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Later, in order to promote Big Little Lies, HBO held a press conference in person, which probably meant to tell the world: Well, we're going to make a new independent female TV series now. You see, three Oscar winners and one Oscar director, are they awesome? Don't wait for the shows on the CW, ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. Just wait for us. It's gonna be a feast for your eyes. HBO's confident posture is as if this year's Emmy Awards have been booked by them. Or, aren't they doing this just for the Emmy Awards? This show is so gimmicky that it's hard for HBO not to do anything. Three movie queens, although Anna Paquin has starred in a series of American TV series, Catherine Zeta Jones and Marion Cotillard are not very American TV series. And Joy Grant, she basically did not participate in the American TV series,Marble Projects, before only three episodes of "True Detective", the "True Detective" into the history of the most divine drama, even "Breaking Bad" word of mouth is not as good as the first season of "Real Detective" ah! Now that she has decided to direct a full season of Big Little Lies, it's a big blessing for fans of American TV series. Joy Grant never fights a battle she's not sure of, and she's sure to do it again on the small screen. Then,Marble Granite Price, as scheduled, the press conference, which attracted the attention of the whole United States, was held, and countless reporters from major newspapers and tabloids swarmed in to get the latest news and see the style of these female big names. The entire American television industry has given HBO the fullest attention to this project, because everyone wants to know: What is HBO going to do this time? Joey Grant seems to enjoy working with HBO on True Detective and now Big Little Lies. At the press conference, the Hollywood reporters were so excited that one question after another could not help jumping out. Catherine, you haven't been on a TV series since 1992. What attracted you to this new HBO series? Catherine held the microphone gracefully and smiled faintly. "First of all, it's definitely the name Joey Grant that attracts me. Secondly, the script is really good. I think you can all look forward to it." "Anna, is there no conflict between taking on Big Little Lies and your other show, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Granite Slab Supplier, True Blood?" Anna Paquin smiled and bared her trademark front teeth. "No, God knows I even negotiated with HBO to postpone the new season of True Blood for a month in order to take on Big Little Lies." "Marion, you've never been on any TV show before. This is your first dedication to your small screen. Why did you choose to dedicate it to Joey?" Marion spoke elegantly. "Why do you have to ask?"? What actor on the big screen doesn't want to be in a Joey Grant role, whether it's a movie or a TV show? That seems to make a lot of sense. Maybe a lot of other movie stars would like to have this opportunity to work with Joey Grant even on the small screen. And as we all know, Joey Grant's vision of film selection is really more precise than a scalpel. Then the microphone was handed over to Joey, and the reporter asked, "Joey, why don't you tell me why you chose these three actresses? Is it because it sounds good?" Joy laughed in a very formulaic tone: "How can it be for the sake of listening? These three actresses are not only beautiful in appearance, but also very powerful. That's why I chose them." A good-looking and useful actor is always the director's favorite. Joy then added, "Anyway, stay tuned for this new work. I don't think you'll be disappointed." After some brief interviews, the press conference was over. Then, the news basically spread throughout American society in the first place, that is, Joey Grant's new work is HBO's Big Little Lies, joined by three Oscar-winning actresses, and the leading actor is Alexander Skarsgard, "the sexiest man in Sweden"! OH MY GOD! It's directed by Joey Grant! Are you sure you're not dreaming? Viewers of American TV series are delighted that they can see Joey Grant's handwriting again after True Detective! Not to mention the TV series, they are willing to wait and watch even if Joey Grant shoots landscape paintings for seven hours! And this is no small feat for HBO, with three Oscar-worthy actresses and Joey Grant. It's against the sky. It's definitely against the rhythm of the sky. This "Big Little Lies" has already done enough gimmicks to attract eyeballs even before shooting. Some professional film critics even openly said that they were waiting for the arrival of this great TV series from now on. Pauline Kael wrote in her column, "I've been waiting for an American TV series with a strong cast recently. Just listening to the names, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anna Paquin, Marion Cotillard, Joy Grant.." Roger Abbott hasn't said anything publicly, but when asked in an interview what he thought of the project, he replied: "I'm looking forward to it. What Joy Grant did in True Detective won't work in this urban indie female drama. What new things will she do for us?" Fans around the world, big and small, can't even imagine how many people are waiting for the birth of this drama at this moment. From this moment on, they are looking forward to the end of this drama. At the press conference, Catherine is still so beautiful, Marion is still so French, Anna's front teeth are still so big. But in this way, Joey's temperament is the most casual and intelligent,Carrara Marble Slab, worthy of being a director. "Joey has chosen three movie queens with completely different temperaments this time, and they need tall movements." "I just want to know whose CP my God Alexander Skarsgard is. Don't tell me it's Catherine Zeta Jones." "If I'm right, it's Catherine Zeta Jones." 。
As he spoke, he remembered the Russo-Japanese War in the 37th year of Meiji. At that time, the Empire had not spread its stall so much this time. The Imperial Army had to shrink its front line to ensure that there would be no accidents in the whole campaign. Now the Chinese Army is far more powerful than the Russian Army, and even better than the Imperial Army to a certain extent. At least two full divisions and a detachment equivalent to a brigade are guaranteed along the Tumen River. In order to force the seven divisions of the Northern Army of China not to move south at the beginning of the war! The meeting was silent, and after a few minutes, Kawai nodded. The meeting did not end until the early hours of the next morning, and the battle plan for China was approved with appropriate amendments. The last snow before the early spring in Tokyo has basically stopped, but the sun has not yet come out, and the cold north wind is still raging in Tokyo. The wind on the empty runway of Tokyo Airport is particularly fierce. If Shanghainese come here, they will find that the airport is actually not much different from the Shanghai Airport built in the 10th year of the Republic of China. In fact, it is the drawing of the Shanghai Airport. Tokyo Airport is the first modern airport in Japan, which witnessed the "friendship" between China and Japan to a certain extent during the period of Takashi Hara. At this time, the thin ice and snow on the runway had been swept away by forklifts. Like most of the facilities at Tokyo Airport, snow plows were also imported to China. The reconciliation of Sino-Japanese relations during the Hara Takashi period made Japan take the opportunity to introduce many advanced "aviation technologies". Japan was the first country outside China to have a modern airport. The S-3-CC passenger plane made in China was pulled out of the hangar,Vending Machine Motor, and the pilot began to warm up the engine. The huge roar was heard all around. Japan imported 386 S-3-C planes, but except for dozens of planes that were used for civilian use, most of the others were converted into bombers of the Army Air Force after replacing the new high-power engines. At this time, a group of people who had been waiting at the airport for a long time walked from one side of the airport to the plane. They are senior generals sent to North Korea by the headquarters to command the battlefield, and the frontline headquarters is located in Pusan, North Korea. They were all smiling as if success were on the horizon. One person suggested taking a picture as a souvenir. So they quickly lined up in two rows,24v Gear Motor, with the plane taking off as the background, and a group photo was taken by the military photographer. Then the people who saw him off rushed forward to greet him. Kawa-san, I wish you success. After taking pictures, Tanaka Yiyi bowed deeply to Kawai Cao, his classmate in the eighth phase of Lu Shi. And then close to him. Kawa-kun, this battle is about the fate of the Empire in the next twenty years! I look forward to your good news in Tokyo! As the chief of staff of the