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Xiaoqian helped Lin Fei to the straw mat, let Lin sit down, and sat close to Lin Fei. Seeing this arrangement and situation, Lin Feixie looked at Xiaoqian with a smile. Are you going to eat me? Come on. Xiaoqian's face was already red at this time. Xiaoqian took a hard breath and blew out the candle. Sure enough, grandma is right. Men don't have a good thing, but you look good. It's cheaper for you to become my first alchemist. I hope you won't turn into a ghost looking for me in the morning after I suck out your breath. Xiaoqian thought to herself, with the movements she had learned from her sisters as much as possible, and with three points of curiosity, she rushed to Lin Fei. One night later, it was already bright, and Xiaoqian was lying on Lin Fei's bare chest. Looking at a red elixir in front of him, I felt that Lin Fei had no beating heart. Xiaoqian some lost, also some grievance began to shed tears. Suddenly, a sound of breathing startled Xiaoqian, who was lying on Lin Fei's chest and crying. I didn't expect you to be so active. Are all the women in the world of Xianxia like you? Why are you crying in the morning? You seduced me first yesterday. Lin Fei said lazily, feeling comfortable all over, and reached out to embrace Xiaoqian in his arms. Are you a ghost? Haven't you been inhaled by me? Haven't you lost your heartbeat? Xiaoqian said incoherently in fright. My heart rate slowed down when I practiced successfully before. You can't hear that it's normal. And I made up a lot a few days ago,PET blow moulding machine, and my body is full of Qi. You can't suck me out of this way, but you can suck out some of the excess energy in my body. Lin Fei answered in a very calm tone. You knew yesterday that I was going to suck your breath. Do you know who I am? Xiaoqian broke away from Lin Fei's embrace and asked in fright. Aren't you just a little fox demon with three tails? Lin Fei said. You see my real body! Are you a Taoist? Are you a Taoist priest who wants to catch monsters and refine me? Don't arrest me. I haven't been killed yet. I hate Taoist priests. Xiaoqian looked at Lin Fei with frightened eyes and broke away from Lin Fei's arm. Looking at Xiaoqian trembling with fear, Lin Fei thought about the comfortable night last night, some can not bear to admit that he is a Taoist priest, he is the future head of the Shushan Sect, this identity is estimated to be too overbearing for the little fox demon in front of him. Be good,Vegetable oil filling machine, Xiaoqian. I'm not a Taoist. I'm a monk. "Lin Fei answered, thinking of leaving the temple with martial arts." Monk, I heard that monks forbid female sè! And the monk also catches demons and catches us. Xiaoqian still said with some fear. I am a fair-weather monk. In the world of mortals, I have to understand the temptations of fair-weather beauty before I can achieve positive results. I will not refine you, the little fox demon. Lin Fei said at random. When Xiaoqian heard Lin Fei's words, she thought for a while and laughed. You can't seem to believe anything you say, but you're funny. Xiaoqian just wanted to go on. Suddenly, the sky, which had been clear, began to turn black, and a black wind came. Xiaoqian, it's time for you to teach Dan medicine. An old lady's voice came, water bottle packaging machine ,water filling machine, and then an old woman dressed like an old witch came out of the black fog and appeared in front of Lin Fei and Xiaoqian. Xiaoqian was so frightened that she was about to hand the newly refined elixir to the old witch. The old girl looked at the best elixir in Xiaoqian's hand, showing a greedy expression. Lin Fei saw this, quickly stepped forward, hand quickly picked, directly seized the Dan medicine in Xiaoqian's hand, threw it into Xiaoqian's mouth, and patted Xiaoqian on the back. Xiaoqian was unprepared, and with a "gurgling" sound, she ate the best elixir into her stomach. After Xiaoqian ate the elixir, she was startled and stunned. Boy, ruin my good thing, what are you, what is your identity? The old woman said ferociously to Lin Fei, who seemed to have nothing to do in front of her and was ignored by him, and the whirlwind of black sè blew Lin Fei's body. My identity should be Xiaoqian's alchemy furnace in the near future. Xiaoqian can't give you this old woman the elixir that my body has trained. Lin Fei answered with indifference. Chapter 449 sew up mother-in-law's town. The Big Dipper, in the medical research Institute of the suture mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law was sitting in the research room, looking at Ren Hao's body data test report. The report is marked with information about Ren Hao's brain frequency, pulse, and adrenaline supply during his last rampage. According to this data, the sewn mother-in-law debugged on a biochemical input made by herself. The experimental data was considerable. After the biochemical input simulated the body supply data of the young Ren Hao, the body reaction speed, strength and other data became stronger, but the data only lasted for one minute. The biochemical input was directly brain dead because of the heavy load on the brain and body. Although it only lasted for one minute, it can greatly improve the physical fitness of the soldiers in one minute, which makes the sewing mother-in-law very excited. We need to continue the experiment to get more useful information. 5720, I am optimistic about you. The sewing mother-in-law said to herself to Ren Hao's physical examination data. Her mother-in-law opened the video surveillance of the green s sè rubber room where 5720 was located, and she found that Ren Hao was squatting with dull eyes, squatting quickly, with empty eyes, as if the surroundings had nothing to do with him. In recent years, a series of enhanced physical training has been completed by Ren Hao, but the state of Jjīng God is not very good. Without saying a word, the beast will be killed when it comes into the room, and it will eat when it comes to the meal point. Sewing mother-in-law looked at Ren Hao in the video detector and thought, "How can we make this boy more cheerful? We can't drive him crazy and force him to bite his tongue and commit suicide like other experiments." "Well, give him a vacation and let him relax for a while." The mother-in-law thought of it, and then she began to climb over the biochemical data sheet of the Big Dipper. Finally, the crazy mother-in-law found a family named Gu,water bottling line, who now sells noodles in a small town on the Big Dipper. Put him in Gujia Noodle Shop. Thinking of this, the sewing mother-in-law began to arrange her subordinates. Ren Hao finished his physical exercise and fell asleep in a daze. Early the next morning, the sewn mother-in-law appeared on the projection of the green s sè rubber room.

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