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The bystanders had not understood, and now they saw him as if nothing had happened. They all turned back to talk and laugh, leaving behind the sad song they had just played. Li Qing recovered as if nothing had happened, but he Ying's heart was a little uneasy. She took one look at yuan Qing and thought to herself, "Let's find a chance to say goodbye to them.". I'm confused enough as it is, and I don't want to get involved in these national and family feuds. After the meal, the party continued on their way. They went in the direction of the capital of Zhou. He Ying looked up and thought to himself, "If you go five hundred miles further south, you will find my hometown, Nanling City.". Let's go to our hometown and have a look. She has not seen her father, the heart always felt that there are many things to ask his father, besides, yuan Qing in the side, these days, their kung fu has recovered to 30%. He Tian is not to be feared. Thinking of this, she pointed to the direction of Nanling City and said to Li Qing with a smile, "Mr. Li, our brother and sister's destination is approaching, so I won't accompany you to Zhoucheng." Li Qing took one look at the south and turned to He Ying and said with a smile, "Is Miss yuan going to Nanling City?" Seeing He Ying nodding his head, he said with a smile, "As it happens, we are also going to Nanling City.". Brother yuan, there is a lot of fate between us. This sentence is directed at yuan Qing. He Ying did not expect that he would come up like this, and he could not help smiling bitterly. Everything is different, she thought. Li Qing, of course, will also change! Li Qing did not seem to find anything unusual about He Ying at all. He said happily, "There is a good friend of mine living in Nanling City.". My good friend's name is Lu Ming. "Hearing the word Lu Ming,calcium ammonium nitrate price, He Ying's body trembled.". Li Qing received the fundus quietly and continued with a smile: "My good friend has a forthright and generous character. Brother yuan will certainly like it." yuan Qing in the side of the two people's reactions are included in the fundus. Hearing this, he took one look at He Ying, smiled and said, "That's the best." He Ying is in a daze. She did not see yuan Qing's gaze just now. My mind has always been on Lu Ming. She had not heard from him since the battle of Xia Zhou. Now think of Lu Ming, He Ying's heart is more of a kind of affection, and not much thought of men and women. Even before, when she was ready to marry Lu Ming. There is not much love between men and women. For He Ying. Lu Ming is a person who can make her feel at ease in this world. In the identity of He Ying, there are really no two people who can make her feel at ease! Also. He has been married for many years. I just don't know how many children he has? Think of here. He Ying's heart is still faintly bitter. Lu Ming's transference, no matter how much she paid for it, will always be a thorn in her heart! When Li Qing saw He Ying in a trance, he gave a wry smile and his eyes darkened. Then he said with a smile, "Besides Mr. Lu, there are several generous friends there.". You two will be very happy to see each other. yuan Qing smiled, he looked at He Ying again, thought to himself, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, this Li Childe, seems to have recognized He Ying. All right, idle and bored, join in the fun is also a happy thing! At this time, He Ying also came to her senses from her imagination. She took one look at Li Qing and thought with a wry smile, "It seems that he has recognized my identity.". Forget it, if you recognize it, just recognize it! I haven't seen brother Lu Ming for a long time, and I really miss him a little! Nanling City is a famous water city in the south of the Zhou State. The traffic here is in all directions. He Ying hasn't been here for a long time. It's like a lifetime ago to enter the city again. Everything is the same, the same streets, the same pedestrians. However, you will find that these pedestrians have not been as comfortable as before, and their expressions are more or less anxious. If you look carefully, you will find that there are many people with outstanding temperament among the pedestrians on the street. Since he Ying arrived at Nanling City, he was in a trance for a while, and Li Qing was 100% sure that the girl in front of him was He Ying. After entering the city, they dismounted and walked. Among them, Li Qing was handsome and dignified, while yuan Qing was handsome and elegant. For a while, pedestrians kept staring back. Li Qing and others walked in front, and he walked straight along the way without hesitation. Pointing to the shops and pedestrians on both sides of the street, he said with a smile, "You two have a little peace. Lu Fu is at the end of Left Street. We'll be there soon." He laughed and said, "I've sent someone to tell him I'm coming. When we get to Lu Fu, we can eat and sleep." After a while, a small mansion appeared in front of everyone. On the horizontal flat of the mansion, there was a big word "Lu Fu". Before Li Qingren approached, he shouted, "Lu Ming, come out quickly to greet the distinguished guests!" The gate creaked open, and an old man dressed as a swordsman appeared at the gate. He looked at the crowd and immediately pulled the gate open with a smile on his face. At this time, a young man dressed as a swordsman strode out of the door. He was tall and straight, with a straight nose and a wide mouth. He looked like a typical northern man. It was Lu Ming. He saw Li Qing and yuan Qing at a glance, and after a surprised look at yuan Qing, his eyes turned to Li Qing. He burst out laughing and strode toward Li Qing. He rushed up to him and hugged him tightly. Lu Ming laughed happily and said, "So it's you, boy. No wonder a knight-errant came just now. He howled outside the gate: Lu Ming, come out quickly to pick up the guests!"! When I ran out, there was no sign of anyone. I was wondering, but I didn't think it was you. He spoke boldly and interestingly, and Li Qing and the knights around him burst out laughing. He Ying stood aside, quietly looking at Lu Ming. Not seen these years, Lu Ming in addition to a little mature, a little vicissitudes of life, everything seems to be very good. She breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly had an idea: it would be great to meet Lu Ming after such a transfiguration! After greeting Li Qing, Lu Ming looked at yuan Qing and He Ying. His attention first fell on the graceful yuan Qing, who looked at him curiously for a moment before looking at He Ying. He Ying's eyes,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he frowned, showing a trace of puzzlement. Li Qing looked at his actions with a smile, but did not open his mouth to explain! After the monthly ticket reaches 140. A new chapter is added. 。
However, these brands of kings are all motionless, like the fossil of eternal existence, without any special action, with no communication. "But why don't they move or say anything? How can they talk about corpses?" Ke is like a curious baby, the little thing naturally knows that the brand of the king is not equal to the leisure, and also wants to hear them explain the profound meaning of life and death on the supreme road. They have begun to talk, and they should listen attentively. Eyes twinkle in the old way. Xiao Chen moved in his heart and got rid of distracting thoughts. With the origin of divine consciousness, he seemed to have entered the ancient times before the flood and came to the origin of Tao. Endless void, vast and boundless, the source of the road is in front of us. Boundless profound meaning, into a golden name, burst into the eye, the road Hongpian, filled with heaven and earth, infinite profound meaning, endless source, twisted into a vast sky and earth. He seemed to be under the ancient sky. Step on the thick earth, the deep starry sky overhead, touch the mark of the road with body, heart and God. This is a state of emptiness, this is an experience of enlightenment, this is an all-round sublimation of the body and mind, perhaps there is no significant improvement in combat power, but-how to go on the real road today, it is more and more clear,Magnesium Oxide price, and gradually understand the eternal direction of progress. Stingy is the law, action is the rule, Xiao Chen's body moves with the heart, the heart moves with the seal of Tao, with the hand knot out of the heart language, with the seal congealed out of the shape of Tao, falling into a very wonderful state. Eyah.. The big eyes of the little beast Ke suddenly stared, and the little thing was so smart that he naturally knew what had happened and opened his heart. Show the source and listen to the fragrance of the road. And