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"It's all right. I just have nothing to do. Come up and play!" As soon as Li Changgeng choked, he had the heart to strangle the monkey. What are these words? What do you mean by coming up to play. Can't you see we're rummaging around here? But the more at this critical moment, the more he dared not offend this guy. "Great Sage," he said, "it's really unfortunate that you've come. The court has suddenly changed, and now it's in a mess. I think you'd better go back to the world and continue to play." "What are you talking about, you old man? Why do you want me to go back to the world and continue to play?!" He grabbed Li Changgeng by the collar. "Tell me quickly. What happened to the court? Why is it like this? Where is the Jade Emperor?!" "Oh, what a Great Sage I am!" Taibai Venus pushed the monkey's hand away and steadied her body. "If I knew where Your Majesty was now, the heaven would not be as chaotic as it is now!" "Oh?!" The monkey's face changed slightly. "The Jade Emperor has disappeared. What's the matter?!" "No one knows what happened!" Taibai Jinxing was not in a hurry at this time. In fact, it was useless for him to be in a hurry. "An hour ago, he sent Heavenly King Li to take all the heavenly soldiers and generals to Moyun Mountain, while he left Lingxiao Hall alone. But now, an hour has passed and he hasn't come back yet!" The monkey is slightly stupefied, "it's just an hour, how can it become so messy?!" "Oh, Great Sage, don't forget that a day in the sky is a year on the earth. An hour in the sky is more than ten days on the earth. No matter how big it is, a message should be sent back. However, not only is there no message back, but the Tianhe River, which has been supported by Your Majesty's imperial spirit, is suddenly out of control.." "The Jade Emperor can't support the water of the Milky Way?"? He's dead! The monkey's heart moved, and he could think of no other reason than this explanation. There were layers of worries on Venus's face. Obviously,artificial banyan trees, he was also worried about the occurrence of this matter. But the problem was that none of the immortals in the sky could figure out what had happened. Originally, it was nothing to see the Jade Emperor. It would be good for this lazy man to see him several times a year, but suddenly the water of the Milky Way leaked and flowed back into the world. It's a lot of fun. All the people were looking for the Jade Emperor, but none of them could find him. Then they went to the Jade Pool to look for the Queen Mother, only to find that the building was empty. Now, there is no backbone. Heaven is in chaos. It was also at this time that the immortals who had secretly accused the Jade Emperor of incompetence in the past suddenly discovered that, in fact, in the final analysis,fake ficus tree, the real landlord's heart was really the Jade Emperor in the whole heaven. With the Jade Emperor, no matter what happened, no matter how bad the world was, he could always find a way to solve it. Although sometimes it was very ugly to solve it, it was solved after all. Don't you? But now, there is no one in charge. The monkey frowned. This is interesting. The Jade Emperor has disappeared. The imperial spirit that should have been used to control the water of the Milky Way has disappeared. Is the Jade Emperor really dead? He began to wonder what the consequences of this matter would be, and- Suddenly, he looked up and asked, "Why did the Jade Emperor send someone to Moyun Mountain?" "Oh, not yet." Taibai Jinxing suddenly stopped talking and looked at the monkey and said with a smile, "Hey, hey." You see, this is Your Majesty's secret order, and Xiaoxian doesn't know what those heavenly soldiers and generals are doing! "You smooth thing!" The monkey laughed and scolded and asked, "So, the water of this river has been pouring down like this?"? I have been in the rain for ten days and ten nights in the world. I can stand it, silk ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, but others can't stand it. If it goes on like this, we can't walk, let alone get the scriptures. Even if we go to the West and get the scriptures back, I'm afraid we won't listen to it! Taibai Venus wry smile, who said it was not, this other interests he is also clear, but one day do not find the jade emperor, this day can not control the water of the Milky Way, in fact, to this time, even if found the jade emperor, control the water of the Milky Way, this matter can not be solved. Because the sky is broken. What is heaven? To put it bluntly, it is a layer of prohibition and a layer of boundary. Thirty thousand years ago, in order to vent the depression in her heart, she turned over a big palm and shook a good prehistoric world upside down. A good piece of land was beaten into countless pieces by her palm. The largest four pieces formed the present four continents. But this is not important, the important thing is that the vitality that filled the prehistoric world was scattered by her slap, of course, scattered also scattered where to go, but most of them condensed together, as one, floating between heaven and earth, can no longer fall down, this is the present heaven. After the flood and famine broke up, there was a mess between heaven and earth. Helplessly, Hongjun and the saints discussed the establishment of the three realms, which were for heaven, earth and man, and the human world was based on the four continents. The underworld is used for reincarnation, which has not changed. It has existed in the flood and famine period, because the underworld exists in another dimension, so it has not been affected by that slap. As for heaven, it is the present heaven, because anyone who is a man of practice knows the importance of the vitality of heaven and earth. At that time, the surviving practitioners all ran to heaven one by one. This is also the so-called truth that people die for money and birds die for food. As a result, among these practitioners, except for some who were really strong, the others really died. Why? The vitality is too strong. Isn't there a word in traditional Chinese medicine. There is also a saying, "Starve to death with small courage, support to death with big courage." These guys are all supported to death. They enter this group of Reiki, and before they can react, they are supported by the powerful vitality of heaven and earth. Both form and spirit are destroyed. Finally, there is no way, Hongjun with great magical power, great magic power combined with the essence of the earth, to this heaven under a boundary, a time boundary, so that the flow of time here is slower than the human world and the underworld, that is, a day in the sky,silk olive tree, a year on the ground, this is not a whole number. Instead, this time flow rate is at the critical point where most immortals absorb the vitality of heaven and earth.
