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The moonlight was like weaving, dragging the shadows of me and Xiu hugging each other long. Uh In Asho's deep and touching kiss, I made such a strange sound that I was so ashamed that I opened my eyes. What came into view was Xiu's handsome face with his eyes still closed. The super enlarged version makes my heart beat fast again. He opened his eyes slightly, and the hand holding the back of my neck did not let go, but raised the corners of his mouth and chuckled, "Remember to breathe." With such a tender and seductive tone, it is simply to achieve the opposite effect. I was humiliatingly more disordered breathing, and my hands and feet were weak. He wrapped my hand in the palm of his hand with pity and said nothing, but kissed me more passionately. Once and again. And then, like the tide, it swept in. It's like the waves are carrying me in the sea. I tried to move a little distance and said in a very thin voice, "Xiu, I, I'm a little unsteady." He froze for a moment and then smiled with satisfaction. Forehead against my forehead, the waist of the arm and increased the strength, "you are telling me that you feel good?" I didn't speak at all. I just looked at him stupidly. He stopped and winked at me a little evilly. Then you say, do you want to continue? He still asked in a bad way. ……" I blushed and nodded. He laughed out loud happily and took my lips gently again as he wished. In the evening breeze of summer night,temperature scanning kiosks, there is his murmur. Why? Your lips are always so sweet, like honey. I tugged at the corner of Asho's shirt. Leaning on his chest, you can hear his strong heartbeat. And my breath, perfectly in tune. I want to walk slowly hand in hand with this person. Looking at the surrounding scenery, there must be a wonderful experience. Xiu, it's summer vacation after the exam. "My voice,temperature screening kiosk, through his cotton shirt, seemed to reach his heart directly." Shall we go on a trip? " I said softly. There was a look of surprise on his face, but it soon faded. What's the matter, won't you? My heart suddenly fell a little weightless. "No, I'm happy, I'm really happy," he said softly, hugging me and putting his chin on my head. "It's just, Qi Meng, I'm going to Germany for a summer internship during the summer vacation." I looked up at him. "How long?" "Two months." I looked down, and my plaintive eyes were still clearly captured. I'm sorry He took my hand and gently apologized. Looking at Xiu's guilty expression, I pulled out a smile, face detection android ,touch screen kiosk, "It's all right to pull, it's all right to pull, this kind of thing is more important.". Besides, I'm going to Germany again. I've never been abroad. I'm so envious! With a charming smile on his face, his body moved a little bit away. I'm so hypocritical. My heart is clearly saying, don't go, stay with me, our first summer vacation. Most importantly, after this summer vacation, I will be a senior. You may find a job early and start working. In other words, this is my last summer vacation in college. It must be false to say that you are not disappointed. But this justification cannot be refuted at all. There is a feeling of melancholy in my heart. What's the climate like in Germany now? Ah, speaking of, I don't know how much time difference there is between Germany and here. I talked to myself, and Xiu looked at me without saying a word. Finally he said, "Why do you talk so much all of a sudden?" I kept silent. No, it's just that there are a lot of unsolved mysteries and a lot of things I want to know. A drop of cold sweat on his forehead. It's getting late. I'm going home. I turned around in a hurry. "That's it. I'm leaving.". Goodbye Without waiting for Xiu to answer, I was like a defeated general who had run away and wanted to rub oil on the soles of his feet. In the heart repeatedly admonishes oneself, must not be capricious. But I can't help but come up with an anxious tone. What the hell am I doing. Stealthily glancing at Xiu, he stood where he was. Despise yourself again. Just as he was about to lift his feet and leave, Xiu, who had been silent all the time, suddenly reached out and grabbed me. Are you angry?! "No!" I answered in alarm that it was common sense to be seen through and denied. Mingming is angry! He said firmly. I really don't! I firmly deny it again. Qi Meng, don't be awkward, OK? He begged softly. I don't have it! The tone is inexplicably softened. Hugh had never spoken to me so humbly. A little willful action will make our hearts feel a little bit pulled up. It's really not good to do so. I sighed and pouted a little angrily. I'm just.. a little disappointed. "When I come back, shall we go on a trip together?" Xiu said, "Actually, I've been planning for a long time." I looked at him in surprise. "Well, how could you hide it?!" Part 4: Verse 47: Being touched by a woman makes you blush. "Secret." "There are too many secrets!" I sniff, but there is a real smile on my face. So, so are you, and you must speak out when you are unhappy! He said so, with a little command and a little request. Oh "What I fear most is." "What is it?" "Yes, you." Don't tell me what you're thinking. I nodded silently. Me, too, Hugh. What I fear most is that I don't know what you're thinking. That's settled. Don't sulk any more. "Oh." "And when you quarrel and make a phone call, don't dump the phone." "I'm not so unreasonable." I glared at him angrily. He laughed. "Just in case." Hum, the cold hum in the nose, but can not help laughing out. The special significance of this summer vacation to me is not mentioned for the time being. Besides, the meaning is not artificially added out of it,smart interactive whiteboard, do not think about those, it is not a big deal. It's a pity. You can make it up later. Because Xiu and I will always be together. Here's what I think. When I got home, it was very late.
Cao Shao looked around, one by one looked very ordinary, but at this moment he was really afraid, "the new chairman, we are all partners, you have to save me!" At this time, Cao Shao did not think about why he was drinking in the bar, and when he blinked, he saw himself coming to this place. Especially when he only saw his head, he was afraid that he would die like this, but everything he saw in front of him had been hitting his heart, which he thought was super strong. Originally, he thought he had done too many things, too bad, so he was punished, but when he saw Cheng Shilan, he didn't think about why she was here, and the only thing he had to do was to pray. Because from just now to now, his head has been kicked around by two ghosts, but he still saw these ghosts around, or Cheng Shilan has a special respect. It was an acquaintance that made him think he might have a chance. Cheng Shilan did not know how Cao Shao could accept the chaotic situation so quickly, but had to admit that this person's adaptability was very strong, and he was shameless, doing things in his eyes only had results. However, Cheng Shilan has done an investigation on Cao Shao. Outside, although Cao Shao has many bad rumors, but this person is indeed a role. He looked at the whole day is constantly brushing the lower limit, all day without face and skin, but this person is not a bad person. He is bad in a mouth, what is said directly,Interactive digital signage, even if it is to attack the other side, he also disdains to do those small actions behind the back. For such a person, many people feel that it is not worth making friends with, but in Cheng Shilan's view, it is because of his character that he will be so popular in such a short time. Because, in the treacherous market, who has not suffered losses, who do things before, do not do a survey, perhaps Cao Shao to others good impression is too low, when he found a little bit of advantage,facial recognition thermometer, really will be infinitely magnified, and cooperation with such a person, even if the deadlock, they do not have to worry about revenge behind. Cooperation with such a person, without any psychological burden, can only say that Cao Shao is an alien, but it is this alien that makes everyone feel at ease. Ear is Cao Shao's begging for Rao Sheng, but Cheng Shilan looked directly at the black cat walking on the table, knowing that now these things are listening to it, knowing that, for the sake of Yan ghost, as long as she opens her mouth, everything will stop, but she just doesn't want to get into this trap so easily. In her opinion, from the time she should have come to her bedroom, but unexpectedly came to this place, that