army, he was fully responsible for the command of the operation. After he returned a military salute, his face was full of dignity. Tanaka-san, the Army will do whatever it takes to achieve its mission! All the ceremonies were done, the planes were ready to take off, 12v High Torque Motor ,small geared motors, and the generals boarded the plane and rushed to the battlefield with a hunger for flesh and blood. The plane soon took off, circled around the airport, and headed west, gradually turning into small black spots until it was no longer visible. Tanaka and his staff watched them go away in silence. In addition to the people who saw him off, there was another person who was also watching what happened at the airport. He was Crown Prince Hirohito, the regent. At the moment, he is in the palace with his fiancee Ryoko. The officer of the guard came in and reported that the men of the army headquarters had set out. The worried Hirohito muttered thoughtfully. Will the cherry blossoms bloom? "Your Majesty, the cherry blossoms in Ueno bloom every March." When Ryoko faintly heard her fiance's words, she answered with a light smile. Oh. But it's March now! The look of worry on Hirohito's face deepened. Was this an ominous sign? At dusk, the setting sun leaves the sea, perhaps because of a day's rush. Although there is no heat and strength in the light, it is full of dreamlike colors, creating a colorful sunset on the sea. In the sparkling light, a merchant ship flying the British flag is sailing at a high speed on the calm sea. Since the end of the European War, merchant ships from Britain, the United States, France, Italy and Germany have once again appeared on the Asian ocean. Despite the competition from China and Japan in the shipping industry, this does not prevent the return of the shipping industry of those European and American powers. From a distance, you can see that the bulk carrier is covered with waterproof canvas, and from time to time on the deck, you can see that blonde Western sailors are busy nervously, as if everything is all right. When the merchant ship passed through the Osumi Strait, a patrol boat of the Japanese local garrison office came towards the merchant ship from a distance. The British captain with a cigar in his mouth in the bridge of the merchant ship looked in the direction of the patrol boat and bit his mouth with a cigar for no reason. Keep your speed at 4 knots! Keep moving! The British captain, dressed in a half-new woolen overcoat, ordered casually. The sailors on the deck seemed to be paying attention to the patrol boat at this time. Although some sailors'expressions did not change, their palms were sweating as the patrol boat approached. Looking at the patrol boat getting closer and closer through the observation hole, Zhao Hengtong gestured to his comrades in the dark cabin to keep silent. On the dark deck of the dark cabin, there was a 3 ~ | | gray and black cylindrical boat, with two torpedoes hanging on both sides of the boat. It was a sea dragon boat! This "British merchant ship" is actually the "Jiang'an" mother ship of the special attack force of the Nanyang Fleet. With a tonnage of 58 ~, the Jiang'an was originally a fast merchant ship, but there was a dark cabin under its cargo hold. The dark cabin could carry 2 ~ Hailong special attack boats. The long-range maneuvers of Hailong boats with a tonnage of no more than 10 tons all depended on the mother ship transport ship. No problem! I'm sure I can't find anything wrong! The approaching patrol boat made Captain Wickham pray softly in his heart that all the information on board was true, and that even if they went on board to inspect it, they would only find that it was the British merchant ship "Old Weida". Like the sailors on the merchant ship,Micro Gear Motor, Wickham is a soldier of the Chinese Navy. Over the past few years, many foreign immigrants have joined the Navy. Because "foreigners" are relatively easy to hide at sea, most of the captains and sailors on the Navy's four special attack boats are foreign immigrants. Whew! 。
"Sorry, Chairman Lin, this child is spoiled by me, forgot to introduce myself, my name is Anruk, is a..". Is a mecha sub-armor senior engineer. "His father hesitated for a moment and introduced himself.". However, this introduction is to let Lin Cong obviously stupefied, senior engineers and engineers do not look at the difference of only two words, but this weight and the gap is very large. Such talent is simply can not be met, did not expect, today actually took the initiative to come to the door. Lin Cong really has to admire himself, luck is not generally good ah! "Well, my father is very powerful, huh?" Angel said with a proud chin and a triumphant look on her face. Lin Cong smiled and said, "Yes, yes, it's really great!"! Uncle Anruk, don't you know why you came here today? "In the middle of the conversation, Lin Cong began to figure out the purpose of his visit. According to his original calculation, the three of them earned no less money from selling flowers every day than from work. Didn't you come here today to go to yourself?"? "Well.." Anruk looked at Andy hesitantly, gritted his teeth and said, "I want to find a job in your company to support my two children.." "Welcome, absolutely welcome!"! Haha,brushless gear motor, Uncle Anruk, you are really a timely rain, now our company is short of talents to join, your arrival is really gratifying to me! When Lin Cong saw Anruk hesitating, he quickly took over the words and interrupted. He also knew that people like this must be in their own hands, otherwise they would lose twice in the hands of others! "Hum, flatterer, see my father is a senior engineer, busy to please him,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, really..". Mmm "Angel's mouth always seems to be not very forgiving, just because Lin Cong jokingly shaved her nose, he immediately turned against her.". As a result, Lin Cong just finished, she did not give a little face, directly to Lin Cong put on a flatterer's hat, which makes Lin Cong really feel depressed, embarrassed to stand there, do not know what to do. Fortunately, Anruk quickly covered her mouth, which prevented her from saying worse words. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Chairman Lin. My daughter was spoiled by me and bumped into you. I'm really sorry. "Never mind, ha ha, the little girl's tongue is clever, but she is very likable.". Now the company is off duty. Uncle, Planetary Gear Motor ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, you can come to work in the company tomorrow. Don't go back to the small room. I will arrange a dormitory for you in the company. This is more convenient. I will ask someone to explain the salary to you tomorrow. Tomorrow you go directly to the personnel department to report on the line.. "Lin Cong is not too mind, to tell the truth, this cute, and everywhere tricky little girl really let people like." Oh, okay. Anruk did not expect Lin Cong to so readily agreed to come down, but also to arrange their own accommodation, the heart breathed a sigh of relief, began some nervous face also eased down. If he hadn't been forced by his daughter, he wouldn't have come here if there hadn't been those things at home. But now it seems that coming to Lin Cong is really a wise choice. By the way, don't Angie and Andy go to school? Lin Cong asked curiously. Angie is now in the second grade of primary school, and Andy has stopped studying.. "Anruk answered truthfully." Oh, it's like this. Oh, did you have dinner tonight? If you don't mind, let's go out for a meal together. It's also my welcome to your uncle. Lin Cong looked at their family of three, suddenly felt some sad feeling, although this sudden feeling also made him very confused, but it was only a moment, after a little adjustment of the mood, Lin Cong smiled and invited. "How dare you.." Anruk said with some embarrassment. " Haha, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. When you get to the company, you can be your own home. Lin Cong laughed and said very calmly. Angel rolled her eyes and struggled fiercely. She broke out of Anruk's arms and jumped directly to the ground. She grabbed Lin Cong's sleeve and said with a smirk, "Are you very rich?" Lin Cong looked at Anruk in astonishment. He crouched down and replied with a smile, "It's a little money, but it's not much." Haha, as long as you have money, as long as you have more, you don't need much. Let me see, since it's a welcome for my father to join your company, it should be more grand, right. Let me think I've always wanted to go to the Sky City Hotel. Wow, it looks so beautiful. "Angel chattered with a look of longing.". Lin Cong's heart is fierce a tight, the heart secretly scolded: "I am not too unlucky, the company originally has an untouchable vampire, this ran a small vampire!"! If the two of them are left alone, they will not eat themselves out of poverty. However, now that she has brought it up today, she, the "rich man" who is both an adult and the chairman of the company, can not be perfunctory in the past, but can only take out a handful of money in pain. I "Angel, it's getting worse and worse. Shut up and stay honest!" Anruk noticed a slight discoloration on Lin Cong's face and whispered. Ha-ha, it's all right. It seems that you really want to go to that hotel, don't you? Lin Cong hurriedly shook his head to indicate that it didn't matter, and then said to Angel, who was looking forward to it. En, special, very, absolutely want to, there is really beautiful ah, I have not been to, just standing on the ground looking up to feel very beautiful,Small Geared Motors, it is like a dream. I stand down and watch it for ten minutes every day at school. Angel nodded hard and looked at Lin Cong expectantly. OK! Then it's decided. Shall we go there for dinner? Lin Cong gritted his teeth and made up his mind to say. Yes, hooray! I know you are a good man at a glance, and now I allow you to touch me! 。