Out of the door, I finally found out why I always felt something was wrong, please, the one inside seems to be the undead, right? What are the undead? They are dead creatures! How can a dead creature look so old, unless he died of old age! But after receiving so much knowledge, I have a relatively clear understanding of the undead. Ghouls are pure undead creatures naturally generated in the underworld, and there is no aging state at all! The only explanation for this, I'm afraid, is that the guy has lived a long time, so he wants something to decorate himself. Moreover, among the undead, the combat class is divided into the warrior class and the mage class. And the Lich is the top existence of the mage department, which can be comparable to the high-end existence of the demigod. In terms of level, there are at least 120 levels (players up to 100 levels, demigods up to 120 levels, gods up to 200 levels). No wonder the old man looks like such a crazy believer. He did not know that the other side is actually located at the top of the Lich super big Lich, look at the level of a full 150 oh! By the way, he wants me to find a skeleton for ten people. What do you want that for? Is this the legendary mission? After floating around and thinking about the knowledge of the game for a long time, I suddenly realized the tunnel. He quickly opened his task list, and sure enough, a task was clearly displayed there,Faux cherry blossom tree, "collect ten skeletons for the steward of Shadow Bunker, unlimited time, task level G." (Tasks are divided into SSS, SS, S, A, B, C.. All the way up to G-level tasks,silk ficus tree, where G is the easiest and SSS is the hardest.) "Go, go, go. Outside is the graveyard. Go and see if there is a complete skeleton." This time, he finally found one more thing in his package-the unfinished map-and he quickly unfolded it, showing all the places he had just run around. He hurried to the graveyard, and after careful observation, he found out why the old ghoul said "ten skeletons" instead of ten human skeletons. The graveyard is full of skeletons, but most of them are incomplete, and the skeletons of all races are mixed all over the ground. This Floating around looking at the broken bones on the ground, scratching his head strangely, then squatting down and playing with the green luminous plants growing out of the skull's head. This is a good thing. Without any experience, he intuitively thought that the plant that could emit dim light was very interesting, so he pulled it up. Ah After leaving the ground, the root of the plant immediately sent out a terrible cry, floating around, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,silk cherry blossom tree, only to feel a pain in his body, to see his blood brush to reduce, originally only 10 points of blood in an instant to the end. Suddenly, he turned into a white light and returned to the resurrection point, the Shadow Bunker. Boy, why are you back so soon? Oh, let me see, the original is hanging back ah, but I remember that the vicinity is the owner's territory, there should be no dangerous creatures exist ah? Diss asked curiously, not knowing where he had got a pair of glasses this time. I accidentally pulled out something, uh.. He looked carefully for his hand, didn't he? If you don't have what you got before, you should find your own package immediately. "This sentence quickly appeared in his head. He quickly went through the bag, but he didn't."? "That.." Did you put that thing in your bag? Diss asked in a strange tone. That, it doesn't seem to be. Floated around and scratched his hair sheepishly. Fool, I don't care if you get it or not, anyway, you go out and collect bones now! Dees kicked someone out in anger. "Idiot!"! You're not allowed in here until you get something! I set your resurrection point at the door! "Uh.." Someone else in the clouds suddenly flew out and fell into a pile of bones in the distance. Chapter 8 Rookie Growth Path (2) In the game, an undead is repeating the process of death, resurrection, death again, and resurrection again. Although the undead are known as the undead, the damage is too great. If it exceeds the total health of the undead, even they will die immediately. And the fundamental reason why this rookie undead repeats these processes is the undead mandala. Undead Mandala, a level 50 undead creature, has the same ability as Screaming Mandala (level 30). It has no attack power and no defense power, but it will not die as long as it is not pulled out of the soil for a long time. When it is pulled out, it will send out a spiritual shock wave, which is its only skill, namely the death skill-Dead Howl. Can instantly kill a creature that hears a call. Unless equipped with high level mental resistance equipment or with the resistance talent, it cannot save and must die. Although this strange plant has a very high level, but before it is pulled out, it has no ability, but once it is pulled out, it will use a wide range of abnormal death magic, if not for the high value of Datura itself, I am afraid no one would like to trouble it. Damn, this is the fiftieth time! He floated back and forth, revived in the white light again, and then rushed on to the undead mandala over there. Of course, he still didn't know what the thing was that he had not been able to put into his bag. The life of a special soldier filled his mind with perseverance, but the influence of schizophrenia made him want to get to the bottom of all strange things. As a result, someone who should have given up long ago has been running between the shadow bunker and the graveyard until now. But anyway, he was level 0, and now that he's died so many times, he's not going to die lower and lower. So someone who is not afraid of death continues to do things like this more and more. Ah The mandala screamed for the 151st time, but this time,large ficus tree, something strange happened. The little ghost holding it did disappear as a streamer, but it did not fall to the ground like the previous 130 times, but disappeared with the white light.
Eight years, in the record of important events of this year, we know that the disaster occurred on February 26. On this day. Some of the important events of the early years recorded in this book deserve special mention: According to the year 1841 It is recorded that the date on which the British declared their occupation of Hong Kong Island was January 26 of that year, when Elliot was on the island. The date of the posting of the "Notice of Peace for the People" was January 29, and Britain formally obtained it under the Treaty of Nanking. In Hong Kong, it is August 29, 1842. As for the first governor of Hong Kong, Pottinger formally accepted the appointment. Ren, on the other hand, was on June 26, 1843. The above figures are printed on the first and second pages of this book, and you can check them if you want them. To search for such information from other historical accounts would be a great effort. The tables of statistics from 1841 to 1903, which are enclosed at the end of this volume, sometimes It can be said that it is more useful than the above written records. These statistics are broken down into trade, finance, population, health, Health, public education, public security,faux ficus tree, etc. The tonnage of ships in and out is included under the heading "trade", taxes, military expenditures, Construction costs, etc. Are included under "Finance", while figures for police and prisoners are included under "Public Security" Under. Most notable are the population statistics since 1841. Chinese and non-Chinese Are calculated separately. In the first year of the British occupation of Hong Kong Island (1841), the Chinese people on the island The number is 5650,faux grass wall, and non-Chinese people are not counted. By the last year of this book, That is to say, in 1930, the number of Chinese residents was already 819400, and the number of non-Chinese was one. Nine thousand and four hundred people, a total of 838800 people. