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Gold Prices Set to Decline on Vaccine Shocks

The US drug company Pfizer announced that the vaccine developed against the Covid-19 appeared to be effective, which fluctuated the financial market wildly. Gold and crude oil staged strikingly different performance in commodity markets, with oil prices soaring at the expense of gold prices. The jump of oil prices in the short term is attributed to the rising oil demand stimulated by the revenge recovery in the aviation and tourism sector. But the slump of gold prices remains a mystery to which some investors have not yet found the key.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  As early as August 11, gold prices also plummeted when Russia announced the registration of a new coronavirus vaccine. Thus the languish gold this time dragged by Pfizer's vaccine news is just a repeat of history. Ostensibly, the rising risk aversion punished gold in parallel with JPY and CHF. But in a deep sense, Pfizer‘s success in developing vaccines will significantly boost the US. The reason is quite simply: Americans are the first to receive the vaccine. It will largely accelerate the country’s economic recovery.

  Pfizer's effective vaccine will give more impetus to the US economy that has already shown an outperformance. If the economic recovery sustains, the Fed may get prepared to exit the market and raise interest rates. Gold prices have a good chance to rebound both because the Feds reduction in printing paper dollars (market exit) will swell the greenback and because the risk aversion will be dampened. Notably, the new administration could enact legislation that substantially increases the minimum wage. It will lead to higher inflation and thus reach the inflation target set by the Fed, which is a chance for the US to enter the interest rate hike cycle early but will bring more pressure on gold prices.
  For several times I have shared such an opinion that Buffett's purchase of gold mining stocks is not necessarily good for gold prices, but now both the Buffett and ordinary traders are on golds last train or even the wrong train. I firmly believe that besides the above factors, future announcements claimed by other heavyweight pharmaceutical companies worldwide on successfully developed vaccines will trigger the shakeout again in the gold market. At present, spot gold sees its major support standing at $1,848.45, where a breach below will pave the way to $1,703.2

Demo account the most shining invention to improve trading performance

Demo account is a revolutionary tool for any type of traders. All kinds of investment is risky, especially for novices. Before trading, they need to learn some tools and be familiar with the market and the mechanism involved in the transaction. As for experienced traders, they can apply new strategies and systems to trading by demo account. The demo account can help brokers open up the market.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
1. The servers of the general platform are divided into: DEMO (virtual server) REAL (real server)

  2. For some trading platforms, the spread of their demo account is different from the real ones. But most of platforms provide the same spread in both demo account and real account.
  3. The data transmission of some demo accounts will be relatively slow, depending on the specific platform.
  4. Under the conditions of large fluctuations or low liquidity, the virtual account cannot show the real market performance, such as slippage.
  5. The biggest difference is that the funds in the demo account are virtual.
  This article will give you a general introduction of the demo account, including its functions and features. A foreign exchange demo account (Demo Account) is a type of trading account that usually “funds” traders with some simulated currencies to allow them to conduct virtual transactions and follow the ins and outs of the familiar platform. Because it is a demo account, there is no real profit or loss for traders.
The foreign exchange demo account provides traders with a risk-free trading environment. The profits and losses in the demo account will not be included in cost. Moreover, novices can learn the knowledge of foreign exchange transactions and understand the types of order, various functions of platform and the environment of trading market, as well as how to use leverage through the demo account and risk management.
  For experienced traders, some innovative ideas and strategies can be tested through virtual trading, and they can adjust the performance of the strategy applied in the account to prepare for the trading in real market.

To Carefully Balance the Effects of Pandemic and Vaccines

Financial markets fluctuated wildly after Pfizer announced its effective Covid-19 vaccine last Monday. Since there are limited subjects for speculation, talking points across financial markets ahead of Thanksgiving Day remained to be the aftermath of the US election and the impact of the resurgence of Covid-19 in the US and Europe.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  With that said, however, financial markets are paying a close eye on drugmakers' potential announcements about successful vaccine development because such news will reverse the market trend. For example,an investor who shorted US dollar index futures should be alert to the retaliatory rally of the DXY in the case of another positive news on the vaccine being announced by a large US pharmaceutical company.
  There are uncertainties in financial markets, but it is inevitable to see more large drugmakers declaring effective vaccines. Such a trend will underpin the DXY at the expense of the short-term Japanese yen. With regard to gold prices, investors should balance the effects of pandemic and vaccines when speculating so as to avoid another shakeout. While speculation on the pandemic resurgence can be adopted only in the short term, that on the vaccine should be considered for a long period, which will recover economic activities.