shows that everything happened for a reason. Do not want to promise, do not want to be involved in it, there is a ghost around it, she does not want too much contact with these things. He took a look at Cao Shao's head, which was kicked around again by the ghost as a ball, touch screen digital signage ,outdoor digital signage displays, and turned around and walked to the door as if he had ignored everything around him. Tut-tut, are you really cruel? "If the master doesn't open his mouth, we'll really kill this bastard." In a few words, Cao Shao has become the'chop suey 'in the mouth of the black cat. Purr The new chairman, you must save me! "I don't know if I'm still alive to save you." "Yes, the master is very capable. Even a cat like me, who walks sideways in the underworld, has to make a detour when he sees his master." "You shut up!" Cheng Shilan shouted directly at the black cat that was making trouble. Master, do you really not want me? "Master, do you really not want me?" Lu Yu and Shi Di, who had just used their heads as balls, were now crying like abandoned children. You You are their master, and you brought me here? Cao Shao suddenly cried out sharply, looking at Cheng Shilan, no longer asking for help, but anger. When Cao Shao said this, the lights around him suddenly became dark and dark. Flashing, as if surprised, and at the same time as a reminder. Even so, Cheng Shilan is still opposite to the black cat's line of sight, and then look at Cao Shao's head flying around in the hands of the black cat, and his original better face, at the moment by a cat's claws to make a trace, she still can not bear. Whether it's someone who can't bear Cao Shao, or the clue behind him is so broken, anyway, she compromised at this moment. Tomorrow I will talk about cooperation with this thing, but don't kill people for me. In the face of the black cat's threat to her, Cheng Shilan knew that Cao Shao was not dead, but also soon. Yes, master. The agreement of one man and one cat was reached, and as the sound of the black cat fell, the lights on and off returned to normal. Cheng Shilan did not care about the cheers behind her, but she just walked barefoot outside the door, there was a kind of biting cold on the ground into the soles of her feet, constantly reminding her of the scene of being threatened by a black cat just now. Has been out of the Honglan courtyard, Cheng Shilan has never looked back. Came to his own IELTS courtyard, came to his bedroom, fell directly on the bed, just now, she seemed to experience a battle between people and ghosts, unfortunately, she lost in the end! Lying down, Cheng Shilan soon fell asleep, and at the moment she closed her eyes, she was still thinking that when she woke up tomorrow, she would find that it was just a dream, an unreal dream. In her sleep, Cheng Shilan seemed to be restless at all, as if she was always having a nightmare, frowning, moving around from time to time, and later she was so excited that she even grabbed her hands at random, as if she was going to catch something. At this time, Yan ghost suddenly appeared, pulling Cheng Shilan's hand, the other hand on her forehead, mouth moved a few times, to see Cheng Shilan sleeping peacefully, this just took a look at the black cat kneeling on the ground at the moment. A look in his eyes directly scared the black cat out of its wits who was still showing off just now. It is really that it did not think of the adult woman, unexpectedly so timid. It's just to play with a human head, but I'm scared to have nightmares. Feel that such a woman is not worthy of their adults, but this, it dare not say, can only be in the bottom of my heart ventriloquism. Even if the heart is unwilling,interactive kiosk price, but at this time, he still has to be honest, lest he will suffer in the end.
The next year, there were two new strange roommates in Ye Sui's dormitory. But this year, Ye Sui and Jiang Wenwen were busy with graduation, and their relationship with their new roommates was lukewarm. This year, when Ye Sui was busy with her graduation, she gradually made some achievements in her live broadcasting career. Xu Rongyu returned to Dongda. In his third year of college, he finished all his credits. With the consent of the school, he graduated directly and went to the Department of Architecture of Tsinghua University. Ye Sui, who graduated in the same year as him, was struck by Xu Rong and could not speak. This year, Xu Rong and Ye Sui studied together in Dongda. Sometimes we quarrel, and sometimes we have a cold war. Sometimes when they were walking in the school, they would see Chen Tingfei, who had been an assistant teacher of Ye Sui, with a beautiful woman beside him. It is said that the beauty has been chasing teacher Chen for ten years, and recently she has the tendency to win Chen's heart. The beauty who followed Chen Tingfei saw Ye Sui, and then saw Xu Rong beside Ye Sui. After being stunned, she understood that the girl had a boyfriend, and her attitude towards Ye Sui eased a little. After graduation, Ye Sui and Jiang Wenwen separated from each other. Jiang Wenwen found a job in a local design Institute,touch screen whiteboard, and Ye Sui thought about it and went to a small town in the south. She is doing her own live broadcasting business while visiting the north and south of the motherland. She has always been sympathetic. When she saw the dangerous buildings in small towns, she found the local government and offered to cooperate. She offered to help the local people design simple houses, and used the live broadcasting platform to let more people pay attention to these things. More and more, she no longer rely on Xu Rong and have their own want to do. Ye Sui has not signed a job, has been doing their own live broadcaster, while trapped with the poor, to build houses for people. Xu Ronghe is a graduate student. Graduated two years later, he could have continued to send his doctor,electronic board for classroom, but after thinking about it, Xu Rong temporarily refused the opportunity and chose to sign a job at the East China Institute in Shanghai. Because Ye Sui works in the south all the year round, in order to be closer to Ye Sui, Xu Rong left Beijing and chose Shanghai. Time goes by little by little. Two people always spend less time together and more time apart, but they are more and more able to understand each other's different pursuits, and at the same time, they are trying to get closer to each other. And Ni Wei also saw Ye Sui beside her youngest son more than once. This girl is really thick-skinned, against her dislike, has been secretly meeting with Xu Rong, once, Ye Sui was also caught by Ni Wei climbing the wall of their house, in order to date with her youngest son. Ni Wei was amazed. Never liked her. But Ni Wei and Xu Zhiguo are too busy, the children grow up, not only Xu Rong and here have problems, smartboard for business ,smart board touch screen, Xu Yi there love situation, the same is earth-shaking. Because Xu Yi's girlfriend Yin Hezi is an only daughter, the Yin family does not want their daughter to marry and wants to recruit a wife for her daughter. For this reason, the Xu family did not die of anger and severely stopped Xu Yi from associating with Yin Hezi. Where is Xu Yi's temper good? Naturally, he made a scene. When Xu Rongyu was 25 years old, he was already a first-class architect. His job was transferred from Shanghai to Beijing. Together with Ye Sui, he bought a house in Beijing and paid the down payment. Ni Wei at a banquet, listening to a real estate friend, just know Xu Rong and Ye Sui bought a house together. But over the years, Ni Wei has been too lazy to comment on this. This year, after many years of fighting, Xu Yi had married Yin Hezi, and the Yin family had not mentioned anything about marriage, but after Yin Hezi became pregnant, the Yin family proposed that the surname of their first child must be Yin. Xu family naturally does not agree, recently, Ni Wei for the matter of the eldest son's wife, and gave birth to a belly sulk. At this charity party, Ni Wei unexpectedly saw Xu Rong, who had not met for a long time. The young man of twenty-five, with his chiseled face and elegant and clean movements, was as perfect as a gentleman in the meeting hall, even if he did nothing. Xu Rong sat quietly at the banquet, and when he saw her, he paused and took the initiative to greet her. He has been working in Shanghai and recently returned to Beijing. He really hasn't seen his mother for a long time. When Ni Wei saw him, he was surrounded by beautiful women, and he sat quietly, as quiet as a landscape