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM The Early Development of Hong Kong ~ Novel Txt, Tang The Early Development of Hong Kong The Early Development of Hong Kong (1842 to 1912). This is a book of color paintings. The volume was compiled by the Asia Petroleum Company of Hong Kong to commemorate their 50th anniversary of operation (1913). It is a pictorial history of Hong Kong with a total of 12 pictures printed in colour, starting in 1842 and ending in In 1912, the year before the establishment of the company in Hong Kong, a total of 70 years. The pictures are drawn in a comprehensive way, that is, the important people in Hong Kong and the important people in Hong Kong at the same time. To build it, divide it into several independent small parts and draw them on the same picture, so as to synthesize a picture. This is the use of color. Color printing, fake blossom tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, plus a page with a simple description in Chinese and English. These 12 maps give a general picture of the development of Hong Kong in the first 70 years of its existence. For example, the term of office of the first governor Pottinger was from 1842 to 1844. This picture shows the construction and development of Hong Kong in the past three years. The term of office of the second governor-general was 18. From 1944 to 1848, the painting is the situation in these five years. The last one is a painting. From 1997 to 1912, this was the term of office of Governor Luard. This was just before the First World War. At night, Hong Kong's commercial economy is very prosperous, and cars have been imported from Europe. This painting depicts Hong Kong. The new campus of the University and the General Post Office at Pedder Street are all important buildings in Hong Kong built in this year. Building. Twelve pictures are not bad, although there are a lot of beautification and exaggeration, but more or less can make one. Readers generally get a little impression of Hong Kong in its early days. It's just that the text is too brief and in both Chinese and English. If you look at it carefully, you will find that there are several contradictions, which are obviously the negligence of compilation and printing. A Brief Biography of Hong Kong People in the Early Years A Brief Biography of Hong Kong People in the Early Years, by Andeco (G. b. endacott:《a biographical sketch-book of early hong kong》)。 Andeco has taught at the University of Hong Kong and compiled several historical materials of Hong Kong's history and early years. Published by Oxford University Press and Oxford University Press. But the publisher of this book is the Oriental University in Singapore. Department Co., Ltd., published in 1962, printed in Japan. This book is a useful reference book for those who have paid attention to the history of Hong Kong in its early days as a colony. Books. The biographies of the people described in the book are scattered in various records, only a few. Some people have individual biographies, and now their biographical materials, especially those related to Hong Kong, have been collected by the authors. In one place, they compiled a brief biography for each of them, which is very useful for reference. In the preface to the so-called "early years of Hong Kong", the author explains that he was confined to the period of British occupation of Hong Kong. The first twenty-five years since the island, from 1841 to 1865. In the past 25 years, Hong Kong The island was militarily occupied by the Treaty of Nanking of the Opium War, which formally became a British colony from the beginning. In the hands of Elliot, the ruler, through the first governor, Potemkin, and his successors, Davies, Banham, and Po. Spirit, until Robinson. The date of the latter's death is 1865, which is the author's date in this book. The last year of a given year. This book contains a brief biography of the characters, which is divided into three parts. The first part is the summary of this period. Governor, including Elliot, to Robinson, a total of six people. The second part is the Hong Kong government in the early years. Officials, including ten separate biographies of officials, as well as a "other officials.". This group of Hong Kong government officials in the early years included John Johnston, who was originally qualified to be a member. As governor, but has not been able to do so. And William? Jian He was also one of the most influential figures in Hong Kong in the early years. One. In addition, there was Gao Dewei, who caused a storm in the city at that time because of corruption and collusion with pirates, and the Qing Dynasty. Ji Shi-li,artificial grass panels, who was hated by the court officials. The brief biography of the third part is "a few Hong Kong characters". None of these people are government officials, so Not included in Part II. The characters included in this section include the lawyer Bielie, the journalist Tulum.
One hundred Qianlong wanted to be promoted to the rank of Fu Kangan. For one thing, he was on duty as a bodyguard for the first time, and for another, he was too young to be promoted without success. With this credit, the heart of this gratification, how outsiders can not understand. On second thought of Yin Jishan's words, instead of being calm and prudent, he turned to think that Liu Yong was a civil servant, and how to count his labor according to his field feats. He also thought that Fu Kangan was really a great talent. He was born purely in martial arts. It seemed a pity that he was rewarded too heavily under one merit, and it was easy to increase his arrogance and arrogance.. As he thought about it, his mind was already settled Pure Brightness. "Actually," he said with a smile,liquid bottle filling machine, "I take their loyalty to the emperor and love for the people regardless of their interests. The battle was a close one. If you have half a perfunctory heart, first come to ask for a decree, or first contact and consult with the Taiwan garrison in Shandong Province. Aft careful deliberation, that thieves escape, and they lose their responsibility-this is the common trick of mediocre official. Fu Heng has a son! Liu Tongxun has a son! I cannot describe the joy in my heart. But after all,CSD filling line, they are young, and they have to be honed to become useful. He paused for a moment and then added, "I expect that their discount will arrive tonight and tomorrow. The Military Department will discuss it first. We should make an issue of commendation and encouragement, and the meritorious personnel at the lower levels will keep their stories as usual.". Their contributions, although the court has a system, would rather from the low or file, wait until the messenger finished the introduction, not too late. How did a few people know that Qianlong had changed his mind in a moment? When he wanted to say more, Qianlong said with a smile, bottle blowing machine ,Beverage packing machine, "Let's talk about it when their memorial comes."! Ji Yun reported a good news to rush, my heart is actually depressed, the administration is a real article, the real article is really difficult to do-I do not know how many times the late emperor said this, at that time just put himself in the position, but now it is empathy! He suppressed a smile. The slave just talked about the cowhide tent. When the Fifth Master returns to Beijing, please summon the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of War to discuss it. Now there is no time to divide the responsibilities, and the five thousand tents allocated from the Department of Treasury will never be enough. Whether from Horqin or Chahar, it is urgent to purchase fifty thousand collars and distribute them to the garrison in Qinghai. Yin Jishan sat upright with his hands on his knees, staring at the front and saying slowly, "You can distinguish right from wrong calmly. Soldiers can't be calm when they are cold and hungry.". Qinghai's terrain is cold and cold, and some large camps have only one winter a year, so the frozen soil can't grow grain and vegetables, eat moldy grain and live in broken tents. The slave went to inspect, and the soldiers all looked like vegetables, and some of the whole battalion looked like chickens, and at dusk they became a group of blind people! I asked the Ministry of the Interior to allocate peanuts, walnuts, jujubes and melon seeds and transport them to the barracks. From officers to soldiers, they ran and cheered, 'Long live the sages! Empathize with our poor soldiers! ' Later, when it was transferred again, it could not be moved. The Ministry of War and the Ministry of the Interior all said that the soldiers in the plain barracks only ate green vegetables and tofu, and that the supply of military supplies could not favor one over the other. How did they know that there was no place to exchange a hundred catties of mutton for a catty of green vegetables in those places! A truckload of turnips was sent to the soldiers in the camp to gather around and eat them all for a while. The slave went into the kitchen in person and ate dried vegetables, mutton and snow rice for two days. It was really hard to swallow. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with a frown on his lips, as if he still could not bear the bitterness. At that moment, Ji Yun noticed that Yin Jishan had become black and old, not only his beard was pale, but also his thick and thick hair had become unusually thin, and his braids were only the thickness of his thumb,Edible oil filling machine, hanging softly behind his head. Think of two years ago with the tour of Qingliangshan, Yin Jishan that elegant, how to look at the spirit of the game and in front of the deep and prudent description of the haggard minister of military aircraft can not be confirmed.
