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With this appearance, she is definitely a close relative of the same age, and she may be a sister. For a time, there were countless people who knew him, and they could not help feeling that the genes of this family were really amazing. Originally thought that the younger brother has been good enough, the original sister is actually this level of beauty. Their school is the top 10 in the country, and there is no doubt that it is also a famous school, and celebrities often come to give speeches. It's not that I haven't seen stars. But the star's aura on TV and movies is one thing, and the crowd is actually not as dazzling as they imagined. Last year, there was a female star in the entertainment circle who often sent a press release. Most of the whole school had watched the star's elegant demeanor. But in front of this beautiful woman down, unexpectedly completely not bad each other, even her face has no makeup traces, that is to say, people are born in this state. Not to mention the excellence and wealth of these two brothers and sisters, they are simply walking winners in life. Zhu Weixin smiled at the envy around him and showed off in his heart, just like showing off his sister in kindergarten when he was a child. Take Zhu Yang to turn around roughly, in fact, this school Zhu Yang is not a little ignorant. After all, in her own city, and she had planned to come here to study, she would naturally come to visit. But we all know what happened later. Also with Zhu Weixin together to listen to the morning class, to the noon time,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Yin Jun also knew that Zhu Yang came to play. His home is a little far from the school, and it is not convenient to go back and forth every day, so he lives on campus. Knowing that Zhu Yang was coming, he would come to have lunch with him. The university canteen here is also a contracted window system, Zhu Weixin they naturally know which side is affordable and which side is delicious. Sister, the crucian carp with pickled pepper in this shop is very good. I'll give you one. I wish Weixin a happy queue. Sister Yang Yang, the braised pork in brown sauce in this restaurant is also good. Yin Jun lined up at another window. As a result, the two fools played several dishes,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, so that the small table of the restaurant's specifications could not be put down. Zhu Yang gave a piece of braised pork in brown sauce to Zhu Weixin and a piece of fish to Yin Jun: "Thanks to me today, otherwise you can't finish eating so much." Three people then happily began to eat, halfway Zhu Yang to make some sour plum soup, holding the cup after Zhu Weixin. I don't know if it was because of the sweaty palms, but the cup slipped out of Zhu Yang's hand, right next to Zhu Weixin. In Zhu Yang's eyes, the time when the cup fell seemed to be slowed down. In her opinion, as long as the cup did not touch the ground, it could be saved. So when the cup smashed on the tile floor, Zhu Weixin was unaware of the process. But was jumped by the crisp voice, apparently only to react. This is the normal reaction of ordinary people, but players are different, even low-level players, to the later stage can easily detect this movement, and quickly respond. If Zhu Weixin has really entered the game, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, it is impossible for him to be still in the low-level field for so long. Zhu Yang is sure of this. Sister, are you all right? Zhu Weixin hurriedly stood up and pulled her: "It's all right. It's just a cup. Don't pick it up. I'll clean it up after dinner." That's.. that's impeccable. If not for the understanding of the game, how can Zhu Yang believe it? Even Lu Datou didn't notice it at all. Zhu Yang waved his hand and said, "It's all right. I'll drink this water." Zhu Weixin where can wronged his sister, immediately ran to buy sour plum soup, even Yin Jun let him bring a cup to himself by the way did not hear. Zhu Yang's day was neither salty nor light, but Zhu Weixin was as happy as a primary school student coming back from a spring outing. Afternoon returned home is still happy, wish mother laughed: "This silly boy, when he was a child, he was willing to go to the parents' meeting, but also disliked his parents." At this time, Lu Xiucai came to eat dinner, saying that his father would leave home for a while, and Lu Li would go back to Europe to accompany his mother for a period of time. He was alone at home without consciousness, so he wanted to come over for dinner these days. Zhu's father and mother saw that he was almost the same as their son-in-law, and naturally there was no one who did not welcome him, especially when he came to Longlong. Back to Zhu Yang's room after dinner, Lu Xiuci asked her, "How is it going?"? Did you try anything today? Zhu Yang has a headache: "Although I don't have any hope, if I really have that sign, I can't hide it for a long time, but I really don't have a flaw at all." Lu Xiuci shrugged his shoulders with an unexpected look. Seeing that Zhu Yang was so worried, he said, "Actually, there is no other way." "What?"? Say it! Zhu Yangdao. Lu Xiuci thought about it: "Didn't we get the team props?" "Yes, but isn't that something that can only be used by the person who issued it at that time and can't be transferred?" At that time, only she and Lu Datou, Xie Yi, Qu He and Bai Youyou got it. The game must have been given to other players it trusted, but the number will never be large, and it is estimated that the total will not add up to more than ten yuan. Lu Xiuci said, "I asked Qu He to study it. The team props cannot be used by others. In the final analysis, it is nothing more than the ownership of several of us." "If the ownership is transferred, it will be all right." Zhu Yang looked at Lu Xiuci and exclaimed that she thought her vision was not low now. But this is the top player's thinking ah, they are not limited to the use of props, have begun to understand the structure of props, development or transformation, this is not a low-level props, the whole game is so little. No, since senior players can limit it, it's certainly not so easy to transfer it. Do you have a way? Zhu Yang asked. Lu Xiuci smiled. "I didn't, but you did.". Did you forget the human book? As soon as Zhu Yang's eyes lit up, she was all mad at her stupid brother. It was a BUG-like existence for people to ignore the level. Although it was generally never used, once it came in handy, it was absolutely powerful. Fortunately, although the team props are items, the core of the restriction is the biometric identification of the spirit body. Zhu Yang got some of Zhu Weixin's hair and temporarily transferred the piece of Lu Xiuci to Zhu Weixin, which Zhu Weixin was unaware of. In the evening,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Zhu Yang came to Zhu Weixin's room, stuffed the props into his pocket, and then asked to enter the game.

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