splash-ink painting. Xu Rong sat beside Ni Wei and saw that her face was not good. He whispered, "Mom, long time no see.". Are you still angry about your sister-in-law? Ni Wei gave him a cold look. Suddenly he asked, "Where is Ye Sui?" Xu Rong was stunned for a moment. Ni Wei: "Next month is your 25th birthday, she did not intend to steal our courtyard gate, to give you back to celebrate your birthday?" Xu Rong said in a faint voice, "Maybe it's because my mother has a dog at home. The dog barks too fiercely. It's not convenient for her to climb the wall." Ni Wei sneered and shook the red wine in her hand. She stared at the goblet for a long time and said, "I heard that you refused the blind date your father introduced to you again." Xu Rongyu: "Yes." Ni Wei said, "I heard that Ye Sui is going back to Beijing." Xu Rongyu: Yes. She's going to adjust her focus and come back to open a studio with me. Ni Wei taunts: "I really admire your courage to mention that she will never be afraid of my falling out." After a long silence, however, Ni Wei asked wearily, "When are you and Ye Sui going to get married?" Allow and slowly, look at her. Ni Wei's side face is indifferent and her temperament is elegant. Years did not stay on her body many traces, but that cold, obviously under the urging of time, slowly decomposed-Ni Wei began to accept fate. Chapter 72 Chapter 72 Jewelled with jewels, with fragrant sideburns. The young man of twenty-five turned his face sideways and looked quietly at his adoptive mother, Ni Wei. Ni Wei has not been satisfied with Xu Rong and Ye Sui together,touch screen interactive whiteboard, these years have been cold treatment, Xu Rong and has been trying to change Ni Wei's ideas. But Xu Rong and himself did not expect that Ni Wei would take the initiative to ask him when he and Ye Sui would get married. Xu Rong and Ni Wei answered, "We didn't discuss getting married.". We still hope to get mom and dad's consent first. Ni Wei sarcastically hooked her lower lip. Ask: "What is her mother's attitude?" 。
Not to mention Wei Linxuan after leaving the Wei family, even opened a Heng Xuan studio, do not rely on the power of the Wei family can also do business. Not only that, I heard that Wei Linxuan cooperated with the big boy of the Lu family, but also made a lot of money on Wall Street, and also invested in many industries that were favored by the industry. In the final analysis, this grandson is still very proud of their parents. Wei Linxuan did not know the old lady's calculation, he simply did not want to recall those bad things. The heart that should be hurt has been hurt at the beginning, but now things have changed, and he just wants to live a good life. Wei Laozi sat on the sofa and looked on coldly, really aware of Wei Linxuan's rejection of them. As the saying goes, a family breaks bones and tendons, but there is also a saying that cattle can't press their heads without drinking water. Anyway, I touched the place today, and I can't eat a fat man in a hurry. Wei thought so, got up and said, "Well, don't bother the Lu family.". He finally came back from filming, so he had a rest for two days. Don't let him waste his mind on our family's affairs. Old Wei said, stood up from the sofa,75 smart board, leaning on crutches, looked at Wei Linxuan, and said earnestly: "Linxuan, Grandpa knows that you are angry and aggrieved in your heart.". Grandpa and grandma are old. Before, they always thought about family harmony and prosperity. You and Hongxuan are both descendants of the Wei family. Grandpa and grandma are reluctant to part with each other. I hope you can understand that. When Mr. Wei said this, he sighed again. He waved his hand and said, "I came here today. I haven't seen you for so long. I want to see how you are now.". Your father is not stingy. He is angry and refuses to let you go home for fear that you will be wronged. Grandpa knows that you have a good life today, and Grandpa is relieved. "It's very late. If you don't disturb the rest of your family,classroom interactive whiteboard, Grandpa and Grandma will go first." "Then I'll see you off." Wei Zhanjie said, hurriedly stood up with Fang Yuqing, and directly sent the old man Wei and the old lady Wei to the gate. Wei Linxuan followed his parents with an expressionless face, watching the old man and the old lady trembling down the elevator with the help of their parents, always feeling that the two old people seemed to be much more bent than in their impression. Wei Linxuan silently walked to the door of the Lu family, head against the cold security door, Leng for a long time, finally did not knock on the door to go in, turned back to his home. As soon as he entered the house, Lu Heng called: "What's wrong with you?" Wei Linxuan said calmly, "It's all right." Miaomiao has been lying at the door listening to your house just now. She saw the old man and the old lady being sent away by her uncle and aunt, and said that you had been lying at the door for a long time without any movement, and she didn't dare to open the door for you! Lu Miaomiao's original words were actually, "Brother Lin Xuan's face is too scary. I looked at it for a long time, interactive whiteboard for schools ,interactive touch screens education, but I didn't even dare to move. My hair stood up." Lu Heng paused and asked, "Do you want me to accompany you?" Wei Linxuan was silent for a moment, just said "no", listen to the door a ring, Lu Heng has taken the spare key to open the door. Conveniently closed the door of the room, Lu Heng came forward to embrace Wei Linxuan, head against Wei Linxuan's forehead, when speaking out of the warm breath can be hot to the lips of Wei Lin Xuan. Didn't you just say you wanted a bath? Do you want me to accompany you? "No." Wei Linxuan put his arms around Lu Heng with his backhand and said in a low voice, "Sleep with me." The voice did not fall, the door sounded a knock again, it is estimated that just sent people back to the Wei Zhanjie couple. Lu Heng turned around and opened the door. Wei Zhanjie and Fang Yuqing looked at Lu Heng shyly and said with a little discomfort, "Xiao Heng is coming." "Mmm." Lu Heng nodded with a smile and said directly, "I'll sleep with Lin Xuan." In the former Wei family mansion, the apartment building of the attached middle school of Yan University, and even in Lujia Village, Lu Heng often slept in a bed with Wei Linxuan. The two brothers could chat for most of the night and then sleep. Wei Zhanjie and his wife knew that Wei Laozi and Wei Laoda had come to such a trip. Wei Linxuan must have something to say in his heart. In front of their parents, he might not be able to say it. But for Lu Heng, a good brother who knows the inside story, he must have nothing to say. It's good to say it. Isn't there such a sentence? If you pour it out in your mouth, you will feel relaxed. Wei Zhanjie and his wife smiled at each other and simply said, "Then you can have a rest.". I went upstairs with his father. After a pause, he added, "You don't have to clean up the leftovers on the table. I'll collect them with his father tomorrow morning." Having said that, after Wei's father and mother left, Lu Heng rolled up his arms and sleeves and picked up a table of bowls, chopsticks, cups and plates to wash them clean. Wei Linxuan stood next to him, continuing to play Wei's meticulous cooking spirit, with the efficiency and quality of washing vegetables to help Lu Heng wash the bowls and chopsticks. Then they went to the bathroom to wash and go back to the bedroom to lie down and rest. Neither of them said a word. Wait until after the bed, Wei Linxuan and stuffy hugs Lu Heng, a thigh overbearing pressure on Lu Heng's calf, an arm around Lu Heng's waist, buried his head in the neck of Lu Heng, stuffy panting. Sometimes, let people accompany but do not want to talk, just to make the heart feel better. Lu Heng deeply understood this emotion, and he also turned around and hugged Wei Linxuan tightly. On a cold and windy late autumn night, two little friends hugged each other and buried themselves in bed, touching their feet and sleeping. A night without words. In the next few days, Lu Heng still stayed at home to recuperate. Wei Linxuan also because of a variety of reasons, no mind to go out to work, so grandly stay at home with Lu Heng. During this period, Lu's father, mother and Fang Yuqing took care of three meals a day and cooked soup at night, trying to make Wei Linxuan and Lu Heng's face ruddy and lustrous. Three days later,interactive panel board, Lu Heng, who was fed with a radiant face, rushed to Y country with his team carrying bags.