Not aware that something was wrong with Lin Yu, Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting, who got a satisfactory answer, ignored it and quietly exchanged messages, determined to persuade Lin Yu to hand over the safe! Lin Yu, what are you standing here for? Not to go to the library? When Gu ran came over, what he saw at a glance was Lin Yu standing in front of Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting with his head down. Keep your head down? That's Lin Yu! Are you kidding me? Subconsciously determined that Lin Yu was in trouble, Gu ran without saying a word, with a group of friends came over, surrounded by Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting. Suddenly surrounded, Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting were dumbfounded. What's going on? Who are these people? Where did it come from? "Lin Yu, you go first." Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting are regarded as unfriendly people without hesitation, and Gu Ran has the momentum of "I am in everything", which is inexplicably quite stylish. Thank you Nodding to Gu Ran, Lin Yu turned around and made a detour. Leave? How could Lin Yu leave like this? Too stunned, Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting stood on the spot, unable to say a word for a long time. By the time they reacted and wanted to identify themselves, Lin Yu had gone away and disappeared around the corner. Tell me! Who the hell are you? What are you looking for Lin Yu for? Are you up to no good? As soon as Gu ran opened his mouth,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, he asked for punishment, and directly convicted Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting. We are Lin Yu's parents! With a face full of displeasure staring at Gu Ran who was in the way, Lin Hongxin took out the elder's momentum, and his attitude was really not very friendly. Mom and Dad? Oh, you are the adoptive parents who talked nonsense behind gossip magazines and deliberately ruined Lin Yu's reputation! Lin Hongxin did not report his identity, but this report immediately triggered Gu Ran's high alert. He did not forget that it was this cruel adoptive parents who, for the sake of the happiness of Lin Yiqian's own daughter,Vegetable oil filling machine, mercilessly pushed Lin Yu into the wolf's den of the Xu family! Although Xu Mo woke up after the attitude of Lin Yu is still good, although Xu Huan deliberately came to him to emphasize that the attitude of the Xu family to Lin Yu has changed, and is very important. Gu ran is still very concerned about the original reason why Lin Yu was sent to the Xu family! Some things, do not care about the process, only value the results. But what happened to Lin Yu was different! If the other side is not Xu Mo, if Xu Mo did not wake up, waiting for Lin Yu will be what happened? Need not others say, Gu ran also can think of. Yes, he admitted that his ability was not enough to save Lin Yu from the Xu family. However, whatever he can do, Gu Ran will never refuse! Just like the Xu family announced the party that Xu Mo woke up, he didn't like it, juice filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, so he didn't attend. But at the moment to treat Lin Yu's adoptive parents, he does not like, still can find fault! What are you talking about? Children belong to every family. Don't talk nonsense if you don't know! This is a family affair of our Lin family. It has nothing to do with you. It's not your turn to interrupt! See Gu ran a group of college students dare to choke with them, Sun Wanting is not happy to accuse. So what if they speak ill of Lin Yu? Xu Mo asked, but they dared not answer. This group of ordinary college students challenge, they must also endure? Where does that come from! "It seems that you have no intention of repentance at all!"! All right, you can jump all you want. Come on, hurry up and say a few more bold words. Let's be good people and help you publicize it. Maybe you can report it again and continue to be your big celebrities! Gu ran said and rolled up his sleeves, as if he was eager to fight with others. However, in fact, he just raised his mobile phone and planned to take pictures. Gu Ran is always casual. If he likes Lin Yu, he will be able to circle around Lin Yu for nearly two years. Even if Lin Yu was cold to him every time, he didn't care. It was not until Lin Yu got married that he reluctantly accepted the idea of pursuing and turned to silent admiration. Inadvertently knowing that Lin Yu's marriage was not what he had imagined, he almost broke up with Xu Huan. How dare you! Isn't it obvious that you are a bully! If Lin Yu hadn't told him not to interfere. Even if Gu ran can not change the situation, at least can help expose the false face of Lin Hongxin husband and wife, can stir up Lin Yiqian did not live in peace! "Are you crazy?"? Inexplicable! Lin Hongxin opened the camera to their mobile phones with one hand and pulled Sun Wanting away quickly. Gu ran failed to hold the mobile phone in his hand and fell to the ground with a "bang" and immediately fell apart. Looking at Lin Hongxin and Sun Wanting fleeing in confusion, Gu Ran clapped his hands and shouted to his friends: "Come on, take pictures quickly!"! This is incriminating evidence! Dude, I want it back! Lin Hongxin, who had not yet gone far, stumbled and almost fell down. Sun Wanting's body was also leaning uncontrollably, and her arm hit the tree heavily. With a sharp pain, Sun Wanting couldn't help crying out: "Husband, it's broken!"! My arm is broken! Hospital, hurry to the hospital! Success is not enough, failure is more than enough! Lin Hongxin was forced to stop and had to send Sun Wanting to the hospital in a hurry. Lin Yu naturally did not go far. Clearly see this scene, the corners of the mouth then raised. She owes Gu Ran a favor, and she will pay it back in the future! Chapter 38 Sun Wanting's fracture must not be blamed on others. Just because Lin Hongxin's stagger caused him to fail to stand firm, the whole person without any warning pressed Sun Wanting. As a result, Sun Wanting, who had always been pampered, was thus devastated. At that time, Lin Yiqian had not yet received the news. But very unfortunately, was Gu ran to the door. Gu ran's meaning is very obvious, want Lin Yiqian to compensate his mobile phone! When she was called out of the classroom by her classmates again, Lin Yiqian was in a bad mood. Before Xu Huan came to her, it had caused quite a stir, which was not a good thing for her at all. At the moment to find her became Gu ran, not to mention the school Gu ran's support group, Zhao Linglu's anger alone, Lin Yiqian can not resist. Zhao Linglu is really angry. She found that at the beginning of this semester,PET bottle Mold, Lin Yiqian was strange! In the past, Lin Yiqian would always complain to her about Lin Yu's faults, just as she and Lin Yiqian accused Zhao Xuer of being an eyesore. They were in the same situation and had endless common topics whenever they got together.