the old Taoist priest had already fallen into an ethereal state, immersed in the indescribable principles of the Great Way. "Bang" In the distant sky, the black Styx River turned into a black light curtain and was broken. With a long roar,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the stone beast passed through the cursed wall and strode into the world. He gazed at the stone tablet for a long time and let out a cold hum, which shook the plain in front of him, like an ancient beast showing its ferocious claws. At this moment, the stone beast around the blood fog filled the air, the cage grass sky earth, he killed countless, tragic breath from the flood and famine, tens of millions of killing and plundering in one body, just form, into such a terrible'evil spirit '. He raced forward and soon appeared in front of seven tombs, when one of them suddenly cracked open and rushed out a crescent-shaped magic blade, which whirled at him. It was the stone weapon that the little stone emperor Lu used before he was born. It was called the Moon Shadow Magic Blade. No one thought that it was the stone weapon buried in the tomb! "Roar.." The head of the stone beast is towering. Extremely ferocious in appearance, with ancestral dragon horns, a crocodile tail, covered with stone scales, ferocious and violent, reaching out with a long sharp claw like a devil, tearing up the sky and grabbing at the magic blade. This kind of character is simply a matchless demon king, caustic calcined magnesite ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, nothing can resist! "Little Stone Emperor, if you die, you will die, but you pretend to be mysterious. If you bury a stone soldier, it will be better. Today, the Moon Shadow Demon Blade will belong to me!" The stone beast was extremely fierce, and the magic flame was towering. After smashing the sky with one claw, he caught the magic blade of the shadow of the moon from the sky. Clang " The collision of claws and magic blades is like the collision of gold and stone, which is deafening. Everything in the mausoleum will be changed! "The stone beast's murder is revealed, and the blood fog is rolling, shaking the world and flooding the area." Roar.. But at this moment, he sent out a roar, the shadow of the moon magic blade is not as simple as imagined, violent vibration, the stone beast's claws. The covered stone scales shattered a lot, and golden blood flowed down. Small stone emperor you are very good, after death still left such a brand, this is you and I across the battle of time and space a crisp sound, the shadow of the moon magic blade cut off a section of black nails, stained with little golden blood of the stone king, rushed to the sky, and then suddenly disappeared into the cracked tomb, disappeared. Xiao Chen and Ke, as well as the old Taoist priest, were awakened from their ethereal state by the ferocious stone beast, and they immediately understood what had happened. The tall stone body of the stone beast, shrouded in a fierce flame, is coming step by step. His scaly face was full of cruel smiles. "Today, I will take your mark first, and then take the treasure in the seven tombs." "Can you really accept me?" Just then, behind the seven tombs, the man sitting on the bluestone, wearing a dragon robe and a crown, came out with such a powerful voice, which shocked people's souls. Great pomp and circumstance. Little Shihuang really lives up to his reputation. Are you talking to me across the ages? The stone beast fixed its figure there, and its demonic face was filled with a cold look. He roared all his life, and suddenly the mountains and rivers turned pale. In addition to the seven tombs, the surrounding sky collapsed into chaos, and the stone beast reached out of the sharp'animal claw 'and grabbed the small stone emperor sitting on the bluestone. With a shock to the human soul and a cold hum of supreme pressure, the little stone emperor suddenly threw his big sleeve and turned over his dragon robe, as if he had turned the sky upside down, and suddenly pressed the stone beast under the dragon robe. Pedal, pedal.. Li Shi and.. Take seven big steps back in a row The little stone emperor sat on the'blue 'stone, but he did not move. Good, good, good! "Li Shishou even said three good words, saying:" I wish I hadn't been born in ancient times, and I really fought with you. I'm sorry for such a battle across time and space! " "Hey, hey, hey." That's when. The gloomy laughter was so cold that it made people feel like falling into the ice cellar. In front of the seven big tombs, there was a withered body in silence, like a fierce ghost, a stone corpse covered with skin and bones. Before ancient times, it was a starry era, even if you were a stone beast, back to that era can only fall, can not be the opponent of the small stone emperor. The stone corpse is the antique of antiques. It has been long enough since it came into being. It has gone through the ancient catastrophe and is qualified to talk about the past. Whoo,Magnesium Oxide powder, whoo.. At this moment, the sharp sword resounded through the world, and a golden stone sword stood and split down to the majestic man sitting on the bluestone in a dragon robe.
Ding Bu, a playboy who was arrogant by nature and never admitted defeat, had to admit that the master of the palace was much better than himself in martial arts. He looked down at Chu Tianqi, who was hit by green bricks and gravel as she fell. He was injured in many places, and even his face was blurred with blood. As Ding Bu wiped his blood, he was thinking: If Chu Tianqi had not abandoned her martial arts in those years and practiced them again in the future, but had kept the "Ten Commands of Ecstasy", I wonder if she could defeat the Lord of the Grand Palace today? His eyes swept around. Many of the heroes were injured by the broken bricks, but none of them hummed. They just looked at the collapsed wall in front of them in amazement, as if they did not believe what had just happened was true. Yang Guqiong rushed to Chu Tianqi's side and said, "Dad, why are you here?" Chu Tianqi stood up and wiped the blood from her face. "This involves you," she said shallowly. "How can I not come?" As soon as Yang Guqiong's face changed, she changed the subject and said, "Are you all right? Are you badly hurt?" Chu Tianqi shook his head. "It doesn't matter if it's a flesh wound." Taoist Priest Yunyuan, Master Tianguo and others all came to meet Chu Tianqi. When Qunhao returned to the hall, he saw Yu Shuangren pulling Ren Yanmeng's arm and dragging it out. He obviously wanted Ren Yanmeng to escape, but he sat there and refused to move. Qunhao rushed over and let Yanmeng surround him. Yu Shuangren opened his eyes wide. "What do you want to do?" "What do you want to do?" yuan Gongxun snapped? I want you to pay for your lives. "We're not murderers," said Yu Shuangren. "Why should we pay for our lives?" Ji Lianli said in a cold voice,Magnesium Sulphate price, "Although the case has not yet been investigated, there is no doubt that the murder was committed by Dahanggong. Ren Yanmeng is the disciple of the head of Dahanggong. He said just now that he would avenge himself on the ten sects. If it's not him, who else could it be?" Huang Mingdao gritted his teeth and said, "Since he is the disciple of the white-haired old God, he deserves to die." Ding Feifan wanted to speak for Ren Yanmeng, but when he saw that his father Ding Buyi had not opened his mouth, he dared not say much. Huo Mengyan and Song Xiaozhong wanted to explain for Ren Yanmeng, but were blocked by Lv Huailiang. Ding Buyi's eyes stared straight into Ren Yanmeng's eyes. Ren Yanmeng suddenly raised his head and said,Magnesium Oxide price, "I didn't kill anyone." Master Tianguo clasped his hands together and said, "Who is your master?" Ren Yanmeng said with a flat mouth, "The old man with white hair." Master Tianguo asked again, "Who is the white-haired God?" "It's my master," said Ren Yanmeng. "Don't play dumb, boy," Hong snapped. "Why don't you tell the truth?" Yu Shuangren looked at the aggressive Qunhao and hurriedly said, "He is really a fool." Then the Taoist stood up with the help of Zhong Dakui. He pointed at Yu Shuangren and said, "She.." He is also a member of the Grand Palace. The plague in Luzi Village was poisoned by her. The Taoist Priest Shangxu stared round. "What's going on?" "We were both taken in by her," said the Taoist Priest. "She was.. The man who met Ren Yanmeng in the Great Palace. "Ding, Ding, Ding!" There was a sound of swords unsheathed, and the cold light of the doors and windows flashed, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and they were sealed. Ren Yanmeng stood up suddenly, with a strange light shining in his eyes: "She didn't put the poison, I did!" There was a heat wave in Yu Shuangren's chest, and Ren Yanmeng still kept the meaning of protecting her in dementia. Kill him! Qunhao let out a roar. "You can kill me, but you can't kill him!" Yu Shuangren shouted. Jiang Long, who had changed his point of view, felt cheated and said angrily, "Why can't you kill him?" "Because he is Xu Tianliang's son," said Yu Shuangren eagerly. Qunhao was startled. "Do you still want to cheat us?" Hong said bitterly. The Taoist priest gasped, "It may be true. Hu Dapeng sent a message to the poor Taoist priest. That's what Bu Shanci said on the flower boat in Nanze Lake." "Humph!" Hong Qian Gu Road, "maybe this silly boy cheated us all." The four elders, Liu, Ma, Zhu, and Xu, surrounded Ren Junxiao, who had just awakened, and shouted, "What are you still talking about with them?"