Back in the cabin, Wenyi sent the others away, sat alone on the edge of the bed, took out the paper ball again, looked at it several times, and then stuffed it back into her pocket. With or without Liu Dongxing's reminder, the Gu family should no longer be entangled with Dongping Wangfu. Although the two families are related by marriage, they are always separated by a layer, and they don't have much contact with each other. Gu's female dependents pass through the residence of Dongping Wangfu. If it's a peaceful season, it's no big deal to come and say hello, but this is an eventful autumn, so why bother? The people of Wangfu must know that Gu's family is going to cross the border from Dongping! There is a distance between the palace and the dock. If the family members don't rush to curry favor with each other, will they still come to the boat to make trouble?! If there is a gap between the two families, maybe it will be good for my uncle! Wenyi's heart was in a mess for a moment, and she couldn't help but take out the note and read it again. She took a few deep breaths and gradually calmed down. Liu Dongxing and Luo Mingmin just passed by the nearby land route a few days ago and headed for Beihua Mountain. Since Liu Dongxing had sent this note in advance, it showed that he knew something about Dongping Mansion and knew what was not peaceful there. In the end is what degree of "not peaceful", will let Liu Dongxing specifically remind her not to approach Dongping Wangfu? Could it be that it has something to do with the palace? But how did Liu Dongxing know? Before,smartboards for business, he was in Guihai City, just a small military examination, how could he know what Dongping Wangfu had done in the vassal land? If it's hearsay, why didn't anyone mention it? Wen Yi always has a feeling that Liu Dongxing.. Maybe add Luo Mingmin, who must be doing something secret. Otherwise, how to explain their strange whereabouts? Liu Dongxing should have been in Beijing to prepare for next year's martial arts examination, even Jiang thought so,interactive panels for education, but he appeared in Guihai City, thousands of miles away from the capital. Luo Mingmin was not a playboy, but also a direct descendant of the Luo family, but suddenly went to Qingzhou to visit his uncles, and was pushed into the water because he was looking for pleasure on a flower boat. The most important thing was that she clearly remembered that he could swim! How far are those flower boats from Gu's boat? Is he so weak that his face is pale and faint after swimming?! With his ability, he should swim to the shore and laugh loudly at the person who did it to him! Wen Yi thought about it and couldn't figure out what they were doing, but one thing she was sure of was that they must have learned through some channel that something had happened in Dongping Mansion, so they would remind her to avoid it. The matter of Dongping House.. To what extent is it "not peaceful"? Will it affect the plan of the female dependents of the long house to visit Dongping Wangfu? Maybe.. She can go ashore with the ship. Try to find out, and then try to persuade the old lady and Chiang to change their minds? As for Wen Hui. After all, you have to follow the instructions of your elders. Not worth worrying about! But There are not many people under her who can be used, and it is not easy to send a girl and a wife out to inquire about things. She didn't want Mammy Zhao to be tired. Dongping House is a strange place. Wen Yi hesitated and finally decided to ask Mrs. Luo Si for help. She is Luo Mingmin's aunt, and has always been close, interactive boards for classrooms ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, must be credible. Sure enough, Mrs. Luo Si knew about this. She smiled at Wen Yi and said, "That's all right. Before we set out, we sent a message to the shopkeeper of the Luo family's firm in Dongping Mansion." They were ordered to arrange the change of ship and accommodation. Myung-min also warned me.. It was said that Dongping Wangfu had raised taxes in the vassal territory in the past two years, and the people had a lot of grievances. They had made trouble several times, and even some people had sued the capital. It was only because of the different status of Dongping Wangfu that it was suppressed, but the Wangfu was also taught a lesson by the emperor. Our Luo family is used to making a living in the port, so naturally we know. In a place like the wharf, there are the most poor people, and they are all strong, so they are the easiest to make trouble. What Wang Fu has done is really a bit inappropriate. Now your family is going to hire a boat there. Can it be done smoothly? Or two say it. Our Luo family has plenty of people, and they are all reliable, but they are more than those hired outside. When the elders of your family know the truth, they will surely make a decision. If we were still with me, we wouldn't have to spend the night there. It wouldn't take much time to change boats and leave. Pause.. Wang Fu.. Is the blood of heaven, unattainable, I am just the wife of a five-grade military officer, how dare you think you can look at the jade face? If Mrs. Gu and Mrs. Gu really want to come to pay their respects, I dare not accompany them. When the time comes, I wonder if you would like to stay with me? Wen Yi was so pleased that she nodded her head and said, "I don't dare to ask for my ears." Mrs. Luo also smiled. The two of them reached a consensus, but they did not know that in another part of the cabin, Chiang was also begging the old lady to change her mind: "The marriage of the Luo family, you'd better think about it again."? Since Mrs. Luo Si wants to accept the nine maids as her adopted daughter, if Luo Mingmin becomes her heir in the future, the six maids will marry her. In the end is the sister-in-law or sister, is not said not to invite it? It's also a joke to let people know! Old Lady Yu secretly regretted that she should not have told her eldest daughter-in-law about her plans so early, but if she did not tell her, she was afraid that she would not know how to restrain her daughter, so that Wen Hui inadvertently offended Mrs. Luo Si, which would be detrimental to future marriage. "What nonsense are you talking about?" She asked Chiang! What's wrong with the Luo family? Rich days, but also imperial merchants, although not a powerful family, but has never been in decline! Luo Mingmin's conduct is good, his temperament is open-minded, and his age matches that of the six girls! You always plan to marry someone from another house, but you don't think about your own daughter. Such a good son-in-law is going to take advantage of others! ,, Chiang's eyes turned red and she said with tears in her eyes, "We Huier.." Such a face, such a talent, such an identity.. I've never been wronged since I was a child! She had been left in the nunnery for several months before,interactive digital whiteboard, and her wife was already distressed. No matter how good the younger generation of the Luo family is, it is a white body after all. There is no final conclusion about the adoption. Even if it is true, it is just the son of a low-grade military officer. How can it reach the children of those famous families in Beijing? My wife can't bear to.. 。
"Why don't you come along?" Chunping sat down on the chair beside the bed. I can't, and I don't have time. Wei Hua answered. He probably felt more ashamed of himself. The relationship between husband and wife is too unbalanced. Chunping looked at him in silence for a moment and then asked, "Are you going to go on like this?" "I don't know." Wei Hua was silent for a moment and answered. Chunping looked at him and was silent for two or three seconds. "Here you are. These are three tickets for Guanyuan.". You can take Xiaowei there tomorrow. She handed Wei Hua three tickets to the Guanyuan Children's Activity Center. Sister, the ticket is very difficult to get. Won't you lead Dahai and Xiaohai? "You go first." Qiu Ping sat on the bed, knitting a sweater, and looked up at her husband who was studying under the lamp from time to time. The room is quiet. Her daughter Lingling grinded her teeth gently in her sleep and stepped on the towel quilt. She gently covered her daughter and her eyes fell on her husband again. Liang Zhixiang, like her, went to the countryside of Shanxi to jump the queue after graduating from junior high school. They met in a small factory with hundreds of people in Linfen, Shanxi, and later got married. He was dull and had no grace or talent, but he was a good carpenter. But now she is determined not to let him work as a carpenter and urges him to teach himself correspondence college courses every day. He was struggling, and the line of his back (his shirt was soaked through) and the way he scratched his hair from time to time showed that he was in trouble again. Qiu Ping, don't let me suffer this. I have a big head to learn. Liang Zhixiang begged more than once. Learn it. Every time she comforted him