"Yes, the blood tripod emperor was injured and the Haotian emperor was killed many years apart, and the blood tripod emperor was later rescued by that woman, according to reason is certainly nothing.". That's why I wonder why the Blood Tripod Emperor didn't bother you when you destroyed the Xianque Chamber of Commerce of the Blood Tripod Emperor. Said the tulip simply. Thank you for telling me this. He patted the fan in his hand, "but how should I deal with you?"? Whether to kill you or do something else, I am really very worried. The tulip suddenly smiled, "Elder Martial Brother Ye, whether before or after shaping the body, I am still perfect.". If you don't mind that I'm a little old and want to do something else to me, you can let me go, and I'm willing to do it. But I see what you mean. You don't want to do that with me at all. I really want to ask you to let me go, but I don't know what reason to find. I can only tell you that I never wanted to kill you after I thought I had you, believe it or not. Ye Mo smiled, "Tulip, I believe you.". In fact, age doesn't matter at all to people who cultivate immortals. Actually, you're right. I really don't have any other ideas about you. I want to ask you one more thing. Was the middle-aged scribe still there when you came? Did you kill him? Tulip shook her head and said,water filling machine, "I really didn't lie to you. When I came here, there was no one here.". Because there is a platform here, it is more convenient to rest at ordinary times, so I chose my own place to practice here. Kui nodded. "I have one more thing to ask you. I saw a golden skeleton in the chaotic star field of the lower sky. The skeleton had only one hand. He was holding a Zen staff in his hand.". That's the man who asked me to kill you. He only has a trace of primordial spirit. Do you know that guy? This guy made a mark of divine consciousness on his body at that time. If it wasn't for Zhen Bingyu, he really wouldn't know. The mark of divine consciousness, even now, is still preserved in the world of golden pages. Tulip's eyes suddenly darkened. After a while,PET blow moulding machine, she said, "I know him. If I'm not wrong, he should be Gong Ye Cangming, the first master of the South Tomorrow Temple.". Although he has not yet demonstrated the holy emperor, but is the top semi-saint, and the strength is extremely powerful, did not expect him to die in the chaotic star field of the lower sky, only a trace of the existence of the primordial God. Chapter nineteen hundred and thirty-three dig nine foot of the wall. "I guess he died of poisoning, because his eyebrows and front bones are all black, which should be the top poison.". Even now, his primordial spirit could not dispel the poison, so he had to stay under the pool. After a long time, water bottle packaging machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, I'm afraid his original spirit will be corroded. After listening to the tulip's words, he immediately speculated. Poisoning The tulip said to herself in amazement, with a trace of guilt in her eyes. "Did you kill that man?" He asked doubtfully. "No." Tulip shook her head. I thought you killed him. Since you didn't kill him, why do you feel so guilty? He looked at the tulip with some guilt and said in puzzlement. Although Gong Ye Cangming was a monk, he was the double cultivation companion that the fairies in the fairy world wanted most at that time. The tone of the tulip immediately let Ye Mo guess out, in front of this tulip is estimated to be one of the many women who are obsessed with Gong Ye Cangming. Seeing that he was somewhat clear, Tulip immediately said, "Do you think I also have a crush on Gong Ye Cangming?" Kui did not answer this time, he is not a gossip, tulip is not secretly in love with Gong Ye Cangming has nothing to do with him. Tulip also did not intend to let him answer, said to himself: "I happen to be one of the few people who do not have a crush on Gong Ye Cangming. Gong Ye Cangming is very handsome and handsome, and no one can match his demeanor.". And aptitude and wisdom are top, no one can compare. More importantly, his cultivation is an invincible existence of the same rank. Elder Martial Brother Ye, if you haven't seen your body, you are far inferior to Gongye Cangming in terms of appearance. Without interrupting Tulip's words, he vaguely felt that Tulip seemed to have some purpose in talking about Gong Ye Cangming. I have seen Gong Ye Cangming many times. Because he's the center of attention wherever he goes. "Tulip tone with a trace of sadness," until that time in Qingweitian party, he saw me. I was wearing a veil, but he rudely penetrated my veil with divine consciousness and saw my whole picture clearly. Later, he refused to pay attention to other fairies and wanted to pursue me. He looked at the tulip subconsciously. To be honest, the tulip is beautiful. But as she herself said, if you don't look at her body, her appearance is just beautiful. Still far from the kind of people can not move away from the point of view, even compared to Ning E, tulips are also a few chips. Can she make Gong Ye Cangming fall in love at first sight? No matter how thick-skinned Gong Ye Cangming is, he won't sweep her through her clothes with divine consciousness, will he? "Do you think I look like that?" The tulip saw what he was thinking from his expression. Indeed, think that Gongye Cangming is used to seeing very beautiful fairies. You're not bad, but I don't think you can be loved by Gong Ye Cangming at first sight, can you? Kui would not hide it and said it bluntly. Tulip laughed at herself, "Because after I rebuilt my body, I have completely changed my appearance.". I hate the way I used to look. But he didn't want to go on. He stopped the tulip with a wave of his hand and went on, "I'm leaving.". I don't want to hear any more of this gossip. "No, I'll finish soon." Tulip did not shut up, "Gong Ye Cang Ming's cultivation is extremely high, and he is extremely intelligent.". When he saw that I was not interested in him, he tried every means to pursue me. I got a lot of benefits from him, and even knew the secret of his great intelligence and quick practice,plastic bottle making machine, but I couldn't really like him. Later, I had to walk away, and he thought he had me. You're gone. He thinks he's got you? What does that mean? He stared at the tulip doubtfully.
The little hand tugged at Aunt Qiu's purple gold-plated round-necked skirt, but Aunt Qiu was so stiff that she did not respond. She knew that the man had made a move, and at this moment, she finally understood that in the face of absolute strength, all the tricks would lose their effectiveness. Coincidentally, Ye Muling came to visit Aunt Qiu at this time, and Aunt Qiu's eyes flashed a trace of ruthlessness. Ye Muling lifted the curtain and came in, dressed in a sky-blue tulle group, very smart, Aunt Qiu quietly watching, no words. Ye Muling smiled, "a few days ago, Muling was not feeling well, but my aunt was always worried about Muling. When Muling was in good health, she came to visit my aunt." "Well, I'm sorry to bother the young lady." Aunt Qiu replied coldly, unable to forget that she had become a bare rod commander. There were only a few people left in her hands, which made her feel that the blood all over her body was coagulated and could not flow. Ye Muling smiled, but in Aunt Qiu's eyes, it was extremely dazzling. "Aunt Qiu is afraid that she can only be an aunt now." Aunt Qiu's eyes looked sharply at Ye Muling in an instant, but it didn't work at all. "Aunt can also do a lot of things." Like, kill you! "Why, my aunt still won't stop. You know this is Hou Fu." Ye Muling's implication is that if you are just an aunt, you can't escape the fate of Hou Fu. If you have other forces, it's okay. But now, you are a princess of a country. Even if you don't want to, you can only be an aunt, no, or a more powerful aunt. Now the identity has changed, the purpose is also different, although the aunt wants to be promoted to the mother is very difficult, but some things are not difficult. Like, destroy you first, young lady! I believe that even if I am just an aunt,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but also will defeat you, this is my mission as a princess of Uzi, but also the honor and disgrace of my country! "Then I'll wait and see!" Ye Muling did not ignore Ye Xiaorong's resentful eyes, presumably the heart must hate her very much! As a reward for the plague event, Ye Muling put the heads of Aunt Qiu's trusted leaders in various regions in a huge mahogany box, neatly placed on the upper and lower layers, and carried them to Aunt Qiu. Qiu Auntie Niang is cautious, but gradually see the bottom of the box actually oozed blood, can not help but some fear in the heart, of course, she is not only afraid of the dead, but also not the corpse. Opening the red box, Ye Xiaorong immediately screamed and fell to the ground in horror, pretending to be a girl all the year round, which had made him a little strange. Aunt Qiu's face turned pale immediately, and nothing made her heartache more than seeing these people die in front of her, as if she had experienced the pain of national subjugation, which was a great humiliation to her! Ye Muling, ultrasonic metal welding ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, I won't let you go! I must kill you! -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Oh, I can't afford it. Chapter 122 Scorpion. Updated: November 16, 2012 10:32:45 Words in this Chapter: 7734 Aunt Qiu, who was clamoring to kill Ye Muling, was silent, and as the man surfaced, all her forces were cut off, and the fierce momentum would make her tremble involuntarily every time. Ma Ba Xiao. Please remember this site Now, there are only a few people left around her, so she has to tuck her tail between her legs. However, this does not mean that she has forgotten her hatred for Ye Muling. If it were