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Not to mention Wei Linxuan after leaving the Wei family, even opened a Heng Xuan studio, do not rely on the power of the Wei family can also do business. Not only that, I heard that Wei Linxuan cooperated with the big boy of the Lu family, but also made a lot of money on Wall Street, and also invested in many industries that were favored by the industry. In the final analysis, this grandson is still very proud of their parents. Wei Linxuan did not know the old lady's calculation, he simply did not want to recall those bad things. The heart that should be hurt has been hurt at the beginning, but now things have changed, and he just wants to live a good life. Wei Laozi sat on the sofa and looked on coldly, really aware of Wei Linxuan's rejection of them. As the saying goes, a family breaks bones and tendons, but there is also a saying that cattle can't press their heads without drinking water. Anyway, I touched the place today, and I can't eat a fat man in a hurry. Wei thought so, got up and said, "Well, don't bother the Lu family.". He finally came back from filming, so he had a rest for two days. Don't let him waste his mind on our family's affairs. Old Wei said, stood up from the sofa,75 smart board, leaning on crutches, looked at Wei Linxuan, and said earnestly: "Linxuan, Grandpa knows that you are angry and aggrieved in your heart.". Grandpa and grandma are old. Before, they always thought about family harmony and prosperity. You and Hongxuan are both descendants of the Wei family. Grandpa and grandma are reluctant to part with each other. I hope you can understand that. When Mr. Wei said this, he sighed again. He waved his hand and said, "I came here today. I haven't seen you for so long. I want to see how you are now.". Your father is not stingy. He is angry and refuses to let you go home for fear that you will be wronged. Grandpa knows that you have a good life today, and Grandpa is relieved. "It's very late. If you don't disturb the rest of your family,classroom interactive whiteboard, Grandpa and Grandma will go first." "Then I'll see you off." Wei Zhanjie said, hurriedly stood up with Fang Yuqing, and directly sent the old man Wei and the old lady Wei to the gate. Wei Linxuan followed his parents with an expressionless face, watching the old man and the old lady trembling down the elevator with the help of their parents, always feeling that the two old people seemed to be much more bent than in their impression. Wei Linxuan silently walked to the door of the Lu family, head against the cold security door, Leng for a long time, finally did not knock on the door to go in, turned back to his home. As soon as he entered the house, Lu Heng called: "What's wrong with you?" Wei Linxuan said calmly, "It's all right." Miaomiao has been lying at the door listening to your house just now. She saw the old man and the old lady being sent away by her uncle and aunt, and said that you had been lying at the door for a long time without any movement, and she didn't dare to open the door for you! Lu Miaomiao's original words were actually, "Brother Lin Xuan's face is too scary. I looked at it for a long time, interactive whiteboard for schools ,interactive touch screens education, but I didn't even dare to move. My hair stood up." Lu Heng paused and asked, "Do you want me to accompany you?" Wei Linxuan was silent for a moment, just said "no", listen to the door a ring, Lu Heng has taken the spare key to open the door. Conveniently closed the door of the room, Lu Heng came forward to embrace Wei Linxuan, head against Wei Linxuan's forehead, when speaking out of the warm breath can be hot to the lips of Wei Lin Xuan. Didn't you just say you wanted a bath? Do you want me to accompany you? "No." Wei Linxuan put his arms around Lu Heng with his backhand and said in a low voice, "Sleep with me." The voice did not fall, the door sounded a knock again, it is estimated that just sent people back to the Wei Zhanjie couple. Lu Heng turned around and opened the door. Wei Zhanjie and Fang Yuqing looked at Lu Heng shyly and said with a little discomfort, "Xiao Heng is coming." "Mmm." Lu Heng nodded with a smile and said directly, "I'll sleep with Lin Xuan." In the former Wei family mansion, the apartment building of the attached middle school of Yan University, and even in Lujia Village, Lu Heng often slept in a bed with Wei Linxuan. The two brothers could chat for most of the night and then sleep. Wei Zhanjie and his wife knew that Wei Laozi and Wei Laoda had come to such a trip. Wei Linxuan must have something to say in his heart. In front of their parents, he might not be able to say it. But for Lu Heng, a good brother who knows the inside story, he must have nothing to say. It's good to say it. Isn't there such a sentence? If you pour it out in your mouth, you will feel relaxed. Wei Zhanjie and his wife smiled at each other and simply said, "Then you can have a rest.". I went upstairs with his father. After a pause, he added, "You don't have to clean up the leftovers on the table. I'll collect them with his father tomorrow morning." Having said that, after Wei's father and mother left, Lu Heng rolled up his arms and sleeves and picked up a table of bowls, chopsticks, cups and plates to wash them clean. Wei Linxuan stood next to him, continuing to play Wei's meticulous cooking spirit, with the efficiency and quality of washing vegetables to help Lu Heng wash the bowls and chopsticks. Then they went to the bathroom to wash and go back to the bedroom to lie down and rest. Neither of them said a word. Wait until after the bed, Wei Linxuan and stuffy hugs Lu Heng, a thigh overbearing pressure on Lu Heng's calf, an arm around Lu Heng's waist, buried his head in the neck of Lu Heng, stuffy panting. Sometimes, let people accompany but do not want to talk, just to make the heart feel better. Lu Heng deeply understood this emotion, and he also turned around and hugged Wei Linxuan tightly. On a cold and windy late autumn night, two little friends hugged each other and buried themselves in bed, touching their feet and sleeping. A night without words. In the next few days, Lu Heng still stayed at home to recuperate. Wei Linxuan also because of a variety of reasons, no mind to go out to work, so grandly stay at home with Lu Heng. During this period, Lu's father, mother and Fang Yuqing took care of three meals a day and cooked soup at night, trying to make Wei Linxuan and Lu Heng's face ruddy and lustrous. Three days later,interactive panel board, Lu Heng, who was fed with a radiant face, rushed to Y country with his team carrying bags.

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