calmly, "stay up late with me." "I really can't learn any more. I might as well make two sets of furniture to earn some extra money." Then she would get excited and say, "I will never let you do carpentry again.". I can't have people looking down on us all the time. She got rid of all his carpenter's tools. Liang Zhixiang didn't quarrel with her, and he wouldn't quarrel. He just felt sorry for her. Why don't you learn? I'll take care of the children and do the housework. He said to her several times, "Your foundation is stronger than mine.". Let's just learn one of them. "No, you should study hard." Her tone was incontrovertible. The aluminum needle in his hand made a slight sound from time to time, and the wool passed through the little finger of his right hand and went up, knitting little by little into one of her husband's sweaters. Silver-gray pure wool cardigan sweater, let Zhixiang wear it in autumn,large artificial blossom trees, it can show some bookishness. He's not an intellectual. She looked up at her husband's back again, and memories flashed across her eyes like thin smoke. She did not think of the scene in her memory, nor did she want to see it clearly emerge. However, she often likes to fall into a faint melancholy about the past like this, whenever she is free and quiet. Qiu Ping, you haven't replied to Wan Honghong's letter yet. "Liang Zhixiang suddenly remembered, turned around and pointed at it." Isn't that right? " Qiu Ping looked at the letter at the head of the bed and did not stop his work: "I don't want to go back." "Why?" "No reason, just leave it alone." Volume 1: Part 3 An uninvited guest in the living room Liang Zhixiang looked at her blankly: "Other people's letters are not returned. We should return Wan Honghong's letters. She has helped us." "I won't go back. I'll go back to you." Qiu Ping is a little angry. Liang Zhixiang hesitated to speak and turned his head. Silence returned to the hut. Only her husband's sweaty back and Lingling's slight and even breathing. A mediocre, narrow, trivial, closed and quiet world. She looked at the letter at the head of the bed, silk cherry blossom tree ,large ficus tree, and her eyes became absent-minded, and her body swayed slightly as if she were sitting on a boat. The crowded crowd in front of Tiananmen Square, the loud gongs and drums of Beijing Railway Station, the undulating fields and mountains.. The hut in front of us is overprinted by the illusion of disorder. She once had a "revolutionary", "vast" and "ideal" world before her eyes, but it was also a world of nihility and turmoil. Probably the first year she went to the countryside to jump the queue, she wrote letters to her classmates in the countryside almost every night under the kerosene lamp. Write vigorously, clatter one page, clatter another page, and feel a kind of excitement with all my heart and soul. It was probably a time to cultivate political consciousness, and even a fragile and sensitive junior high school student like her dreamed of being a female revolutionary. Read big classics, associate with thoughtful young people, and connect from one group of people to another. How do you know Wan Honghong? In the winter of 1971, a large number of educated youth who jumped the queue returned to the capital and engaged in various underground political activities. In one "salon" after another, they talked about the nature of the Lin Biao incident, the root of feudal fascist autocracy, China's system, future and other major issues. At a symposium, a remarkable high school boy (who is the soul of the symposium and the object of Qiu Ping's admiration) spoke in praise of Wan Honghong, a name known to all the participants. It gave her a thrill. The next day, I do not know what kind of psychology, she went to Wan Honghong's house specially to "talk about it". In her contacts, she secretly compared herself with Wan Honghong in all aspects, from appearance to depth of thought. Wan Honghong is tall and straight, taller than her, fair-skinned, with thin eyebrows and eyes, looks ordinary, speaks quickly, and gestures like a man. During the pause, he always gave the impression of pursing his lips discontentedly. I don't read a lot of books, and many ideas are sold from others. She's no better than herself. A knock at the door interrupted her dreamy memory. Aunt Qi came in. Aunt, what can I do for you? You sit down. Liang Zhixiang and Qiu Ping both stood up. I have nothing to do. If you have any clothes to wash, wash them for me. "Auntie, we should do the laundry ourselves." The couple quickly declined. I'll wash it for you now, or change the sheets and I'll wash it for you. "No,faux grass wall, no." "I've been here for two days. I can't sleep at night. I want to find more things to do." Aunt Qi hunched her back and explained hurriedly. The couple looked at each other. There was a trace of strangeness in Aunt Qi's speech and expression. What's wrong with her? Seeing Xia Ping come in, Huang Gongyu's temper was even worse: "What's the matter with you today?"? Walk away as soon as you turn around. Dad has something you don't want to help, do you? 。
Silver immediately came forward as a gentleman, handed over the red flowers in his hand, and gracefully stretched out his front paws to pick up the little red on Jin Luanfeng's body. But see the silver red small red, at this time wearing a white gauze thick dress, the veil is half covered, still holding the lute half-covered appearance. As the wedding March continued, the beasts and countless guests watched Silver and Red gracefully step on the red carpet, swaying towards the high platform in silence. No one has ever seen such a big wedding. He doesn't exist among humans. Of course, the Warcraft people have not seen, they Warcraft have not been married, today is the first time the King of Beasts. Xiao Yin walked up to the high stone platform facing Xiao Hong and stood still. "" Suddenly the beasts roared, the earth-shaking voice broke through the clouds, and the curtain rolled up to the vast blue sky. Next to the high stone, the animals crawled on the ground, lowering their heads high. Their king of beasts is married. Their king of beasts is married to the queen. Standing on the high stone platform, Luoyu had a serious face. Silver, I ask you, regardless of poverty or wealth, regardless of the danger of life and death, can you hold Xiaohong's hand tightly, never abandon her, promise her life and death, and care for it and love it all your life? "Yes." Silver is forceful. Xiaohong, no matter rich or poor, no matter life or death, can you hold Xiaoyin's hand tightly, never abandon it,faux ficus tree, promise it life and death, and care for it and love it all your life? "Yes." Xiao Hong looked sideways at Xiao Yin and raised her eyebrows with a smile. Two little paws clenched. Strange. Luoli rubbed his head. That sounds good. Huang Yu twitched the corners of his mouth. On the high platform, a smile flashed across Luoyu's face. "So, excuse me, Mr. Xiaoyin, would you like to marry Ms. Xiaohong?" "Yes." Cried Silver. What is it, sir? I don't understand, but it's certain to marry Xiaohong. "So, Miss Hong, will you marry Mr. Silver?" "Yes." Xiao Hong raised her eyebrows. *** it,artificial banyan trees, it's not a woman, it's a female, and it has no common sense. But today it is in a good mood and does not haggle with the falling feather. Seeing this, Luoyu closed the wordless book in his hand with a smile: "Now, I declare that you two are married, and you can kiss your bride." Such a wedding used to be her beautiful yearning. However, now it is clear that she can not have such a wedding, then her wish can only fall on Xiaoyin and Xiaohong. Look, how beautiful, how beautiful. Whoa. The sound of falling feathers came out, and the crowd below immediately made a big noise. I have never seen such a wedding, but they can accept the special wedding of the King of Beasts. But, this kissing in front of so many people, this. This The beasts, on the other hand, cheered loudly, and the crowd became excited. Warcraft is straightforward, like is like, love is love, artificial grass panels ,decorative palm trees, hate is hate. Kiss, as long as you want, no matter how many people around it. In the whistling sound of the layer, Xiaoyin rushed up to Xiaohong fiercely, kiss, kiss. Haha, Xiaohong is finally his wife. Overwhelming, crazy kiss. Just listen to a bang, Xiao Yin really pushed Xiao Hong to the ground, and her mouth stretched out, and she kissed her fanatically. Xiao Hong was also happy at this time. She hugged Xiao Yin tightly and stretched out her mouth. She touched Xiao Yin firmly and kissed him with a burning kiss. The two guys immediately rolled several times on the high platform. Bridal chamber, bridal chamber.. "Whoo, whoo." In the hot kiss, the talking beasts and the silent beasts roared. Directly press down the bridal chamber, ha ha, bridal chamber. They beastlike take a fancy to the bridal chamber, directly overwhelm, quickly, overwhelm. The bridal