not for her, the man would not retaliate so fiercely against her! Qiu Auntie Niang was somewhat crazy and killed the person who had suggested using the plague at the beginning, which was quite like breaking the net. In the evening of that day, Ye Muling was leaning on the soft couch and looking through the medical books. The things contained in the medical books were far beyond her expectation. She had never thought that a small medical book was the courage and perseverance to travel through the world. Gradually, she began to specialize in research, she thought, there is always a day to use, plus, now Gu Nancheng's poison is still no progress, how can not let her worry? Suddenly, Jinzhu lifted the curtain and walked in, looking at the master dressed in a yellow crabapple flower dress, nodding respectfully, sweet and cowardly voice was very comfortable, "Miss, just had a servant girl to report that the eldest young master wanted to see Miss, but also said that Miss immediately went there." "Did you say anything?" Ye Muling turned over a page of the medical book, not knowing whether he had read it or not, but the flickering candlelight reflected on the wall, which was very warm. Jinzhu lowered her eyebrows and hung her head. "Miss Hui, the eldest young master never said what was going on, but the maidservant asked a few questions. I heard that Juqin had received the news, but she couldn't leave for a while, so she let the little girl come to report it." Ye Muling's face was expressionless. There was a sound, but there was no movement. Hiding in the distance secretly looking at the room of the orange piano can not help but give birth to a trace of anxiety, is Ye Muling found something? Why don't you start. Half ring, Ye Muling finally put down the medical book, turn over the buckle on the table, "clean up, go and have a look." Several servant girls were ordered to pick up things, because it was getting late, so there was no need to prepare anything, just try to make the makeup neat, so as not to lose the courtesy. Before leaving, Ye Muling visited a pot of tea and several cups on the table, but there was still some tea left in one cup, which was obviously just used by Ye Muling, while the others were neatly placed together and polished. Ye Muling took the lead in walking out of the door, and several servant girls followed him. When he left, the red dress left two small lights in the room. The whole room was a little dark, and only faint light and shadow could be seen. Juqin watched Ye Muling walk out of the gate of the courtyard with her own eyes. The stone in her heart fell down. She quickly took out a bag of things from the water tank in the kitchen. Because it was a little dark, she could not see what it was. Tangerine, with some caution, tried to keep the sack away from herself, which seemed not a good thing. Juqin looked around and saw that no one was there,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, so she picked up a shovel and quickly shoveled up the soil. Unfortunately, the location was opposite the window of the Liuli Pavilion. Because there were a lot of flowers and plants planted, it was easy to dig.
In the next three months, Chu Tianming basically accompanied Fang Qing to chat and stroll, except for entering the time cabin several times and studying the beautiful pictures of thousands of rivers and mountains at ordinary times. The thousand-eyed demon king saw that the two of them had such a good relationship, and as the days went by, there was no appearance of a straight face before, and when he saw Chu Tianming, he would smile, as if he didn't mind that Chu Tianming had ruined her plan. In fact, the thousand-eyed demon king has thought of another way to continue her plan. Three months later, Chu Tianming and Fang Qing got married. As the daughter and son-in-law of the thousand-eyed demon king, their wedding was naturally as grand as it could be. The top ten demon kings in the small demon world were all present. Although Chu Tianming killed their proud disciples and made these demon kings look very ugly when they saw Chu Tianming, they did not launch an attack. The wedding ended with laughter and laughter. Chu Tianming and Fang Qing were supported by a group of people and entered the bridal chamber. When they were sure that no one was outside, Chu Tianming directly set up a six-level magic array, and then took off the groom's dress and changed into his usual clothes. They can really make trouble! Chu Tianming drank a pot of wine in one gulp, and then he felt much more comfortable in his throat. Fang Qing also changed her clothes at this time and came out. When she saw Chu Tianming's discomfited appearance, she immediately covered her mouth with a smile and patted him on the back. He poured him a cup of tea. Stop drinking and drink tea! Chu Tianming glanced at Fang Qing, reached for the teacup in her hand, and drank it dry. After a few days, I guess they have to take action, before that I will take you away from the goblin world,ultrasonic dispersing machine, so I have no worries! Chu Tianming sat down and said. Fang Qing sat down beside him and said, "Is there any danger?" "Maybe!"! But I'm sure I won't put myself in danger. [] At least I want to go. They can't be stopped! Fang Qing nodded, and the worry in her heart was relieved. You go to rest first, and I'll practice here. Chu Tianming said. You go to bed early, too. As soon as Fang Qing left, Chu Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. I almost couldn't hold it! Chu Tianming patted his chest with a lingering fear, and just now he almost took Fang Qing as Fang Wen. If something really happened, how could he explain to Fang Wen! He poured himself some wine and gulped it down. The feeling of burning was gradually suppressed. This is no good. It seems that we have to do something when we go back. You can't always suppress it! Chu Tianming said in distress. As a normal man,ultrasonic dispersion machine, such depression is obviously not good, before has been busy practicing, but also did not think about these things, but these days. In the face of the thousand-eyed demon king this little goblin, she was tempted a few times from time to time, although there was no accident, but Chu Tianming in the bottom of his heart that a trace to hook out. Bad luck! Sighing, Chu Tianming got up and went to one side, took out the futon he used to practice, sat on it directly, and practiced. Only when you practice, can you suppress this desire, otherwise when you think of Fang Qing, who is only a few meters away, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Chu Tianming has the impulse to become a wolf, which is not good! This is not good! …… A night passed, Chu Tianming finally failed to practice at ease, a night of time, Chu Tianming is spent in the ideological struggle. When the night passed and the light spread all over the earth, Chu Tianming got up and pushed open the room and exercised his muscles and bones in the yard. After a while, Fang Qing also came out. She glanced at Chu Tianming, who was dodging and moving in the yard. A trace of disappointment flashed through her beautiful eyes. Not only did Chu Tianming not have a good rest last night, but even Fang Qing in the inner room did not have a good rest. She kept her eyes open all night, and it was not until she heard the sound of the door opening outside that she sat up in bed. For last night Chu Tianming did not come in, she was a little disappointed, although the heart knows that such an idea can not be used, but that is his brother-in-law, but Fang Qing still can not help but think so. People say that women in the most vulnerable time, but also the easiest time to break through the psychological defense line, for Fang Qing, Chu Tianming is such a person, in her most helpless, most desperate time, he appeared. Through three months of getting along, Fang Qing and the distressed discovery, he saved his brother-in-law, unexpectedly produced some feelings, knowing that he should not be so, but Fang Qing is unable to control himself. Plus yesterday's wedding, although both of them knew it was fake, but Fang Qing still couldn't help taking it seriously! If Chu Tianming knew that things would be like this, maybe he would rather be a little tired and dangerous, and would send Fang Qing out first! Unfortunately, it's too late to say anything now. Looking at Chu Tianming in the courtyard, Fang Qing walked slowly to the side of the stone table and sat down, holding his cheeks in his hands and looking at him seriously. After half a ring, Chu Tianming was so overwhelmed by her that he stopped moving. Fang Qing, I'm going to talk to the demon king later, and then take you out of here! Chu Tianming said. Fang Qing nodded gently and said nothing, but did not seem to be very happy. Chu Tianming didn't think much about it either. After preparing for a while, he walked alone toward the demon king's bedroom. Stupid brother-in-law! Fang Qing pouted and scolded, and then went back to the house resentfully, sulking alone. When Chu Tianming came to the demon king's bedroom, he was stopped by the maid outside the bedroom. Fortunately, Chu Tianming has a special status, and the maids are very polite to tell Chu Tianming that the demon king is still resting, and it is not convenient to meet guests. However, Chu Tianming still asked them to go in and inform him to see if the demon king would like to see him. The maids had no choice but to send a man to inform them. Chu Tianming is now the son-in-law of the demon king, and they dare not offend him. Not for a while. The maid who went to inform him would come and tell the demon king of Chu Tianming to let him in. Demon King! Chu Tianming stood still,ultrasonic extraction cbd, at this time he had come to the door of the inner courtyard of the Thousand Eyes Demon King's bedroom, in front of this looks very delicate palace, is the place where the Demon King usually rests.