Yunhua turned to look at him and said eagerly, "I'm going to let him out!" "Wait a minute," said Duan Ling with a stern look! Do you know what your grandfather is doing here? Yun Hua shook her head, and Duan Ling said in a calm voice, word by word, "He came to look for grandma's bad luck." Yun Hua exclaimed, "Ah," and took a step back. "He will.." she said. Duan Ling nodded, but she believed his words very much. As soon as she lowered her head, she shed two lines of tears. "What should I do?" She said in a plaintive voice. Duan Ling sighed lightly and said, "Did your grandmother tell you about your life experience?" Yun Hua nodded, then shook her head and said, "I don't know." Duan Ling sighed a long sigh and said, "No wonder!" Then he said seriously, "I don't have time to tell you in detail. Tell me the way to enter the battle. Let me see your grandfather first and relieve your grandmother's danger, and then tell you in detail." Yunhua is a very intelligent person. She has been with her mother-in-law for more than ten years. Knowing that this matter is not light, she trusts Duan Ling's words very much. She said, "When I meet a tree, I turn to a and B. When I see a gap, I step on C and D." Duan Ling is what character, the girl is a little bit, he has been clear in the heart, carefully told the voice: "Do not run around!" " People, like swallows,Gear Reduction Motor, shoot into the pine forest. He followed Yun Hua's words, very easily into the pine wind array, flatly a loud drink, the two people who rushed into each other were like clairvoyant, stunned, seemed to be a clear mind, looking at Duan Ling. Duan Ling bowed with his sword in his arms and saluted the old man with a white beard. He asked respectfully, "Is the old man elder Fang,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, who is known as the cold iron old man?" The man on one side, who had a horse's face, a green complexion, and a needle-like beard under his chin, who was less than fifty years old, gave a cold hum and rolled his eyes. He looked at him disdainfully and said, "You're asking me knowingly. You don't even know my teacher?" Duan Ling was also a very proud man by nature. He couldn't bear his cold voice. He suddenly thought that this man was wrong again. He had a deep relationship with his mother-in-law. He only looked sideways and looked at the angry Fang Qiong in a twinkling of an eye and said, "At the end of the study, Duan Ling gave the elder Fang a gift." Fang Qiong snorted coldly and waved her hand to the middle-aged man standing on his head to stop him from speaking. "Who are you?" She said with a mournful sneer. Duan Lingxin was so angry that he told him his name, but he still wanted to track down Yi Shi. He couldn't help bumping into him, but he still glanced out of the pine forest. Suddenly, he suppressed his anger and said, "Duan Ling is a guest here." Fang Qiong stared and shouted, "Do you dare to stop me?" Duan Lingxin was on fire and answered in a cold voice, "The younger generation has come to bring the older generation out of the pine wind array." Fang Qiong snorted angrily and said, "Pine Wind Array!" "What do you have to do with that bitch?" He snapped in a deep voice. "You dare to be so bold and take care of my housework!"! Whose disciple are you? Duan Ling took a step back, leaned over and said, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, "The elder is very observant. What happened in those years.." "Shut up!" Fang Qiong shouted flatly. Slowly, he took off his mourning sword, shook his hand and threw it at the green-faced man standing on his side, saying, "Ancient cypress!"! And I will take him down! As soon as he heard this, Duan Ling's eyes lit up and he said to himself, "He is the ancient cypress of the Iron Back Dragon, one of the four dragons in the Sword Forest!" Unconsciously, Lang glanced at the ancient cypress, who was holding the sword of the funeral gate and sneering sadly. The sixteenth chapter is a word of explanation. The ancient cypress's face was covered with cold heat, and with a flash of blue light, the light of the sword pierced the skin, and the mourning sword came out of its scabbard. Shake your wrist and cut out a few sword waves. As soon as Duan Ling saw that both the master and the disciples were unreasonable, his pride rose in his heart. He raised his eyebrows and snorted angrily. He pointed to the ancient cypress and said, "Wait a minute!"! How can Bai Yan Gu allow you to run wild? In his early years, he was one of the four dragons in the Sword Forest. Not only did he dominate Kanto, but even the masters of the five northern provinces did not dare to look him in the eye. In front of him, this unknown young boy dared to speak so rudely that he could not help being so excited that his nameless fire was three thousand feet high. With a cold hum, he went away with a fierce sword. When Duan Ling saw that he was so reckless, he refused to listen to him. He held his sword in both hands and split it fiercely. He was so angry that with a loud shout, he turned his wrist and shook his sword. With the sound of "Tian Huan Zhi Feng" and "Choke Clang", he took the ancient cypress's funeral sword far away. What kind of person is the ancient cypress? As soon as he discovers that he has fallen into the air, the right heel clan turns in a circle, swings the sword twice, and with a "whoosh", he sweeps obliquely again. Duan Ling was so angry that he didn't know what was good or bad. He raised his sword for the second time. The rainbow was all over the sky, and his eyes were full of flowers. With a "hum" sound, the light of the sword suddenly hit the guard of the ancient cypress's funeral sword. Then with a "hum", the ancient cypress fell to the ground with a sharp "clanging" sound. Fang Qiong blurted out, "Earth Ring Flying Rainbow!" He jumped over, reached out and quickly picked up the sword that had fallen to the ground. He swept it with his backhand and screamed, "Doll!"! There is also a'human ring knot lotus'. His style is really wonderful. Halfway out, he turns horizontally, shakes his hand and shakes his sword. The sword turns into more than ten flying rainbows. He refers to the main points and meridians of the head and chest of Duan Ling. Duan Ling was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. With a mistake on his feet, he shook his body and retreated suddenly. With a horizontal sword, he shook his hands and shivered. There was no time for the silver lotus, which just melted the cold iron old man's hot move. He stood back and stared in astonishment at Master Fang Qiong and his disciples, feeling a chill in his heart. With a dispirited look on her face, Fang Qiong turned up her grey beard twice and returned her sword to the scabbard with her backhand. "That's all," she shouted! That's all! The East China Sea has been quiet for decades. I stepped into the Middle Earth with one foot. I only hoped to beat the martial arts world. Unexpectedly, my master and disciples were convinced to lose your three sword moves. Iron-backed Canglong Guhui's loss is excusable, but it is nonsense to say that Fang Qiong lost. But this is Fang Qiong himself, that can teach people not to believe. Duan Ling was puzzled and stared at Fang Qiong, wanting to examine him carefully and find some clues on him. After searching for a long time, Fang Qiong was undamaged, which made him very suspicious and confused. He spoke several times and wanted to know the whole story of his defeat, but he was a senior in the martial arts world and a great master in the East China Sea. He really couldn't ask such a question, so he had to stand aside and keep silent. The two sides stood still for a moment. Fang Qiong turned to one side, her face ashen, panting like an ox, and said, "Let's go!"! What are you standing there for? Gu Hui turned his face and glared at Duan Ling. His eyes were full of resentment. Dejected to identify the next direction,micro gear motor, foot C Ding, due south, to the gap between the two trees.