chamber? Directly to the bridal chamber? The cloud dome was shocked. Uh The silver mane covered his head and was speechless. His father didn't go up to accept three kowtows, but now his son and daughter-in-law want to go to the bridal chamber in public. What kind of justice is this? Hey, I haven't seen the bridal chamber yet. Dark night began to squeeze forward, the bridal chamber, ah, he likes, such an open and aboveboard bridal chamber, he likes more. I've always wondered how they get married. The sea ink wind is all over the face indifferent, but also follow the dark dust night to squeeze forward. Xiao Hong is the incarnation of a stone. He wants to know how this guy gets married. Bridal chamber, ha ha, bridal chamber. Luo Li, on the other hand, gloated and fanned the flames. The guests in the back and the beasts in the neat list listened to such a shocking topic and watched the people and beasts in front of them begin to squeeze on the high platform. He could not help shouting loudly and then pushed forward. Watch the scene of bustle, watch the bridal chamber. Standing on the high platform, Luoyu, with a bright smile on his face, was shocked to see such a passionate situation and opened his mouth wide. She really underestimated the enthusiasm of the beast, directly to the bridal chamber, this. "Hey, find a place to go, your wife can only see for herself, quickly find another place." Luoyu threw away the wordless book in his hand and grabbed Xiaoyin and Xiaohong, who were still kissing passionately on the high platform. Under the high platform, Warcraft and people in all directions swarmed and rushed up. Luoyu is in a big hurry. This little silver and little red, she can't let her Warcraft be seen. Suddenly, his body flashed and he grabbed Silver in the passion like lightning. Who told you to do it? The cloud below was furious and jumped onto the stage in an instant. Fallen feather sees this immediately dark cry bad, hurriedly pretends to be false: "Ouch, stomachache, Ouch..." "How's it going?" The cloud killed the sky and immediately swept away the anger on his face and rushed over in a panic. Stomachache, ouch, ah. Ah My stomach hurts. "Ben pretended to be a fake feather in a few loud cries, suddenly the voice paused, followed by a change in complexion, damn, the stomach really hurt up." She's having the baby. Get ready. "Feiyan is an experienced person, and when he saw this, he immediately shouted out." Ah, it's going to be born. "God, make way." "Boom." And at the moment when Luoyu was in a mess, Xiao Yin and Xiao Hong, who were hugging each other on the high platform,silk olive tree, suddenly exploded with the light of their primary colors. Ah, they're going to be adults. The silver mane jumped up. These two guys are going to evolve into adults at this moment. The sky is enchanting, and the place is in chaos.
"It was probably taught by my great-aunt." Although Mammy Wu was reluctant, she had to admit, "My great-aunt is good at piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. In fact, she is far inferior to my great-aunt in those days." In the end, I couldn't help speaking ill of Qi Nian. Qiao Lianbo smiled faintly: "I am not as good as my cousin.". What about my mother? Doesn't she know all this? Why didn't you teach me? Mammy Wu's eyes turned red. "Girl, our wife has a hard life.." After getting married, everything failed. She was busy dealing with her husband's family all day. When she returned to her room, she had to deal with her concubines. How could she have the mood and time to teach her daughter. Qiao Lianbo looked into the distance and said faintly, "I know my mother doesn't like me. She thinks I'm not a man, so she only teaches me embroidery." She ignored Mammy Wu's eyes and continued lightly, "It's just that I can't always be inferior to others. From tomorrow on, I won't embroider all day except when I go to Chunshan Pavilion.". I want to read and write, one day, I can also write poems, draw pictures, I can also say who Cui Bai is casually! , 42 Daming Temple was kidnapped again Qi Nian followed Li Shi to Daming Temple. The first reason was to burn incense and fulfill a vow. The second reason was that Wu Shi's death anniversary was coming, and he wanted to do a water and land Daochang here. After all, he lived in the Wu family, and Yan Shi was still alive, so it was not good to mention the death anniversary in the Wu family. The third reason was to meet Leng Yuru. During this period of time, Leng Yuru was detained in Hengshan Bo Fu to live again. This time, the women of Hengshan Bo Fu also came to Daming Temple to burn incense. So Leng Yuru sent a letter to the servant girl, and Qi Nian went to ask Li Shi to set the day of burning incense on this day. Lee readily agreed. She is a vow,water bottle packaging machine, the date was a few days earlier or a few days later is not important, and Qi Nian told her about Leng Yuru, Li also felt some pity-Zheng Jinniang spoiled, no one knows, Leng girl said to go to a short stay, in fact, is to suffer, blame the poor people. Since two close friends in the boudoir want to see each other, why not do it? Is my aunt cold? Qi Nian stuffed the foot stove at Li's feet again. It was already the end of August, and it was getting cold here in the capital. Li was not in good health, and he was a little cold, so he was particularly afraid of the cold. Li's feet were hot and his heart was warm. "Aunt isn't cold, but you are, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine," she said with a smile. "Do you feel cold?" She had only one son, and she would probably never learn to say such intimate words in her life. There are two concubines, but one is not very close, and the other is too small. Now Li feels more and more, if Qi Nian is her own daughter, how good it is. I'm not cold. It's sunny today. I'll be warm when I climb the mountain later. Qi Nian said this well, and when a line of people entered the Daming Temple, Li's forehead was already slightly sweating. After burning incense in each temple, Li Shi donated money for incense oil, which was caused by the little novice monk to rest in a courtyard. After sitting down for a while, I heard a noise outside. After a while, the little novice monk came in. With a smile on his face, he whispered to Qi Nian, "The lady from Hengshan Bo Mansion has come to offer incense. She is resting in the courtyard next door." Qi Nian knew that it must be Leng Yu Tathagata who delivered the letter, so he asked Ruyan to take the broken silver as a reward, and then said to Li Shi, and took Ruyan out of the yard. Leng Yuru was already waiting with the incense. As soon as they met, he took out a letter: "Han Yan is here. Brother Han won the eighth place in the Juren." Qi Nian is overjoyed: "Show me quickly." Because she was living in the Wu family, Han Yan's letters were sent to Leng Yuru. Han Yan wrote a lot of greetings on the letter, and finally said with some pride that Han Zhao had won the eighth place and would go to Beijing in a few days to prepare for next spring. Brother Han is not at home for the Spring Festival? The corners of Leng Yuru's mouth turned up slightly: "If someone can introduce me, wouldn't it be better to see the examiner first?" Qi Nian was suddenly enlightened. The difficulty of passing the Jinshi examination is completely different from that of passing the examination. A little personal preference of the house teacher may determine the success or failure of the students. By this time, Lord Han had to find a way to make some connections in the past and pave the way for his son as much as possible. Leng Yuru sighed: "It's a pity that there is no one in my house, and you.." Wu Shilang is a good candidate, but he is only Qi Nian's uncle. Qi Nian lowered his head to think and changed the subject: "Do you still live in Heng Shan Bo Fu?" When Han Zhao came to Beijing, she could find a chance to talk to Li Shi, but Wu Ruozhao was not necessarily willing to take care of him, after all, he was a stranger. I only hope that Han Tongzhi has relatives and old friends in Beijing who can contribute. Yes, it is. Leng Yuru naturally knew the difficulties of Qi Nian, and no longer mentioned the matter, but turned to Zheng Jin, "Do you know why Hengshan Bofu is coming to burn incense today?" Qi Nian only looked at the jewelry on Leng Yuru's head: "Isn't this Miss Zheng's jewelry?"? Why do I lend you incense to wear? Isn't that Chijin Begonia Buyao that Zheng Jin lent to Leng Yuru on the last Shangsi Festival? Only this time probably even the earrings were lent, and Leng Yuru's ears were shaking a pair of small garnet crabapple flower-shaped pendants, which were Zheng Jin's favorite flowers. Leng Yuru sneered, "Yes, we all have to speak faster today. I'll go back to play Miss Zheng later." "What does that mean?" Qi Nian was very confused. "What are you doing pretending to be her?" This row of temples at the back of the Daming Temple is reserved for women's families to rest, so the place is quiet and there are not many people coming and going. Leng Yuru leaned over Qi Nian's ear and whispered, "General Zhang Shao from the northwest will also come to burn incense and worship Buddha for his grandmother today." "To look at each other!" Qi Nian understood as soon as he heard it. "It still depends on whether he is disfigured." Leng Yuru nodded, "Mrs. Heng Shanbo has already promised. If General Zhang Shao is really disfigured, the marriage will be done." "Heng Shanbo agreed?" Leng Yuru bent her lips disdainfully and said, "If Miss Cheng doesn't want to, isn't there a Shan Niang in Cheng Enbo's mansion?" "Sisters are easy to marry!"! It was a good idea for Heng Shan Bo Fu to fight, but he refused to let go of such an in-laws and did not want his daughter to be wronged. But is Zheng Shan willing? "Naturally not.". Otherwise,Beverage packing machine, why did you ask me to come today? Everyone knows that the two sisters of the Zheng family go in and out together. Zheng Shan is ill. Naturally, only I accompany him. Even if General Zhang Shao can see people, he doesn't know which one is Miss Zheng. Leng Yuru is not without irony. Zheng Shan's illness is naturally faked.