"Childe, please have tea." The woman's ten fingers are slender, holding a blue and white teacup, and Yingying comes. The wind took it, and his hand touched the woman's hand carelessly. It was very cold. He lifted the lid of the cup, and there were a few bright red petals floating inside, and a strange fragrance came to his nostrils. Isn't this the flower you gave to those people? Chen Xiaoyao next to her called out first and looked at the tea in her own hand. It's called ice flower. Drinking it can invigorate Qi and strengthen the body. It's cultivated by our Zhu family's secret recipe. "The woman's name was Zhu Xianni, and she was smiling like a shy flower." Invigorating Qi and strengthening the body, that must be drunk. Chen Xiaoyao drank it up. Zhu Xianni covered her mouth with a smile and said, "This is the best iced tea. You should taste it slowly." Chen Xiaoyao blushed. She remembered that the first host of the temple liked to drink tea. Because he was a beautiful man, she liked to hide in the dark and watch him drink tea slowly. Perhaps it was too long ago that Chen Xiaoyao forgot that tea should be tasted slowly. He took a sip by the side of the wind, and the strange fragrance in his nose went into his mouth and into his stomach. He didn't like the fragrance, so he took a sip and put it down. Is it not good to drink? Zhu Xianni tilted her head and asked her if she was really a beautiful country. Yeah, isn't it good? Chen Xiaoyao followed suit and asked him with his head tilted. He smiled and put his hand into the sleeve of the other hand. Chen Xiaoyao immediately sat up, picked up the empty teacup and pretended to drink, but in his heart he was thinking, if you dare, if you dare to touch the seven-color stone, I will fight with you. Feng Pan only pulled his sleeve and then withdrew his hand. "It's delicious," he said to Zhu Xianni with a smile. "It's just that you have to drink tea to purify your heart. Girl, how can I purify my heart when I stand in front of me?" "So it was the little girl who got in the way of the childe's pleasure in drinking tea?" Even so, Zhu Xianni is very happy, she saw such a beautiful man for the first time,ultrasonic cutting machine, can not help but look at a few eyes, and then closer. Color blank, two color blanks, Chen Xiaoyao sticks out his tongue at the empty teacup. The stomach seems to be cold, she reached out to touch the stomach, how to return a responsibility? It was fine just now. Are you hungry? She picked up the fruit on the table and took a bite, and out of the corner of her eye she saw that Zhu Xianni was almost leaning against the wind, and the man was still laughing. Color blank, she scolded again. Fengpan said that he had some friendship with Zhu Xianni's father,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and Zhu Xianni asked them to stay at home for the night. Chen Xiaoyao doesn't believe the words of the wind bank very much, but it's always better to live somewhere than to sleep in the suburbs and be forced to barbecue for someone. Zhu Fu is not big, Zhu Xianni parents died early, only she and a few servants, stay in the evening, cooked a big table of dishes, in addition to pork is Chen Xiaoyao like to eat, to be exact, in addition to pork, there is nothing she does not like to eat. Zhu Xianni gallantly picked up food, of course, only for a person to eat by the wind, the wind did not eat a few mouthfuls, just a mouthful of wine, he seemed drunk after drinking, praised Zhu Xianni over and over again how beautiful, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic generator driver, praised Chen Xiaoyao appetite is gone, the original man known as the "demigod" in addition to love to touch meat and fish, but also like women, Chen Xiaoyao heart is extremely contemptuous. He had decided to eat him one day after breaking away from his evil hands, but now he had lost his appetite. Later, the wind side completely drunk, began to talk nonsense, Chen Xiaoyao while chewing peanuts, while looking at his handsome face red, originally pink lips stained with wine and water light, a peanut fell from her mouth, and then the hand also fell, not to say disdain to eat him? Why are you drooling again? She wiped the corners of her mouth. Little demon, send me back to my room to sleep. Windside grabbed her arm. Let the servant send it. Zhu Xianni came up. No, I want her to send it. He had her by the neck and was all over her. Chen Xiaoyao resigned to bear his weight, strange, how to drink so much wine without alcohol? There was still a good smell on his body, and Chen Xiaoyao sucked a few mouthfuls hard, feeling that his appetite had come up again. Zhu Fu's road turned left and right, and the person on her body also fell left and right. Chen Xiaoyao clenched his fist and wanted to take the opportunity to punch him in the stomach. But every time she hit the left, he just fell to the right, hit the right, and fell to the left. He simply hit the middle, and he fell down. He had to help him up. Chen Xiaoyao was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Very not easy to get to the room, Chen Xiaoyao threw him on the bed, ready to eat his meat and then go. In the moonlight, she showed her white teeth. Unfortunately, she was the kind of little pink pig who had no terrible fangs and could not add to the atmosphere of terror. But she ignored these and bit down on his neck. She also wanted to suck blood and get back at him. The face slowly approached, and when it was about to touch, the eyes of the wind suddenly opened. What do you want to do, little demon? He asked with a smile. Eat you, eat you. Chen Xiaoyao pounced on it. There was a burning pain in her neck at the same time, and she immediately realized what had happened? His body froze there, watching as one of his hands touched the seven-color stone of the other. I was wrong. She begged for mercy pitifully. It was so hot! "Do you dare next time?" "I dare not." She's already crying. It's really hot and painful. Wind side "hey hey" a smile, finally withdraw his hand. Aren't you drunk? Only then did Chen Xiaoyao come to his senses, touching his neck and staring at the man in front of him, "you lied to me?" "You are stupid." Reached out and hit her on the head. I can see that you have drunk a lot of wine. It hurts so much. Drinking a lot of wine is not necessarily drunk, "the wind looked at the eyes of a puzzled little pig demon, and finally kindly close to her way," this life, my capacity for liquor seems to be very good. " Chen Xiaoyao is still puzzled: "Then why do you pretend to be drunk?" And let her carry it back. It's really heavy. The wind smiled, a little unfathomable, and said, "Little demon, go and ask where the toilet is first." "What for?" Asked what the latrine was doing, Chen Xiaoyao subconsciously pinched his nose, and the latrines of mortals were so smelly. If you want to go to the toilet, ask yourself. She added that he must be going, so she asked, she is a monster, not a girl. Still laughing,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Feng fell on the bed and said, "I'm doing it for your own good. If you don't ask, just forget it." Close your eyes and go to sleep.