They walked to the tennis court. The activities of the tennis club have just begun. Ruo Shengyong lay on a bench beside the court, with a towel on his face, as if he were sleeping. Kaga called him up and asked, "Where is Hua Jiang?" She went first. Isn't the rendezvous point at the Bobble Head Clown? "Then let's go quickly so as not to keep them waiting." "I have something to do and I can't go until later." "Is it?"? Don't keep us waiting too long! "I'm sorry." Kaga and Fujido leave the tennis court. Kaga thought to himself that it was rare for Ruosheng and Huajiang, who were usually in pairs, to act separately today. When they got to the school gate, a red car came from the right and stopped in front of them. A girl in sunglasses showed her face. Kaga, come on up! Said the girl in a coquettish voice. It's you! I'm sorry, I can't today. I have something urgent. "How can that be? You made an appointment with me!" "I'll go and apologize to the coach." "No!" The girl said, her face sinking, closing the window and looking ahead. Kaga shrugged and sighed. Who is she? Fujido asked, frowning. Don't you know? She is Ryoko Mishima. Kaga whispered. Fujido seemed to want to ask again. Kaga stretched out his hand to stop him and said, "Please go and tell Shaduzi that I can't go because I have something to do.". And please don't mention this girl to her. "Where are you going?" "Let's talk about it next time." Kaga said, went around to the right side of the car,temperature scanning kiosks, opened the door and sat in. In the rearview mirror, Fujido could be seen walking away slowly. Ryoko Mishima started the engine and asked, "Is it your friend?" "Yes.". His name is Fujido. He joined the Kendo Club with me in high school and once served as the chief general. "I seem to have seen him." Three days before Xiangzi's death, Ryoko Mishima made an appointment with Kaga to go to the police dojo to practice swordsmanship today. Both of them often participate in various kendo competitions, so they have known each other for a long time and have been dating. Kaga learns swordsmanship from a police officer in the dojo of the police station. Officer Yoshitaka Akikawa,temperature screening kiosk, who belongs to the prefectural police traffic division, is a fourth Dan of Kendo, but he is not tall. Kaga is 180 centimeters tall, and his arms alone have grown five centimeters. But when the two men fought, Kaga not only could not cut him, but also lost ground. Although Kaga's offensive was fierce, it failed. Akikawa rarely makes a move, but a move is bound to win. After practicing, Akikawa taught some secrets to Kaga. Kaga was convinced and bowed to him. Next, Ryoko Mishima and a female police officer came on stage to practice their swords. Akikawa told Kaga that the female police officer was the champion of the kendo competition in the whole county two years ago. Do you know Ryoko? Kaga asked. Akikawa shook his head and said, thermal imaging camera ,smart whiteboard price, "Her father is an important figure in the Mishima consortium. He has a lot of money. The police chief also wants to sell his face. That's why he sent us." The Mishima consortium makes all kinds of machines, from cars to home appliances. Kaga had heard before that Ryoko's father was a director of the Mishima Company. Miss Mishima's swordsmanship is very good, but. Qiu Chuan looked at the movement of Liangzi's sword and whispered, "There's probably no way to make any more progress." "She is the kendo champion of the whole county's female students this year!" I prefer the swordsmanship of Kanai Boka in your school. She has great potential, but she hasn't fully developed it yet. "She will be very happy to hear that." "I'm not being polite.". I thought Miss Kanai would win this year's kendo contest! "But it's a pity to lose." "It's a pity." "Why do you think she lost?" ※ Feel like old friends at first sight Reasoning Edition Boutique Recommendation ※ Akikawa thought for a moment and said, "First, she was defeated by tactics.". Miss Mishima outplayed her. Second, she will lose, in fact, it is only an accident. At this time, Ryoko Mishima used her unique skill to attack the opponent's face. The other side brandished a sword to block, in the hand bamboo sword unexpectedly should crack! 2 Ryoko drove Kaga back to the gate of T University. After Kaga got out of the car, he went to Ruoshengyong's residence. Near the school, there are several rows of simple bungalows of the same format, and Ruosheng lives in the leftmost room in one of the rows. On the upper right of the door, the three words "Ruo Sheng Yong" were written with a strange pen. When Kaga knocked on the door, Ruosheng immediately opened the door and said, "Kaga, you didn't go. Shaduzi was so angry!" "I want to know.". Let me in! Ruosheng's room was very tidy, and there was not a crumb on the dark green carpet. Sitting cross-legged on the carpet, Kaga looked around and said, "Does Hua Jiang often come here?" He knew that Ruosheng himself was not a neat person, and that a man could not be so clean. Ruosheng sat down in his chair and stammered, "Well … …" Uh "You must cherish her!"! She must be a good wife in the future. "Speaking of which.." Her parents came to see us the other day. When it comes to marriage, they say we'll talk about it in two or three years, because we're too young. However, I think they have a good impression of me, mainly to see whether the job I will find in the future is ideal. Ruosheng seemed a little shy as he touched his chin as he spoke. It's not that snobbish, is it? "Her father works in a bank, and he knows very well which company is good and which company is bad.". If the company I enter in the future is not very good, he will probably not agree to the marriage. "So you're under a lot of mental pressure?" It's not that serious. By the way, I want to tell you what Sha Duzi said. This is more important. Ruosheng said,outdoor digital signage displays, opening a notebook and showing it to Kaga. There is a sketch of a square room on it. Ruosheng asked, "Do you know what this is?" Kaga took one look and replied, "I guess it's a sketch of Egret Village." 。
[Text Chapter 10 Are you free?] "Tonight is Christmas Eve." An Chengyou lay on his desk and looked out of the window at the snowflakes that were still floating. With a sigh, he turned his head and looked at some of his classmates in the classroom giving gifts to each other. An Chengyou's face collapsed. 'How can I live?' The vibration of the cell phone in his pants bag interrupted Ahn Seung-woo's self-pity. Taking out his cell phone and looking at the text message on the screen, An Chengyou's face collapsed even more. "Oppa, Sika and I have to practice, so we won't come to school today. You can have class alone." A smiley face with a symbol at the end. With a horse's face, An Chengyou's fingers quickly pressed on the keyboard of his mobile phone, and a reply was sent. If you don't come, what should I do! I want you to do what? Looking at the prompt indicating the success of sending, An Chengyou was a little proud, 'Hey, it seems that the speed of typing is good.' In the corridor of the S. M company, Huang Meiying was holding her cell phone with a straight smile. Zheng Xiuyan looked at her silly appearance and could not help rolling her eyes. She poked Huang Meiying with her finger: "What are you giggling about?" Huang Meiying quickly picked up her cell phone and put it in front of Zheng Xiuyan's eyes: "You see, Chengyou oppa said he missed us." A line of words was clearly displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, followed by a depressed expression. Zheng Xiuyan stretched out her hand to block the mobile phone: "What are you doing?" Huang Meiying stubbornly dangled her cell phone in front of Zheng Xiuyan's eyes: "Let me show you." Zheng Xiuyan said on the mouth does not look, but the corner of the eye still accidentally glanced at the screen,facial recognization camera, could not help but'spit 'after watching: "Who wants him to think." Although he said so, he