? Since it's the people of the Grand Palace, just kill them. Ding Bubi finally opened his mouth and said, "You said that Ren Yanmeng is Xu Tianliang's son. What evidence do you have?" Yu Shuangren was stunned at first, and then his eyes flashed. She finally understood why the palace master wanted to take away Xu Dachuan and Xu Fusheng, save Meng Black and White, and leave her and Ren Yanmeng behind. Because Ren Yanmeng has a precious sword that never leaves his body, and there is a token in the sword that makes the heroes of Wulin dare not hurt Ren Yanmeng. The master of the palace did not forget them, nor did he betray them. The purpose of the master of the palace was obviously to make the ten sects more chaotic. Suddenly, she admired the layout of the palace master. Her heart calmed down and she said quietly, "Of course there is evidence." Tang Shijie's four brothers shouted in unison: "What evidence? Take it out quickly!" They had already lost patience and wanted to do it. Qunhao's sword shook and roared like thunder: "Take it out quickly!" Ren Yanmeng, who had never seen such a posture, was flustered and took a step back. Yu Shuangren approached him and shouted, "Show them the precious sword." Ren Yanmeng shook his head and said, "No, Shifu said that this sword can only be shown at the Yueyang Tower Sword Competition." The head of Dahanggong said that he wanted revenge. He would see him at the Yueyang Tower on March 3. Ren Yanmeng said that the precious sword could only be shown at the Yueyang Tower Sword Competition. Master and disciples are obviously premeditated! Qunhao was so emotional that the resentment of the past few days burst out together and poured out on Ren Yanmeng. Yu Shuangren said in a deep voice, "Shine the sword.". That's an order. "It was your idea, not Shifu's order," said Ren Yanmeng. The master has gone to Yueyang Tower. Yu Shuangren was stunned and did not know how to convince the idiot. Do it! I don't know who shouted among the heroes. Suddenly, seven or eight swords interwoven into a net cover to let Yanmeng. Ren Yanmeng stood in a daze, without the slightest intention of fighting back. Yu Shuangren was so anxious that he rushed forward and protected Ren Yanmeng with his body. Stop it! A sharp shout, from the mouth of Ding Buyi, a green awn, tinkling, will be seven or eight swords swing open. Huang Mingdao, Hong Eternal, Tang Wubo,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Liang Junhai and others shook their swords and said angrily, "Lord Ding, what are you doing?" 。
Wei Ziyi casually turned over a few books, but unexpectedly found a brocade box behind a pillar. When he opened it, he was impressively moved: "Is there really such a book?" The baby took a closer look: "Xuanyuan Secret Book?"? Is it a great martial art? ?” Wei Ziyi turned over a few pages and replied, "I heard that it was written by a Wulin wonder hundreds of years ago. The mystery of martial arts in it is no less than that in the Yi Jin Jing of Shaolin." Yi Jin Jing Baobao had heard of it, and then he said happily, "Big brother, practice quickly. If you practice, you will be invincible in the world." Wei Ziyi laughed and said, "There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are people outside the people. Who dares to say that he is invincible in the world?" But it's better to be careful when you put the book in your arms. After all, such a wonderful book. Anyone who learns martial arts is hard to resist. With this wonderful book, other secret books can not be seen by Wei Ziyi. Then to the armory, Wei Ziyi slightly looked, not very interested to come out, no matter how good the sword is not as good as his silver sword. The baby wanted to take him into the medical storehouse again. "No," said Wei Ziyi. "Anyway, with you, the little miraculous doctor, the eldest brother won't bother to read those medical books." "I'm flattered, I'm flattered," the baby said proudly. Wei Ziyi teased, "But if you don't work hard at ordinary times, the miraculous doctor will become a quack." The baby sticks out his tongue. Wei Ziyi looked around and then said, "Baby,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, you see what you want to take away. Pack it up." The baby asked doubtfully, "Aren't we going to rest here tonight?" Wei Ziyi is pointing to that piece of jade bed: "Is it difficult for us to squeeze a piece of bed?" Finish saying self-conscious to say a wrong word, the face is not red, steal an eye to see a baby again, also be jade cheek unripe dizzy. Lele, who was tapping sugar on one side, sensed that the atmosphere was a little different. He squeaked and threw himself into the baby's arms, holding her neck with one hand and handing her the bell with the other. The baby took a look, inside empty,Magnesium Sulphate producer, knocked its skull: "glutton, eat so quickly." From the waist pocket and then take out a few candy into the bell, Lele grabbed the bell, jumped to one side. The baby went to the medicine storehouse to pick up some holy medicine, and then took away a medical book that she didn't understand very well before, and planned to consult Dongfang Tai. When he came out, he saw Wei Ziyi taking away the jade pendant from the stone seat. . As soon as the jade pendant leaves The wall thundered shut again. The baby asked, "Brother, don't we take some gold?" "No, we have enough money on us.". These will be arranged later to see how to transport them back to Pok Fu Lam. After leaving the cave, they went to their former residence. It had not been inhabited for a long time, and the dust was thick for several inches. The baby began to clean, while Wei Ziyi was responsible for chopping firewood and boiling water. Lele, however, had a lot of fun, happily leaving footprints on the dusty floor. The baby had a headache because of its mischief, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, so he dismissed it: "Lele, go and pick some fruit." Finally, the baby sat on a stone bench under the osmanthus tree and beat his shoulders and arms: "I'm so tired." Wei Ziyi looked at her with pity and handed her a fruit. "Quench your thirst first." The baby took a bite and said, "Well, it's delicious. The fruit picked by Lele is different." Lele proudly shakes his white head, happily jumps to the baby's shoulder and sits down, and then leisurely crosses his legs and knocks the sugar. Wei Ziyi looked at it with a smile and said leisurely, "If you follow its way of eating, your teeth will be knocked out in a few days." Lele didn't quite understand the meaning of the word "knock", but he heard the word "light" and looked at the baby alertly. The baby patted him on the head in a funny way and said, "I'm scared of you, but I don't have so much sugar. Save some. I'll ask Mrs. Liu to do more when I get back to Pok Fu Lam." Lele was relieved to continue to cluck. Wei Ziyi took a piece of dried meat from the stone table and chewed it slowly. Then she handed another piece to the baby and said with a smile, "Baby, do you still remember that one Mid-Autumn Festival, Mrs. Liu made a lot of osmanthus cakes. You went to steal them in the middle of the night, but instead of stealing them, you fell into the pickle jar." Remembering this matter, the baby himself felt embarrassed and said angrily, "Big brother always remembers the embarrassing things of others." Wei Ziyi laughed, and Lele was happy with the squeak. The baby pouted and ignored them, picked up the cup and took a sip of water, and suddenly the bottom of his tongue was fragrant. "Big Brother, did you put sweet-scented osmanthus in this water?" It smells good, doesn't it? The baby tuts again and praises: "No wonder people say'people and flower hearts have their own fragrance '. It's really fragrant." Wei Ziyi laughed again: "Is this sentence used in this way?" The baby knew that his knowledge of ancient poetry was limited, so he didn't take it seriously: "Anyway, the flowers are fragrant, and I drink them, so I'll make do with them." Drink a few more mouthfuls, "add some sweet-scented osmanthus to be more fragrant." Then he stood up and jumped on the tree and picked a few clusters of osmanthus. