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Next, Xiao Chen and the profiteer Zhuge Liang began to talk, to further understand the various matters of the fighting beast, the more listen to the more feel that this is specially for the small stubborn dragon industry. However, on the other side, the little stubborn dragon was grinding his teeth at the dead fat man, and Ke was also looking at the dead fat man with a black face. Chapter 135 test beast. They are in a private room, specially for two small animals to get a long table, above all kinds of delicious food is no worse than the fat man and Xiao Chen. As for the reincarnation king, they sat without eating or drinking, and the fat man did not ask much. The fat man apparently noticed the mood swings of the two little animals. He said to Xiao Chen in a low voice, "I said, brother, these two little beasts are really psychic."? Why do I think I hear them grinding at me? ?” "No, it seems.". Indeed, you take a very scary little beast as a kitten,ultrasonic molten metal, and another as a cash cow to buy and sell. So they don't want to bite you? In general. This is still a pleasant party, the dead fat man did show enough sincerity, promised Xiao Chen can meet the little stubborn dragon every day opponents, but not in the Colosseum in the way of performance requirements. Fatty was born in a family of fighting animals. Although he is not the master of the house, he is really talented for fighting animals. He has a naturally keen intuition. Today, at the moment of seeing the little stubborn dragon,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I don't know why his blood has gone, he thinks he may have found an undeveloped treasure. If intuition is accurate. If a super fighting beast is dug up, his value in the family will be doubled, which will inevitably lead to the idea of the head of the family and the elders, although the position of the head of the family is mostly hopeless. But power and status are bound to be greatly enhanced. For Xiao Chen's request. He's not worried. That's the way it is. The more super fighting beasts, the more potential fighting beasts can not appear at will, so as to hang people's appetite. I said, brother, we are almost talking. I also agreed to the terms you mentioned. Now let's take a look at the potential of the little stubborn dragon. The little stubborn dragon is a little reluctant. I don't seem to like the dead fat man. Don't worry, little stubborn dragon. I'm doing this for your own good. If you want to become a dragon king, what you lack is an opponent. In the future, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, they will continue to arrange for you. Xiao Chen gently stroked its scales and whispered in its ear. The little stubborn dragon blinked his big eyes. Finally, he nodded his head forcefully. He agreed excitedly. This fighting maniac! Xiao Chen sighed 。“ I just came out to inspect on behalf of the family. I don't have a particularly fierce fighting beast around me. I don't know if the family has a spirit beast on the table with one or two heads in the Colosseum in this town. Soon they arrived at the Colosseum, and far away they could hear the roars of animals, as well as the screams and roars of excitement and excitement. It's really popular! Fighting animals. It deserves to be the most powerful industry on the mainland. Here is very vast, divided into several areas, each area is a sea of people, all the audience are almost crazy shouting. Zhuge Liang, a fat man, directly found the person in charge here and asked him to arrange a "test beast". The so-called "test beast" is jargon. It is to test the ability of the newly introduced spirit beast. After knowing that the fat man came down from the family to inspect, the person in charge here dared not neglect and hurried to arrange it. The location of the test animal is generally not allowed to be watched by outsiders, so it is far away from the bucket area. Because the test beast is mainly aimed at the newly introduced earth spirit beast. The wild has not been eliminated, and no one can control them. So it's all done in a huge subway cage. But the little stubborn dragon certainly can't encounter this kind of treatment, not to mention that the little stubborn dragon himself will fall out. Even Xiao Chen will not agree, and finally directly test the beast in the open air. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue saw that the little stubborn dragon was only one meter long. It's so small. Feel a storm in a teacup. So I didn't send any beasts at first, and I let an ordinary leopard come directly. To this. Fatty Zhuge Liang didn't say anything. Looking at all this with a smile, he also wanted to see the specific strength of the little stubborn dragon. Happy to let it fight a few more times. The results are stunning. The little stubborn dragon bared his teeth. The leopard collapsed on the ground. Everyone was surprised to the extreme, only Xiao Chen understood that the little stubborn dragon seemed annoyed and felt that he had been despised. Invisibly sent out a trace of dragon gas, how can this ordinary beast not be afraid, directly soft down. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue wiped a cold sweat. The second time, it was directly put into the five-headed male division. The result is still stunning. The little stubborn dragon flicked his tail five times in a row and whipped all five lions out. Look at the body of a tiger. The tail of Tyrannosaurus. A scaly unicorn. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue was tongue-tied. It is incredible that a one-meter-long beast should have such great power. The fat man Zhuge Liang was very happy. What kind of strange beast had he never seen. Know that some strange beasts can not be measured by the size of their bodies. The more terrible the fighting beast is, the more so it is. Obviously, the potential of the little stubborn dragon is immeasurable, and he is very satisfied with the results of the preliminary test. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue is already sweating profusely. This time, instead of conservatively predicting the strength of the little stubborn dragon, the strongest fighting beast here was directly invited out. This is a huge white wolf, can be six meters long, standing in the field is completely overlooking the crowd, a pair of wolf eyes shining green, particularly dense, at the same time its limbs are very special. Unexpectedly has the fine scale armor, a look is a ruthless role. "" Obviously, the white wolf was very spiritual and seemed to feel that the little stubborn dragon was not a mortal beast. He did not despise it because of its small size. After a wolf howl, it turned into a white light and pounced on it ferociously. Brush The little stubborn dragon left a shadow to escape, and Xiao Chen, who was watching the battle, narrowed his eyes. This is definitely what the pterosaur couple said about the ancient fighting skills of the earth dragon clan. The movements of the little stubborn dragon just now are very special, like a real human master in transposition. Roar. The white wolf let out a roar. He opened his mouth and spewed out a large flame,ultrasonic handheld welder, which was indeed an alien. Able to cast spells. The little stubborn dragon dodged quickly again. And it did not use brute force as it used to. It turned into a bird light, moving as fast as lightning, and several times it jumped in front of the giant wolf. Cut several grisly wounds on its body.

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