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King Long Delivered to Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia during the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival in 2018, King Long’s overseas marketing staff have already embarked on the journey in a new year when most people still immersed in the blessings of New Year. During the festival, after 50 red double-deckers were exported to Kuwait, the King Long buses delivered to markets like Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia were also shipped successively to meet the needs of overseas clients.Get more news about China To Costa Rica,you can vist our website!

On February 16, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, 50 beautiful 13-meter-long King Long buses were shipped from Xiamen Port to Costa Rica in Latin America. Costa Rica has a relatively high demand for buses as it receives a large number of tourists from Europe, America, Australia and other countries every year. All the passenger transport companies are privately operated in Costa Rica, and they need to not only meet the high requirement of tourists from developed countries in comfortability, but also seek for the maximization of operating profit. In addition, considering the local hot weather, poor road condition, numerous slopes and narrow roads, our clients are extremely demanding on the configuration of buses and the applied technologies.

Based on the trial operation of sample buses, we have improved this batch of 50 13-meter-long buses according to the requirements of the clients and the using and maintenance habits of the local clients. These brand-new buses will greatly improve the transport experience of the local tourists and residents. Due to the excellent products and services, King Long has maintained exports in batches to Costa Rica in recent years. So far, King Long has topped all other Chinese bus brands in terms of the number of buses in Costa Rica.
On February 17, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, 56 luxurious buses were delivered to Saudi Arabia. According to the market feedback, King Long has upgraded the interior trim of these exported buses, such as the baggage holders, front-rear molding face and side decorations, to make the passengers’ trips more comfortable and convenient. It is known that in 2017, King Long exported 200 buses of the same type to Saudi Arabia. The transportation companies and passengers spoke highly of these cars in actual operation. The local mainstream operation companies quite favor this type of buses as well. So they purchased these buses during the Spring Festival to meet the demand of the annual pilgrimage.

As a Chinese passenger car brand with the highest popularity and the largest number of buses in Saudi Arabia, King Long maintained strong growth trend in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of 2018. In the next several months, there are 500 King Long buses will be delivered to Saudi Arabia successively to serve the pilgrims.

Natural Façade Cladding: The Rise of Terracotta

Going green” is ‘au courant’ right now, and what could be considered more natural than a 100% natural building material that resembles the natural ‘baked earth’? Get more news about terracotta panel cladding,you can vist our website!

Terracotta is an architectural terracotta cladding material that is made from fired clay; it comes in various shapes and textures that can be used in constructing any project, such as schools and hospitals, to art museums and multi-use developments.

The demands of the modern world have forced us to find a sense of calmness and comfort in our home environment, which could partially explain why we are seeing a move away from traditional façade choices such as aluminium, and a significant increase in the use of natural and earthy construction materials.

One contemporary design concept is biophilic design, a strategic approach to tap into — and harness— nature in the built environment.

The growing trend in biophilic design is two-fold, intent is to improve quality of life by reconnecting humans with nature using the built environment – shifting the urban landscape from a steel and cement scenario to a greener one, where the integration of greenery, light, water, and all sorts of natural elements in design positively affects people’s perception of space and the time spent in it.
Australia is one of the world’s most urban populations. Currently with 86.2% of us living in urban settings, this figure has been incrementally creeping upwards over the past decade.

Urban development has now become a major player in the environmental stakes as designers and builders strive to find alternate solutions that sustain natural resources and provide greater biophilic presence.

The biophilic space allows us to consider the environment and the positive impact of creating natural spaces, which provide a more immersive feeling of being in nature from both the indoors and strolling around urban areas. The Fairview team is passionate about helping architects achieve these objectives through our range of quality cladding systems.
When it comes to architecture, the challenge is in finding the balance between aesthetics and function, and irrespective of project scale, type, or function, there are now many natural cladding products available to pioneer the progression towards the future of built environments.
Terracotta is not biodegradable, but it can be crushed, and recycled to make new cladding for new projects, and the fact that it is 100% natural and non-biodegradable means that it is immune to weathering and erosion. It also requires minimal maintenance, and it retains its gleam for quite a long time. Terracotta is fireproof, and its main screen variety requires no sealants or grouts, which means that the joints do not need to undergo maintenance either.

Using terracotta also improves the thermal performance of the edifices since certain terracotta designs are made to withstand rainy weather while others work on insulating heat from the outside.