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree was disturbed by her, and many thin sweet-scented osmanthus petals floated down and raised all over Wei Ziyi. The baby put a few petals of sweet-scented osmanthus into his cup, and then around the back of Wei Ziyi, put a few petals into his cup. A strand of hair hung down from the side of the baby's ear to the nose of Wei Ziyi. He reached out his hand and smelled it. He intoned, "The fragrant wind is blowing constantly, and the cold dew is silent.". When the face and heart are drunk first, the first moon is brighter. The baby was holding the hair by him, so he had to squat down and sit side by side with him, head against head. Wei Ziyi turned his face: "Baby..." The voice was slightly sandy, and the hot breath sprayed into the baby's ears, crisp and numbing. The baby did not dare to turn his head. He closed his eyes and answered in a low voice: "Eh?" The next moment, the earlobe was already contained. He licked and bit it gently. The baby's body trembled for a while, and a stream of heat spread all over his body from the earlobe, itching and warming. The next moment, the lips had been grabbed, and the mellow fragrance of osmanthus was flowing between the lips again, but this time the fragrance was so strong that it was like dozens of degrees of old wine, which made them dizzy and unable to help themselves. Lele crouched on the stone table, scratching his head and scratching his ears, staring at the two heads together, as if he did not understand what kind of game they were playing. After staring for a long time, he saw that they were still not separated, so he jumped discontentedly on the osmanthus tree overhead, climbing left and right, and sprinkling osmanthus all over the sky. The two people who kissed at the bottom were sprinkled with sweet-scented osmanthus. Wei Ziyi began to let go of the baby,calcium nitrate sol, held her on her knees, let her sit next to her chest, and then put her hands around her waist. Lele jumped down the tree with satisfaction and jumped on Wei Ziyi's shoulder.
Yao Xixi suppressed a smile and sewed him a shirt. The seasoning she bought was not common, and it was on the top of the iron frame. She couldn't reach it, so he came forward to get it. Raise your arm. Thorn it- The shirt burst. Chapter 129 small screenwriter 36. Getting fat can be big or small. After the clothes were torn open and joked by Xixi, Shen Ze realized the seriousness of gaining weight. Small four repair knife: "Six elder brothers, Xixi is beautiful, if you become ugly, the match made in heaven will become male talent and female beauty." Shen Ze put down the frozen lychee in his hand. He prefers a match made in heaven. After a light meal, Shen Ze sat on the sofa and discussed with Xixi. Cici, I have prepared a study, the room is also arranged, do not have to move things, you can live directly in it. Yao Xixi was drawing with her head down, shaking her head without even looking at him. Shen Ze: "If you marry me, you can live together reasonably." Yao Xixi put down her pen helplessly and raised her head. "Are you proposing to me?" Shen Ze looked at her, his eyes full of expectation. Yao Xixi patted him on the head and applied the lines, "I'm only enterprising now, and I don't have the idea of starting a family yet." The little devil and Xiao Jiu, who were eavesdropping, were depressed. They thought Cici would agree to marry Brother Six. The two men muttered in a low voice. Small 9: "Marry 6 elder brothers not to lose." Imp: "Six elder brothers, rich." Xiao Jiu: "And be good to Xixi." Imp: "Give birth to a baby." Xiao Jiu: "Yes, Xixi's brain is developed, the sixth brother's limbs are developed,metal racking systems, and the offspring's genes are optimized." Imp: "The little boy is good." Xiao Jiu: "It's exciting to think of a baby who looks like Xixi calling our uncle." Imp: "No." Xiao Jiu: "Xixi's words of refusing the sixth brother are exactly the same as the lines of the male partner who failed to live up to the heroine in the TV series she watched last week." Imp: "Cici, learn bad." Small 9: "You do not want to see this kind of play again later, 3 view are incorrect, learn bad easily." The kid nodded. Shen Ze actively strives for: "Xixi, I am good to you all my life, if you miss me, it is difficult to meet a better person than me." Yao Xixi glanced at him. "That's not necessarily true." Xiao Jiu assists: "Brother Six is rich, powerful, good-looking, and good to Xixi." Yao Xixi: "Being single is more comfortable." Shen Ze hung his head and looked unhappy. Yao Xixi smiled and drew his present appearance on the paper and handed it to him, "Give it to you." Shen Ze took it, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,radio shuttle racking, "I want your self-portrait more." Yao Xixi drew a self-portrait in two or three strokes and gave it to him. Shen Ze was amused by a simple painting and carefully put her self-portrait into her wallet. Finish today's work task, Xixi washes and goes back to her room to sleep. Hachi knocked on Cici's door. Yao Xixi put on her slippers and opened the door. Hachi: "Cici, I want to whisper to you." Yao Xixi was amused by Hachi's lovely words and let him in. Hachi lay on Cici's side. "Cici's room smells good." Yao Xixi: "Put the medicine sachet to nourish Qi and blood.". You're too angry to use this. You'll get a nosebleed. Hachi nodded. Yao Xixi: "I'll give you a soothing sachet another day." Xiao Ba Mei opened his eyes and smiled. Yao Xixi rubbed his head. Hachi: "Cici, you like Brother Six. Why did you refuse him?" Yao Xixi: "How does Hachi know I like him?" Hachi: "Xixi is willing to let Brother Six hold hands.". Cici looked at Brother Six with a smile in his eyes. Yao Xixi pinched Hachi's face with a smile. Hachi: I like Cici, and I also like Brother Six. Six elder brother is very fierce, only six elder brother such fierce person is worthy of Xixi, other people are not good. Yao Xixi was amused by Xiao Ba's overbearing and aggrieved tone, "I know you worship him, and I like him, but this love has not reached the level that I married him." Hachi has little knowledge. Yao Xixi patiently explained: "Probably because of the lack of time, he is vague in my sister's heart.". Without really knowing him, my sister doesn't want to give a promise easily. Hachi rubbed his forehead against Cici's waist. Itch. Cici laughed and dodged. Shen Ze followed Xixi's schedule, went to bed early and got up early, woke up early in the morning, and pulled Xixi to run. Xixi ran two steps tired and breathless, and was carried all the way by Shen Ze. Shen Ze bought a shiny bicycle for Xixi the next day. He runs and Cici rides a bike. Since sweeping the tail of the organization, Shen Ze rarely strenuous exercise, and because of the headache, people are getting thinner and thinner, now the headache is better, people gain weight, when he began to try to use exercise to lose weight, he failed. Yao Xixi estimated his daily calorie intake and calorie consumption and showed him, "You see, your exercise has increased and your appetite has increased.". I made cakes, and Xiao Jiu always likes to give them to you first. Calorie intake is greater than calorie consumption, and it is inevitable to gain weight. Shen Ze silently put down the walnut cake handed to him by the little devil. Yao Xixi calculated his body mass index in her mind. "You are not fat, but you were too thin before.". The clothes I made before don't fit. Shen Ze picked up the walnut cake again and ate it happily. He has always liked to eat sweet, when he was a child, he suppressed his preferences, and now he can finally eat freely. The bodyguard is so strong that he always exercises with dumbbells. Sometimes he will let Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu attack him together, so as not to let his body slack off. The bodyguard and Xixi analyzed the current situation of Brother Six: "Now the focus is not to lose weight, but to control the speed of Brother Six's weight gain." Yao Xixi nodded. The bodyguard turned to look at Shen Ze and said, "Brother Six, you can't stick to Xixi all the time at night. Take an hour to work out." Shen Ze glanced at him lightly. The bodyguard shivered instinctively and dared not say another word. Don't scare people! Yao Xixi replaced the walnut cake on his hand with a Bean Paste Cake with less sugar and oil. Shen Ze ate Bean Paste Cake, tilted his head,teardrop pallet racking, and stole a kiss. Fitness can be fitness. The little ball has to be accompanied. Eventually, Shen Ze distributed hormones in the newly opened gym, and Yao Xixi sat lazily on the sofa in the living room to read the script compiled by the scriptwriter department.