"In addition to Lingcao, it also needs auxiliary materials such as monster inner alchemy, but only two or three flavors are needed, so it's not difficult to collect them." It will take several months for this batch of Lingcao to grow to five hundred years of potency. Yan Xu nodded with great satisfaction. This batch of Lingcao is growing well, and Ziyun's contribution is not small. You can pick a time these two days to lift the seal in Ziyun's body. Last time Yan Xu summed up a lot of experience for Donglai to lift the seal, I believe that the process of lifting the seal will not be so painful for Ziyun. Well, the two brothers and sisters have suffered for so many years, and finally they can see some hope. Caidie received Ziyun as her own disciple and treated her very well, but unfortunately she could not teach her to practice, and now she can finally lift the seal for her. Two days later, the butterfly lifted the seal for Ziyun. Although the process was slow, the result was very satisfactory. Ziyun did not feel too much pain except for some physical fatigue. Coming out of the Stone Forest Law Array, the two brothers and sisters cried bitterly and hugged each other, and repeatedly kowtowed to Yan Xu, Caidie, and Deng Yu to thank them for their reinvention. In the twinkling of an eye, there were only ten days left before the meeting of the sect was held. In nearly a month, the disciples of Tianhao Sect have made rapid progress in their practice, which is attributed not only to the rich Reiki and sufficient Lingshi and elixir, but also to the double effect of the reward when the last side mission was completed. More than fifty people from Tianhao Sect gathered in the main hall of the sect. In addition to thirty people who would follow Yan Xu to the meeting of the sect,Vegetable oil filling machine, there were more than twenty people staying at the mountain gate. When we are not here, the school and the disciples will be handed over to you. In case of a situation, use the Level 5 Puppet Taoist Charm decisively. Yan Xu solemnly handed over the puppet amulet and other items to Zhang Xiaoshan. The Headmaster and all the Elder Martial Brotherthers can rest assured to go. As long as I, Zhang Xiaoshan, still have a breath, I will never let the school lose! Zhang Xiaoshan promised to clap his chest. Of the more than 20 people who stayed behind, except Zhang Xiaoshan, who had six layers of Qi refining,PET blowing machine, the rest of the people did not have more than four layers of Qi refining. If it were not for the two mountain protection arrays and the 5-level puppet amulet, Yan Xu would not be at ease to leave only these people. And the remaining staff can not all be newly recruited disciples, so Yan Xu simply appointed Zhang Xiaoshan temporarily in charge of school affairs, Caidie, Deng Yu, Ye Qing, Cui Cheng, Zhao Yan, Fang Zhan and Li Yang and other elites all went with him to the school conference. Wu Ming, Donglai, Ziyun and other disciples Yan Xuquan, who had good talent or disposition, but whose strength was still relatively low, stayed. Although Yan Xu had also considered taking them out to see the world, water filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, after careful consideration, it was safe to stay in the school, especially Donglai and Ziyun, so as not to be identified. After explaining the matter and confirming that everyone was ready, Yan Xu threw out the sun and moon shuttle and extended it to the maximum space, carrying all the people to the horizon in the depths of the Wanxu Mountains. (To be continued.) Chapter 196 ask the end of the world. On the endless Wanxu Mountains, a white shuttle like a jade carving passes quickly, leaving the mountains behind quickly. Since the acquisition of the Sun and Moon Shuttle, Yan Xu has never carried so many people, but the speed has not slowed down at all, but because of his improvement and more skilled control, the speed is much faster. The master's exchange system exchanges or rewards instruments, which seem to be a few points better than the same level instruments refined by the outside world. By comparing several instruments, Yan Xu summed up the rules, saying that the speed of this sun and moon shuttle is absolutely far better than that of the best instruments. Inside the flying shuttle, the disciples were quietly practicing cross-legged, and even the colorful butterflies could hardly stay where they were. On the contrary, Deng Yu was walking back and forth excitedly and could hardly restrain himself. Senior fellow apprentice! This flying instrument is so exquisite that I will study it carefully after landing! Deng Yu rubbed his hands, and if it weren't for the fact that the shuttle was in the air at this time, he would like to stop and check it immediately. When you come back from the Taoist meeting, I'll give you this flying shuttle. Yan Xu answered as he manipulated the shuttle. If you are still practicing Qi Dzogchen, it must be very difficult to control the sun and moon shuttle alone and carry more than 30 people. Now it is the period of building the foundation. Naturally, there is no pressure to practice. "How can I do that?"! This is your flying instrument, Elder Martial Brother. What do you use? Deng Yu thinks carefully to feel embarrassed again, refuse at once: "Borrow me to study OK, assure intact return! Guarantee intact return!" "Don't be polite to Elder Martial Brother. The higher your level of refining, the more instruments and even magic weapons Tianhao Zong will have in the future. If you have the ability, you can dismantle this instrument." Yan Xu said without a care. As long as it is helpful to Deng Yu's refining level. Yan Xu, of course, will not be stingy with one of the best instruments. You should know that other schools do not know how many resources are needed to train an alchemist, let alone one hundred pieces may not be able to reach the level of a senior alchemist. Looking at Deng Yu's happy eyes, Yan Xu secretly said: "Wait to get enough exchange points.". It seems that we have to upgrade the refining expert to level 2 first, otherwise Deng Yu will not be able to break through the level of refining division and will not be able to give him anxious death. Yan Xu did not tell anyone about the skills of alchemists and alchemists. Not worried about leaking secrets, but Yan Xu felt that it was a good thing for them to let them naturally accept the growth of their abilities. Like Deng Yu, who is full of enthusiasm for the way of refining utensils, if one day he is told that his ability comes from external things, it will undoubtedly be a heavy blow to the heart of Tao. Besides. The key to really go far enough on the road of alchemy and refining is to see whether the person has talent, and the skills of the school are just to speed up the process. Yan Xu once quietly used the expert skills of refining utensils to several disciples of the school, and then tested the refining utensils of these disciples. As a result, no one has mastered this skill. By the way, did Elder Martial Brotherther use that drop of crying blood essence I refined last time? Does it work? Deng Yu suddenly remembered that he had refined a drop of blood essence before. Yan Xu called Tianyan Jian out of the Dantian and threw it to Deng Yu to let him see it clearly. Good sword! Deng Yu gently rubbed the Tianyan Sword, although he did not understand kendo, he could still feel the vigorous meaning of the sword. He said, "I vaguely remember that it was only a top-grade instrument.". Now it's really the best magic weapon. So the essence of crying blood I refined has worked? "Well, it's just the best magic weapon now. Given time,CSD filling line, this sword is likely to grow into a inferior magic weapon." Yan Xu did not say full words, after all, it will take a long time for Yan Jian to grow into a magic weapon.