Such designs are louvers and baguettes; they are excellent for warmer environments as they lessen the intensity of exposure to the sun. This, in turn, reduces energy consumption and unnecessary operating costs.

Formed from the earth and famously able to withstand the test of time, terracotta is a natural embodiment of the spirit of sustainability that lends itself well to large- scale projects.

FCL type flexible coupling conforms to Japanese national standard JISB1452

With its simple structure, convenient installation, small size, light weight, maintenance-free, and reliable quality, it is widely used and appreciated by customers in Japan and other countries in the world.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!

FCL type elastic coupling features: good vibration absorption, can make the movement of the active shaft to the passive shaft smoothly. There is no axial thrust in the transmission. Easy disassembly and assembly, as long as the coupling bolt is removed, the connection between the active and passive can be separated. If the relative displacement of the two shafts can be kept within the specified range after installation and adjustment, the coupling will have satisfactory performance and long working life. Therefore, it can be widely used in various medium and small power transmission shafts driven by electric motors with small loads, such as reducers, transmissions, pumps, printing and dyeing machines, hoists, cranes, compressors, conveyors, textile machines, hoists, Ball mill, etc.

The FCL elastic sleeve pin coupling has a relatively simple structure and belongs to the category of elastic couplings. It is easy to manufacture, does not require lubrication, does not need to be bonded with metal vulcanization, is convenient to replace the elastic sleeve, and does not need to move the half coupling. Shaft relative offset and vibration damping performance. The elastic sleeve is subject to compression deformation. Due to the thin thickness, small volume and limited elastic deformation of the elastic sleeve, although the elastic sleeve pin coupling can compensate for the axial displacement and elasticity, the allowable compensation amount for the axial displacement is less. The elasticity is weak. The elastic sleeve pin coupling relies on the locking force of the pin group to generate the friction torque on the contact surface, and compresses the rubber elastic sleeve to transmit the torque. It is suitable for small and medium power shafting transmission with good mounting base rigidity, high centering accuracy, small impact load and low vibration damping requirements.

Want a Printed Airline Boarding Pass?

The airline has removed kiosks at nine airports so far, including Portland International in Oregon. Alaska executives said Thursday, April 20, 2023 that their goal is to reduce crowding at check-in areas and get passengers to security checkpoints faster. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, file) (AP)Get more news about boarding pass manufacturers,you can vist our website!
Hers has nothing to do with engine trouble or turbulence. Ulster frets about relying on her phone to display her mobile boarding pass at the boarding gate. For every flight, she prints it out at home or at the airport.

I want to have that piece of paper," said Ulster, a 57-year-old writer and copy editor in Pelham, N.Y. “I just tuck it into my passport. There’s no worries about preserving the battery on my phone."

The fear of fumbling around with a phone at the gate while impatient travelers harrumph behind you—or, worse, getting hobbled by a dying battery or dodgy Wi-Fi—gets some passengers more anxious about boarding the plane than flying at 35,000 feet.Airlines looking to save time and money—and add a new fee or two—are putting pressure on passengers to go digital. Alaska Airlines, for one, is overhauling its check-in lobbies at 115 airports and removing self-service kiosks where customers could print out boarding passes. The company is installing iPad-based stations that print only luggage tags.

Alaska Airlines passengers can print boarding passes at home, if they have a printer. If they forget, they can wait for a customer-service agent to print one, no charge. Ten airports have the new iPad-based machines up and running so far. About 90% of the airline’s fliers at those airports use digital boarding passes, said Charu Jain, Alaska’s senior vice president of innovation and merchandising.

Some airline travelers might recall the old days—before the 2007-09 recession—when checked bags were free and it didn’t cost extra to pick a seat. Some low-cost carriers have added physical boarding passes to the nickel-and-diming list.Breeze Airways charges $3 to print each boarding pass. Allegiant Air charges $5, unless the traveler is a current or retired member of the military. Passengers on Spirit and Frontier airlines can pay as much as $25 for a customer-service representative to print them a boarding pass.

A Frontier spokeswoman said travelers are charged “only for those things you could have done yourself." Passengers can also pre-purchase help from an airport agent at a reduced price, she added.

Ulster is no Luddite. She uses digital tickets for commuter rail travel and takes the subway using Apple Pay on her phone. She and others just want the security of a piece of paper guaranteeing them a seat on their flight.

Daniel King, a 46-year old cybersecurity consultant who lives outside Boston, believes that having phones replace paper passes contribute to delays at airport checkpoints because of user error. “I think it just causes more chaos than it’s worth," he said. “When tech works it does save time. The problem is tech doesn’t always work."