Shennong looked at him disdainfully. Then he put his hand on my cheek again and rubbed it casually. Then he went back. He looked at me and said slowly, "I once heard that the forbidden art of transforming yourself into a puppet came from the family of puppet masters in the country of the wind. If you use that forbidden art to transform yourself, only the skin on your face is your own, right?" “…… I don't know. I also raised my hand to touch the place on my face that he had just touched, and answered blankly, "I do come from the land of the wind, but I don't have the memory of reforming myself." "If you don't know the principle, it's a bit of trouble." When Shen Nong heard this, he nodded and turned his face to speak to the spot whose expression could stink to death a row of flies. "In his case, you have to give me at least two or three months." Will it take that long? You're not up to something, are you? Madara's expression was even worse. "I asked Orochimaru, and he said it only took three days to successfully implement the reincarnation." Shennong laughed when he heard this, "Oh, since you asked Orochimaru, it's easier to explain." Didn't he tell you that the art of reincarnation requires a vessel? Bad taste "Container?" Spotted frowned. "Can it be said that scorpions will become like Orochimaru,shuttle rack system, looking for new containers every few years?" I also feel creepy all over. If I want to become a pervert like Orochimaru, I'd rather keep it like this. The first stage of reincarnation is exactly like that. Shennong nodded and suddenly sneered, "If you don't want to change the container, you have to pay a lot of risk. I have said that I haven't finished the second and final stages of the research." "The second and final phase?" I repeated Shennong's words in my mouth, and then I couldn't help turning my head and looking at each other. Shennong looked at us and said slowly,metal racking systems, "My master has devoted all his life to studying the art of reincarnation. In the first stage, he is looking for a container to lodge the soul of the reincarnator and Chakra.." You can already see this in the case of Orochimaru. As long as he can constantly change the container, he can not only use the inherent ability of the container itself, but also live forever. The only trouble seems to be the replacement once every three years. It is not easy to find a container with good qualifications. "What's next?" Asked Madara, frowning again. The second stage is to use the sorcerer's chakra to fuse the cells of the container itself with the soul in its body, that is to say, the body that originally had no soul can really live in the world from now on, of course, its life already belongs to the sorcerer, so there is no need to find a new container.. I heard that Orochimaru has been trying to break through this boundary recently, but it really can't. The container he used three years ago can't give him so much time. He must be looking for a desirable container all over the world. "What is the final stage?" "The final stage is the so-called perfect rebirth." Shennong said lightly: "If the third stage is completed, Automated warehouse systems ,industrial racking systems, the new body of the reborn person can achieve the effect of restoring its original appearance and the inherent body function of the past through the chakra of the discerning sorcerer, that is, to completely transform others into themselves, which is also the true sense of rebirth." After listening to the words, I felt that my eyes were about to fly-rebirth, such a thing can also be done ah? The spot is still full of worry, he calmly asked Shennong, "so, what are you studying now?" Shennong Hehe laughed, looked at me and said slowly, "I have basically completed the second stage of research, and I have just finished the theoretical part of the third stage.." But as you can see, I don't have a test subject, so I can't guarantee that my theory will work, which is why I said it might be dangerous for the child, even so.. Do you still want to try? = Mouth = | | | Sure enough, he was reduced to a guinea pig! I hesitantly locked my eyes on Madara, hoping that he would make a more reasonable decision for me. "Do we have to find the container to use?"? Or should you be in charge? What Madara said next made me almost fall to the ground with a bang, and I glanced at Madara with a discontented voice in my mouth. Sure enough, it's not your life. You don't feel bad at all. I asked you to give me two or three months to take this opportunity to find a suitable container. Fortunately, the skin on the child's face is still alive, and biological fusion can probably promote the success rate of Chakra cell activation. Shennong said slowly, "but I have a request, that is, Yamaru must go with me." Why should I believe you? What if you never come back? Scabbers looked at him coldly. You can send someone to watch me. "Besides, if you are willing to accept the second or third phase of the experiment, it will be a good thing for my research. After all, the probability of finding an experimental object is far less than that of finding a suitable container," Shennong said slowly. You'd better not play games with me. Shen Nong, we are waiting for you here, and I only give you a week. Madara agreed with a neat nod, and made a very harsh offer. The expression on my face changed from = _ = to.. = _ = | | | (for: This is not changed? _ _ _ _ a Qiang: Is not more than a few black lines?) Then, I longingly watched Shennong turn around and send Yamaru to pack up his little luggage with him. In more than ten minutes, he sorted out a package and carried it on Shennong's back. Then he thought about it and took out a scalpel and came to me. He held out his hand to me,industrial racking systems, "Give me your hand." "What are you doing?" That's what I asked. Just because I'm not vigilant doesn't mean I'm not. Take the blood, and then take a sample of the cells in order to find a container that meets your requirements. Shennong said concisely. I was suddenly enlightened, then nodded and stretched out his paw. Shennong took the scalpel and cut one of my fingers at a high speed. Then he took the red liquid dripping from the wound into the tiny test tube that escaped from behind him.
