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Nuall Nov 9 '22

Exante has a distinctive multifunctional platform, which it continues to improve constantly, adding new functions or expanding the catalogue of instruments. No one has yet managed to achieve this quality of service in such a short period of time - the broker exante investment reviews has not yet marked a decade on the market, but has already obtained three licenses from significant regulators - Hong Kong, Malta, Cyprus - and created an excellent trading terminal, which needs to be given a little more attention.

Exante reviews of people about the trading terminal features

The platform provides access to the most popular international exchanges of different countries and continents. The catalogue of financial instruments consists of more than 300 thousand positions, so that orders could be closed quickly, 750 servers are working. Exante reviews will tell about other advantages of the platform in more details, highlighting:

Practical demo account, available for topping up with virtual credits;

a single multi-currency account with auto-conversion of currencies, which can be connected or disconnected at will;

state insurance of accounts whose owners have chosen the jurisdiction of Cyprus!

Besides, people have the same positive impression about the work of Exante employees. Many people like the speed with which the operators respond to inquiries, informative answers and effective help in resolving difficulties.

About Exante's margin requirements employee reviews

In order to make a deal on the selected financial instrument, traders must have the necessary funds in the account to fulfill the margin requirements. Among the features of the requirements are the following:

calculation of margin for each financial instrument is performed separately taking into account individual attributes;

all requirements data can be found in the "Tools" section under each position;

Lack of funds in the account does not mean you have to refuse the transaction;

A special SPAN-based system is used to calculate the risks of client portfolios as accurately as possible!

The inter-commodity spread between mutually dependent securities provides a margin discount. If force majeure occurs and concentrated margin is locked in, a penalty will have to be paid.

Exante customer reviews of its specialists

Companies are extremely responsible in selecting their staff. Talented developers, innovators, and thought leaders are always being hired. Operational units serve customers with a full range of services, communication is carried out in ten languages. Online support service and "Personal Manager" service is available. Every client can order at any stage of cooperation, if they feel the need for temporary support from a professional.

gemma Nov 9 '22
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