Hafele’s Range of Plinth Fittings and Accessories

These Plinth Fittings are designed to perfectly match with the aesthetic standards and functional requirements of modern modular kitchens. It includes Skirting Panels and Skirting Connectors, Plinth Legs and Plinth Connectors, and Ventilation Grills.Get more news about Kitchen Aluminium Plinth,you can vist our website!

The Skirting Panels from this range come in six finishes: Dark Bronze, Graphite, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Aluminium Mirror which pair flawlessly with Hafele’s Profin Range of Aluminium Profiles, blending seamlessly, thereby providing a monochromatic look to your kitchen. For varied applications, the Skirting Connectors which attach two Skirting Panels together are available in different angles and impeccably match the finishes of the Panels.

The Plinth Legs from this range come in two variants, Plinth Leg with Round Base and Plinth Leg with Triangular Base for extra support. Each leg can carry a load of up to 200 kg which is more than enough for a standard kitchen. The range also has Plinth Connectors that help secure your Skirting Panel firmly to the Plinth Legs. In addition to the Standard Clip Connector, Hafele also has the Blink Connector that lets you easily access the space beneath your cabinets due to its detachable magnetic connection between the Skirting Panel and Plinth Leg.

The pivotal role of door hinges

When it comes to achieving enhanced security in doorsets, the focus is usually on getting the locking system and handle configuration right, along with the structural performance of the frame and slab materials. But without paying attention to the specification of the door hinges, the doorset’s ability to resist break-ins in the long term will be seriously undermined.Get more news about Door Hinge Hl017,you can vist our website!

By understanding the technical capabilities of – and the engineering that goes into manufacturing – a high performance door hinge, it becomes apparent why not all hinges are the same. The best performing hinges are highly engineered products which are extensively tested to provide strength and long-term reliable, smooth operation, without the need for anything more than minor maintenance. This ‘fit and forget’ ethos can only be achieved through engineering excellence without compromising aesthetics, given the hinge’s influential role on the visual appeal of the finished doorset.

As a brand synonymous with the manufacture of premium quality components, SFS ensures its door hinges fit the bill in terms of meeting enhanced security performance goals and the Secured by Design (SBD) standard. The SFS Dynamic family of hinges has provided SBD-compatible products for more than a decade, suitable for doorsets that feature PVC-U, timber and aluminium outerframes, which offers consistent performance and excellent aesthetics regardless of the door’s construction and style.

Dynamic hinges have proved their superior design and build quality through extensive testing, which ensures no weaknesses exist when the hinge is fitted in-situ. Firstly, this means satisfying the requirements of EN 1935. Besides the shear strength test and the static load test, which are required by the standard, an additional durability test with 200,000 movement cycles is conducted.
As all SFS adjustable hinges feature a threaded bolt on a rotating bearing, this must also conform to quality standards. This involves applying a force of 6kN to the threaded bolt in the axial direction, after which the threaded bolt bearing must not have sustained any measurable changes. The threaded bolt can still be rotated easily after the test.

Dynamic 2D, the first hinge in the family, was purpose-designed by SFS to be able to surpass the testing requirements of PAS24, mainly for PVC-U entrance doors. In testing, it actually performed to a standard double that of what PAS24 required, by withstanding a force of 9kN on a PVC-U doorset. To date, this hinge has featured in thousands of SBD-licensed doorsets.

The robust platform on which it was created from the outset has enabled the development of additional hinge versions for other framing materials – the Dynamic 2D-A for rebated aluminium doors and the Dynamic 2D-C and 2D-F to suit timber and composite doors.

With their robustness and operational reliability, Dynamic hinges play a crucially important role in the creation of doors for homes built to SBD standard, which are visually appealing and virtually maintenance-free.

Golf rangefinder vs. GPS watch — Which is right for you?

Golf tech is a passion of mine, but of all the gadgets out there, the two must-haves in my golf bag are my laser rangefinder and my GPS-enabled golf watch. I started playing golf long before either was available, and definitely I don't miss relying on vague 150 yards sticks and inconsistent sprinkler head markers to know how far I needed to hit my next shot.Get more news about Golf Rangefinder,you can vist our website!