Seeing that they nodded in agreement, I slightly sorted out the cause and effect of the matter and opened my mouth to tell them about Orochimaru's Konoha collapse plan. Just as I said that one of Orochimaru's targets was the third generation of Hokage, a little fox shouted excitedly. Orochimaru wants to kill three generations of grandpa? Why? Although three generations of grandpa are very wordy and lustful, he is definitely a good man. Why did Orochimaru kill him? It could be seen that Naruto was trying very hard to endure just now, but when he heard that Orochimaru was coming to take the old man's life, he couldn't help shouting. And the anger, puzzlement, and perhaps a hint of fear in his voice evoked a similar reaction from several others, but Sasuke frowned and endured it, and his eyes flashed two rounds of hook jade; Ningji stared at me with a face that was already like an iceberg; The tooth clenched his fist and looked like he was going to bite, while Akamaru lay in the tooth's arms and sobbed twice. Can you ask me when I'm done? When I talked about Orochimaru's identity and ability, I was surprised that Naruto didn't interrupt. I thought he had become a little calmer. It seems that I overestimated his growth rate. Everything else is fine, but why did Orochimaru kill Grandpa III?! Say it quickly! It seems that Naruto is unbearable and no longer deliberately patient. Ah What a trouble! Didn't I ask you to wait for me to finish my words? Forget it. I may have explained the matter to him when I tried to persuade him not to ask. I'd better answer him directly. I don't know exactly why,automated warehouse systems, but the only thing I know for sure is that Orochimaru hates Konoha. On the one hand, he may have lost the chance to become the fourth generation of Hokage because of the obstruction of the third generation, which also shattered his ambition to control Konoha and change Konoha; on the other hand, Orochimaru probably wanted to get something from the third generation, such as some forbidden arts and so on. Finally,pallet rack shelving, Orochimaru has never been used to Konoha's style and thinks it is a kind of hypocrisy! Destroying things he doesn't like is one of his hobbies. After one breath, I realized that my mouth was a little dry, so I glanced at the audience who were paying attention, and unfortunately found that they didn't seem to have any water on them. "Take your time." There is water in it. "I didn't see any water in Xiao Ai's hand just now, but how could he turn out a bottle of water after a while?"? Curious, I took the water and drank more than half of it in one breath before I smiled gratefully at Xiao Ai. Asked him where the water came from, but he just pointed to Hinata in silence, meaning that he took it from Hinata. When Hinata noticed that I was looking at her, she smiled a little shyly. Sure enough, medium duty racking ,push back racking system, a good wife candidate! I muttered, and then I heard some questioning voice from Ningji. These should be very secret things, how can you know so clearly? And you're not from Konoha, so why do you know so much about Konoha? How much of what you say is true? Just as I was about to tell these people the results of my analysis, Ningji asked with a deep face, apparently doubting the truth of my words. Credibility You can draw your own conclusions from what happens later.. Even if what I say now is 100% true, you may not believe it 100%. Think about it and then draw a conclusion. I have synthesized the events of these two days, and I will talk about the results of my analysis. Obviously, Ningji was not satisfied with such an answer, but I really could not produce more convincing evidence for them. I can't say I came through another world, can I?! He'll believe it if he hears it! There are two main purposes for Orochimaru to come to Konoha. One is to destroy Konoha with a ninja village, which should be his main purpose. As for which ninja village he contacted, I don't know. The second purpose should be to kidnap the three of you. "I pointed to Ningji, Hinata and Sasuke.". When I said this, Hinata stared at me in surprise, no longer just wringing his fingers shyly, it was obvious that the blow was a little big. Sasuke and Yasuji, on the other hand, did not have much reaction. "Why did you take them?" Why is Sasuke always in the limelight? Naruto, who was shouting, probably had this idea. When I think about it, I don't feel black lines all over my head. Orochimaru is a guy who is very fanatical about Ninjutsu, and they all have blood boundaries and have very special Ninjutsu! I didn't quite understand. Didn't Orochimaru just want Sasuke? Why attack Hinata and Yasuji? But from his series of actions, the targets he aimed at were all people with blood boundaries, and this was the only conclusion I could draw. But with so many people, who does he want to be his vessel? If it's like you say. So you also have a blood limit? Sasuke asked in a declarative sentence. But this kid is really sharp! "Sort of!"! Not sure how he found out though?! I'm the only one left of the Baihua clan now, and I don't go out of the village very much. Where did Orochimaru know? Could it be that Xiao Ai's father accidentally said it when he was chatting with Orochimaru? It's not possible! "Do you have a blood limit?" Except that Xiao Ai didn't speak because she knew, Hinata looked up at me anxiously with her mouth open and didn't make a sound, and Sasuke pulled out a cold smile at the corners of her mouth as if she had expected and didn't shout, all the others cried out as if they had been bewitched. It turned out that the blood boundary was so common that anyone could find it. "Zhi Nai muttered in a low voice and hid his face deeply under his high collar." But You're not a ninja? Teeth asked as if he had been hit by something, not knowing what he had been hit by. Our people have never been ninjas! I answered truthfully. Why do you know Orochimaru so well? What is your relationship with him? I can tell by the look in Sasuke's dangerous eyes that this guy must still be upset about the fact that I bit him! But little love,heavy duty cantilever racks, Sasuke, if he wants to stare at me, let him stare at me. I won't lose two pieces of meat on my body. Why do you compete with him! I know you both have big eyes.
"Actually, you can understand it from another angle," said Pangdun. "As I said, everything has its own breath, and when the breath reaches a certain level, it can be called a God. But you humans, especially the earthlings, like to call it a soul!" Fang Lin now understands some, indeed, everything has its own breath, this is normal, but, the breath of the sword, how do you know what is the breath of the sword, what is the God of the sword? Fang Lin continued to look at Zhan Lu, he has always felt that Zhan Lu is a dead thing, a sword, no life, how can it be called God? Fang Lin inserted Zhan Lu into the scabbard and stood on the ground, while he sat cross-legged and looked at Zhan Lu all the time. He was recalling the legend of Zhan Lu, the lifelong work of the craftsman Ou Yezi, and the legendary sword completed with the help of the gods. However, looking at the appearance, it was nothing special. Although Zhanlu was powerful, Fang Lin always felt that it was just a mortal thing. Zhan Lu, do you really have a God? Fang Lin, like a child, spoke to it. Guangming said that Fanglin's swordsmanship was already very good, but he did not understand the sword, so his swordsmanship was also not good enough. Fang Lin stared at Zhan Lu for a whole afternoon. As night fell, Fang Lin did not go to dinner. Fang Lin has been staring at Zhan Lu, to tell the truth, he regarded Zhan Lu as a guarantee to protect his life, he is not a real swordsman, he just drew the swordsmanship, and reached Dacheng,heavy duty metal racking, Fang Lin has always thought that this is the highest level, but the light said that the sword has God! Don't you think it's too early? He is only seventeen years old, and it is amazing that he can practice his swordsmanship to such an extent at the moment. Guangming Road. He is my present light. He must be strong. At the beginning, your disciple, my past light, didn't he also understand the God of the sword at the age of seventeen? "He is a truly unique talent!" "So is he!" Fang Lin took out Zhan Lu directly, recalling the scenes of holding Zhan Lu, only to feel that Zhan Lu held in his hand, that feeling has been very used to, very handy, as if it is a part of the body. Fang Lin began to use the pure Yang swordsmanship, the move is fierce, powerful,push back racking system, and integrated, without any unfamiliar, the sword move Dacheng, is this kind of realm of flowing clouds and flowing water! Fang Lin danced more and more crazily, the whole person did not stop, he always felt that when he picked up Zhan Lu in his hand, he had a little feeling, as if he had caught something, and as if he had not caught anything. Fang Lin has been in the sword dance, first Chunyang swordsmanship, then the soft sword around the finger, then the imperial swordsmanship, and then Dugu Nine Swords, he always felt that he had seen a little, at the moment told him to give up, he was absolutely unwilling, how could he not understand Zhan Lu, how could he! Dark clouds began to gather, has not rained for more than ten days, at the moment, as if it is thick accumulation of thin hair, downpour from the sky, Fang Lin also ignored, he is in the sword dance, he is feeling all of Zhan Lu. Zhan Lu flying, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,asrs warehouse, internal force wrapped in Zhan Lu, rolled up countless raindrops, a huge water balloon was produced, Fang Lin waved his hand, the water balloon burst instantly, like water fireworks. Fang Lin looked at Zhan Lu, Zhan Lu's sharpness was unimaginable, and the water flowed down without a trace of hindrance. Fang Lin shouted and then danced! At this time, the other saints also came. As swordsmen, they all knew that Fanglin was on the verge of breaking through at the moment. Kong Ya looked at the sky, as usual, as long as it was late at night, he would leave. Kong Ya looked at Fang Lin's sword dance, the sword in his hand clenched, suddenly, he pulled out his sword, flew down! "Well done!" Fang Lin shouted. Chunyang Swordsmanship immediately urged him to confront him head-on. Kong Ya is stronger than Fang Lin, and the two are equally matched! Kong Ya's long sword is very sharp, just like himself. Kong Ya did not speak too much, and his swordsmanship was also great, but his swordsmanship was not as great as Fang Lin's. Fang Lin's long sword, sometimes strong and fierce, uses the pure Yang sword, sometimes ingenious, uses the soft sword around the finger, one strong and one soft, but has infinite power! Kong Ya relies on the advantage of strength, in order to confront Fang Lin head-on, Kong Ya's face is positive, he wants to use his best, to tell the truth, at the moment of Kong Ya, after the inheritance, the strength has increased greatly, has been above Fang Lin! Fang Lin felt the pressure, but he was still a little crazy at the moment. He felt that the pressure was not enough, not enough for him to understand everything. The pressure is not enough, you, come together! Fang Lin roared. Ji Yueyao and others looked at each other, also pulled out the sword and flew down, Fang Lin only felt that the pressure suddenly increased countless, Fang Lin only felt a little carefree, unconsciously, felt that the pure Yang sword and the soft sword around the fingers were more and more skilled. Fang Lin felt that he was getting closer and closer, very close! Chapter 89 soul! