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But Wang Yu was so poisonous that he could not fall to the ground. With the help of the red bees, he grabbed the rope and flew around to avoid the attacks of the green ants and yellow scorpions. From time to time, he seized the opportunity to fight back a few times. Although he could not kill the three monsters for the time being, he succeeded in leading the three guys away from the door. At this time, the Quanzhen people outside the door saw that Wang Yu had not returned the news, but also speculated one after another. Uncle Niu won't be killed. Ji Ao muttered. "When did you go blind?" Asked Mowgli? Didn't you see Lao Niu's name was still on in the team? "Then why don't you reply to the message." "I think I'm too busy to attend to it." Mowgli said. When players fight, they usually don't bother to send messages. Can't care? Is there a time when Lao Niu can't attend to it? Everyone said with some incredulity. In their eyes, Wang Yu has always been strong and incalculable, even in the face of the big BOSS, also did not say that will be forced to ignore the news ah. I'm not sure. I didn't hear the second brother say that there were three monsters blocking the door? Lao Niu is not talking now, nor is he dead. He should have held them back. We should go in and help now. Mowgli said. Help. "" Hearing what Mowgli said, everyone hesitated. No way, Yin Laoer was killed in seconds, the shock to everyone is too strong, who dares to go in. Seeing that these guys didn't want to go, Mowgli said, "Whoever goes in first, the equipment or props behind the BOSS explosion can be chosen first." "First option!"! Really When they heard this, they immediately became more energetic. The first choice is to unconditionally choose any props and equipment you like. In the team of Quanzhen Jiao, which always takes the first place, the first choice is undoubtedly a big temptation. Of course "I keep my word,electronic board for classroom," said Mowgli. I'll go! I go! Uncle Niu and I are the closest! Ji Ao jumped and raised his hand. Chunxiang swung his staff on Ji Ao's buttocks and beat him aside. Then he said sternly, "As the oldest man of the Quanzhen Sect, your big brother, I can't watch a Niu fight alone!" Mingdu clenched his fist: "I am your eternal fire support!" "I am.." "I.." Everyone began to pretend. All right, all right, shut the hell up. Mowgli is not difficult to say annoyingly: "The work of the tank, you these crispy make trouble, Lao Li,smart interactive whiteboard, you garbage station to the back." As he spoke, Mowgli said to Bao San, who had not spoken all the time, "Bao San, you go in first. We'll go in when there's no danger." Bao San, as the only soldier of the Quanzhen Sect, Yin Laoer is not here. At this time, only Bao San can go in to fight against a wave. Of course, it is not excluded that Mowgli uses public office for personal gain. Uh Bao San nodded and stepped into the portal under the protection of Mowgli's Holy Light Shield. As soon as he entered the door, Bao San saw Wang Yu flying around in front of him, as well as the Yellow Scorpion Guard and the Green Bee Poison Guard chasing after Wang Yu's buttocks. These three mobs are actually elite gold BOSS! ". After seeing the attributes of the three monsters, Bao San took a strange look at Wang Yu, his eyes full of admiration. Elite level BOSS has always been more difficult to deal with, even if the field elite BOSS, 65 inch smart board ,smart board whiteboard, ordinary players do not have a team may not be able to win, let alone hidden in the book. Wang Yu a person leapfrog alone pick three hidden in the gold elite BOSS, there is room to fight back, even if the package of three and Wang Yu mixed for so long, see this scene, also can not help but be shocked. Then Wang Yu saw Bao San and shouted, "Bao San, what are you looking at?" Help me pull the yellow one away! It's disgusting. Although the mobility of the Yellow Scorpion Guard is not as good as that of the Green Ant Poison Guard, this guy has an air attack skill. Wang Yu in midair is not very flexible, and he has to avoid this thing from time to time, which is very annoying. Oh, I see. Bao San answered and sent a message in the channel: "Come in. The three BOSS at the door have been dragged by Lao Niu." After sending the message, Bao San opened the collision and rushed to the Yellow Scorpion Guard. The Yellow Scorpion Guard was about to fly up to attack, when Bao San rushed behind and directly knocked the half-flying Yellow Scorpion Guard to the ground. Fortunately, the yellow scorpion guard is small and the judgment is low, otherwise it is obviously difficult for players to knock down BOSS. After the yellow scorpion guard was knocked down, Bao Sanshuang raised his sword, followed by a collapse of the mountain and hit the past. Stop it..! Seeing Bao San hitting the yellow scorpion guard, Wang Yu suddenly shouted. But Bao San has jumped to the top of the Yellow Scorpion Guard at this time, even if the skill is cancelled, it is useless. Just when Bao San didn't understand why Wang Yu wanted to stop himself, the yellow scorpion guard turned around unhurriedly, and with two pliers in his hands, he firmly stuck Bao San's two-handed sword. Then the two pliers twisted, and Bao San was directly twisted in midair and fell to the ground. System prompt: Your weapon is damaged by 5%. Damn it! What the hell! Bao San saw the hint of weapon damage and was silly on the spot. This little BOSS can also destroy people's weapons. It's too horrible. At this time, the yellow scorpion guard suddenly jumped up, and the pair of pincers flew over to Bao San's head. Bao Sanben wanted to raise his sword to block, but he hesitated when he saw the two big pincers of the Yellow Scorpion Guard. Be killed by BOSS clip, also die once, hang up in the copy also no loss, the most is not to play the next this, but with weapons block, the consequences will be unimaginable, the game equipment, especially weapons, is much more important than life. Wang Yu's dagger is not his own, bad is bad, Bao San also pointed to this weapon to eat, where willing to give up? Seeing that the yellow scorpion guard was about to kill Bao San, Wang Yu stepped on the green ant poison guard, jumped and flew to the top of the yellow scorpion guard, stepped on the eagle and thunder, and trampled on the yellow Scorpion guard on the ground. Just then, the ground under Bao San's feet suddenly melted, and a stream of magma spewed out, burning Bao San into white light. I go Wang Yu collapsed, very not easy to come to a helper,smartboards for business, the result has not yet worked on the second. Chapter 730 stabilize the situation. "Oh, Uncle Niu, are you flying a plane?" Wang Yu was depressed when a voice suddenly rang behind him. hsdsmartboard.com

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