But when it comes to a Golf rangefinder vs. GPS watch there are differences in the technology that could make one device better for your game than the other. Laser rangefinders work by firing a beam at a target, and measuring how long it takes to “rebound” back to the device. A GPS golf watch, meanwhile, tracks your location on a golf course to read yardages while providing a digital map of the hole (and its hazards) on your wrist.

Whether you’re not sure which to buy or which to use for your games, below are the pros and cons of laser rangefinders and GPS watches to help you choose where your golfing dollar is best spent.
Golf laser rangefinder
A rangefinder’s rebounding laser is able to calculate the distance to a target in the device’s viewfinder based on the time it takes for the laser to travel to the target and back. Looking into the device, you can map out your next shot using the overlaid yardage information.

Early rangefinder models had several drawbacks — most were binocular-sized, needing two hands to operate properly. You’d struggle to hold the unit steady to get your target in the viewfinder and often end up not getting the reading to the intended target. Modern rangefinders are much more user-friendly thanks to magnified optics, internal LED displays, and automatic slop adjustments. Convenience features have also improved, such as smaller hand-held sizes and built-in magnets for mounting the rangefinder on your golf cart.
Available from brands like Bushnell, Blue Tees and Calloway, the price of rangefinder can start at $100 and go to as much as $600 or more. Higher costing models come with more of the features listed above, along with generally more distance capabilities and better accuracy. The Garmin Z82 Laser Rangefinder ($599 at Dick’s Sporting Goods) is one of the most advanced options, offering automatic course detection and full-color course mapping. If you’re looking for a beginner option, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder ($99 at Amazon) is a more budget-friendly choice.

GPS golf watch
First introduced over 10 years ago, advancements in golf watch technology has made these wearable devices a common sight on any course. What started as a simple LED yardage counter has transformed into an all-encompassing course manager. The market is dominated by Garmin, but even premium watchmakers such as Tag Heuer have thrown their hat in the ring.Choosing the right golf watch for your game depends on price, style and functionality. Do you plan to wear it both on and off the course? And do you want it to double as a fitness tracker? Ultimately, how many features you will use and how much you’re willing to pay will provide a guideline for selecting a watch.


Do you have a collection of suit lapel pins that you don’t wear often? Do you feel unsure about how you can wear lapel pins without looking terrible or old-fashioned? Below, we’ve got a guide on how to wear pins.Get more news about Metal Cloisonne Pins,you can vist our website!

First impressions are vital factors in gaining the interest of the right people. The ways you speak and use your body language are vital factors in making a good first impression. Another important factor is how you dress, especially if you’re looking to secure a job.
1. Bold Color Choices Are Great Conversation Starters
Before we get to the subject of how to wear lapel pins, let’s talk about some splendid fashion choices with them. We begin with color choice.

Wearing a three-piece suit in bold colors alone gets people’s attention. However, not every occasion calls for a bright red or deep purple suit. To get the attention of potential business ventures, you may need the power of subtlety.
2. Create a Layered Look With Your Lapel Pin
Are you going to a less formal daytime event? Do you want to better express yourself with your clothes and accessories? Creating layers is a great way to give your smart casual look an attractive boost.

In this case, you may even want to consider wearing two lapel pins. Or one can be a boutonniere and the other a simpler type of lapel pin. How you layer and match your pins will depend on you. If you want to see the different lapel pins that you can use for this style and others, click the link.

3. Go Formal With Floral Pins
Adding flower lapel pins on suits is a smart way to turn a plain formal suit into a tasteful one. You can use a boutonniere or a long-stem pin for this style.

A floral lapel pin is a good choice for any occasion.

You can pin use a white rose pin on your suit for a black-tie evening. If you’re going for a semi-formal date, you can pin your date’s favorite blooms onto your suit to impress her. You can even pin the bud of a bride’s favorite flower on her wedding day when you attend as a guest.
4. Metal Pins Make Simple Yet Interesting Embellishments
Do you often wear jewelry like gold rings or necklaces? Do you plan to wear metallic cufflinks to go with your suit? Metal lapel pins and metallic jewelry make a simple yet stylish combination.

If you want a simpler yet interesting look, you can also go for this style of wearing lapel pins. These metal pins can come in the form of badges, logos, or flags. They look good when matched with metal jewelry, especially if the pin’s metallic color shows.
5. Keep It Tonal for a Subtler Impression
You don’t always have to contrast a men’s lapel pin against the color of your suit. If it’s your first time to wear a lapel pin, you may opt for a subtler choice while you get used to it. For this style, you can pick complementary colors like blues and greens.