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-8-29 20:39:33 Words in this chapter: 3671 The 3rd more, beg collect, recommend! Members click! Zhan Lu, accompanied himself for a long time, from the beginning to defeat the bandits of Tianlin Stronghold, relying on Zhan Lu, in any case, many times, in fact, Zhan Lu saved his life, without Zhanlu, his strength will be greatly reduced. Four saints together against Fang Lin, Fang Lin only feel laborious, but they know that Fang Lin needs only pressure, so they also have to stop. Fang Lin carefully felt the hands of Zhan Lu, he still did not feel the so-called God, he did not feel that Fang Lin is alive. There is a God inside the sword, there is a soul, can be called the sword, but why can't I dig out the God inside, the soul inside? "Because your sword has not accompanied you to grow up." Said the fat man. Your sword moves, everything is given by the system, Zhan Lu did not accompany you to grow up. Fang Lin has some enlightenment, indeed, Zhan Lu did not accompany his progress, then, his feelings for Zhan Lu, not as deep as others! Fang Lin at the moment, the whole body is wet, the water on the robe is more and more, the body also feels more and more heavy, he only then realized now, Zhan Lu to oneself,warehouse storage racks, really is also very strange, oneself also does not understand Zhan Lu, also does not understand Zhan Lu.
Jiang Yan thought he was angry: "You have no patience with girls since you were a child.". Our ten elder brothers always do what they say. Now they have already gone out. Let people turn back? You're so embarrassed. Originally, Liang Mengdong really couldn't bear it, but Jiang Yan said that his chest was stuffy and he did what he said? Her? I guess I'll be there soon. Don't ask about the case for a while. If I say more about the violation of discipline, I will be scolded by her. The man who claimed to do what he said happened to arrive at this moment, and through the shadowy flickering candles in the corridor, Jiang Yan saw ten tones waving their hands. Separated by the floor glass window, Shiyin saw the person opposite Jiangyan, stagnated for half a moment, or went straight inside. Jiang Yan offered her seat to Shi Yin. Before she could sit down, she saw the iron-black face of the man next to her. After thinking about it, she said, "Jiang Yan, I'm sitting opposite you. It's convenient to talk." Half a meal is thrilling. Fortunately, Jiang Yan is more attentive to food, and is used to eating with ten tones, so there are many topics to talk about. Otherwise, I should have realized that this meal was unusual. Jiang Yan is complaining that Yun Qi is not sensible, others want to ask Liang teacher to eat, but they can not come, she is hiding. "You know I won't let her go out at night.". Even if you invite her to dinner alone, she will be nervous, not to mention strange men. You should have asked me to join you. "How can I call you a man who is so busy that he doesn't touch the house?" Shiyin looked at Liang Mengdong apologetically and said, "Yunqi won't be like this in class. She will be afraid to come so far to eat.". Besides, she's not in good health. I don't let her sleep late at night. I'm very sorry. Liang Mengdong sneers: "I don't mind." Things in the Bureau, Jiangyan Zhuangzhuanmenqing, talking about the phone Li Feng monitoring, he still can not believe: "Are you sure?"? Is it really Li Feng? Ten tones did not explain much, knowing that he and Li Feng had been close since childhood, believe it or not. Jiang Yan is indissoluble: "He listens to you to make a phone call,lamella tube, suspect that is sea of clouds next?"? With what? Did you say something disgusting? Shiyin glanced at Liang Mengdong and said no. He called Mr. Liang that night. He said he would practice the piano together. He broke his promise and then called to apologize. Jiang Yan burst out laughing: "Yes, yes, Li Feng is a little lenient. He and I have complained that you have been close to Meng Dong recently.". I said they have similar hobbies. Can you play a musical instrument? You sing out of tune. Shiyin complained: "Captain Li is quite cute in your eyes." Jiang Yan finally did not hold back: "No wonder you offered your resignation to Director Wei." "That's not it." Ten sound frown, she really does not want to discuss this in front of Meng Dong, "he makes a little trick, I resign?"? Then you really flatter Li Feng. Jiang Yan asked: "Why is that?" Ten-tone wry smile, how to say? The leader will be a person, there pressed her resignation, here revealed to Jiang Yan, probably let him appease and enlighten the meaning. But they clearly know that even if Meng Dong is not there, she is alone in the face of Jiang Yan, what authority does she have to talk about the task? No reason, it's all right. Shiyin said, "The mobile phone has also been processed.". You don't have to fight against injustice to question. I can't find fault with Li Feng on official business. On the surface, Rotating sludge scraper ,Wall Penstocks, we still have to cooperate. Mentioned Liang Mengdong a moment ago, this Zun just said lightly: "Make a phone call, so soul-stirring." Shiyin didn't dare to look at him at all. He only nodded slightly. "Yes, Captain Li, his hand is too long." Why is the attitude of answering the phone cold these two days? Is this an explanation? It turns out that he is so invisible. He was like a joke, as if what she had said and done two days ago were all his own illusions. Jiang Yan served the steak ordered by Shiyin, and she concentrated on cutting the meat. Li Feng is half for ten tones, "Jiang Yan is helping to explain," he pursued ten tones was rejected, unwilling, all day long said that the sea of clouds to ten tones is not sincere. Ten tones, I remember the first half of the year, the sea of clouds is often not in the city on weekends, will not really do anything sorry for you, Li Feng how to speak with certainty. Ten sound is irritable interrupt: "What do you say this does?" As she spoke, the napkin slipped from her lap, and when she went to pick it up, she was grabbed by someone under the table. The author has something to say: Meng Dong: The mattress has not been chosen, people have changed their minds. Pushing Friends Hua Ming's Brain Hole New Article: "Wake Up Sixty Years Old" Chi Jia has two faces of day and night, a kind old woman, playing with grandchildren, tutoring homework, and a soft beauty, which makes the cold-faced male God break his waist. Search apps for "wake up 60 years old" Sleepless Nights 27 Ten tones earned, but Liang Mengdong didn't let go. She was afraid that Jiang Yan would see through it, so she had to keep quiet and hold the fork in her left hand instead. Fortunately, the lights of the Western restaurant were silent, and only a small round red candle was burning on the table, so dark that only the plate in front of him could be seen. Liang Mengdong also deliberately teased and asked: "Is Captain Yu left-handed?" It was not difficult to hold the fork with her left hand. She also used chopsticks with her left hand to eat rice noodles in the early morning that day. She was very skilled. She's not left-handed. Ten tones is really lucky, fortunately is not the other person who sits opposite. She knew that Jiang Yan had always been so slow on the issue of men and women that she even helped Shiyin explain: "I've heard that Shiyin used to have special training for them. They had to be able to open the bow, eat, write, shoot, and go undercover.." He realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly remedied it: "It's convenient to get hurt." Then he found that he had the meaning of a curse and punished himself with a cup. There was a chill behind the ten tones, and under the table, the man forcibly clasped her fingers and refused to pull them away. I want to get drunk. Anyway, there are ten tones. After drinking a few cups, Jiang Yan complained about Liang Mengdong, "You obviously dislike the wine here, just drink a few mouthfuls, next time you can bring your own." Liang Mengdong replied, "Some people are not allowed to drink." "Your little fat man?" Jiang Yan giggled, "unexpectedly came to take care of you?"? I really have you in my heart. Ten tones are inexplicable, little fat man. What did he say to Jiang Yan? "It's good to have it." Liang Mengdong laughed at himself and put his hand in the palm of her hand, gently scratching, "I'm afraid I feel forced." "You have to change your temper." Jiang Yan said, "Ten tones,multi disc screw press, my father heard Meng Dong's father say that he saw Meng Dong cry several times." Ten tones did not answer, remembering that Meng Dong used to accompany her to practice before the exam, and she was also scolded to cry.