However, the blue seal glass did not mean this at all, the blue seal glass and everyone kept a certain distance, after Shen Yanxiao left, he was busy all day, not everywhere to catch Warcraft, is to help organize things in the sunset, very little private time, a discerning person can see that everything the Blue seal glass did was for Shen Yanxiao. It can be said that in the eyes of the blue seal glass, in addition to Shen Yan Xiao this sister, there is no room for other people to stand. Only things related to Shen Yanxiao, he will show a little bit similar to the emotions of normal people. 2444. No Chapter 244 The Sun Never Sets (3) No matter how persistent Su Feihuan is, it is useless. Gu Qingming sighed and said, "What can I do?"? Fei Huan is so stubborn that he can't pull ten cows back. It's not that you don't know these years. My eldest brother and I just don't have a whip to beat him. What's the use? Su Feihuan's persistence in Lan Fengli is comparable to Lan Fengli's persistence in Shen Yanxiao. Both of them are very stubborn. Forget about them. Let them go. What's the situation in your silver hand? The wolf looked at Gu Qingming Road, Shen Yan Xiao before leaving, had told Qin Ge, let him try to use the silver hand members, to find the whereabouts of the use of forbidden sorcerer, these two years, Qin Ge has led the silver hand to look around, also found a few dens, those places after being found, are led by the blue seal glass, all of them clean up. There are no new discoveries yet. It seems that the things the Lord wants us to find are not so easy to find. After the previous two times, the guys seem to have learned to be smart. The places we found later are abandoned. Everything inside has been destroyed and no clues can be found. Gu Qingming has some helplessness, Shen Yanxiao to find things, they have not found, nearly half a year, those sorcerers as if they were prepared, always before they are about to reach the evacuation, let them empty several times. Take your time. Don't worry. Your safety is the most important thing. The Lord wants all of you to be good. The wolf patted Pure Brightness Gu on the shoulder. As the two major organizations that never set on the sun, the relationship between the Silver Hand and the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps is getting better and better, and members of both sides often get together to drink and chat. There is no need to worry about this, although our members are not as strong as those in the second turn, Inflatable bouncer , but most people have to work hard to find our whereabouts. Gu Qingming is very confident about the strength of the members of the Silver Hand. Good. I'm going to the apothecaries' guild to pick up some potions. Would you like to join me? The wolf laughed. Together, I just heard that Master Ye Qing has prepared a kind of medicine that can completely hide the breath, which is very important for our silver hand. Gu Qingming Road. Shen Yanxiao opened the pharmacist trade union in the sunset, the president of the trade union is Ye Qing, Ye Qing to their own cultivation in pharmacy, for the sunset to cultivate a large number of excellent pharmacist talents, although there are pharmacist trade unions in other cities, but everyone knows that the pharmacist trade union in the sunset is the real pharmacist temple. Today, in addition to Ye Qing, the master of pharmacy, there are ten masters of pharmacy in the union of pharmacists on which the sun never sets. Yin Jiuchen, as a disciple of Ye Qing, has the fastest promotion among all pharmacists. A few days ago, under Ye Qing's examination, he became the tenth master of pharmacy in the union of pharmacists on which the sun never sets. As far as the talent of pharmacy is concerned, she can almost match Shen Yanxiao. All the potions prepared by the trade union of apothecaries on which the sun never sets are not for sale. All of them are supplied to the managers of the cities in the barren land, who distribute them to the main members of the city. Because the Wolf Mercenary Corps and the Silver Hand are two organizations directly under Shen Yanxiao, they have priority in the supply of potions. 2445. No Chapter 244 5 The Sun Never Sets (4) When the sun never sets, Uncle Jiu and Su River are discussing the refining of a new batch of ore. Although Shen Yanxiao has left, there is no slack in the barren land. All the combatants have been trained to the maximum extent, while the non-combatants are constantly busy, making all the items that need to be prepared before the war. The quality of this batch of ore is good. I have given it to Qinglong Family to make. If there is no accident, I can make a batch of treasures. Su River is responsible for the operation of the entire mining team. Every day, he will lead the team to the barren land to discover new mineral deposits, and concentrate on transporting them back. The building of weapons and armor is the responsibility of Qinglong Family. The city where Qinglong Family is located is one of the five cities in the barren land, and its owner is Yang Xi. I have sent it back to Qinglong City before, and I will give the rest of it to other forgers to practice. Uncle Jiu looked through the previous records. Are those guys still free of worry? Su River opened his mouth with a smile, the people he said were brought back from the gathering points found by the hand of silver, although the blue seal glass destroyed all the places, but there are still many subjects for blood fusion experiments, most of them live in deep water, this has been desperate, but did not expect things to turn around, these subjects have not been brainwashed. He was brought back to the place where the sun never set, managed by Uncle Jiu, and lived with the villagers of the Sun Cemetery. They are all poor people, but they are very easy to talk to and get along well with others. Uncle Jiu smiled kindly. Experimenters who have undergone racial integration experiments are physically completely different from ordinary human beings. They have the characteristics of other races in their bodies. They are far stronger than ordinary people in terms of their own strength. With a little guidance,inflatable amusement park, they can become very powerful fighters. That's good. I'll go to the Broken Star Palace later and send them a batch of equipment made by the Qinglong Family. Su River is very busy. Although his team is not strong in combat effectiveness, they are very professional logistics personnel. They are generally responsible for the contact and transportation of daily materials in various cities. Everything should be ready, right? Asked Uncle Jiu.
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