could not hide a smile at the corners of his mouth. Huang Meiying took back her cell phone and bent her eyes even more: "Hey, I said I didn't want to see it, but I did.". Duplicity. Then he began to hold a mobile phone and kept muttering there. Looking at Huang Meiying's appearance, Zheng Xiuyan gave birth to the idea of being too lazy to haggle with her, just exhaled heavily,temperature check kiosk, really silly girl. They pushed open the door of a practice room, where some trainees were sitting in twos and threes. Go to Kim Tae-yeon in front of several people, put down the backpack, two people also sat on the floor. After saying hello to several people, Huang Meiying's curved eyes narrowed tightly, still smiling stupidly. As soon as Zheng Xiuyan sat down, she quickly entered her empty state. Several people to Zheng Xiuyan's empty state is obviously common, but Huang Meiying, several people's eyes are constantly drifting on Huang Meiying, what is this? Lin Yuner stretched out her arm and touched Quan Youli beside her. Quan Youli turned her head and looked at Lin Yuner doubtfully: "What for?" Lin Yuner tilted her head and curled her hair at the corners of her mouth. "Don't you think Sister Meiying is a little strange today?" Quan Youli glanced at Huang Meiying and said, "She's always in a daze. What's so strange about her? I think you're rare and strange." Lin Yuner shook her head firmly and said with great certainty, face recognition identification ,interactive kiosk price, "Today is obviously different from before.". Like, uh, like what? Cui Xiuying also put her body together and joined in the discussion: "It's like being seduced by something." "What ah, is obviously infected by Xiuyan, there is a trend to Xiuyan development." Jin Xiaoyuan took out his hands and compared them with Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying: "Don't you think they look like each other?"? It's all empty. Alas, poor Meiying, who can't learn from Xiuyan? Jin Xiaoyuan beat his chest to express his heartache. Could it be that if I have been with Sister Xiuyan for a long time, I will be infected by her? God, I don't want to be as nervous as Sister Xiuyan! Lin Yuner covered her mouth and said with an exaggerated expression. Several people cast a contemptuous look at Lin Yuner. Lin Yuner pretended to be wronged and flattened her mouth. Xu Zhuxian opened her big bright eyes and stared at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying. After thinking about it, she solemnly said: "Zheng Xiuyan and Meiying are very similar, but they are really different." Lin Yuner quickly moved to Xu Zhuxian's side and patted Xu Zhuxian on the back: "Didn't you say that? Don't call Xiuyan elder sister. How strange it is. Call Ernie.". Sister Xiuyan will criticize you if she hears it. "Xu Zhuxian felt the pressure from his back and curled his mouth with grievance:" But Zheng Xiuyan's predecessor is my predecessor. " Lin Yuner looked at this sister helplessly, 'I am not your senior, how can you call me sister Yuner?' Sighed secretly, she is very familiar with Xu Zhuxian, after all, since Xu Zhuxian became a trainee, because their homes are in the same direction, so they often take the subway to the company to practice together. After practice, they also go home together. In the early days of their acquaintance, Lin Yuner was defeated by Xu Zhuxian's respectful "predecessors", and it took her more than a year to change Xu Zhuxian's words. Lin Yuner knows very well that it is very difficult to expect Xu Zhuxian to change his name. Only by relying on the precipitation of time and the gradual increase of feelings can Xu Zhuxian change. Shaking off the thoughts in her mind, Lin Yuner pointed at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying and changed the topic: "What do you see?" Xu Zhuxian shook his head: "I don't know, but I'm sure it's different." The rest of the people had looked at Xu Zhuxian full of hope, thinking that the sister who usually did not speak easily would find something, but when they heard this, their eyes dimmed in an instant. Lin Yuner put her eyes on Kim Tae-yeon, who was sitting beside Xu Zhuxian. Kim Tae-yeon pouted her mouth and reached out to block Lin Yuner's waving palm. "If I had known you would do this, I wouldn't have been hit by you again," she said with a proud smile. In recent months, she and several companions around her have not entered the S. M company for the first time, after all, we are all teenage girls, getting along with each other day by day, it is difficult not to have feelings. Lin Yuner withdrew her palm, wrinkled her lovely nose, and glared at Kim Tae-yeon: "Hum,interactive whiteboard prices, you wait." After a while, I remembered what I wanted to ask. Leaning to Kim Tae-yeon, holding Kim Tae-yeon's arm: "Tae-yeon." Kim Tae-yeon crossed her hands and guarded against Yoon. "What am I doing?" Lin Yuner pouted at Zheng Xiuyan and Huang Meiying: "What do you see?" 。
"Oh!" I nodded, this year's birth is really a lot of children, the little devil is one, Tang Shu is one, Mo Beichun and Xiaoran's twins should be four or five months old, but Su Heng died, I and Mo Beichun can not pass the barrier. Yu Qing says: "Hear that woman dystocia, massive haemorrhage, it is not easy to just save life!" When she talked about Yu Xiaofei, she felt a little gloomy. I patted her: "We Na Wu clan also have a good boy ah, I think Li Zhi is good!" " Yu Qing glanced at him and said, "I'm too familiar with him. I grew up naked. There's no difference between him and my brother in my eyes." I knew it was useless to say more, so I didn't say anything. Because I had something to do with me, I went there first, dragging Yuqing to take care of the little devil, but when I came back, I noticed something wrong. The little devil is laughing,facial recognition thermometer, but I can't hear anyone else's voice except his laughter. I ran into the yard and found that the gatekeeper was faint. My heart sank. I slowly entered the house. As soon as I entered the door, I saw a tall man standing with his back to me. He was very tall, half a head taller than Jingwen. He was dressed in ancient clothes. His long hair was naturally tied up to the back of his head, and he combed his hair in a simple bun. I guess who he is without asking. Li Mo has finally come. I'm sorry I couldn't make it for the full moon! He said, in a thick, husky voice. The little devil was at his hand, holding one of his fingers and sucking,digital whiteboard price, laughing from time to time. Don't hurt the child if you have something to do with me! I was so nervous that my heart almost jumped out. Li Mo picked up the little devil and turned around slowly. His features were delicate, his eyes were long and thin, his nose was high and straight, and his lips were thin, somewhat evil and cool. I admit that he is a very handsome man, but it always makes people feel a little oppressive and dangerous. Li Mo looked at the child and said with a smile, "Don't be so nervous, I just came to see the child!" " I swallowed my saliva and stepped forward. "Are you ready?"? Watch it. Give him to me! From the ink did not move, let me close, just look at me with a shallow smile. I caught him off guard and pounced, but I didn't touch him at all. As soon as I looked back, I found him standing behind me. You're still so impatient! He said lightly, Interactive digital signage ,information kiosk price, like a brother who had not seen for a long time, with some spoiling in his intimacy. My heart sank. I haven't met another person in the world who can avoid me except Jingwen. The baby is beautiful, but it doesn't look like you at all! Li Mo said with some regret: "Especially this pair of eyes, really like that dirty and hateful male ghost, I can not help but want to pull out this pair of eyes for a pair!" Li Mo smiled and looked at me again. "What do you think?"