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"In addition to Lingcao, it also needs auxiliary materials such as monster inner alchemy, but only two or three flavors are needed, so it's not difficult to collect them." It will take several months for this batch of Lingcao to grow to five hundred years of potency. Yan Xu nodded with great satisfaction. This batch of Lingcao is growing well, and Ziyun's contribution is not small. You can pick a time these two days to lift the seal in Ziyun's body. Last time Yan Xu summed up a lot of experience for Donglai to lift the seal, I believe that the process of lifting the seal will not be so painful for Ziyun. Well, the two brothers and sisters have suffered for so many years, and finally they can see some hope. Caidie received Ziyun as her own disciple and treated her very well, but unfortunately she could not teach her to practice, and now she can finally lift the seal for her. Two days later, the butterfly lifted the seal for Ziyun. Although the process was slow, the result was very satisfactory. Ziyun did not feel too much pain except for some physical fatigue. Coming out of the Stone Forest Law Array, the two brothers and sisters cried bitterly and hugged each other, and repeatedly kowtowed to Yan Xu, Caidie, and Deng Yu to thank them for their reinvention. In the twinkling of an eye, there were only ten days left before the meeting of the sect was held. In nearly a month, the disciples of Tianhao Sect have made rapid progress in their practice, which is attributed not only to the rich Reiki and sufficient Lingshi and elixir, but also to the double effect of the reward when the last side mission was completed. More than fifty people from Tianhao Sect gathered in the main hall of the sect. In addition to thirty people who would follow Yan Xu to the meeting of the sect,Vegetable oil filling machine, there were more than twenty people staying at the mountain gate. When we are not here, the school and the disciples will be handed over to you. In case of a situation, use the Level 5 Puppet Taoist Charm decisively. Yan Xu solemnly handed over the puppet amulet and other items to Zhang Xiaoshan. The Headmaster and all the Elder Martial Brotherthers can rest assured to go. As long as I, Zhang Xiaoshan, still have a breath, I will never let the school lose! Zhang Xiaoshan promised to clap his chest. Of the more than 20 people who stayed behind, except Zhang Xiaoshan, who had six layers of Qi refining,PET blowing machine, the rest of the people did not have more than four layers of Qi refining. If it were not for the two mountain protection arrays and the 5-level puppet amulet, Yan Xu would not be at ease to leave only these people. And the remaining staff can not all be newly recruited disciples, so Yan Xu simply appointed Zhang Xiaoshan temporarily in charge of school affairs, Caidie, Deng Yu, Ye Qing, Cui Cheng, Zhao Yan, Fang Zhan and Li Yang and other elites all went with him to the school conference. Wu Ming, Donglai, Ziyun and other disciples Yan Xuquan, who had good talent or disposition, but whose strength was still relatively low, stayed. Although Yan Xu had also considered taking them out to see the world, water filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, after careful consideration, it was safe to stay in the school, especially Donglai and Ziyun, so as not to be identified. After explaining the matter and confirming that everyone was ready, Yan Xu threw out the sun and moon shuttle and extended it to the maximum space, carrying all the people to the horizon in the depths of the Wanxu Mountains. (To be continued.) Chapter 196 ask the end of the world. On the endless Wanxu Mountains, a white shuttle like a jade carving passes quickly, leaving the mountains behind quickly. Since the acquisition of the Sun and Moon Shuttle, Yan Xu has never carried so many people, but the speed has not slowed down at all, but because of his improvement and more skilled control, the speed is much faster. The master's exchange system exchanges or rewards instruments, which seem to be a few points better than the same level instruments refined by the outside world. By comparing several instruments, Yan Xu summed up the rules, saying that the speed of this sun and moon shuttle is absolutely far better than that of the best instruments. Inside the flying shuttle, the disciples were quietly practicing cross-legged, and even the colorful butterflies could hardly stay where they were. On the contrary, Deng Yu was walking back and forth excitedly and could hardly restrain himself. Senior fellow apprentice! This flying instrument is so exquisite that I will study it carefully after landing! Deng Yu rubbed his hands, and if it weren't for the fact that the shuttle was in the air at this time, he would like to stop and check it immediately. When you come back from the Taoist meeting, I'll give you this flying shuttle. Yan Xu answered as he manipulated the shuttle. If you are still practicing Qi Dzogchen, it must be very difficult to control the sun and moon shuttle alone and carry more than 30 people. Now it is the period of building the foundation. Naturally, there is no pressure to practice. "How can I do that?"! This is your flying instrument, Elder Martial Brother. What do you use? Deng Yu thinks carefully to feel embarrassed again, refuse at once: "Borrow me to study OK, assure intact return! Guarantee intact return!" "Don't be polite to Elder Martial Brother. The higher your level of refining, the more instruments and even magic weapons Tianhao Zong will have in the future. If you have the ability, you can dismantle this instrument." Yan Xu said without a care. As long as it is helpful to Deng Yu's refining level. Yan Xu, of course, will not be stingy with one of the best instruments. You should know that other schools do not know how many resources are needed to train an alchemist, let alone one hundred pieces may not be able to reach the level of a senior alchemist. Looking at Deng Yu's happy eyes, Yan Xu secretly said: "Wait to get enough exchange points.". It seems that we have to upgrade the refining expert to level 2 first, otherwise Deng Yu will not be able to break through the level of refining division and will not be able to give him anxious death. Yan Xu did not tell anyone about the skills of alchemists and alchemists. Not worried about leaking secrets, but Yan Xu felt that it was a good thing for them to let them naturally accept the growth of their abilities. Like Deng Yu, who is full of enthusiasm for the way of refining utensils, if one day he is told that his ability comes from external things, it will undoubtedly be a heavy blow to the heart of Tao. Besides. The key to really go far enough on the road of alchemy and refining is to see whether the person has talent, and the skills of the school are just to speed up the process. Yan Xu once quietly used the expert skills of refining utensils to several disciples of the school, and then tested the refining utensils of these disciples. As a result, no one has mastered this skill. By the way, did Elder Martial Brotherther use that drop of crying blood essence I refined last time? Does it work? Deng Yu suddenly remembered that he had refined a drop of blood essence before. Yan Xu called Tianyan Jian out of the Dantian and threw it to Deng Yu to let him see it clearly. Good sword! Deng Yu gently rubbed the Tianyan Sword, although he did not understand kendo, he could still feel the vigorous meaning of the sword. He said, "I vaguely remember that it was only a top-grade instrument.". Now it's really the best magic weapon. So the essence of crying blood I refined has worked? "Well, it's just the best magic weapon now. Given time,CSD filling line, this sword is likely to grow into a inferior magic weapon." Yan Xu did not say full words, after all, it will take a long time for Yan Jian to grow into a magic weapon.

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