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Oil erased its increase after an industry report showed U.S. stockpiles grew last week, heightening concerns over lackluster consumption.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Futures retreated from the settlement price after the American Petroleum Institute was said to report a surprise 2.56 million-barrel build in domestic oil supplies, ahead of U.S. government figures Friday. Crude inventories were expected to have declined last week, according to a Bloomberg survey. The API report also showed builds in refined products.

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  Worldwide, fuel use is expected to take another hit as new virus outbreaks in China add to a wave of infections in Europe and other parts of the world. JPMorgan Chase & Co. cut its Chinese demand forecasts for January to March.
  The U.S. “is still the biggest market in the world and it hasnt recovered all the demand loss,” said Peter McNally, global head for industrials, materials and energy at Third Bridge. Additional lockdown measures in China are also weighing on the global outlook as “Chinese demand has been one of the big drivers of improved oil fundamentals.”
The gold market saw a V-shaped rally on Wednesday as Joe Biden was being sworn in as 46th president of the United States. Spot gold rebounded to $1,850/ounce from $1,832.30, after touching a high of $1,860.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
“Much of today's rally is just investors believing that you are going to see the Biden administration work nicely with the Treasury in providing a significant amount of stimulus in the first 100 days,” said Edward Moya, senior market analyst at OANDA .

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  “The $1,900 level is likely to be short-term resistance this week, and if the rally continues to see strong support, I wouldn't be surprised to see gold at $1,950 by the middle of next month,” Moya added.
  Meanwhile, there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the vaccine rollout, growing case numbers, and new virus variants.
  “One of the concerns is that the South African virus strain would potentially become a big problem. The worry is that the mutation is resistant to anti-body neutralization, which means that vaccines might not be able to protect from re-infection,” Moya noted. “This raises expectations that we are going to see lockdowns a lot longer, and it will force more fiscal efforts, which will be the backbone for gold prices.”
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Its a busy day ahead on the economic calendar. Prelim January private sector PMI figures for France, Germany, and the Eurozone are due out later today.
  While Germany‘s manufacturing and the Eurozone’s PMI will be key drivers, any weak numbers would test support for the EUR.
  With lockdown measures continuing into January, service sector activity will likely take a hit. To what extent and whether the manufacturing sector is also affected remains to be seen.
An American investor with no experience in forex trading got scammed recently. The man, who first struggled with a romance scam and then fell into the trap of forex speculation, exposed the tricks of the illegal platform Knight Service Group to WikiFX.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Investors account of the scam
  I live in the US. I was lured by a single mom named Nancy, who I met on a dating app. She immediately wanted to chat on WhatsAPP. She said she was working with an “account manager” named Bozza. I was tricked and was led to believe I needed a minimum amount for certain investments and to reduce my commission. I made some profitable “trades” on the Knight Service Group platform. The thing was I borrowed money to trade. I borrowed twice- $400K and $330K. The scam should have been evident to me then, because I had to use outside money, instead of money already in the account, to pay off the loan!