? Xiao Ying! Chapter 500 of the main text. "Let him go and I'll be at your disposal!" I knew that Li Mo was not joking. From the moment I saw him, I remembered something. Although it was not comprehensive, it was enough for me to know what kind of temperament Li Mo was. Brother Wen is very cruel in the eyes of the world, but he will not hurt innocent people and will never hurt children, even the children of enemies. Li Mo is different. He can do anything. Are you really at my disposal? Li Mo raised his eyebrows and asked. I mean what I say! I nodded and looked nervously at the kid. Li Mo chuckled: "Actually why bother?"? The evil seed of the male ghost, he doesn't deserve to have children with you at all! I didn't refute him. For Li Mo, refutation would only irritate him. Seeing that I did not speak, Li Mo gently pinched the little face of the little devil: "Would you like me to help you get rid of him?" "No!" I wanted to rush over, but I couldn't touch him at all. Like a ghost, he dodged me again: "Brother, I beg you, let him go and let me do anything!" Li Mo suddenly changed his face and looked at me coldly for a long time. I don't like this little shadow, but I like the way you beg me! Step forward from the ink, drag up my chin: "I can not hurt the child, after all, it is too difficult to raise a fairy, I keep him may be useful, but …" Li Mo looked at me and said, "That depends on what you do, Xiao Ying." "What do you want me to do?" I asked word by word. Li Mo smiled: "Take off your clothes first!" "What?" I didn't react for a moment. What's the matter? Shall I repeat? Li Mo asked lightly, and the other hand was slowly put on the neck of the little devil's head. Don't hurt him, I'll take off! Li Mo was satisfied and squinted at me with his slender eyes. I began to take off my clothes. It was hot enough in May, and I wore less. When I took off my underwear, when I looked up, the ink had disappeared, and the little devil was put on the table. I hurried over and looked at the little devil. I was relieved that he was all right. The little devil was held by me with a silly smile. See what people laugh, silly, and Jingwen as silly! I said in disgust. The little devil seemed to understand and cried. When Xiao Bai came, I was already dressed. What's the matter? Xiao Bai looked at the little devil nervously and was relieved to see that the little devil was just asleep. I think Xiao Bai really hurts the little devil. Li Mo is coming! I say Leave the ink? Xiao Bai was suspicious. I didn't tell anyone about the matter of leaving the ink. What he knew was the signature of the painting. Who is he Xiao Bai asked. My brother! I gave a wry smile. "For years, I thought I would never see him again.". I have a lot of memories, not very clear, about Li Mo, but also after seeing him himself. In a word, I was sorry for him. I took his jade, killed him and buried him behind the mountain. At that time,touch screen kiosk, I even beat him out of his wits. But I don't know why he was alive again. Su Heng was able to set up such a big game. It was he who sent Jingwen to the land of Yin and Yang. At that time, the imprisonment on my body in Daxia Village was suddenly released. It should also be done by him! Xiao Bai was stupefied for a long time before he said, "Is he Su Heng's master?" "Well!" "Then why did he kill Su Heng?" 。
"Yes, I have." "He.." It has always been a big stone in my heart. When Cong Hui gets married, no one will care about him anymore. "He's not a baby." I said, "He and his mother." "Yes, because he is not a baby, no one forgives him." "You're worried about him?" I asked, "Are you worried about me?" Yes, I'm worried about you. I'm afraid you'll be disobedient, I'm afraid you'll run away, "he chuckled," I'm worried you think I'm old.. " I laughed, too. Will you stay tonight? I asked. Cong Shu has something to say to me. He smiled. "But I'm going back to London at once," I said. "Are you sure you won't be free these two days?" "We still have a lot of time," he looked at me and said, "I will not let you go, you can rest assured." I blushed suddenly. Joke, what am I worried about? He looked at me and sighed. "You are a beautiful girl, but, Xibao,touch screen digital signage, too beautiful and too clever." I turned my head. Is this my fault, too? Too smart, too sensitive. If we girls who come out to fight alone do not "step on the tail and move their heads" and know how to distinguish hair and color, they will suffer a lot. If they rush forward with a strong force, no one will sympathize with them even if they are killed. These days, who will take the risk of offending others and teaching others, and if he teaches others well,digital signage kiosk, his own daughter will starve to death. It's all on your own. But now it's different. Now I have a posture, and I'm refreshed when I think about it. I am afraid that l have to go He said, "It's busy these days. You pack up by yourself, and the driver will take you to the airport. I seldom see you off when they start school, so you don't have to worry about it." "I'm oversensitive?" I laughed. "I'm carrying a big suitcase all over Europe. Who cares about my life? Now it's really a hot potato. Even I feel strange." Before he went out, he saw the medicine bottle on the tea table. "Sleeping pills?" He asked. I nodded. There will be a driver to pick you up in London. Cunzi said as she put on her overcoat. I helped him put on his coat behind him. "You don't forbid me to take medicine?" I asked. He glanced at me. What's the use of banning the mouth? When you feel that you can sleep soundly without taking medicine, of course you have to quit taking medicine. I'm not just going to talk about thinking for others. He smiled. Thank you I say When you feel safe and comfortable, the medicine bottle will fly out of the window, just to persuade you, probably many people have done, and failed. He opened the door and left. Only a man like Cunzi can be regarded as a man, I sighed. Being able to be his son and daughter is happiness, and being able to marry him is also happiness. Even if I follow him like this, face recognition identification kiosk ,face detection android, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The dirty feeling in my heart gradually disappeared, because I began to respect him, and his position in my heart was quite important. How did his negotiations with Congshu go? I'll never know. Three days later I was on my way to Singapore to transfer the Concorde to London. I sent a letter to my mother. I have no home in Hong Kong, the fate of the arrangement is airtight, I did not fall into Hong Kong. The driver took my luggage in. I met Song Jiaming in the waiting room of Singapore. I nodded to him. Sit down and read a magazine at a place far away. Song came over slowly and sat next to me. I looked at him, and I was surprised. What else did he have to say? If he wants to bicker with me, he won't be able to please me. Song Jiaming, I said in my heart, bring it on. He asked, "Didn't you see wisdom in Hong Kong?" The voice is also kind. No I answered simply and did not put down the book in my hand. In the past two days, my family has been turned upside down. He said Is it? ' I asked lightly, "What does the collapse of the house have to do with me?" Cong Shu committed suicide. I was stunned. The first feeling is not surprised, but funny, I asked: "Men also commit suicide?"