TMR Coreless Current Sensing in EVs

Boston Consulting Group predicts that EVs will be more than half of all light vehicles sold by 2026. Market competition and increasingly stricter environmental regulations mean these vehicles have to become increasingly efficient. And that means efficient powertrains.Get more news about Current sensor core,you can vist our website!

Power train designs have a direct influence on EV ranges and driving performance. According to Tesla, if you improve motor efficiency by 8 to 10 percent, range will improve by 15 to 18 percent. The more efficient a motor, the more time an EV will stay on the road.

Efficiency is the name of game

EVs are driving technology innovations across the board. The combination of accurate current sensors and smart MCUs with real-time control reduce latency and improve the accuracy of the motor-control loop, enabling smooth speed and torque transitions. With reduced harmonics distortion, the electrical efficiency and range improve. So do motor vibrations and torque ripple, which help prevent an uncomfortable drive. Traction inverter power density and efficiency allow the integration of various powertrain functions and ultimately increased range per charge.

It is critical to monitor and control the EV Powertrain operation and these devices ensure consistent, improved performance with lower costs. As SkyQuest notes, “The electric vehicle industry has become a significant consumer of current sensors, greatly aided by favorable governmental laws and more remarkable technological improvements.
These sensors ensure the consistent performance of traction inverters, a cornerstone in the EV powertrain. Any talk of efficiency starts here. Since inverters convert battery DC to AC for the electric motor, the more efficient the inverter, the more range the battery has. These traction inverters – specifically high power inverters 100A up to 1000A – are essential for EV’s acceleration and consistent speeds.

In inverters, the 3-phase, full bridge driver converts DC battery voltage to the 3-phase AC voltage. This inverter “control loop” requires high bandwidth current sensors to improve accuracy, and to maximize motor torque and overall motor efficiency. High-side current sensors with fast response times also enable overcurrent protection during a short circuit condition from a motor phase to the system ground node. The requirement is to meet the voltage isolation, > 200 ampere (A) load current, and high bandwidth demands of HEV inverter applications.
The biggest architectural change comes when moving from HEV to PHEV. That is the point where outside power — from the grid, possibly from an outlet at the owner’s house — now enters the vehicle. Receiving alternating current (AC) power from the outlet means the vehicle has to have an inlet, leading to an onboard charger (OBC) that converts the power to direct current (DC) to charge the battery. As the battery powers devices in the vehicle, the power stays DC but requires an inverter to change to AC to power the electric motors.

Top Sustainable Packing Trends for 2023

Did you know that the recycling target for packaging in England is 75% for paper and cardboard by 2025, and 50% for plastic by 2025? Packaging that contains a high percentage of recycled content is something we’ve seen a lot of over the past few years, and this is set to increase in light of these recycling targets.Get more news about Packaging Boxes 1 Layer,you can vist our website!

Furthermore, businesses are consciously choosing ways to keep carbon footprints low, while still providing excellent, high quality products, and what better way to do this than cutting back on single-use packaging products? Eco-friendly recycled content options include corrugated products, bubble wrap, mailing bags and others made with 30% recycled content.
Less is more

Have you heard of the 3 R’s? Reduce, reuse, and recycle. ‘Reduce’ is often the most neglected of the three. The trick with getting this right when it comes to your product packaging is to ensure that all packaging used is of a high quality and can perform its intended function well.

A great example of this is cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are durable, recyclable and practical. However, do you always use the appropriate size for your products? Your packaging supplier should stock a wide range of box sizes as this cuts back on unnecessary materials, as well as reducing the amount of space taken up during delivery, facilitating space and using fuel much more responsibly. This will be of increasing importance into the New Year as fuel costs remain high and customers continue to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Transparency across all businesses is becoming more and more important as customers rightfully want to know what brands are doing to be more sustainable. The UK public really does care; did you know that UK consumers rank reducing waste, ethical practices and reducing carbon footprints as the sustainable and ethical values they consider most important in businesses? And that doesn’t mean greenwashing and buzzwords; it means real life, practical steps to move towards a greener business model.

A great way to highlight the steps your business is taking to improve its green credentials is to be open about the packaging you use and where it comes from. This gives the public a better understanding of your supply chain and ensures that, as a business, you are kept accountable for the measures you take and acts as a good incentive to meet your targets.

By using packaging materials which contain recycled content from Leyland Packaging, you can confidently tell consumers where your packaging is from, and how you’re part of a responsible supply chain!

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