Alloy 20 Hex Bolts

Boltport Fasteners offers a wide range to our clients with Alloy 20 Hex Bolts, which resists pitting and chloride ion corrosion and its copper content protects it from sulfuric acid. Products partially or completely constructed of Alloy 20 Hex Bolts include: Centrifugal pumps, Cryogenic ball valves, Control valves, Float level switches, etc. Alloy 20 Hex Bolts has excellent general corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid, excellent mechanical properties and fabricability, and excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking. Alloy 20 Hex Bolts is often used in processing of pharmaceuticals, plastics and organic and heavy chemicals; Tanks, piping, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and other process equipment. When stress relieving is desired

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