. This magic beaver is also the princess of the divine world. If she is not half of the blood of the demon clan, she is even hopeful to become the next fire emperor. Because she is a hybrid of gods and demons, she has become the best candidate for the marriage between the two worlds of gods and demons. With her identity, it is also possible to be the main room, how can it be the side room of Qu Youjia; and the original main room candidate in the demon world here is Han Qianqing, the daughter of the demon king She is also a princess. By contrast, only her status is the lowest. Although there is the existence of small white, but it is reasonable to say that she will not be involved in the battle of the two princesses, but the emperor of the human world will not let her go,inflatable amusement park, there is a rumor that he wants to accept her as a dry sister, her identity so mentioned, she will have the ability to stand up to the two princesses. I don't know how to communicate between the three realms, but an agreement was reached. All three of them will be sent directly to the Hall of Heroes to study as future demon queen candidates. Two years later, according to the practice of respecting the strong in the demon world, at best, it's a competition. At worst,inflatable floating water park, it's a fight between three women. The winner is the future demon queen, and the loser can only be the side concubine. What needs to be mentioned here is that Qu Youjia will be 100 years old in two years, and will officially take over the position of the demon king after the coming-of-age ceremony, so the big wedding will be imperative at that time. Anxious to walk back and forth in the room, this day can not live, really so forced into the Hall of Heroes, she can still come out alive? Must be eaten alive by those women. That's what it is. It's really child abuse to throw a pupil into a college student. Miss. Now we can only see what they say. Abby has gone to the human world in the morning. I should be back soon. Xiaoyu filled Cheng Mengyu and Xiaobai with a bowl of iced lotus seed porridge. Drink some cold porridge to cool down the fire. He stirred the lotus seed porridge out of his mind. Her mind was in a whirl. Small fish. What do you think is so great about the demon world. Why do the human world and the divine world desperately want to give women to the demon king? "Miss.". Don't you know? "The little fish looked at her with some surprise.". She laughed. Didn't I know when you said it? Xiaobai also sat aside with some shame and listened. The little fish looked at them helplessly. Had to tell them in detail about the three realms of some of the situation: the human race is the largest number of three races of the race. But most of them are ordinary people. The life span is not long. Although the strength of the practitioners is not worse than that of the demon clan. But the number is far less than that of the demon clan, while the Protoss clan has a long life span. 。 Strength is not weak. But for physical reasons peculiar to the race. It is extremely difficult to conceive offspring. It can be said that the Protoss is the least numerous race. In general. The demon clan is the most powerful clan. Terran is the race with the highest level of industrial processing. Protoss is because of their ability to control the elements. Natural resources such as various minerals and crops can be produced in large quantities. It is equivalent to a powerful material supply in the three realms. Isn't there a boundary in the three realms? No matter how powerful the demon clan is. There are not many people who can freely enter and exit the boundary, so there is nothing to be afraid of. "Not afraid, miss," twitching the corners of his mouth, the fish looked at her speechless, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable indoor park, "don't tell me, you don't know that there are often a lot of magic men and Warcraft in the boundary of the three realms." "Magic Man?"? Warcraft ? What's that 。 Ask for advice. 。 There has always been another race living in the swamp group, which is different from the three races, that is, the Demons and Warcraft. We generally call them the Demons. The Demons are different from us. They do not eat grains, but mainly meat. ; Fear 。 "Although most of their intelligence is very low, but the fighting capacity is very strong, often in the border of the three realms of killing and plundering, at this time the human world and the divine world need to use the powerful force of the demon world to help put down the chaos, I think Miss you certainly do not know that the demon world is not only on the surface of these demons can cross the boundary." In fact, there are a large number of demons over three thousand years old who fight with the Demons in the border areas of the three realms all the year round. Cheng Mengyu listened very carefully, the demon clan can be said to belong to the nature of the mercenary, with their own powerful forces in exchange for all kinds of resources in the other two realms, and although the other two realms are rich in material, but need the protection of the demon world, this is no wonder, no wonder the divine world is so attentive, it is estimated that the demon world and the human world will neglect them after marriage. Biting her lip, she was almost desperate, she had thought too simply before, how could the emperor of the human world be willing to let her run halfway, even if it was a neglected side room, she just needed to stay at Qu's house. Heart suddenly emerged a sense of powerlessness, now life is not bad, have a son and friends, if you want to see your family is also a matter of words, the only loss is love, but to keep a lifetime of widowhood, she has no lover, do not understand love, perhaps here is her final destination? "Abby is back!" At this time, the little fish's loud voice dragged her out of her confusion. She suddenly stood up and stared at Abby, who was panting at the door with tears in her eyes. Young lady, childe said, now the most important thing is to protect yourself, these two years in the palace of heroes you have to take good care of yourself, as for two years after the matter will be handed over to them, and you feel at ease. Then Abi took out a wooden box from her bosom and handed it to Cheng Mengyu. Opening the box, she saw a pair of golden bells the size of fingernails inside. She reached out and picked them up. "What is this?" "This is the soul bell. The Childe asked you to wear it well and never leave it." Abby hung her head and whispered. The little fish on one side saw a different color in the bell's eyes and was about to ask,Inflatable 5k obstacle, but he closed his mouth after seeing Abby's index finger hanging slightly beside him. Soul bell? "Lifting the small and lovely golden bell, she shook it gently, and the clear tinkle poured out from her fingers.".

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