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Nancy said she'd make enough from a business deal to cover what I couldn't pay for the $330K loan. Of course, the “business deal” fell through. She was the “guarantor” for the loan. Bozza said if we're late, we'd have to each pay $500/day in late fees. But then he said that her late fee was $5000/day! I agreed with Nancy to pay him $90K late fees. When they realized I had lost interest in trading, Nancy tried to get me to pay $200K to withdraw $2M (10% commission fee). That's when I saw it was a scam! She told me that withdrawing less had a 20% fee. When I said I didn't want to withdraw money, she tried really hard to get me to do it. Then she started telling me I should give $200K so she could withdraw. She seemed fixated on getting me to pay $200K. At one point, she said she'd get money from her parents and then said her dad had a heart attack.
  Nancy would send me so many nice pictures of “herself”. Her “daughter” was really cute. She would say how special I am. Her “daughter” even knew about me. Ive attached a picture of her. I don't expect to get any money back, but I hope this protects others from getting scammed.
  Knight Service Group is displayed with “no valid regulatory information” and only has a score of 1.11 on the WikiFX APP, which means the broker is quite risky. Besides, the number of complaints received by WikiFX about this broker has reached 12 in the past 3 months, please stay away!
Chart reading is essential for almost every trader to make decisions. Some tips regarding the technique are listed as follows:To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Lessons from experts who have traded forex for 20 years on the WikiFX (bit.ly/wikifxIN)
  1. Overall trends
  The highs and lows of the swings are especially important. These points are the basis of deciding the trading direction, trade entries, stop losses, and holding periods.
  2. The shifts between longer-term charts and shorter-term charts
  Keep an eye on both the charts with longer terms and those with shorter terms, such as the charts with monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and minute timeframes. Reading from longer ones could provide a view on overall trends, while checking from shorter ones helps decide entry points.
  3. Continuation patterns
  A continuation pattern suggests that the price will continue to move in the same direction. One could expect low risks but high returns at this point.
  4. Reversal patterns
  A reversal pattern signals a change in the prevailing trend. Traders should focus on patterns that go against the short-term trend but follow the medium-term trend.
  5. The slope of trend lines
  While a slope with less than 30 degrees suggests a weak trend, a steeper slope shows a stronger trend. But keep in mind that almost all steep slopes are transformed from flat ones.
  6. Cross Currency Pairs & USD-Based Pairs
  For those who trade EUR/USD and GBP/USD, it is necessary to eye the DXY and EUR/GBP, as well as to analyze the relationship between them.
The US 10-Year Treasury yield has been growing since August 4, 2020, when Russia announced a locally developed Covid-19 vaccine. The news bailed the yield out of its bottom at 0.51%. As of writing time, it has reached as high as 1.12. The positive dynamic may boil down to the shift in investment. Traders in financial markets switch to stocks amid the rising risk appetite, which sends record highs to US stocks at the expense of bond prices. Since the yield is set to gain more in 2021, chances are it easily straddle the resistance at 1.25% and then challenge the higher 1.5%. With that said, the buoyant yield will play a role in both the metal market and the forex market.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

In the forex market, the US dollar will reverse the decline amid the soaring yield. As financial markets have adopted an upbeat outlook on the US economy, expectations follow are that the Fed would raise interest rates early, which bodes well for the dollar. The aggressive yield, however, will hamper the haven-linked Japanese yen. The potential resistance for USD/JPY will lie at 104.76 or even 105.68.
  In the precious metal market, prices of gold and silver plunged as shocked by the growing yield. Gold prices have been retreating from the fresh high of 2,075 since August 4, 2020, the same day the yield started to rebound. It suggests the bond market and the metal market reversed at the same in the wake of Russias claim. Gold and silver will suffer from double pressures in this case. By this account, the spot gold is likely to test $1,764, while the spot silver could test the $22 barrier.
Rupee closed 10 paise higher at 73.15 per dollar, amid volatile trade seen in the domestic equity market.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  The domestic currency unit opened higher by 8 paise at 73.17 against the greenback versus Tuesday's close of 73.25. The local unit traded in the range of 73.10-73.22 on Wednesday.
  US dollar saw weakness after two days of gains as it slowly crawls up from heavily oversold territory.
  Oil prices rose on Wednesday, with U.S. crude gaining for a seventh day, after an industry report showed a further drop in inventories and investors shrugged off worsening developments in the pandemic. Oil benchmark Brent Crude was selling 0.23% higher at USD 56.71 per barrel.

Do you know the forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with over $5 trillion traded every single day? At the click of a button you can instantly trade on hundreds currencies, including the US dollar, Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen, etc.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

However, while the financial gains of trading the Forex market seem lucrative, it cannot considered easy. There are many unscrupulous people who will try to scam individuals through Forex trading scams. Scammers are always somewhere nearby, trying to steal your money.
  Forex scams often pitch “too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities” as a way of convincing you to part with your money. When you lack trading experience, swindlers will try to exploit your optimism, your fears and your lack of knowledge.
  How to Identify a Scam
  The most important giveaway of a Forex scammer is a guarantee of unusually large profits with little or no financial risk. Some of these offers may sound very attractive, especially to beginner traders. But if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Three Major Types of Forex Scams to Avoid
  1) Robot Scams
  A Forex robot is a trading program which uses algorithms, or lines of computer code, as technical signals to open and close trades. Not all Forex robots are scams. For example, Forex robots can be built using Expert Advisors (EAs) within the popular MetaTrader suite of trading platforms.
  2) Signal Seller Scams
  Forex signal sellers are individuals who send out trade ideas which usually include a currency pair, direction, entry price, stop loss and target levels. Some signal sellers offer you trading signals, but only if you sign up with a specific broker. This means they may be getting a kickback from the broker, so are motivated to send you any trades for you to take regardless if they win or lose. Having said this, there are some that will want to keep you profitable so they can continue to receive their kickbacks from the broker, which acts as their payment for the service.
3) Phony Trading Investment Scams
  There are many adverts nowadays promoting phony forex trading investment scams and fake forex investment funds. In essence, a slick marketing message or salesperson will sell you on the phantom, or unverified results, of their forex fund. All you need to do is send them your investment and you can sit back and enjoy the returns. Of course, many people who send their money never see it again. The company says they have never heard of you and have not received any funds from you.