Next, Xiao Chen and the profiteer Zhuge Liang began to talk, to further understand the various matters of the fighting beast, the more listen to the more feel that this is specially for the small stubborn dragon industry. However, on the other side, the little stubborn dragon was grinding his teeth at the dead fat man, and Ke was also looking at the dead fat man with a black face. Chapter 135 test beast. They are in a private room, specially for two small animals to get a long table, above all kinds of delicious food is no worse than the fat man and Xiao Chen. As for the reincarnation king, they sat without eating or drinking, and the fat man did not ask much. The fat man apparently noticed the mood swings of the two little animals. He said to Xiao Chen in a low voice, "I said, brother, these two little beasts are really psychic."? Why do I think I hear them grinding at me? ?” "No, it seems.". Indeed, you take a very scary little beast as a kitten,ultrasonic molten metal, and another as a cash cow to buy and sell. So they don't want to bite you? In general. This is still a pleasant party, the dead fat man did show enough sincerity, promised Xiao Chen can meet the little stubborn dragon every day opponents, but not in the Colosseum in the way of performance requirements. Fatty was born in a family of fighting animals. Although he is not the master of the house, he is really talented for fighting animals. He has a naturally keen intuition. Today, at the moment of seeing the little stubborn dragon,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I don't know why his blood has gone, he thinks he may have found an undeveloped treasure. If intuition is accurate. If a super fighting beast is dug up, his value in the family will be doubled, which will inevitably lead to the idea of the head of the family and the elders, although the position of the head of the family is mostly hopeless. But power and status are bound to be greatly enhanced. For Xiao Chen's request. He's not worried. That's the way it is. The more super fighting beasts, the more potential fighting beasts can not appear at will, so as to hang people's appetite. I said, brother, we are almost talking. I also agreed to the terms you mentioned. Now let's take a look at the potential of the little stubborn dragon. The little stubborn dragon is a little reluctant. I don't seem to like the dead fat man. Don't worry, little stubborn dragon. I'm doing this for your own good. If you want to become a dragon king, what you lack is an opponent. In the future, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, they will continue to arrange for you. Xiao Chen gently stroked its scales and whispered in its ear. The little stubborn dragon blinked his big eyes. Finally, he nodded his head forcefully. He agreed excitedly. This fighting maniac! Xiao Chen sighed 。“ I just came out to inspect on behalf of the family. I don't have a particularly fierce fighting beast around me. I don't know if the family has a spirit beast on the table with one or two heads in the Colosseum in this town. Soon they arrived at the Colosseum, and far away they could hear the roars of animals, as well as the screams and roars of excitement and excitement. It's really popular! Fighting animals. It deserves to be the most powerful industry on the mainland. Here is very vast, divided into several areas, each area is a sea of people, all the audience are almost crazy shouting. Zhuge Liang, a fat man, directly found the person in charge here and asked him to arrange a "test beast". The so-called "test beast" is jargon. It is to test the ability of the newly introduced spirit beast. After knowing that the fat man came down from the family to inspect, the person in charge here dared not neglect and hurried to arrange it. The location of the test animal is generally not allowed to be watched by outsiders, so it is far away from the bucket area. Because the test beast is mainly aimed at the newly introduced earth spirit beast. The wild has not been eliminated, and no one can control them. So it's all done in a huge subway cage. But the little stubborn dragon certainly can't encounter this kind of treatment, not to mention that the little stubborn dragon himself will fall out. Even Xiao Chen will not agree, and finally directly test the beast in the open air. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue saw that the little stubborn dragon was only one meter long. It's so small. Feel a storm in a teacup. So I didn't send any beasts at first, and I let an ordinary leopard come directly. To this. Fatty Zhuge Liang didn't say anything. Looking at all this with a smile, he also wanted to see the specific strength of the little stubborn dragon. Happy to let it fight a few more times. The results are stunning. The little stubborn dragon bared his teeth. The leopard collapsed on the ground. Everyone was surprised to the extreme, only Xiao Chen understood that the little stubborn dragon seemed annoyed and felt that he had been despised. Invisibly sent out a trace of dragon gas, how can this ordinary beast not be afraid, directly soft down. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue wiped a cold sweat. The second time, it was directly put into the five-headed male division. The result is still stunning. The little stubborn dragon flicked his tail five times in a row and whipped all five lions out. Look at the body of a tiger. The tail of Tyrannosaurus. A scaly unicorn. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue was tongue-tied. It is incredible that a one-meter-long beast should have such great power. The fat man Zhuge Liang was very happy. What kind of strange beast had he never seen. Know that some strange beasts can not be measured by the size of their bodies. The more terrible the fighting beast is, the more so it is. Obviously, the potential of the little stubborn dragon is immeasurable, and he is very satisfied with the results of the preliminary test. The person in charge of the animal fighting venue is already sweating profusely. This time, instead of conservatively predicting the strength of the little stubborn dragon, the strongest fighting beast here was directly invited out. This is a huge white wolf, can be six meters long, standing in the field is completely overlooking the crowd, a pair of wolf eyes shining green, particularly dense, at the same time its limbs are very special. Unexpectedly has the fine scale armor, a look is a ruthless role. "" Obviously, the white wolf was very spiritual and seemed to feel that the little stubborn dragon was not a mortal beast. He did not despise it because of its small size. After a wolf howl, it turned into a white light and pounced on it ferociously. Brush The little stubborn dragon left a shadow to escape, and Xiao Chen, who was watching the battle, narrowed his eyes. This is definitely what the pterosaur couple said about the ancient fighting skills of the earth dragon clan. The movements of the little stubborn dragon just now are very special, like a real human master in transposition. Roar. The white wolf let out a roar. He opened his mouth and spewed out a large flame,ultrasonic handheld welder, which was indeed an alien. Able to cast spells. The little stubborn dragon dodged quickly again. And it did not use brute force as it used to. It turned into a bird light, moving as fast as lightning, and several times it jumped in front of the giant wolf. Cut several grisly wounds on its body.