? For what? "Miss Jiang, you have a heart of stone and deserve it." Yes, I never sympathize with the weak. If Congshu had to commit suicide, people of our class would have bought a hemp rope and hanged themselves long ago-why are they still struggling in the world? Song Jiaming said, "What you said is not unreasonable-but you don't care about Congshu's life?" I said, "He can't die.". How did he die? "Predict like a God, Miss Kang.". ” I said, "You know how some women kill themselves — howl and cry, swallow two sleeping pills, and gently cut their wrists with a razor blade —" I laughed. "I just thought there was a kind of woman who would do that." Song Jiaming stared at me. "Do you despise Congshu?" "What's the use of my despising him?" I said, "He is still the only one who will inherit the wealth of his family." I stared at Song's face. You know, Miss Kang, I'm beginning to understand how Cunzi chose you. You are a unique person. "Thank you. I'll take your words as a compliment." "Yes." He said, "This is indeed praise.". In just two weeks, it's not easy to make your father and son fight for you. I said, "As far as I know, I'm not the first woman to be so successful." "You know a lot," he sneered. "Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will win every battle." I just smiled. Wisdom naturally regrets bringing you home. He said Tell wisdom to relax. Everything is doomed. I feel guilty about cleverness. Because she was good to me, from the beginning to the end, she did not say a word to me, she did not satirize me, did not look down on me, from the beginning to the end, she treated me well. Destined? Song Jiaming asked. Yes I said, "Isn't such a big change in life predestined?"? Have you ever heard the saying: "First note death, then note life, three hundred years ago engagement." I became gentle, "I was destined to meet Cong Hui,digital signage screen, and I was destined to appear at home." There is a master in the dark. This is the most satisfactory explanation. Song Jiaming said. You're not going to London, are you? I asked. Yes, I have something to do-to sign a contract on behalf of Mr. Wu. "I'm afraid I won't have to deal with London in the future. You're here." He suddenly became familiar with me.
The voice of the fire-breathing dinosaur explained to me that they had taken a fancy to the army of Warcraft when the monster attacked the city. They wanted to make a lot of money when the monster attacked the city, rush the level, and prepare some equipment by the way. Originally, they were ready to leave after the siege, but when the battle broke out, they could not move their feet-such a lively thing, few people could be immune. After listening to his explanation, I immediately nodded: Monster siege is indeed a very grand event, the monster army contains great opportunities, can have this insight and courage can also be regarded as an advanced family. By the way, boss Kirin, why are you here? Or alone? When the fire-breathing dinosaur gave me the sound, he did not forget to open his eyes and sweep around to "shoot". He wanted to find me with the naked eye. Unfortunately, it was obviously impossible. The sky had gradually darkened. No matter how powerful the archer was, he could not find me. Of course, except that man.. Hearing the inquiry of the fire-breathing dinosaur, I subconsciously took a look at the supreme residence of the "chaotic" world in the distance and said: "Old friends set up a station, such a great good thing, you are all here." Can I not come over and celebrate? "Uh.." Ha ha,touch screen board classroom, also, forget that you two are old. Friends. While the fire-breathing dinosaur laughed and answered, Mu beside him seemed to have realized something, shocked his face and glanced around with his eyes. All right, I won't talk nonsense with you. I'll make a deal with you. Will you do it? "What business?" The fire-breathing dinosaur asked a little carefully, but there was a little uncontrollable excitement in his tone. Cooperate with me to break through the supreme defense line in troubled times! "Ah!" The fire-breathing dinosaur expressed his first impression of the deal with a very direct exclamation, which made the players around him puzzled. Don't worry,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, it's not for you to be cannon fodder. When I say this, I feel that I have the potential of a big bad wolf. The fire-breathing dinosaur is really not so easy to be confused: "Still say it's not cannon fodder?"? More than thirty thousand people, how to look like a cannon fodder mission? After saying this, he quickly added: "By the way, you'd better talk to our colonel about this and convince him that I have no opinion." Shen "Yin" once, I still set it up to connect the voice of "Mu". "Hello, Lord Kirin, thank you for last time." "Well, let's not say more polite words. The dinosaur must have told you the question just now. Tell me what you think. Do you agree or refuse?" I didn't mean to waste time with him to bring up the last thing, and I got straight to the point. "Uh.." "To tell you the truth," said Mu with some embarrassment, "it's not enough for us to be cannon fodder. Moreover, we came here from the orc tribe, 86 smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, the purpose is to practice and play equipment, never thought of the idea of siege warfare. Hearing that Mu had the meaning of refusing, and at the same time seemed unwilling to offend me, I frowned and did not let go of this rare opportunity easily: "Seek wealth and honor in danger!"! Think about it by yourself. What is the explosion rate of killing monsters? What is the explosion rate of killing enemy players? “……” Hearing this, Mu became silent. I did not urge him, but quietly looked at him and the fire-breathing dinosaur. "What is your plan?" Said Mu after a fierce psychological struggle. Chapter 498 help, Kakarot. Chapter 498 help, Kakarot. In fact, it is not difficult for me to pass through the firepower blockade of the Supreme of the World of Chaos, or even break into the defense line of the garrison, and temporarily make a gap in the firepower network of the Supreme of the World of Chaos; What makes me unable to deal with the supreme of the "chaotic" world is the fear of the unorganized members and the players of the enemy countries. If I miss the first blow, it will not only sound the alarm bell for the Supreme of the "chaotic" world, but also kill the magic clam in the water marsh. To be honest, I will lose a lot. So, when Mu promised to take a risk with me, I knew that the Supreme of Chaos was finished this time! 'Mu 'Will certainly tell his people to help me break through together, with their examples, the orc side should no longer be afraid of hands and feet! Thinking of this, I explained some of the details to Mu. By this time, the orc side has gathered a lot of people here. Although the last wave of attacks failed, but their losses are not very big, plus a steady stream of orc players arrived during the period, the momentum is more astonishing than half an hour ago! "When shall we do it?" By this time, Mu had already brought people into the forefront of the orc camp, and seeing that this side had secretly sent word to prepare for action, he could not help asking. Wait for someone! She's almost there. "We still have a helping hand?" 'Mu 'A little surprise, but then suddenly said: "But, this time we are not cooperation is already in the bag?"? Why are you waiting for someone? I smiled and said, "I always like to do things steadily." "Who is he?" Mu seems to be interested. You'll find out later. Ten minutes later, the orcs formed an encirclement of the Supreme of the World of Chaos, adding a huge momentum, but unfortunately without the ferocity of the first attack. Always "coquettish" disturbance war, appear to be afraid of hands and feet, it seems that the top soldiers are really not so easy to gather together; Moreover, hunters in the "chaotic" world have also learned to be clever. After placing overlapping fire walls, meteor fire showers, ice roars, and other magic in the same place, a continuous black "color" magic marsh is laid behind this firepower net! This is what really makes the orcs powerless. Fierce firepower, coupled with the ability to reduce the player's movement of the magic marsh, this is simply a perfect moat of death! When the battle continued to be deadlocked, Mu received my voice: "Ready to do it!" When the sound went out, I rushed out from a place not far from the crowd of'one hand covering the sky '. Like an arrow from the bowstring,interactive panels for education, he threw himself straight into the wall of flames in front of him, feeling the crazy roaring ice debris washed by the meteor fire rain all over the sky, and galloped into the magic marsh without any pause.