  Although vaccines will definitely put a premium on oil prices, Biden's foreign policies and energy policies will hinder oil's long-term development. Thus it is worth repeating that investment in oil products, which is inspired by vaccines, is acceptable only in the short term, no matter profitable or not. As Biden's policies will be detrimental to oil prices in the long run, the oil may give up large of the advances and drop from the high level. In turn, investors should take the strategy of selling high for gold as its prices are expected to be bearish in the short, medium and long term.

Trading at the Right Time

The most obvious difference between the forex market and other trading markets is the constant trading hours and the unconstrained trading places. Trading at the right time helps generate a great profit.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  In other words, the forex market is a 24-hour non-stop market. The main fluctuations and trading hours start from New Zealand‘s working Monday morning to Chicago’s Friday afternoon. There is also a small number of forex transactions at weekends of the Middle East time, but they are basically negligible as normal inter-bank weekly exchanges rather than speculation action. In summary, the forex market is a continuous trading market that never closes.

  In the 24 hours, every trading session in the forex market has its own moving patterns and characteristics. So we have to adopt corresponding strategies at the appropriate time to increase the rate of return and the risk exposure of trade.
1. The New York forex market is the largest one in the United States. The market has established the most modern electronic computer system. At 10:00 p.m. Johannesburg time, the last transaction price in the market is the closing price of the previous day, and the first transaction thereafter is the opening price of the day.
  2. The London forex market is a prestigious international forex market. As the center of the European currency market, the London forex market sees a large number of foreign banks establishing branches here. In this market, banks and other financial institutions operating forex trading have adopted advanced electronic communication equipment and turned to be the center of Euro-Dollar transactions.

  3. Tokyo has developed its forex market from a regional forex trading center to the third largest forex market in the world following London and New York. Its annual trading volume ranks third in the world. At present, the largest transaction in the market is still the Yen-Dollar pair.

  4. Hong Kong is an important international financial center in the Far East. The market participants are divided into three types: commercial banks, deposit companies and forex brokers. Commercial banks mainly refer to foreign banking groups composed of HSBC and Hang Seng Bank, which account for about 80% of all market businesses.


世界のスポーツリーグの一握りの生活に戻るインチとして、彼らは観客の欠けているスタジアムでは、過去のパンデミックの祭典のビットを維持する方法を探している。To get more news about リアルラブドール, you can visit kireidoll official website.










5 Kロボットセックスドールのための'本当の感情'を持っているドーリーゴシュPolymorousカップル

シェリー、45、およびダリスマギー、48、テキサスから、彼らのポリの関係の3番目の人の後にCamilaと呼ばれる人工知能セックスドールに飛び散って、彼らのポリの関係に残っていた。To get more news about 高級ラブドール, you can visit kireidoll official website.











ブレントローソン、午前1時の人形社長は、AIが非常に速く進化していると信じています。To get more news about ラブドール, you can visit kireidoll official website.








ディーン.誰がディーンであり、なぜ彼は極端な愛ですか?さて、ここでは、彼は自分自身について説明します。うん。To get more news about リアルドール, you can visit jpdolls official website.







愛の人形は、近年の世界中の多くの人々のための愛情の展覧会やオブジェクトの対象とされており、彼らの外観はますます現実的になると、彼らはちょうどベッドパートナーだけでなく、生命パートナーとして見られるようになってきた。To get more news about ラブドール, you can visit jpdolls official website.



しかし、愛の人形を囲むスティグマを考えると、生活サイズのシリコーン仲間のようなサービスはありません。大規模な廃棄物は、地元の廃棄物会社との前払いの予約で別々に拾われる必要があるので、Love Dollsの処分は日本で特に問題があります、そして、彼らが不法に投棄されるならば、それが可能な殺人事件と誤解される危険があります。


World of Warcraft Classic is Blizzard’s attempt to bring back the spirit of its early glory days. That’s not because its suffering (not more so than any other modern MMO), but because the land of Azeroth and how people play around in it has changed so much in the 15 years since launch. That said, a part of the charm included a few “bugs” or “features” that even more experienced players may have forgotten about.To get more news about <b>wow gold classic for sale</b>, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

“As we’ve discussed before, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended,” Blizzard wrote.

Some standouts include “feared players and NPCs run fast” and “standing on top of other players while facing away allows spells and attacks to be used.”

Some of the “bugs/features” show just how much World of Warcraft has changed, enough so to warrant an official return to its original state for dedicated fans. Previously, players were only able to play a “vanilla” version of World of Warcraft on illegal custom servers that aimed to emulate the experience.

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