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Cả cầu thủ và chủ ngân hàng sẽ được chia hai lá bài, cả hai đều được thả xuống trên khuôn mặt cảm xúc.In real money bacara, bạn có thể nhận tổng ba bài, nhưng liệu tấm thẻ thứ ba có thả xuống tùy thuộc vào bàn tay Tổng.

Nếu bạn\ 817ve ve có một 0-5, bạn 817;ll nhận một thẻ thứ ba.Tuy nhiên, nếu bạn\ 817;ve got a 6 hay 7, bạn đã thắng\ 817t;t nhận một thẻ thứ ba.Và nếu cậu đang giữ 8 hay 9, cậu đang thắng.Việc này quá dễ dàng.

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trên đường Flamingo ở Las Vegas, James Groszjean ngồi ở một cái bàn bằng thép bên ngoài Starbucks.Ở cự ly gần có một dấu hiệu cho sòng bạc địa phương, nhà thờ Palms, nơi hắn đã được chỉ cửa nhiều hơn một lần.Bị đuổi khỏi sòng bạc là một mối nguy hiểm cho nghề nghiệp của Groszjean, một tay cờ bạc chuyên nghiệp, chuyên ngành toán học tại Harvard, và xem xét sự nghiệp trên phố Wall và ở học viện.Get more news about CSKH 24/7,you can vist w99no1

Anh ta lấy từ một cái hộp đựng cà phê cỡ venti và gõ nhanh vào máy tính của mình.Ông đã ở đây hầu hết buổi chiều, nghiên cứu một chiến lược để đánh bại một trò chơi s òng bạc trong vòng cao 812;Cơ hội là ở Shawwnee, Okala. gần 20km phía đông Oklahoma City.Hội đen Grosjean 817;s mỏ: một phiên bản rác của phân được chơi với thẻ thay vì s úc sắc.

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Khi Groszjean lần đầu tiên cải tạo trò chơi, hắn thấy rằng 12 chơi bài được dùng để mô phỏng một cặp xúc sắc xúc xắc đang bị xáo trộn bởi một cỗ máy được thiết kế để tăng tốc độ chơi và ngẫu nhiên thứ tự của các bài.Nhưng Groszjean biết rằng những cỗ máy trộn được lái bằng máy tính và do đó chỉ tốt như cách chúng được lập trình và sử dụng: đôi khi, thực tế, các thiết bị này dễ đoán trước.

Đó là sự thật ở Shawwnee.Sau mỗi vòng, người chia bài đã gạt thẻ lên và đặt chúng vào trộn bài mà không dùng tay pha trộn.Groszjean khám phá ra rằng hắn có thể thấy danh tính và trật tự của ít nhất ba lá bài vào trong cỗ máy, cái cuối cùng của tay đại lí và hai lá bài bị vạch trần trong lúc chơi game.Vì ông ấy đã kiểm tra những cỗ máy trộn bài và biết cách chúng hoạt động, ông ấy có thể chắc chắn đánh giá khả năng rằng một số thẻ sẽ bị loại khỏi cuộc chơi.

Vũ trang với kiến thức đó, ông dành vài tháng mô phỏng trò chơi trong phần mềm, máy tính của ông bắt chước thuật toán xào bài và chơi trò hàng triệu lần.Kết quả của hắn sẽ cho hắn một lợi thế quan trọng khi chơi trò chơi súc sắc dựa vào thẻ ở Shawwnee.Nó có thể tương đương với cờ bạc trong các loại súc sắc với xúc xắc và biết được ba mặt xúc xắc cần bao nhiêu, trong 12 có thể 812;
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