But Wang Yu was so poisonous that he could not fall to the ground. With the help of the red bees, he grabbed the rope and flew around to avoid the attacks of the green ants and yellow scorpions. From time to time, he seized the opportunity to fight back a few times. Although he could not kill the three monsters for the time being, he succeeded in leading the three guys away from the door. At this time, the Quanzhen people outside the door saw that Wang Yu had not returned the news, but also speculated one after another. Uncle Niu won't be killed. Ji Ao muttered. "When did you go blind?" Asked Mowgli? Didn't you see Lao Niu's name was still on in the team? "Then why don't you reply to the message." "I think I'm too busy to attend to it." Mowgli said. When players fight, they usually don't bother to send messages. Can't care? Is there a time when Lao Niu can't attend to it? Everyone said with some incredulity. In their eyes, Wang Yu has always been strong and incalculable, even in the face of the big BOSS, also did not say that will be forced to ignore the news ah. I'm not sure. I didn't hear the second brother say that there were three monsters blocking the door? Lao Niu is not talking now, nor is he dead. He should have held them back. We should go in and help now. Mowgli said. Help. "" Hearing what Mowgli said, everyone hesitated. No way, Yin Laoer was killed in seconds, the shock to everyone is too strong, who dares to go in. Seeing that these guys didn't want to go, Mowgli said, "Whoever goes in first, the equipment or props behind the BOSS explosion can be chosen first." "First option!"! Really When they heard this, they immediately became more energetic. The first choice is to unconditionally choose any props and equipment you like. In the team of Quanzhen Jiao, which always takes the first place, the first choice is undoubtedly a big temptation. Of course "I keep my word,electronic board for classroom," said Mowgli. I'll go! I go! Uncle Niu and I are the closest! Ji Ao jumped and raised his hand. Chunxiang swung his staff on Ji Ao's buttocks and beat him aside. Then he said sternly, "As the oldest man of the Quanzhen Sect, your big brother, I can't watch a Niu fight alone!" Mingdu clenched his fist: "I am your eternal fire support!" "I am.." "I.." Everyone began to pretend. All right, all right, shut the hell up. Mowgli is not difficult to say annoyingly: "The work of the tank, you these crispy make trouble, Lao Li,smart interactive whiteboard, you garbage station to the back." As he spoke, Mowgli said to Bao San, who had not spoken all the time, "Bao San, you go in first. We'll go in when there's no danger." Bao San, as the only soldier of the Quanzhen Sect, Yin Laoer is not here. At this time, only Bao San can go in to fight against a wave. Of course, it is not excluded that Mowgli uses public office for personal gain. Uh Bao San nodded and stepped into the portal under the protection of Mowgli's Holy Light Shield. As soon as he entered the door, Bao San saw Wang Yu flying around in front of him, as well as the Yellow Scorpion Guard and the Green Bee Poison Guard chasing after Wang Yu's buttocks. These three mobs are actually elite gold BOSS! ". After seeing the attributes of the three monsters, Bao San took a strange look at Wang Yu, his eyes full of admiration. Elite level BOSS has always been more difficult to deal with, even if the field elite BOSS, 65 inch smart board ,smart board whiteboard, ordinary players do not have a team may not be able to win, let alone hidden in the book. Wang Yu a person leapfrog alone pick three hidden in the gold elite BOSS, there is room to fight back, even if the package of three and Wang Yu mixed for so long, see this scene, also can not help but be shocked. Then Wang Yu saw Bao San and shouted, "Bao San, what are you looking at?" Help me pull the yellow one away! It's disgusting. Although the mobility of the Yellow Scorpion Guard is not as good as that of the Green Ant Poison Guard, this guy has an air attack skill. Wang Yu in midair is not very flexible, and he has to avoid this thing from time to time, which is very annoying. Oh, I see. Bao San answered and sent a message in the channel: "Come in. The three BOSS at the door have been dragged by Lao Niu." After sending the message, Bao San opened the collision and rushed to the Yellow Scorpion Guard. The Yellow Scorpion Guard was about to fly up to attack, when Bao San rushed behind and directly knocked the half-flying Yellow Scorpion Guard to the ground. Fortunately, the yellow scorpion guard is small and the judgment is low, otherwise it is obviously difficult for players to knock down BOSS. After the yellow scorpion guard was knocked down, Bao Sanshuang raised his sword, followed by a collapse of the mountain and hit the past. Stop it..! Seeing Bao San hitting the yellow scorpion guard, Wang Yu suddenly shouted. But Bao San has jumped to the top of the Yellow Scorpion Guard at this time, even if the skill is cancelled, it is useless. Just when Bao San didn't understand why Wang Yu wanted to stop himself, the yellow scorpion guard turned around unhurriedly, and with two pliers in his hands, he firmly stuck Bao San's two-handed sword. Then the two pliers twisted, and Bao San was directly twisted in midair and fell to the ground. System prompt: Your weapon is damaged by 5%. Damn it! What the hell! Bao San saw the hint of weapon damage and was silly on the spot. This little BOSS can also destroy people's weapons. It's too horrible. At this time, the yellow scorpion guard suddenly jumped up, and the pair of pincers flew over to Bao San's head. Bao Sanben wanted to raise his sword to block, but he hesitated when he saw the two big pincers of the Yellow Scorpion Guard. Be killed by BOSS clip, also die once, hang up in the copy also no loss, the most is not to play the next this, but with weapons block, the consequences will be unimaginable, the game equipment, especially weapons, is much more important than life. Wang Yu's dagger is not his own, bad is bad, Bao San also pointed to this weapon to eat, where willing to give up? Seeing that the yellow scorpion guard was about to kill Bao San, Wang Yu stepped on the green ant poison guard, jumped and flew to the top of the yellow scorpion guard, stepped on the eagle and thunder, and trampled on the yellow Scorpion guard on the ground. Just then, the ground under Bao San's feet suddenly melted, and a stream of magma spewed out, burning Bao San into white light. I go Wang Yu collapsed, very not easy to come to a helper,smartboards for business, the result has not yet worked on the second. Chapter 730 stabilize the situation. "Oh, Uncle Niu, are you flying a plane?" Wang Yu was depressed when a voice suddenly rang behind him.
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