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Before leaving, Shen Tuo told Lin Xun many ways to earn points, which can be described as varied, teaching puzzles, going out to experience, examination and testing. Anyone who can contribute to the college can get the corresponding bonus points. Thinking for a long time, Lin Xun planned to go to the "Hall of Spiritual Affairs". The Hall of Spiritual Affairs is dedicated to promulgating all kinds of tasks and coordinating all kinds of miscellaneous affairs of the college. In short, it is a place for managing miscellaneous affairs. Teacher Kobayashi, you're back! "Great, we've been expecting you for a long time." When Lin Xun walked out of the dormitory, he saw a group of young girls already crowded there. When he saw Lin Xun, they all cheered, excited and happy. Lin Xun was stunned and soon recognized that most of them were students from Class 9, such as Little Fatty Liu Hui, Fan Zhiqiu, Yang Jingyao and so on. Teacher Kobayashi, are you coming back this time? "Teacher Kobayashi, I heard that you have offended the imperial family, and many people want to harm you, but Teacher Shen Tuo said that as long as you are in Qinglu College, no one dares to harm you." Teacher Kobayashi, when will you continue the class? We are all looking forward to your return. Those students chattered non-stop,Jumping castle with slide, although noisy, can hear their caring words from the heart, or let Lin Xun warm in the heart. At this moment, he even thought that if he didn't have too many things to do, it would be good to be a teacher at peace with the world in his life. Go to class quickly. Don't you see that Xiao Lin still has a lot of things to do? The little fat man Liu Hui shouted loudly. Lin Xun was dumbfounded and said, "You all go back to class first. I'm sure I won't leave the college during this period." At this point, a sharp sound like a broken Gong sounded in the distance. "Lin Xun?"? Where is Lin Xun? Come out quickly! "Damn, who is so rude?" Liu Hui,large inflatable water slide, the little fat man, was immediately annoyed. When he looked up, he saw a large group of figures coming from a distance in a threatening manner. Those are a group of men and women, wearing light blue school clothes, shoulder position embroidered with a pair of flying clouds and fog of the blue deer pattern, this is the symbol of the Taoist martial arts Academy. Why are they? The little fat man Liu Hui was a little surprised. The other people present also changed their faces and recognized that it was a group of students from the Taoist Academy! In Qinglu College, Qianlong College has the largest number of students and belongs to the gathering place of freshmen, which can be seen from the word "Qianlong". But Dao Wu Bie yuan is different. Those who can enter Dao Wu Bie yuan to practice are all elite figures selected by thousands of people. They are the top figures in Linghai Realm. There is no lack of Tianjiao wizards and a galaxy of heroes. For example, the top 100 students in the Linghai Golden List are now practicing in the Taoist and Martial Arts Academy! As for Zhenwu Bie yuan, it belongs to the place where the strong people in the cave practice. It is more detached and mysterious, and they are rarely seen in ordinary people. For example, the Lingwen Bie yuan and the Shence Bie yuan are places of spiritual practice prepared for Lingwen masters and tacticians. This also determines that even if they all practice in Qinglu Academy, because of the different paths they take, there is little intersection between the students of Lingwen Academy and Daowu Academy. But today it seems very special, a group of elite Taoist martial arts courtyard, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable water obstacle course, aggressive run to Lingwen courtyard, and threatened to find Lin Xun, this is obviously looking for trouble! Even if the little fat man Liu Hui is dull, they all heard that in today's college, there are many people who threaten to teach Lin Xun a lesson and wash away the shame for the emperors and empresses. Over there! Soon, the sound of a broken Gong sounded again. It was a young man with long and narrow cheeks and small eyes. There was a mole on the corner of his lips. His name is Li Xiaofei, and he is also a celebrity in the Taoist and martial arts Academy. It is not how powerful he is, but because a mole on his lips is so characteristic and eye-catching that he has a famous nickname- "a mole". Accompanied by the voice, the eyes of the students of Dao Wu Bie yuan all looked this way, almost for the first time, they locked their eyes on Lin Xun. You are Lin Xun, you can finally show up, we can wait for you for a long time. Li Xiaofei came two steps ahead, raised his chin, looked at Lin Xun, sneered, and a mole on his lips became more and more striking. Listening to the tone, we knew that they must be looking for trouble, which made the little fat man Liu Hui and other students of Lingwen College all frown. What are you going to do? This is Lingwen Bie yuan, not a place where the students of Dao Wu Bie yuan can run wild! Liu Hui shouted at him. Little Fatty, how can you talk? Get out of the way quickly. It's none of your business. You'd better not talk too much. Be careful to get into trouble! Li Xiaofei squinted at Liu Hui disdainfully, then looked at Lin Xun and said, "Lin Xun, you know what we're looking for you to do. Be conscious and hurry to come with us!" Words domineering, Liu Hui they are furious, this guy is too arrogant, Lin Xun is a teacher, which is a student can be scolded and ordered? "A mole, don't be arrogant. If you dare to fool around again, I will report to the top management of the college and deal with you severely!" Yang Jingyao shouted, she looked gentle and delicate, but at this time it looked very shrewish, a pair of almond eyes staring at Li Xiaofei. She obviously knew Li Xiaofei's background and called him by his nickname, and she was very confident. Uh. It turned out to be Miss Nine of the Yang family. Sure enough, Li Xiaofei looked sluggish, recognized the origin of Yang Jingyao, immediately shyly, appears to be quite afraid. This makes Lin Xun also can not help but surprised, he did not see, Yang Jingyao's origin seems to be very big. But think about it, this is the first college of the Empire, and there is no simple person who can practice here. Yang Xiaojiu, you'd better stay aside. We're not here to make trouble, but specially for Lin Xun. Suddenly, a woman opened her mouth. Her eyes were starry and her lips were red. Her face was exquisite. Her black hair was like a waterfall, revealing a snow-white gooseneck. She was extremely beautiful. But her expression was too cold, and her eyebrows were filled with a sense of pride, like ice and snow in the mountains,Inflatable water park factory, and she looked like a stranger. Xue Yun, are you also going to trouble Xiao Lin? Yang Jingyao frowned, faintly afraid of this beautiful woman named Xue Yun.

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