Xie Zhuo just couldn't see her being wronged. He rubbed his slightly swollen forehead heavily, and for a moment he was tortured by her appearance. His voice was a little tired and he said, … Forget it - Xie Zhuo suffocated for a whole day, Liu Miaomiao did not take the initiative to say a word to him again. Rehearsing for the school anniversary party in the afternoon, Liu Miaomiao still looked like she didn't wake up. Fortunately, she played a big tree that did not need body language. She stood lazily in the corner of the stage and fell asleep again. Xie Zhuo came in with the score and ran into Xiao Han from the next class. Xiao Han: Wow! Thank you, what a coincidence! Xie Zhuo: "..." Can't you change another opening line. Xiao Han asked, "Is Liu here?" "Our class will rehearse in the afternoon." "Oh, then give this to her for me." Xie Zhuo took a set of test papers handed by Xiao Han, which was the chemistry homework assigned by Xiong Chemical Fertilizer in class yesterday. He opened it and looked at it roughly. The handwriting and the idea of solving the problem were not written by Liu Miaomiao. Xie Zhuo frowned. "You're not helping her. You're hurting her." Xiao Han scratched the hair on the back of his head and said, "I also know this is not very good." Liu didn't ask me to help her write, but when I went back to school in the morning, I saw that she was not in a good mood and wanted to do something to make her happy. She didn't give me this set of papers, I took it from the teacher. Xie Zhuo paused and asked, "Did you come back together in the morning?" Xiao Han said,lamella clarifer, "My family lives in the Milky Way Cemetery. Liu seemed to go to worship someone in the morning, so he came back together on the way." Worship at the cemetery in the morning? Xie Zhuo remembered Liu Miaomiao's mother. Jing Wei was originally from Huacheng. She should have gone to worship her mother this morning. No wonder he looked so depressed when he came back early in the morning. Xie Zhuo's eyebrows twisted deeper, and a little chagrin in his heart floated up. It was not clear for a moment whether he was annoyed that he had not asked more questions in the morning, or whether he was annoyed that she was always reluctant to mention anything to him. In fact, the reason why he was angry this morning was very simple. He could not find his own sense of existence in Liu Miaomiao's heart. He was not really full and had nothing to do, so he went to the cinema to block people and sat with her in the midnight snack bar to eat crayfish. It was also the first time for him to send roses to a girl. For the first time,fine bubble diffuser, because he had to wait for someone, he ran to the downstairs of the little girl's house before dawn at five o'clock. He looked down at the screen of his mobile phone every five minutes for fear of missing her news. In the past, if Xie Zhuo thought he had done such a thing, he would probably feel that he was sick. But that girl is her. All those behaviors that seem illogical and sick become eerily reasonable. He is now in the bones of the young master's arrogant temper at work, want to be soft, can not put down the shelf, want to ignore her, that can not be done. He knew that the other party was a leprechaun who carried out the three elements of "no initiative, no refusal, no responsibility" without conscience. Her coquetry and softness might be just a trap. When he jumped into it, she would kick him off when she was tired of playing for many days. But he just couldn't help the leg he wanted to jump into the fire pit. Xie Zhuo felt that he was really a little crazy. When Xiao Han saw the head teacher of the first class coming into the auditorium to prepare for the rehearsal, MBR reactor ,disc air diffuser, he said, "Then I'll go first.." Before the words were out, someone on the other side of the stage shouted: "Liu, be careful!" A classmate who was rehearsing his position accidentally knocked down a lamppost that was still under construction, and the cumbersome wires pulled the steel frame and the lamp together in the direction of the girl. Liu Miaomiao instinctively dodged the iron frame that hit his head, but stepped on the air behind his feet, and the whole person lost his center of gravity and fell down from the edge of the stage. Screams were heard. The boy's figure flashed by. At the moment when she was about to fall to the ground, someone hugged her from behind. Fiancee, are you the devil? Chapter 18 The auditorium was in a state of chaos. Students and teachers swarmed up. Liu Miaomiao had a few seconds of weightlessness in her mind, heard someone shouting her name, then the dark shadow in front of her eyes pressed down, mixed with the faint mint fragrance on his body, and firmly protected her under her body. The teenager put his hands beside her ears and blocked the lamp holder with his back. Liu, Liu, are you all right? Zhou Qing ran over and asked nervously. A Zhuo! Zhuo Yiwei and Deng Bo moved the lamp stand together. "Are you all right?" "Nothing, just a little pressure." Xie Zhuo stretched his back, which had been pressed by the lamp stand, and was glad that the lamp stand had not been fully assembled. When it was smashed down, the props placed in the corner of the stage blocked it, so that the weight would not completely hit him. He helped Liu Miaomiao stand up and asked in a low voice, "Where is the injury?" Just a series of things happened too suddenly, Liu Miaomiao is still a little trance, shaking his head. Surrounded by too many teachers and students, Liu Miaomiao wanted to pull his arm out of his hand, but Xie Zhuo did not let, the strength of his hand increased a little. Stumbling, Zhou Qing pointed to her calf and said, "You, your leg, is injured.." Liu Miaomiao looked down and found that it was true, it should have been accidentally scraped by the iron shelf when he fell down just now, and there was a blood stain of three or four centimeters, and the flesh was mixed with blood and turned out. It's a little shocking. Xie Zhuo twisted his eyebrows and said, "I'll accompany you to the infirmary." Liu Miaomiao tried to pull his arm out of his hand again: "I can go by myself." Xie Zhuo looked at her with a heavy voice: "If you move again, I will pick you up in front of so many people." Liu Miaomiao: ".." Liu Miaomiao suddenly felt his shame. - Strawberry Sweetie looked angry again, frowning like a twist all the way to the infirmary. Liu Miaomiao felt that this man sometimes had a bad temper. After all,rotary vacuum disc filters, he was a spoiled young master. When he was strong, he frightened people in a daze, which was far from the sweet and delicious image in the advertisement.
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